Bill O’Reilly: Universal Healthcare Is Communist

Bill O’Reilly finally went there after
all these years I mean I don’t know one time before if he did I never realized
it but he couldn’t help himself he started
throwing around the C word of course i’m talking about. communism
and he’s going to use it to attack Obama and the Democrats Obamacare is
just part a vision for the forced sharing on american assets this strategy is
largely kept quiet but there have been hints the great civil rights issue of our time and that
is the need for every man woman and child to have
health care as a right and not a privilege I believe healthcare as a civil right although
health care was not listed per se in the constitution it
should be a constitutional right you do you have the right to health care
and education and two decent housing miss very point
of view is a socialist communist vision that the
state should provide all citizens a certain lifestyle at the
expense ok other citizens if health care is a
constitutional right and everything associated with good health would fall into the Civil rights
category so your entire environment house food clothing transportation
mental health would all have to be paid for by the
state if you could not afford that’s a form of
communism because no country could afford those payments without seizing the assets have
everybody else I yes except all those countries that do for those things and they’re not seeing anybody that sets
and by the way if you’re willing to be literal about it seizing assets that’s like taxes
everybody pays taxes any workspace actors so what is that you know or form a robbery or theft or
burglary your larceny if they if you know the government comes
in takes a 15 yr cut 29 percent your money of course not
it’s part of being in a civilized society you have the government to take some
things offer the table right they set up infrastructure roads
bridges they make sure that your phone doesn’t kill you you know they have at health care for
older people health care for poor people are you against all that Bill O’Reilly
are you an an artist is that where you are are you
that discussing a human being that you don’t
want to set up a social security system to make it so that our old people don’t
go back to over forty percent of them living in poverty you want that to happen bill O’Reilly is
that what you want but he might this is Bill O’Reilly that we’re talking
about and by the way this dude has been talking about politics for years is almost no basic political definitions
so did you see what I did there he argued that any government program at all means you’re a socialist or
communist country you’re a communist country because you have some government so by that logic much you
have all centered 100 percent laws a faire
capitalism your communist and you worship stalin and of course by this standard that all
Riley said sup realized something every modern country
in the world is communist by his standard that he just set up he’s
seriously argue that if you have universal health care that communist thats communist and I’ll
although he was demeaning totally reasonable
comments from people so they’re like yeah you know i i we
should get health care if you’re sick an O’Reilly’s like what’s the most
outrageous thing ever so when you wanna do somebody gets sick
in there have money just let him die in the street is that we are in favor of that the alternative this idea data
riley’s perpetrating everybody else is all these other right-wing talkers that Obama is this super radical
leftists and he’s a communist or socialist Bill Maher tackle this over a year ago
if Obama were as radical as they claim here’s what he would have already done pull the troops out of Afghanistan given
us Medicare for All ended the drug war cut the defense
budget in half and turned dick cheney over to the headache here’s why Obama actually did he cut
taxes and spending look at this graph these bars show the
growth in federal spending for each president Obama is at the bottom yes the black
man’s is the shortest God and ok we didn’t go on a spending spree he didn’t break up the too big to fail
banks they’ve only gotten bigger and failure that’s not what liberals wanted that’s
what conservatives wanted at the 28 convention Sarah Palin chanted
drill baby drill under Obama there’s more drilling than
ever that’s not what environmentalists wanted that’s what conservatives wanted Obama spent most of last year conceding
the republican promise that government needed cutting that’s not what progressives want it
that’s what the Tea Party wanted the dow was it 7949 when he took office
now its 12,000 and over corporate profits are at their highest
ever if he’s a socialist is a lousy one he could not be less
threatening if he was walking home with iced tea and skittles

  1. usa number 1 in medical research. why? is it because of capitalism

  2. This commentator is adopting the typical response that liberals use when someone provides a valid critique of their agenda.  O'Reilly opposes a government operated healthcare system, so he obviously is an anarchist.  According to bleeding-hearts, because the government maintains our infrastructure, regulates commerce, etc., then it is clearly logical to allow them to trespass on economic freedom, listen to our phone calls, provide and ration our health care, wipe our asses, etc.  Anyone who opposes this ideology must favor complete and total upheaval of government.  O'Reilly simply states that the PPACA is a tool for redistributing wealth, which it clearly is.  The commentator in this video makes the remark that "all of those other countries do afford those things [health care], and they're not seizing anyones' assets." He even goes on to remark that paying taxes is a civic duty that every citizen should fulfill.  Yes, everyone should pay taxes, but that isn't the issue.  Countries with state-operated health care systems require higher taxes, and the unsustainable nature of these systems are becoming evident in places like Spain and Great Britain.  The simple truth is that when an entity offers a service for "free," the increased demand for this service results in an unsustainable model.  The government's answer for this dilemma? Higher taxes and rationed care. 

  3. How come everything these people, (Conservatives/Republicans), don't agree with, automatically becomes a communist idea?  What is their obsession with Communism.  You know who else labeled everything they didn't like and opposed as being Communist?  The Nazis.  Hitler and the Nazi party were very anti-Communist, kinda like the modern Republican party. Coincidence? The similarities are all there, plain as day for anyone to look at.  Blaming the nation's suffering on primarily left-wing groups and minorities (Liberals, Democrats, illegal immigrants, Communists). 
    They were both good at promoting national exceptionalism and promoting a strong military. Both had promoted themselves as a party for the common people. Both felt oppressed, both are opposed to unions, both supported the upper class, and big corporations. Both believe in the church and the state together as one. They both support constant war, closed borders, opposed immigration, and both are very anti communist/socialist with a strong disdain for communism or any Marx-like philosophy. 
    Their common denominator is hate. They all preach hatred of others. And they do it well. They preach hate with a flaming Bible behind them. They stammer that THEY are the true voice of America. They shout that THEY have the true sense of what Americans want in the White House. Although the Tea Party doesn't endorse the extermination of Jews and other minorities, the hardcore fringe (keyword: FRINGE), units think all non-English speaking people, all non-whites, all non-Christians, all radicals, artists, liberals, homosexuals, and any other opponents should be sent into packed trains to “holiday encampments”, including gas powered showers. 
    The only few differences I can find is, TPers run on a platform of small government, while Nazis centralized the German government, and the Tea Party ideology is less based on race and much more on political affiliations and ideologies.

  4. This guy needs to really study what communism is. I don't believe health care or anything related is a right. That being said. No one.and I mean no one should ever have to be taxed more than their fair share just to pay for some one else's health care. If you do that. Then what's the point of ever working to create a better life for yourself. When you can rely on some one else's work and taxes to get what you want….

  5. The world is a museum of marxist failures and America will be no different from any of the others. Manboons are not learning animals. It is the conceit and vanity of the common man that he can think. He can't. Not only do men learn nothing from history. They don't even learn that they learn nothing from history. Ergo, they do not learn. 

    Nothing is free and the government is made up of people who could never get proper day jobs without the State to employ people like themselves. Such runts of the litter could never organise any endeavour better than individuals and private enterprise can … in fact, the majority of them cannot even organise their own lives to any degree. Such arrogance of the little socialist toads to think they have it figured out.

  6. This idealogue doesn't divulge (or understand) that "free", "universal" healthcare is neither free nor universal.  The people of those countries pay 10% or more in healthcare taxes to fund their public programs.  And all those countries ration care – especially acute/chronic care.  Waiting lists are 6 to 18 months for major surgeries.  Why do you think we have droves of Canadians coming down to America to pay out of pocket for procedures that are "free" in Canada?  They need an operation and can't get it.  And every country that started with a single payer, government run system eventually faced unmanagable deficits and had to institute private market reforms to curb the inefficiencies (Sweden in the mid 1990s, Canada recently, Germany, etc, etc). 

  7. O'Reilly is an imbescile! How can Universal Healthcare NOT be a civil right? He's so dumb in his puny vision. I hope he gets what he deserves. Shame on him.

  8. O'Reilly is such an idiot. This guy isn't much better, but at least his heart is in the right place, I think.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Obamacare is anything special, I think it's shit dressed up as champagne, but O'Reilly would hate me, because I'd have actual Free health care without an increase in taxes, well, not for 99% of Americans, at least. If Bill read this his head would blow a gasket and his eyes would melt.

  9. Whatever it is, it's better than the current system in the US. Today, health care "providers" only profit from withholding treatment. Where does that leave the patients? Broke and dead.  Communism or "broke and dead". Take your pick.  Tax-paying citizens deserve healthcare, period.

  10. Why should some people who work for their money have to give it to others? It should be their choice. I thought you liberals were "pro choice"

  11. You do have the right to health-care, education, and decent housing.  All of these things are rights that you should have in the NEGATIVE sense of the word.  Not the positive one.

    If you don't know what this means please look it up.

    I'll give you a general understanding.

    Negative rights negate the ability of the government to stop you from something.  Meaning the government doesn't have the right to stop you from buying health-care, buying education, or buying a home.  If they were racist and said to you "because you are black you aren't allowed to buy this home." — this would be in violation of your rights.

    Positive rights however require that you take the fruits of the labour of other people to pay for your desires.  It requires that government provide you with health-care, education, and decent housing at the behest of other people.  This isn't a right this is a desire.

    People really need to start understanding this.  

  12. What happens if the status quo become ill and they need to rely on a system that addresses illnesses and ailments in a professional manner should the lower status quo be negligent too…??

  13. No healthcare basically means that you don't have the right to live, this attitude of negligence towards others is a construct of an evil group of people that don't think you have any right to any treatment even if it life threatening.

    This mentality is a plot to destroy innocent lives, being negligent of someone in need of help is spilling the blood of an innocent.

    Negligence is a crime against humanity, if that is the thought of these people then the same thought towards them should apply.

  14. Universal Healthcare IS Communist. Anyone who disagrees must be a knucklehead. Why do businesses have to have this unnecessary burden on them? Why do liberal politicians keep treating business owners like millionaires? 

  15. I am European and can say I hope the USA will never ever establish social systems like us because that would make it probably really the best country in the world and this would be aweful ;D

  16. You people are nothing more than a hand full if want and mouth full of gimme. .. all you are entitled to in life is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. . Rather than being a free and dependant person, you'd choose to be nothing more than mere livestock depending on the farmer for your food and board… you people are a joke

    And anyone who points to Europe as an example are Fucking morons

  17. Is it Communism to seize (tax) assets of others so that everyone can afford a decent lifestyle, YES. However, if you think paying 20% or even 30% of your income to taxes is going to pay for all these things then you are sadly and pathetically mistaken. Look at Sweden and you'll see exactly how much it will cost you and your financial freedom in order to have this leftist dreamed utopia lifestyle where everything is free and that is a basic right (80-90%). If you feel that being taxed this much so the government can decide how you should spend your money is wroth it, then you need to move over there.

  18. at least you're not in Texas because pre k education "is socialistic" at least according to our new lt governor, and for those not from Texas, the lt governor is more powerful than the governor.

  19. I am european.I prefer  that public health rather than private.There are areas that should remain state-owned(the education) .For me president Obama is a good person.

  20. There is a big difference between HIGH taxes and LOW Taxes. which one do you want to pick , if you are a working person . ???

  21. The Republicans love spending on the military and if anything is like communism it's spending half of America's money on the military.

  22. we have an outrageous deductible every year, we play 600 monthly, and full cost of doctor visits and builds until the deductible every year is met and it's mandatory! this is a scam and i don't know how Americans still allow it! we rarely go to the doctor.

  23. hey dummy, income taxes were not set up until the great depression. Every human is responsible for them selves helping others should be voluntary not mandate!


  25. He gets paid 18 millions a year to convince Americans to stay the joke of the western world. Traitor to his people doesn't begin to describe.

  26. im from Canada and im completely baffled into why people dont want free healthcare. my dad a had a heart attack 6 years ago, we called the ambulence and they came in like 5 minutes. he was rushed to the hospital, had a stint put in his heart and was in the hospital for 3 days before coming home to recover. you know how much it costed us? only 50 bucks for the abulance. everything else was free! i keep on thinking to myself if we lived in america, we would be bankrupt with all the medical bills.

    even just recently again my dad had a crazy infection and he was hospitalized for 3 weeks, tubes, needles, antibiotics, induced coma the whole thing. for 3 freakin weeks! you know how much it costed us? NOTHING! not a cent! why the hell would you want to pay? i dont understand.

  27. We have many clueless idiots on TV; more depressingly, too many people are listening to those.  According to Bill O, all the develped countries in the world are communist countries except the U.S..  It just sounds like a little frog in a little pond.  Yo, Billy O! Are you planning to take all of you money to your graveyard?  Spend some, travel the world and open your eyes.  You might learn a thing or two. Sigh~

  28. Has Bill O'Reilly ever fallen ill whilst he was say in Britain and did he need medical help thats what I would ask him? I find it amazing that USA which likes to be seen as a country that is helping unfortunate people around the World can not or will not have a health service for all American's irrespective of wealth in their own country.In the long run the country benefits from having a healthier population in mind and body .

  29. National health care In the UK is funded by National insurance contributions taken from wages directly at source to pay towards National Health Service which is for all citizens to use, Rich or Poor without discrimination.Nationalism not Socialism its in the name.  Unlike the "Im alright Jack " attitude of some of the better off Americans we generally don't resent those worse of than us who may be on benefits getting fundamental health care although there are a minority who abuse it.  And its NOT a free hand out from the government either its payed for by  National insurance contributions.The poor Americans as usual are suffering the most but even some  folk with  reasonable incomes have had to file for Bankrupcy due to excessive Medical bills.Wake up America don't let these Insurance companies bleed you dry.The root of the problem is the funding that these Medical insurance companies give to senators and presidential candidates during their campaigns creating a "i'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" situation.Their obliged  to  prioritize the insurance company's interests first and not those of  the people,  over here that is deemed a conflict of interest for Politicians and Is not allowed by Parliament.Thank God for the NHS..

  30. Firstly, I really don't think Democrats should be advocating for universal health care as that means people have a stake in what you do to your health. If I have to pay for someone else's health care, then I say that someone else shouldn't drink, smoke, use drugs, risk STDs through extra-marital sex (especially homosexuality), or do anything else that would risk harming their health because I have to pay for it if they do harm their health. We should ban sugar as it has a proven negative impact on your health. We should re-ban alcohol. If we have universal health care, then I want the government to regulate everything in your social life. Do you want that? Probably not, as most Democrats want the government out of social issues. I do too, but my opinion switches with universal health care for financial reasons. If I have to pay for your health care, then I have a stake in your health.

  31. By the way, I am a Conservative Minarchist Libertarian (very close to an Anarchist). Taxes are absolutely theft. The government steals from the people and refusal to pay leads to prison. That is theft. Now, I do see some legitimate role of government which means some taxation. I see that taxation as a necessary evil, though it is absolutely still theft. If I take 15% of my neighbor's money and provide them with certain things, that is theft. That is no different then the government. Now, that being said, I do believe the government has some legitimate role in protecting the people's rights to their own person and property. They do this through law enforcement, a judicial system, and a military. There should be a single flat consumption tax to pay for these things. But, outside of that, government has no legitimate role. Everything else should be cut and left to the people to decide for themselves. Government has no legitimate role in infrastructure, regulation, health care, welfare, social security, education, or anything else beyond basic protection of people's persons and property. You are not allowed to murder, rape, steal, commit fraud, commit arson, burglarize, or otherwise infringe on another individual's rights to their own person or property. I believe everything else should be cut from the government, we should use that extra tax revenue to pay off the national debt, and then we should completely eliminate all federal taxes and replace them with a single flat consumption tax (like a universal sales tax) that is the same rate for everyone.

  32. The clever (and fallacious) way that conservatives talk about universal healthcare is infuriating! They make it sound like you're paying for other people's healthcare, which might be true, but guess what? At the same time, other people are paying for your healthcare too!

  33. Oh health care as a right that sounds just like a terrible idea. It should be a privilege to have health care in America.

  34. Personally, I believe in universal healthcare and I think it should be beneficial for all people. I don't see why the free-market philosophy should be any better when it comes to the state of U.S. healthcare. It is sad that the conservatives have little to care for when it comes to the average American and his/her health status.

  35. Even though, generally, "socialist/communist state" might as well be an oxymoron since socialism = stateless, classless, moneyless, etc. USSR/China and whatnot are state capitalist. The state acts as the capitalist, and owns everything.

    Anarchism is basically what I described, but instead, the state is not captured and instead instantly destroyed. In socialism, the state is captured and THEN destroyed.

  36. I can't get past O'Reilly's show and how literally everything he says has to be posted word-for-word on the screen…. Hey Bill, reading every word off of a power point slide is BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIINNGGG.

    I can read, but apparently your audience can't.

  37. Conservative Americans are so fucking pathetic. They don't blink an eye and never complain about most of their taxes going to fund the military but bitch endlessly if a single tax-dollar of theirs goes to healing people. It would be one thing if the US only had a defensive military…but the US military is only defensive in nature if you believe that the best defense is a good offense.

  38. Number of Americans who would like the US to become more like Europe: About 50%. Number of Western Europeans who would like Europe to become more like the US: All but non-existent.

  39. Australia's former Labor prime minister set up universal health care in Australia I dont think that Paul Keating would like to be called a Communist. He also set up Child Care Free relief parents pay for child care according to their income. He also legislated for Family Tax Benefit part A and B. These benefits are for poor to middle income Australians.

  40. People like Bill who scream Communism wouldn't know a real Communist if they walked up behind him and smacked him across the back of the head with a copy of Das Capital

  41. This is very good, although you do misuse the term "anarchist" — most left-leaning anarchists (Chomsky, Zinn, Bakunin, etc…) advocate for a highly organized society where the common good is a priority. Anarchism is not synonymous for lawlessness.

  42. bill oreily right on this one i no he a nut but he right here try living in uk for awile and you can see there bullshit amile away british are nothing but smug cunts there system stanks

  43. universal health care IS possible, but i think there should be a limit.

    For example – if someone is over 90 years old and need an expensive drug that costs $200,000 per month, should that drug be covered by the public?

    Or should that money instead go towards saving the life of a 9-year old?

    I believe really old people should no longer be covered because we don't have the money to take care of everyone, and we need to PRIORITIZE.

  44. O'Reilly is correct. It's communism. Capitalism is the superior system, Rand Paul is about to fix healthcare in America.

  45. O'Reilly said if the state has to provide you with decent housing, healthcare, education, food, among other things because you can't afford it, then yes, it's pretty accurate to what he said. You twisted his words as if he said ANY government involvement makes the country Communist.

  46. We have become slaves for government , more and more taxes !!!!
    why is the government getting involved with our health care anyways…. MORE MONEY 💰 for the government and less of OUR money for ourselves !!!!

  47. You progressive democrats are working towards a socialist society regardless of whether or not you paint those wanting to keep American values as "inhumane"and bloodthirsty creatures. Listen, moron, we like the way our country was founded. The government was made to be small along with taxes and individuals are given the responsibility to THEMSELVES and their FAMILIES to pave your own way. The only safety net or free insurance is that of charity, that which people like to GIVE as THEY so choose.

  48. Someone tell O'Reilly that Bernie is not a communist but a social democrat. Communism is about sending people like O'Reilly to the gulag and using his money to help soceity.

  49. "People are saying that you should get health care if you're sick, and O'Reilly is like 'That's the most outrageous thing ever'" Making a strawman argument doesn't get your point across, Kyle.

  50. 2:20 no, I'm an anarchist, anarchism is a leftist ideology, no one on the right who calls themselves an anarchist is an anarchist.

  51. The U.S.A. spends  tax dollars on  highways and libraries and parks and schools and education  and police and fire departments and bombing unarmed foreign women and children , and that makes the U.S.A. great ; But health care makes them communist ???? Sure glad I'm Canadian !!!!! ( Note to Canadian Prime Minister ; Please build a wall !!! ).

  52. Simple: O'Reilly speaks for the monied elites. Any system that benefits the people and hurts the rich corporations will be attacked with scary words to frighten the masses into supporting a system that preys upon them. It's not a bit surprising, only sad that Americans enjoy being raped by the corporate sector in all aspects of life.

  53. For decades big tobacco told the American public that smoking was not bad for them. They had paid lobbyists to ensure that Congress sided with their arguments. Even though they had their own evidence that proved they were lying they continued to lie to the American public through product placement, clever advertising and corrupt payments and the American people believed them and even argued for them. As a result of their actions millions of Americans died painful avoidable deaths including a number of American icons like John Wayne and Walt Disney. Now the American for profit Healthcare Insurance industry is doing exactly the same thing using the same tactics and to date getting the same results. They appeal to the selfishness of individuals and not only lie about how systems work in other countries but get well known public figures like Bill O'Reilly to do the lying for them. We found out when the truth about big tobacco finally came out that they had been paying well known figures to lie about what was happening. I wonder how much the American Healthcare companies are paying to people like Bill O'Reilly to peddle their lies. Some Americans need to swallow their pride and realise that the USA is NOT the best at everything, patriotism is one thing but blind patriotism to support the prosperity of a few is nothing but stupidity. Americans need to realise that they are playing a rigged game and that game is not rigged in their favour but rather for the few like the Bill O'Reilly's of this world.

  54. Last video said canada pays 300 per capita, us pays 1k per capita, so if only one third of the people paid, we would be doing it cheaper. Countries that do it for less than half what usa pays include belgium canada auatralia france japan iceland uk finland new zealand italy spain slovenia portugal israel korea czech greece slovak hungary Bill O'Reilly is a fool

  55. O Reilly is a very rich man thanks to his talent at spreading as an entertainer. So what does he care if he has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a serious illness.

  56. "Socialism is when the government does stuff, and the more stuff it does, the more socialist-er it is." (Smiles in Ancom)

  57. Universal health care is communism it's designed to impoverish the nation which is what communism always did. Millionaire sanders obama Pelosi etc. Are all communists.

  58. After watching this? I'm convinced that yanks are less than well endowed when it comes to common sense and understanding, they actually belive this line of bullshit.
    By this clowns deducement? Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia, N.Z, Spain are all communist. Why should I be surprised? They voted in a clown like Trump? Total goons. 😁😂🤣

  59. It is very simple. Something terrible happens to someone. Do you try to help that person or do you see it as an opportunity to get something from them while they are down. One of these choices makes you a decent human being.

  60. From a 13-year old:
    It is absolutely horrible that people say things like this! The Declaration of Independence (basically the second most important document in USA history) says, "All men are created equal" does it not? If so, why put one above another?? Every human being on earth is equal no matter their race race, religion, sex, gender, social status, etc.!! A person in poverty who can't work isn't where they are because they DON'T WANT TO. They are the same human being as any other billionaire and should get the same respect. IF ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL THEN TREAT EVERYONE EQUAL!! #bernie2020

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