Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, and Fighting For Free Speech | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

I know you’re gonna be blown away by this,
but we’re going to have to talk about free speech today. It’d be nice if a week would pass by when
we didn’t have to talk about a threat to freedom of speech, but it seems almost every day there
is a new outrage on the horizon aimed at chipping away our right to free expression. There are three specific happenings right
now that I want to focus on, in no particular order. First, there’s the ongoing saga of Bret Weinstein
at Evergreen University in Washington. In case you missed our livestream with Bret
last week, he is being attacked by being called a racist and a bigot for opposing a day in
which white students wouldn’t be welcome on campus. Bret claimed the revised Day of Absence on
campus based on racial segregation was not just racist and bigoted, but was the complete
reverse of what the day was supposed to stand for. Bret has been a progressive his whole life,
but even he is not immune to the toxic ideology of Leftism, which rates victimhood as virtue
and will swallow anyone who dares deviate from it’s authoritarian rule. The campus was closed due to threats of violence
and even now Bret is getting no backing from the administration, which appears to be bending
to the demands of the crazed mob. Even worse, mainstream media is basically
all but ignoring this story because it so shatters the regressive ideology. Mainstream, left leaning outlets don’t want
to touch this story because they don’t want to be tarred the same way Bret is. Thus, almost all the coverage of the Evergreen
story has been from right leaning websites. Bret has done three live interviews, one right
here, one on Joe Rogan’s podcast and one with Tucker Carlson on Fox News. He hasn’t been invited on CNN, MSNBC or NPR
and none of those outlets have even written a piece on the story. When you hear trust in mainstream media is
at an all time-low, it’s reasons like ignoring hugely relevant stories that go against their
narrative that are part of the reason. The next story of the last few days was the
outrage over Kathy Griffin’s ISIS inspired photos holding up President Trump’s decapitated,
bloody head. First off, on the free speech front, I fully
support Kathy’s right to take these pictures and make art as she sees fit. I don’t think these photos are a direct call
to violence, which would be a crime, and the pictures should be seen through the lense
that she is a comedian and a provocateur, regardless of whether you think the images
are in poor taste or just outright awful. So, while it is 100% in her right to make
the images, it is also 100% in CNN’s right, as her employer to fire her if they see it
fit. Now interestingly, in this case, it was the
right calling for CNN to fire Griffin and it was the Left that was defending her, though
in this case less people came to her defense than usual. While this is a flip on the script of the
last few years, it’s important to remember it seems people only hold their own values
when it’s easy to do so. Just imagine if it had been a conservative
comedian like Tim Allen holding up a severed head of President Obama. The Left would’ve been demanding his show
be cancelled and the right would’ve been defending him. Ironically, Tim Allen’s highly rated show
was cancelled a few weeks ago and many people think it is at least partially because he’s
been outspoken about being a conservative in Hollywood. The final story I want to touch on is the
outrage over Bill Maher using the N word on Real Time last Friday. I can’t even repeat what Bill Maher said,
because even just by quoting him I’ll end up in hot water, which shows you how insane
the language police have gotten. Basically he made a joke using the N word,
and all hell broke loose. To be clear, he didn’t use the N word to describe
anyone in particular or take a racist position, it was a line, that I suspect was prepackaged
to illicit a reaction from the crowd. It not only elicited a reaction from the crowd
but also the bigoteer brigade which immediately began calling for his firing from HBO. I even saw comedians I know calling for him
to be fired over a joke. This is Bill Maher, who many of you who lean
right absolutely hate, and now the Left was doing your job of trying to destroy him. Sadly the Left has been coming for Bill for
a long time mainly because he isn’t afraid of talking about radical Islam, which has
set him apart from most on the Left. I know a little something about that myself. HBO took the joke out of repeats of the show
and so far has withstood calls to fire him and Maher even apologized, something he has
chastized others for doing in the past. Senator Al Franken cancelled an appearance
on Real Time for this week, despite being a friend of Bill and the show for years. I’ve invited Senator Franken on the show to
discuss, but I won’t hold my breath. So there you have it. A professor bullied off campus by threats
of violence for fighting against racism. A comedian fired for a tasteless gag and another
comic under the threat of firing for a joke. None of these are threats to the first amendment,
which as you know is the government coming for speech, but all add up the chill factor
around freedom of expression that I’ve been talking about for quite some time. If you were a professor would you be willing
to explore a controversial idea with students after what’s happened to Bret? If you were an artist would you be willing
to paint a controversial painting after what’s happened to Kathy? And if you were a comic would you be willing
to tell an offensive joke after what’s happening to Bill? If you answered no to any of these then you
must acknowledge that the threat to free expression is real. Don’t like Bret? Don’t take his class. Think Kathy is crass, watch something else
on New Years. Don’t think Bill is funny? Change the channel. But whatever you do, keep watching The Rubin
Report, because we’ve got Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports 1 on the show this week. He was in his own outrageapalooza last week
with calls for him to be fired too, but I’ll save that for our chat.

  1. I agree with almost everything but the Kathy Griffin thing, only because that was a President of the United States. It could have been any President and it would have been over the line. You don't threaten or do images of dead or dying or murdered Presidents, that's just stupid and un-American. Personally I would have had her arrested and thrown in a government hole for a week for that stunt, you don't threaten Presidents, and you sure as shit don't do terrorist style photo shoots of presidents…

  2. Why should US citizens take offense to a joke based on current period fear tactics by active terrorist groups? Im sure Dave would have no issues about "camps" during WW2. Kathys face tells you all you need to know during the shoot. When beheadings aren't common place as a fear tactic than maybe we will take it as a joke.

  3. I'm a conservative and I fully supported Kathy Griffin until she made that trainwreck of a press conference where she tried to gaslight Trump as the bully and project herself as his victim, at that point I lost any sympathy for her whatsoever. If she wants to fake victimhood so bad then let the wolves take her.

  4. Dave, there was nothing funny about that considering that's the enemies favorite thing. you are idiotic sometimes

  5. Tim Allen show was the second highest rated comedy on ABC especially fact that aired on Friday so 8.1 million viewers just lost they show who was the show Concerta viewers I thought there was no discrimination in this country

  6. Is it just me, or do none of the mainstream media refer to Trump as President? I don't watch the news often, and I haven't watched any Fox News in years, but every time I catch a little no one seems to call him President Trump. Am I crazy, or what?

    I don't remember reporters referring to Obama as simply Obama, for example, but those were a long eight years, so maybe I just don't remember. I'm not an American, by the way, so I haven't been watching too closely, but it's not even just American media. I notice this with them up here in Canada, as well.

    Anyway, only brought this up because Dave calls him President Trump here, which is great. I don't care if they dislike the current president, outside of simple conversation, when they're reporting the news, they should act like professionals.

  7. Is it that shocking that someone (Bill Maher) is going to slip once and a while in a reality where black people, and just non-white people overall, say that phrase *constantly*? Really? Yeah no, I'm not buying the racist bullshit.

    Bill Maher's real problem is that he tries to be a cool guy all the time, and just comes off douchey when he does it. I would bet that's what it was, almost entirely, namely him trying to be all cool saying shit that other people say all the time.

  8. I have not seen Griffen's actual material, she has always been disgusting. But hearing it described, she is borderline guilty of a crime. There is a reason it is actually illegal to threaten the POTUS.

  9. The Kathy Griffin case wasn't a "flip on a script." The fact is that there are just as many authoritarians on the right as there are on the left, and both groups only accept ideas that support their existing beliefs.

  10. Right on the money. Keep at it Rubin. It's always refreshing to step away from partisan cheerleaders and come here. I really hope that classical liberalism finds it's way back to mainstream. You'll have to shed your hipster status, but nobody likes hipsters anyways.

  11. Never underestimate the depravity of a neoliberal that participates in the mobbing of an individual who sidesteps the politically correct mold. Neoliberals are truly textbook sociopaths. They will go straight for the jugular at the slightest chance to virtue signal. They will destroy the livelihood of entire families without a second thought. It's not hyperbolic to call them evil. There is no conscience in them, merely the urge to be "liked" by their ilk.

  12. It's always the sick in the head LIBERALS THAT CAUSE ALL of the problems! What a great world it would be if they were all taken to another planet!

  13. Regarding Bill… Not a pre-packaged line. It was a real time (hurr) riff on Sasse's somewhat awkward joking suggestion that he would put Maher to work in the fields. That's the whole point, it was a completely spontaneous fucking joke based on the moment.

  14. He forgot to mention Sean Hannity doing a Seth Rich story and Bill o reilly getting fired after his witch hunt. Also, he forgot to mention Kathy Griffin playing the victim which is another leftist driven narrative.

  15. Whenever I hear that someone has been called "racist", or "bigoted" I just think nothing of it; it's become so commonplace, that it hardly means anything.

  16. Dave! They've been having the same event every year but black students would remain off campus and they thought to switch it this time. Equalize y'all outrage. I learned it from Serious inquiries only podcast from Thomas Smith. Please go on his podcast or vice versa.

  17. There is also a tentative to have Sean Hannity fired since he started talking about the murder of Seth Rich, who a lot of people suspect he was the leaker at the DNC. Julian Assange offer 25 thousand dollars to anyone who could give a lead to get his murderer. Since it is not obvious that they were friend, most people wonder why Assange would take an interest on a random murder in DC.

    Sean Hannity has been very courageous on this topic and he has always defend the right of people on the left, not to be shut down. It would be nice if you could have him.

  18. i'm not sure when people started to feel they have some right to not be offended. it's not that i like being offended any more than anyone else but i am firmly in the "it's better to know than to not know" camp. i would rather hear something i don't like then to have that kind of thinking remain hidden from me.

    whenever it happened and for whatever reason, the assumption of a right to not be offended sure has had a negative effect on discourse.

  19. Sorry, people seem to confuse the right to free speech with the right to say whatever you like. There are words you cannot say, there are expressions you must never use. Simply because you have the right to free speech does not absolve you of the responsibility to watch what you say.

  20. Paused at 3:20 to make a point:
    Calling for her to be fired was, in my opinion, less about the need to silence her, and more about insisting there be consistency. If the left would consider that type of thing inexcusable, and think someone should lose their job for it, if someone on the right did it (and the leftists are well known for calling for people to be fired and their careers ruined), then they had a choice:
    Fire her and maintain a veneer of intellectual consistency (which the right challenged them to do: force them to apply their own standards even to those on their own side)…
    not fire her, and prove that their own morals only applied to people they opposed, but not to themselves.

    Firing her was not about the right demanding her silencing, but about demanding the left treat her the way they'd have treated her if she were right wing.

    Secondarily, I do not think sides have shifted, because if a right wing comedian had done this same type of thing, to Obama, despite my political and personal distaste for Obama, I still would have seen the action as disgusting and inappropriate, and would, as a conservative, openly oppose that sentiment, disown it, and boycott that comedian, because while a joke at someone's expense I can laugh at, what was done was in immensely bad taste.

    These is, for me at least, no intellectual inconsistency here. She had the right to free speech, but one can not expect to freely say and do whatever they wish and expect no backlash. Being the part of said backlash is not censoring her, anymore than refusing to buy a ticket to see one of her shows is. And I would treat a conservative who did the same thing to a politician I disagree with and even personally despise with the same disgust and disdain.

  21. 4:27
    disagreeing doesn't mean absolutely hate, and I certainly don't want to see him destroyed.
    For one thing, he is open to honest realities in this world in a way that many on the left are not, and he is able to say things to the left, as one of their own, that many on the right want to say, and can't.
    For another, he is willing to sit down with people on the right, and converse. The conversation is not always a polite one, and when outnumbered 4 to 1, the conservative on for the night seems more a sacrificial offering than anything else, but he actually will listen… sometimes, which is more than can be said for many many others.

    So, I see Maher as slime and smug, and some of what he believes is pretty looney toons, as if his willingness to strawman and mock what the right believes. But I don't hate him, I don't want to see him destroyed, and I feel many on the right would suggest they feel the same.

  22. Yes, you could paint a controversial painting if it's consistent with your career of being 'controversial' as opposed to being someone who could easily be aligned with wanting Trump to no longer be alive based on many past actions and remarks. The problem with most libertarians is they don't understand nuance. Kathy Griffin as an insult slinging comedian who deplores Donald Trump is not being consistently humorous when doing what she did. Has she ever done 'art' like this before? I think the answer is most definitely no. Therefore she doesn't get a pass because it cannot just easily be defined as 'just' art based on any precedent of history with her. Her buddy who is an artist may have talked her into doing it with them but it's pretty hard to align her with the idea of abstract art somehow.

  23. Kathy Griffin's severed bloody head was not a "tasteless gag". I draw the line on free speech on advocating violence, which is why I cannot support what she did. There's a meaningful difference between upsetting words and advocating and promoting violence, and I think that is a principled and meaningful stand. As such I don't think you can automatically assume anyone on the right doing as Kathy Griffin did would have gotten wide support by those on the right the way Kathy did.

    I think there has been a distinct movement on the left to support violence, threats of violence, and in general normalize violence which does not exist in the main stream right. Sure there are fringe elements on the right who advocate violence, but no major media outlets, main stream public figures, no politicians, or other celebrities calling for violence on the right. Thus any attempt to draw an equivalency is simply lying.

  24. Kathy Griffin did a cheap shot and she was duly rewarded. No one should have defended her.

    As for Bill Maher, he used a somewhat common phrase that reflects a personality and employment position and maybe it's time blacks get off it already.

    By the way, the dreaded "N word was also used concerning Italians, Greeks and others from southern Europe. That usage did fade away in time but it was not used solely towards blacks.

  25. Both Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher are not examples of free speech being attacked. No one ever has a right to be free from social judgement. To assert that they are is just as dangerous and just as much of an attack on freedom as is a infringement of freedom of speech. People have a right to judge others and choose who they want to associate with. No one is telling Bill Maher or Kathy Griffin that they aren't allowed to say or do those things. They are free to speak as they please and I am free to judge their speech

  26. As much as I agree with Dave on, well, pretty much everything he's said here, I do question his central argument on whether or not this pertains to free speech. Free speech applies to government and prior restraint. These instances he brought up have to do with the private sector and people imposing non-coercive consequences on people for saying things that offend them. While, yes, I do agree that every single one of the situations he specified are filled with bullshit and hypocrisy, can the First Amendment really apply here if government is out of the picture and no coercion is being used? The First Amendment guarantees us the right to say what we want free from government constraint, but it goes guarantee no consequences for saying those things.

  27. there's a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of consequence. that's all i''ll say. i think the bill maher, and kathy griffin is exaggerated however people are allowed to disagree.

  28. Kathy Griffin doesn't want freedom of speech. She has that already in spades. What she wants is freedom from consequences. No one in the US has that.

  29. There's a limit in my opinion on all fronts, it's all going way too far. Social media seems all about the most dramatic and at this point stupid. I call these 'expressions' far from any sort of standard that helps keep us from becoming animals, but then if the shoe fits …

  30. the problem with Kathy Griffins "joke" is that it didn't at all seem like a joke. It honestly seemed like she was promoting the assination of our president who quite frankly hasn't even done anything all that bad to be deserving that

  31. This is what bothers me so much about today's political climate. Openly discussing views is seen as crass and offensive. idubbz has a great video about offensive language in his videos (he sometimes uses the N-word). if one word is offensive every racist word is. Why is it ok to say almost any other offensive word about a group, but we put the N-word on a pedestal? It's either all of it is ok, or none of it is.

  32. I was glad that Griffin was fired from CNN though I did not call for it. I recognize her right to be offensive and I was offended. I did not and would not call for her to be censored, however her right to be offensive doesn't trump my right to be offended, violence only seems to be funny if you're on the left.

  33. as much as I hate Bill and I really hate that fucker, it was a joke and everyone's knows the dude isn't racist. he donated a million bucks to the Obama campaign for God's sake

  34. Kathy was shyte for making her apology all about how she is the victim, when she was even trashing little Barron Trump last year. If she just said she was sorry and hid for a few months, no body would have cared

  35. Anyone can use the weapons.
    The problem is not the people or the side.
    The problem is the weapons. Silencing, call for firing, chasticizing. These are the enemy.

  36. Dave, I am a leftist myself. You are a breath of fresh air for standing apart in your crusade against SJW types. I hate political correctness as well. This time, with due respect, you missed out on some details. Everything you said about the university professor being called a racist, Kathy Griffin, and Bill Mahr was correct. With regard to Kathy Griffin, the right wing were acting like overly sensitive PC snowflakes. Many called for her firing, and even many called for her arrest. Those same right wingers thought it was no big deal when Ted Nugent at a concert years ago said for Obama to "suck on his machine gun" which is just as offensive. I am neither a fan of Obama nor Trump, and I am not a fan of Kathy Griffin or Ted Nugent. Both a tasteless partisan hacks, but they are entitled to their freedom of speech. As a Bernie Sanders Socialist myself, I support freedom of speech for everyone. Because I am a democratic socialist, there is an ironic "libertarian" ethos to my ideology that I must confess keeps disappearing from many on my side of the frense. Then again, the hardcore left hates me, and many right wing types hate me as well. This must me that my ideology can't be too wrong when the fringes of both sides assume the worst of me from their perspective….

  37. If what Kathy griffin was so brace and special why did she back down and apologize.
    If Tim Allen did to Obama what she did to Trump, the left would have attacked him but the right would not have defended him. The whole social, progressive movement is that it's completely one sided.
    The fact that people are slandered and abused because they want open dialogue is why Trumps president. The left is the reason for trump.
    But the fact is that from now on whenever there is a white male running for president he will be called a racist,sexist, homophobic piece of garbage. But the left have cried wolf so much that those words mean nothing

  38. WTF?! There was no retaliation or censorship of freedom of speech from government for any of these cases. Okay Dave; So it's okay to use the N word now? So it's okay for ISIS and other extremists to behead people because they're just expressing themselves through art?! Dave, you're completely inconsistent and reaching way too far out now. Get a clue… SMH.

  39. the right called for kathy to be fired to make the left take their own medicine. Its telling them no more double standards, either call a truce or we hold them to their exceedingly lofty standards

  40. IDK if your characterization of those on the left is 100% accurate. We aren't all hypersensitive authoritarian SJW types.

  41. Well, tolerance for the stunt like Kathy Griffin and that theater piece depicting the assasination of Donald Trump may mean nothing to all "balanced individuals", but not for weak brainwashed or simply unstable minds. Today, Republican congressman Steve Scalise was shot at by a gunman who apparently said that he …"was there to kill as many Republican members as possible." That is, in my humble opinion, a result of extreme tolerance being shown to depiction of murdering political figures…. My two cents, from a French Canadian listener. Regards,

  42. New version of Temptations song:

    Run Charlie run, look the N-word is coming, N-word is coming
    Question. Am I allowed to say to black person: "Shut up you stupid N-word"?

  43. Some left wing mainstream media has covered the Evergreen critically:

  44. Why do they apologize? I thought Kathy Griffin's picture was in piss poor taste given the current climate, but I would have expected her to stand by it at least. If you're within your rights, don't fucking apologize. It only gives justification to the thought police.

  45. Mr. Rubin, you made a little error. Mr. Maher did refer to a person, when he used that n word. He referred to himself .
    He said I am "the house n word". When I first saw the issue on the internet, it claimed he used a racial slur.
    That led me to infer, incorrectly, that had used a racial slur against a member of the African race. So is calling yourself a n word a racial slur.? I do not evaluate that it does. However I am nearly always outside contemporary opinion, a situation you must resonate with. Best regards, thank you for your interventions. W

  46. Having just completed my undergrad, I cannot even enumerate how many times I've heard the words "Wait until you have tenure. Then you can be your true self". As an extremely nontraditional student, even at warp speed finishing my Masters, Ph.D. and going through the tenure process would me that I am expected to repress any controversial ideas I have until I'm almost 60. If we cannot debate ideas within the academy, I fear that it will not remain standing by the time my grandsons are old enough to follow me.

  47. Dave, you are just the best, and when it comes to free speech I agree with you 100%. Yes, KG should be able to do what she did, and everyone else can find it repugnant, not support her, and boycott her if they choose. That is the other side of free speech. But no, Tim Allen (or any comedian, etc., ) would have found no love from the Republican side for doing something equally reprehensible.  The Democratic reaction to KG was the first blip of civility I have seen from the left in a long time, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that were the situation reversed, the Republicans would have been livid.

  48. Ok I hate PC police as much as anyone. But this guy goes to a different extreme talking about "leftism and victimhood" come on that may be true to a degree but it's no where near as extreme as he makes it out to be

  49. Okay but I'm on the right and my principle stands before party lines. If someone had held up the severed head of Obama or any president of the United States there should be consequences, not legally but people should know it's not cool to disrespect the elected leader of the greatest country on earth no matter who it is.

  50. It was mad how many people who tout themselves as logical, skeptics, and defenders of free speech got their knickers in a twist over Kathy Griffin's photo thing.

  51. I don't like Bill Maher. At all. I think he's a complete jackass, or at least how I see him on TV. But calls for him to be fired are insane.

  52. I call horse shit on Tim Allen's show being cancelled being political. It might have had good reviews but it didn't have alot of viewers. Scandal had more viewers but was also cancelled. It's obvious they were just cancelling unprofitable shows.

  53. Dave Rubin singles out the left much more disproportionately than the right and he thinks viewers won't notice. Of course if he keeps bringing right wing guests, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which direction he is heading. He contradicts himself by judging the whole left movement as regressive whilst he preaches to not judge people as collective! I sense a desperate ploy for views and ratings! He knows his subjects and guests are controversial so he heads in that direction! Not sure how much he earns but people will know what his bias is. Dave if you keep going into this direction, people will find your shows more boring and predictable because they can then easily tell beforehand what your opinion is.

  54. hmm.. but don't you think that Kathy Griffin's stunt is a little more than a joke done in poor taste? I mean she should absolutely be allowed to do it, but there seems to be a collective movement on the left towards normalizing the killing on the president, and it's not far from incitement to violence anymore..

  55. what pisses me off is
    the air time to Kathy Griffin gets I go out of
    my way to avoid crap
    like hers.. Instead I
    get to see it 200 times
    a day…

  56. I believe that corporatism has exaggerated their profits at the expense of their consumers and believe in guy marriage ( although I don't like marriage in general) , and a woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body. So i gave progressive ideas a stab and with all this political correctness and the fact that you see Muslim woman leading the feminist movement it makes no sense. I am quickly changing my views to being a libertarian. i now longer want crooks ( government) and religious Islamic women ( hypocrites ) in any kind of control or influence om society. I love the views of comedian Doug Stanhope . When i listen to him I love the honest message he gives and the crass way he delivers it. Would love to see him on this show unless he has been here already. I will look for it. Just my thoughts. I totally agree with and love your show.

  57. Just imagine if someone held up a severed head of Obama?
    That happened Dave during Obama's presidency you know. There was far less reaction compared to now.

  58. "ISIS inspired photo's" seriously? No sane human actually thinks she was trying to make herself look like the most hated organization in the world.

  59. I didn't even know Kathy Griffin was even still alive. She did it to become relevant again and then had the nerve to pull every victim card she had out in her "apology" press release… She had every right to do it, and people have every right to their reactions. People getting fired and such is neither the "artists" fault or the really the people calling for it. Its their employers for giving into stupid demands.

  60. That's a MORONIC comparison just on the FACE of it. NO conservative NO MATTER HOW ANGRY or upset they are about POLICY would NEVER endanger the OFFICE of the President NOR disrespect the RIGHT of free speech by using it to make a THREATENING "joke" that EASILY could be seen as a THREAT. I'm only 37, I'm sure people have TONS of examples of things like that they can toss out here, but I can say in my life I can't recall someone doing that. The left knee cap people who BREATHE wrong about politics. Tim Allen has TOO MUCH CLASS to do something like that.

  61. This new democratic party is sick. He's not the only person they have tried to silence. Silencing members of thier own party. It's a clear sign they don't want democracy.

  62. Would love to see what free speech jihadist Dave Rubin has to say about this….

  63. Bill maher deserves being stabbed in the back by leftist. He is biased and hopefully this will teach him a lesson

  64. How do I hashtag you to show you why you have a reason why to fight for free speech? And any hashtag or @?

  65. The consumer factor is the issue with Milo, Maher and Griffin. If they were in their own arena, not bought and paid for by sponsors or employers then their expressions would be their own and backlash would be isolated to them or their agency. However, when you represent others, employer, sponsors, trustees, it’s no longer just your voice and consumer backlash affects them, not just the artist, comedian, speaker or provocateur. That being said, a valid sponsor or employer should know and understand what they support and stand their ground with them or not invest in the first place.
    As for Griffin, I don’t find her funny, the head thing was disgusting and I won’t watch anything with her in it, but I won’t and didn’t ask for her to be fired.
    America needs to quit being over sensitive, victimized, spineless, wimps! Everybody’s always picking on somebody. Grow some character.

  66. One thing I disagree with. I don't believe you would find people on the right defending a comedian on the right for holding up a severed head. That goes way beyond politics.

  67. TROLLING: Baiting opposing groups 'jest' to get a reaction for personal amusement & entertainment seems kind of mean.

    Cathy could have made it hilarious by having the Trump head recite some of the outlandish things Trump has said like "grabbing them by the pussy" …. shooting a person in the street & still getting elected… and cross dressing… what's a head to wear. She could have done a sand-up routine with the head. The only way to get ahead to get a head.
    Instead she 'jest' stood here like a terrorist.

  68. She is the not funny she is filthy and foul so is bill that doesn't make you funny , I heard her comedy once for five minutes and wanted to vomit and take a hot shower

  69. In my opinion, If Abraham Lincoln heard this in his grave, He would be SO ANNOYED with Mr. Rubin, because the latter is saying that even if someone expresses themselves about murdering a POTUS, that person has a right to free speech. That is completely idiotic considering how the Supreme Court ruled a long time ago that everyone has a right to express their thoughts, except when it incites violence , and the number of past presidents who have been assassinated by people who disagreed with them. Dave Rubin DOES NOT actually get it! Besides, some liberals actually condemned Kathy Griffin’s picture when it was popped up, including Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s daughter!

  70. Yeah so if the threat to freedom of expression is so real how come none of these "classical liberals" ever talk about installing more robust labor laws? Oh, right… laws are only petty annoyances that only further stifle your freedoms . . . -__-

  71. I respect Bret W. and Bill Maher and they have my support. But what Kathy Griffin did was extremely appalling and disgusting regardless of which politician she depicted. I agree with Rubin on everything but putting Bret and Bill on the same level as Kathy is totally unacceptable.

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