Bill O’Reilly Occupy Wall Street Socialists!

occupied oakland uh… have brilliant
t_v_ coverage my a five to show on this abilities on the case and he’s a rate
down for us and also the real issues apparently are not the biocon on last night in oakland california some
occupy wall street protesters tried in the five police orders and more trusting heart heidi fleiss protesters were arrested
several injured along with two police officers who are also hurt police estimate nearly one thousand
demonstrators took part in the class last night and in addition more anti semitism is
surfacing among the occupiers although of course the out of course
this is all that and he semitism romero last night they made this charge uh… rush limbaugh said well they must be as the jews because all the
bankers urges yet whatever that the separate separate
and we should you over seven hundred people attending uh… young complore celebrations and
argue by wall street solos charges are not so so they’re gonna go back to try
to smear people anyway ann did you notice the beginning raise like they define police orders obviously the
and to be crushed how did it by police or is island the last time this happened whose when those uh… that black folks decided that they were
not going to be saying class citizens anymore i think that the flying the
police orders in places like selma alabama so we have to sink the dogs out what bills got more brilliance the problem is that many americans and
we don’t understand what’s at stake here the occupy wall street newman is
basically socialistic essentially what the government to control who gets what there’s no question that capitalism is a
perfect or fair some people get well they do so by
exploiting workers that’s always happen but the alternative is cuba or grace to americans really want that the primary goal the primary goal of the occupies is she denies capitalist again most
american augustana but it’s true and it’s right before our eyes i’d love leader or well against hamas has got a caller from
the u_s_ law and order is whether a lot of slide in the big city uh… what do you want the humphrey alternatives cuba you are in cuba is that what you want me unsurprising going north korea who can speak no those are not the only
two alternates and asylum people in salah biomass throughout the country org
established most of them argue better are not wrong with that message they’re
gone with the much much larger message of we just don’t want the banks and the
big corporations buying our government we want to protect our democracy are only two choices
alright we bow our heads and ofcourse bank of america and also i split is welcome to the american trainer just
a goal you want to or were cuba but there are other options for example
bank of america you want exploiting workers you i’m a try to make money hey
listen we’re not going to do some of that for
example when i can only use child labor is that poke a door no otherwise with
cuba okay and then the second thing is could
you do not use our money while you’re doing it but of course bill reid is one of talk
about that because he loves those big bankers and his job is to protect them all right now in a message that is about
to get worse he’s going to bring on dick morris to
spread more complete their own nor incidents i think in a democratic party and have
to start distancing themselves that they’re gonna get caught yeah and if they’re demonstrating in oakland and
the oakland police need to use tear gas imagine what happens when they get
tourist city with a more robust police force like chicago i think that this is
a very good chance that this format involved into violence as the tea party never did and i think it’s going to do you know i
still left in the way the tea party never did to the right prior to funding is there one apparently
that open culture sissies i didn that memo didn’t come to me i didn’t know
that cry like that raymond is on the panel always or usually do in chicago
anodic what do you have planned but the second part of that is he says all you see people are never
development of weapons yet that’s visiting party was never
attacked by five hundred cops clean those guys are in a park as
antibodies that in part three four the day ever get rubber bullets and bean
bags in and answered yes one of them tonight you see that is there’s a lot
more violent they just made us but i don’t like this wasn’t the party
never did by the way your members some of those events the some folks came to remember a guy in new hampshire showed
up outside of the obama event buddy carrying firearms okay who says my ride i can stand here with
guns put has any have any has been reported
any occupied non right now on team are usually with guns and they’re good law-abiding citizens who
care about this country hired by wall street is that stirred by the oakland
cobb’s and they didn’t get enough and they had a gun when he gets worse pick mort wider forty
three percent of those polled by c_b_s_ fail to understand what’s happening here well who first wrote from the beginning
to happen this was the first instance of real violence and street demonstrations
in the united states the occupy wall street that in manhattan has been fairly
specific uh… and words are only beginning to
come out that their anti semitic but the muslim groups are involved in stuff like
that off victim i’d love has also contracts opensubtitles our motto fiducial on my watch it was all about
muslims fade over the country opened a garden that that flood into
attitude did two tours in iraq also apparently he’s also somehow influence
with the muslims and they were injured how do you think of muslim once they’re
out because they had to be a nice surprise soliloquy starting with an
outbreak well there have been is ariel there my
land there there’s bailey understand why is it so it it
would take care guys animal and then realized that you know all that stuff right there all the
magnets and if they’re going to be bad guys will take out of the muslim you know what’s coming next stood next to you know the so you know i
want quote being out here he launched a new doug will be later at some point five sizzle so you know
there’s a lot of illegal immigrants in those odds by wall street no wait for it wait for it it’s coming also brought him golden gate that’s also come

  1. How dare you try and tax my second boat or third car? Can't you just ride the bus in peace, the back of the bus preferably. Why should your sweat and labour that actually builds homes, highways, bridges, etc., be taxed less than my inheritance or tax shelter. Why should I not make money off of laying you off? Why pay tax to have the government re-distribute it to those with less, when we can give it to those with already too much. Next you will want your vote to count. Peace

  2. There is a lot of false equivalences going on here by TYT. Firstly, Teabaggers had planned protests that, like normal protests, began and finished and co-ordinated with authorities (permits etc.) OWS just set up camp, either on private property (as in NYC) or public property and DO NOT co-ordinate with authorities or leave! THAT is the big difference between the two. Other than that the only difference between the two movements is one is hippies and the other red-necks… neither intelligible

  3. @PolitcalIslam I'd say that's a fair point, but teabaggers themselves call their rallies protests so who am I to argue – they sure did sound mad…

    The Russian protests are much more in the revolutionary spirit because they are inches away from open revolt there; pardon the snark but neither OWS or TP have anything to do with revolution, just lobbying.

  4. O'Reilly is a smug asswipe… One thing you can be certain of is that if Billyboy is upset, you must be doing something right. LOL

  5. yea, and the sad thing is all the bobbleheads watching FOX cowaring in fear drooling on themselves are routing for more violence to be used agaist thier own citizens.

  6. yes, i am. I still beleive he did when he was young and had ideals before he became pragmatic in persiut of personal gains and has lost his idealism. Yes, i think he once had integrity as everyone did does before(if) they lose it. He could try to reclaim it but bet he fears losing his comforts, power and control more then the shame he feels for having lost his integrity.

  7. You are wrong. I envy no one. I have a job, live in the greatest city in the greatest country in the world. That is why I see how full of crap fox news is. I know that the good life is not only possible, but within reach of all. You need to protect your hard won gains against the onslaught of corporate rule or risk losing it all and becoming like the U.S.A. . Peace PS Unless you are just being sarcastic then, sorry, Ha Ha Peace

  8. Don't DARE try to equate the civil rights movement with this "occupy" bullshit!!!! There is absolutely NO correlation between the two. TYT really suffers from both a lack of historical perspective and excessive use of hyperbolic rhetoric. Why don't you folks make your point? As far as I can tell, you have NO credibility except to try to incite people in a shameful mock display of populist garbage. Expose REAL frauds, like "Occupy" leaders, Mitt Romney, J.Jackson, Hannity, Obama, Limbaugh, etc.

  9. Too bad the healthcare situation was actually caused by a piece of liberal legislation. Its been a problem ever since the 60's when Lyndon B. Johnson got Medicare and Medicade running, which costed a fortune. He was liberal, and so is Obama. No progress made.

  10. Occupy is actually right in step with much of what Martin Luther King preached. Don't attack it, try to understand it. In fact it's the logical next step. If America completely eradicated racism tomorrow, the same people would still be suffering from the obvious inequality of the greed based system which has now broken down for all to see.

  11. Scared shaking dogs are pitiful. Scared shaking humans are targets. Get a grip on your fear for your own good.

  12. Wow. See alot of hate and envy here. I feel really bad for alot of you, on both sides of this arguement. Maybe my take on the occupy movement is wrong, but my take from it all is they want something for nothing? Why should someone who worked all there life to get where they are have to be encumbered with the choices others have made? 1%..99%…load of crap. What I worked for is mine, what i don't have I'll work for to get. What I've endebted myself with, I'll work to pay.

  13. The united states is NOT a democracy! It is a REPUBLIC! And the low-lifes in the streets should all be shot because the blocked one of our harbors! AN ACT OF WAR IN ANY COUNTRY!

  14. Are you KIDDING me?! The last thing OWS wants is bail outs for banks. That's been one of the main things they have been against. You guys don't seem to get it but OWS and the Tea Party have more in common than you think.

  15. 47% of the POPULATION! Unless you think that babies just born, children, the elderly, students, the disabled, etc. should be counted as able to work then you aren't looking at this with a critical eye. If it were 47% of eligible tax-payers, then I would be impressed. When you take into account those without jobs who can work, the percentages of people who work and pay little to no taxes (across all tax brackets, incl. wealthy) and all these other people I listed above, 47% sounds about right.

  16. Are you kidding me?! The GOP during the mid 1800'a was the progressive "liberal" party who took on slavery as a moral issue. "Republican" literally comes from being for the federal republic and a strong central government rather than the Democrats who were for states rights and the ability to keep slavery in their own states. That's the entire reason it is named the "Republican" (like the Roman Republic governed by a Senate before becoming an empire with an emperor) party.

  17. 47% of the overall POPULATION doesn't pay taxes. That's including all the children, elderly, disabled, and all the other people who would never pay taxes in the first place. It's the most disingenuous statement in the history of disingenuous statements. If you were talking about 47% of eligible tax payers, you would have a point. Of the people who are eligible tax payers, those who pay no taxes due to write offs, etc. are spread among all brackets, not just the poor.

  18. Guess what pussy? Maybe I like taking $100 bills and wiping my ass with them, so what… It's my money. Not yours.

    There used to be a time where we would look up to the wealthy. Telling ourselves if we work hard enough we will be in their shoes one day. Guess what? I made it. If you look to the wealthy with envy and jealousy, you will remain poor like this lazy piece of shit I replied to.

  19. Yes tblackhandfu, I'm aware of education, infrastructure, healthcare cost money. To pay for those costs everybody should pay taxes. But those three things I mentioned (there are some more red.) are a public demand and the public should be beneficiary in order to create welfare, prosperity, innovation. So top priority should be the users satisfactory and not making profit. Since those to things are opposing interests. Unless you want satisfactory to increase money. then again toppriority, profit.

  20. somebody had to be paid for those equipment, they made a profit, and beneifted society. When government gets involed, its creates a monopoly on that industry and then makes cost go up, as well as quality going down. Every industry needs competiton to be better.

  21. Nice strawman there man. No one is suggesting that we raise taxes to pay for rich peoples boats and cars. What people dont understand is that taking money from people NEVER helps the economy. The governent is not the engine of the economy, people are and that includes everyone. Also, giving too much to rich people? We're not at all and no one is saying we should. Tax breaks are across the board and if you knew a little math youd understand why rich people get more than poor in TAX BREAKS!

  22. Thanks. Neither am I suggesting that we raise taxes to pay for rich people's toys. I am saying too little is paid by those who profit from the layoff of Canadian and American workers. Too much is paid by those who actually contribute and do more than just move money or inherit it. There should be a tax break for building infrastructure and works of art that benefit everyone. If those who layoff, writeoff, and they do, then there is even more incentive to screw the worker. Peace

  23. "I am saying too little is paid by those who profit from the layoff of Canadian and American workers" -There are no profits in layoffs. Losing workers is a signal that you ARENT profitting. "Too much is paid by those who actually contribute and do more than just move money or inherit it" – The top 5% pays for more than 35% of all taxes, the top .1 pay 17.11% of all taxes. Also, the economic infrastructure IS the contribution of those in the top percentages.

  24. "do more than just move money" – Lets define this: Moving money. If you mean the investment into businesses, most of which are small businesses than yes moving money is pretty much what drives our economy. Even savings is used to invest. If you have a bank account, you move money. Inheritance is essential, its how social mobility happens. Are you suggesting inheirtance should be abolished? The inheritance tax is already an unconstitutional farce that should be removed.

  25. There was profit being made, they moved out anyway after taking the community and there own employees for everything they could get. That sucks and need not happen. No one is being asked to take a loss here.

  26. "need not happen" – If it didnt NEED to happen…it wouldnt have happened. Besides the ideal is that local labor will organize into their own industries but due to massive regulations and lawyer schema thats not as possible as it was say 50 years ago or in other places like Hong Kong where making a business is quite easy. "No one is being asked to take a loss here" – If a loss is being made a company will leave. And ideally other business will take up the slack for the unemployed.

  27. Exactly my point. The companies that folded up and moved were making money, just not as much money as could be made exploiting the poor in other countries. Not only were they making money when they left, they bled the unions, county, city and federal government of all they could get first. The pensions these men and women paid into for decades were wiped out as a reward for their years of loyalty. If that is your business model fine. But I think hard work and loyalty should be rewarded.

  28. "they bled the unions, county, city and federal government of all they could get first" -Stop: Private Sector Unions have been just fine in the past decade or so. PUBLIC sector unions have been on trial because they should not exist because they provide essentialy services which have no competition. And they bled entire counties and cities dry? I'd like some names of these cities thank you. And the Federal Government dry for what? The bailouts?Real Republicans have been opposing them since day 1

  29. You want to talk about the fed drying up look at Obama's stimulus it all needs to stop all of it. "The pensions" -Have been demonstrated to be unsustainable which have made companies, mostly smaller businesses, unable to expand. And if you mean federal pensions like social security and medicare blame the big spenders, not the New Guard Tea Party Republicans who want it to be cut. "If that is your business model fine" – My model is Classical Liberalism, the history speaks for itself. Prosperity.

  30. Horse hockey. Bled them dry was a figure of speech, took them for all they could get is more accurate. They are greedy little disloyal bastards by any definition, and all the economic reasons and excuses does not change that fact one iota. That they are only following economic orders, does not make it right. I wish the Real Republicans would show up, and the democrats would grow a pair. Ron Paul looks Saintly next to that lot.

  31. "They are greedy little disloyal bastards" -Again what companies are you specifically refering to? What cities did they bled? Youre not answering these questions and my guess is because you cant. "and all the economic reasons and excuses" – No it doesnt, no one said it was a good situaiton to had jobs leave communities but that doesnt mean that its the fault of the Big Corporations because they have too much money so we should tax them. Thats a good way to CONTINUE that trend of job loss.

  32. "I wish the Real Republicans would show up" -What do you think the 2010 elections were? "the democrats would grow a pair." -Grow a pair? For what? Their policies have inflicted more economic destruction on the United States than Republican spenders. Leftist ideology is what destroyed our economy, not Classical Liberalism. What political and economic philosophies do you subscribe to?

  33. Molson brewery, General Electric, Hill Refridgeration, Alcan, Domtar, Plastomer, and more that I can't recall right now, left Barrie Ontario, Canada, after the city, county, provincial and federal governments gave them massive tax breaks and incentives to stay. The unions made concession after concession to try and save jobs. These companies with the exception of Hill were all making a profit. I never said to tax them, I said they got tax breaks and buggered us all anyway.

  34. "left Barrie Ontario, Canada" -I dont know the business laws in Canada just saying. "city, county, provincial and federal governments gave them massive tax breaks" -So ever level of the government gave these companies tax breaks? Really? Well theres your problem, government intervention in business. "I said they got tax breaks and buggered us all anyway." -Well theres your problem. There should be a tax break or government intervention to keep a company there. Only legal and economic incentives.

  35. You asked for details and accused me of making it all up. I provide the answers you asked for and you say the problem is government intervention. The problem is greedy stinking fucking arseholes who care not a whit for their employees. Period. Soon I hope enough of us will tire of right wing horse shit and take action like the pigs already have.

  36. "and accused me of making it all up" -Because it seemed a bit far fetched that every level of government would give tax incentive to a particular company. It happens but usually in states at least in the US by california, Illinois and in New England. A much better way to keep businesses in states is a limited tax code. Stop taxing the hell out of business and you wouldnt NEED to give out incentives to keep companies where you live. "you say the problem is government intervention" – Because it is

  37. No point talking further. I think the government's job is to limit the abuse the powerful impose on the weak. You think the weak need to suck it up.

  38. I don't disagree with all of the Tea Party's ideas. But you are seriously misguided about OWS. Of course media cameras will focus on the anarchists, or the crazy hippies, but MOST OWS protestors are people who can't get a job because of a economy that is ruled by a very small minority, who then buy political power, and make laws that make it even easier to exploit good, hard working people and make even more profit, at the cost of those worker's pay, benefits, retirement plans, homes. etc.

  39. this guy is a total dunce. What gave black people equal rights to white people was being a peaceful group that didn't resort to violence. More people identify with MLK than Malcom X.

  40. So OWS folks are against bank bail outs but they're really for them since they want "govt. intervention?" Kind of a contradiction in terms, ain't it? I'm guessing that for you "govt. intervention" is some kind of amorphous, undefined thing, huh? Instead of specific policies with specific goals (such as the Glass-Steagall Act.) Having an ideology and having that ideology apply to the real world are different things.

  41. I don't know how anyone can take Cenk Ugly seriously. He just mocks everyone and brings no logic or reasoning to the table.

  42. People are often politically hypocritical that's absolutely correct. No senior wants Medicare cuts. No union worker wants to have to pay more towards his pension. Yet everyone wants the government to spend less.

    If you think more government regulation is wrong, then you're falling for the oldest trick in the book. More regulation stifles growing businesses and rewards the established ones.

  43. Again, it depends on the regulations and in which context they are applied. The mass of local and state regulations that have been built up do tend to stifle small businesses and this needs to be dealt with while maintaining the original intents of these regulations and I believe that there are fair ways of doing this (streamlining govt agencies and permitting processes for instance.) A balanced approach is what we need, not anti-govt rhetoric.

  44. Technically, we don't even necessarily need that many more regulations, we need enforcement agencies that will actually bother to enforce the regs we already do have but since these agencies have been stacked with industry insiders who keep agencies from doing their jobs (thanks to nepotistic practices) people like Bernie Madoff get away with ripping off investors. It's corruption that is the problem, not govt itself.

  45. More legislation year after year is not necessary. Of course they're always enacted with good intentions. The former CEO of Best Buy and the CEO of Marietta shipping both say more regulation gives established businesses an unfair advantage. The founder of Home Depot says he wouldn't be able to start his business today.

    Where's the anti government rhetoric in what I said?

  46. What we want is to have govt regulatory agencies that aren't funded and run by the same folks they are regulating (as with Wall Street) so that Bernie Madoff doesn't get away with stealing peoples' pensions. It's not even necessarily about adding more regulations, it's about enforcing those that we have and returning to those that we had in the past. When it come to stuff like Glass-Steagall, we functioned quite well with those regulations for years with no problems.

  47. "Enforcing those that we have". What, are they not doing that now? The issue is not that they're not doing anything, it's that the agencies are doing too much. They have too much power, too much authority in everyone's business. There should be far less legislation each year and our current regulatory laws should be simpler to reduce loopholes and improve clarity.

  48. So you're fine with Enron lying to artificially pump up their stock prices year after year and then when it comes crashing down, the CEOs get to dump their stocks before the stock prices crash and make a killing all the while the average investor loses their entire retirement? You're fine with Bernie Madoff ripping off investors? The SEC are the financial "cops" for Wall Street and you would let the criminals have their way?

  49. You just made my point without even realizing it. All those examples you just listed took place under vast regulation and powerful agencies. What good did it do?

    If you were right, if tougher laws and more regulation worked so well, no one would have heard of Bernie Madoff or wrong doing at Enron would they? Because government and Wall Street are so well connected, the more power you give to one, the more power you give to the other and the more loopholes you create.

  50. They took place under regulatory agencies that have been stacked with industry insiders because of the Bush (and to some degree Clinton) policies (I am more than willing to admit to dem failures as well.) Just because someone gets away with murder doesn't mean you get rid of the police, you clean house and get rid of the corruption that led to them being ineffective in the first place.

  51. My solution is to simplify regulation to remove loopholes/corruption; limit new legislation for the same reason; and restore the risk for investment bankers. Yours is more power to government agencies and without corrupt people running them. That's all fine, but completely unrealistic in my opinion. Where are these angels that can run these agencies and turn them into crime fighting machines?

  52. Americans aren't supposed to have opinions, grievances or questions. Shut up and stay in line.That's the American way aren't you a good sheep I mean American? Where do you come off protesting are you a communist? a socialist? some kind of anti-American terrorist sympathizer? Someone been messing with your mind, you know you shouldn't be using that thing. Remember what happened to Adam and Eve when they became disobedient and got in trouble because of that fruit of knowledge. Thinking is antiA

  53. They aren't violent. They are angry and trying to change the system from the ground up. Were the founding fathers and the continental army violent terrorist?

  54. It's a good admission from Bill to say that capitalism is not perfect, and for him to point out one of its flaws. But there are more than three economic models available, not just those of America, Cuba, or Greece. There are over 200 countries in the world. Look at Canada or Scandinavia. They work great.

  55. those of occupy wall street where dumb, if they really new the truth they protest Obama. Getting richer people to give more money is a waste of time, its not going to help anything

  56. From what I've seen the Occupy Wall Street aren't only socialist, but proudly front it… It's not something that isn't there… And There is honestly nothing wrong with the system, it's how people exploit it from time to time, but it is not nearly as bad as how people exploit Communism, Socialism, and other forms of Economic ideals. I mean we have not had a dictator or tyrant take over yet, so what is the worry? (Other than Obama trying to push Socialism on like a dictator)

  57. And who do you think the small minority is? The globalist bankers who rule over the state are the very powers that use these protesters to spark anarchism revolutions. In turn, the elite are able to expand government by implementing many new laws without congressional approval. That's why you never see these Illuminati-brainwashed zombies complaining about central banking like the Federal Reserve cartel, because they're working FOR the globalist elite against our Republic.

  58. You're really going to compare the Civil Rights movement to this nonsense? That is the dumbest thing I've ever fucking heard. 

  59. Fox News is actually anti Semitic because a Semite is anyone from the Arab world not just Jews and well they don't seem to like Arabs or Muslims either

  60. i have to love that allot of americans believe you are either a capitalist or a socialist. They should really learn that it exists a way in the middle

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