Bill Maher Doesn't Know What Socialism Is and Bashes Millennials (Boomer Cringe)

hello dankey kahng gang it's comrade danke here with a look into the liberal media and I don't say that from a conservative right-wing standpoint say that from a left-wing standpoint what is a liberal well hopefully by the end of this video you'll have a little bit of an idea but uh this guy Bill Maher it's one of my least favorite dudes on TV I really can't stand him he's such a smug asshole but we're gonna see him lecture all of us on this noon in his video June 10 2016 called don't romanticize socialism well everyone has to admit that even though Bernie Sanders didn't win the nomination he's already won the future now last week in this space I talked about how socialism was something America needs more of to curtail capitalism because the profit motive creates horrible incentives like keeping people sick you know too many of them in jail yeah always being at war yeah and treating a woman touching Donald Trump's air as breaking news yeah that's not romanticized socialism the week and you know capitalism also lets folks like Bill Maher have folks like Jordan Peterson on so he can talk about his new book twelve rules for life conservatives romanticize capitalism these are economic systems not your first kiss so if you say if you say the word socialism to people under 40 the reaction is night and day from that of baby boomers for whom socialism has always been seen as communism zag a cousin what whenever I talk to a Boomer and I say socialism or communism they always think it's the same thing they just think of Stalin and gulags and you know bread lines and stuff like that but for Millennials the word socialism doesn't conjure up images of Stalin and Castro it conjures up images of naked Danish people on a month-long paid vacation I've I have literally never thought of naked Danish people on a month-long vacation I've when I think of socialism I don't think of the fucking Nordic States those are social democracies my friend do you even know what the fuck socialism is Bill Maher uh you know you claim to be a smart guy but I don't think you know what the fuck socialism really is Millennials don't remember a threatening Soviet Union or any Soviet Union the only time they've ever had to crouch under a desk was to go down on their teacher so oh yeah I mean leave it to Bill Maher to not have a single fucking segment without just shitting on Millennials in some form or fashion I really can't stand him I can't stand how he shit all over Millennials all the time yeah we can remember the Soviet Union we have this thing called fucking history books that we can open up and read and learn about the Soviet Union I've done quite a bit of that my friend and I actually like the Soviet Union I don't think there were that threatening at all at least not you know not to somebody like me maybe to the capitalists maybe so the new generation is ready for socialism problem is they'd be ready for a little too much socialism almost two-thirds of Sandt too much socialism ters voters want free college and free universal health coverage for no more than an extra thousand dollars in taxes even though that's not really socialism that's Santa isn't Santa ISM what what I I am legitimately blinded by his stupidity right now I don't even know what the fuck to say to that that's so fucking stupid socialism is free health care and free tuition and what did he say personal health coverage for no more than it hinders vil baby be ready for a little too much socialism almost as much as Sanders voters want free college and free universal health so free college and free universal health care according to Bill Maher those things are socialism those things are pie in the sky batshit insane according to Bill Maher do you know what those are Bill Maher do you know what universal health care is do you know what free college tuition is that's a social democratic proposal bill Mahr do you even know what the fuck you're talking about here on national fucking television how many people watch this piece of shit 1086540 fuck you Bill Maher do you have any idea how much I had to pay for my fucking college tuition I'm not gonna say but it was fucking expensive dude much more than somebody if your generation had to pay for college tuition my friend and you know how expensive rent prices here are much more expensive than they were when you were a young person my friend do you know what our job market looks like now it's a lot more barren and scarce than it was in your day my friend you're a rich guy who has a fucking TV show called Real Time with Bill Maher so don't fucking lecture the millennial generation and say we have it easy because we fucking don't we've accepted that the new normal in America is people in their 20s and even 30s still on their parents cell phone plans and health care plans yeah because it's expensive Bill Maher is expensive to fucking live because of the economy that you fucking boomers created for us mom and dad's still paying the car insurance and almost a third of them are still living at home and if you're a millennial you may never have known the inceptive paying for things that all of us used to pay for I'm a baby boomer I think the natural order of things is to pay for music I like this idiot Bill Maher how can Tom Morello just stand there and let doesn't make you a revolutionary it makes you the person who goes to the bathroom when the check comes you're such a douchebag Bill Maher so he's going into the same diatribe that literally all the maggot should say about the left oh you're just a bunch of Mama's boys who want free handouts and you know you're just a bunch of lazy namby-pamby millennial pussy ass snowflakes you need to go cry in their safe space you know fuck you Bill Maher you're no different than the fucking maggot juds that you claim to hate you say the exact same fucking thing you know was was fucking Fidel Castro a mama's boy sitting in his basement was Che Guevara you know no those people were hardcore fucking revolutionaries and they did a lot more to improve a lot of life for a lot more people than you do Bill Maher what the fuck do you do you just have a stupid fucking TV show where you jerk yourself off you jerk off your own intellect constantly it's just a self masturbatory just circle-jerk that you have with you and all your fucking liberal friends you talk about how how more enlightened you are then all the stupid millennial socialists out there I'm smug piece of shit and it's not just music pornography I was still in my prime masturbating years when I'm not even a source became free and I saw how it decimated a proud industry that once produced full-length features with plots and pubic area first and just like with musicians the men and women of the adult industry who entertain and diverged and yes released million millions of Americans every day deserve to be paid for what they do so so here Bill Maher is sucking the dick of the capitalists licking their boots shining clean ladies and gentlemen so shining in fact that they are brighter than that of a supernova Bill Maher basically ooh people deserve did you pay for their work socialism stupid once again I think Bill Maher doesn't know what socialism is he's a fucking idiot how can anybody clap for this anybody that claps for something that Bill Maher says you're a moron think about the long hours put in by horny housewives and naughty secretaries and the hard-working shaved head dead-eyed meth addicts plowing them they're not doing it for shits and giggles that costs extra when I hear about people stealing porn I have one question where do you get off it's a great bit it's a great bit poor that doesn't just happen people locations must be scouted sense must be sets must be built wood must be maintained the point is if you add up all the free things that the under-40 crowd is used to getting from the quick jerk at work to being able to sit in Starbucks all day for the price of a scone from music to Wi-Fi to birth control it's not such a jarring proposition when socialism comes along and says you are entitled to free stuff and god he's such a fucking moron so he's saying ooh Millennials just become entitled to everything because of our coffee and our clicky clicky buzzy buzzy phones you know I fucking hate it when old people talk shit about how Millennials are just plugged into their phones all the time because any time I see somebody plugged into their phone it ignoring somebody in a conversation it's not somebody who's our age is always the old people every time I've had conversations before somebody's done that to me it's been a fucking old person doing it so fucking Bill Maher just saying how the millennial generation is so entitled and all that stuff even though his generation is the one that fucking raped the earth ruined a grew a good economy and just turned it to shit and handed it to us and said oh what's that you fucking snowflake you want more well too bad sometimes you have to work force for things in life you fucking dickheads and that in turn must be why there's this proliferation of websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe GoFundMe go fund yourself so he's basically saying like it's just I don't even know how to fucking respond to that it's so stupid I can't stand Bill Maher he is such a douche but he's such a liberal douche bag but to get the taste out of my mouth I thought we could listen to John Oliver here uh just to kind of get that taste out of my mouth because I mean after all John Oliver he's a progressive so surely he wouldn't be you know just such a liberal sellout shill like Bill Maher Venezuela not to be confused with Boehner's ila because that is the hot new celebrity couple that's just Ben Affleck fucking Abu disabled [Applause] let us skip ahead a political discourse in America to people who don't really know what they're talking about condescending in the period and when that company protested some of the changes that he was making he responded by using his TV show to address its executives directly their people I'm firing the following people mr. Juan Fernandez you are fired from petroleum of Venezuela that's how you do it for Eddie Ramirez thank you very much you were fired also Mariano Rodriguez you are not guilty all right I can't I can't deal with it anymore folks it's hurting my brain all right don't listen to dip shits like this go to tellus or listen to Venezuelan people talk about Venezuela not fucking talking heads a part of the Western imperialist media propaganda machine you know maybe try listening to Venezuelans instead and you might learn the truth weird weird theory there

  1. Yes, Bill, we're sooooo lazy. We're currently sowing more than we reap and the surplus goes to capitalist pigs who haven't earned it. On top of that, we add to our work load by fighting for a revolution. So lazy. Oh, and after the revolution? We'll still be sowing more than we reap, the difference being that we'll actually have a fucking say as to where that surplus goes. Say, I dunno, properly managed infrastructure, supporting artists to make art for art's sake, supporting those who can't work, taking time to focus on and fix society's myriad issues, or allowing someone who's battling cancer to not also have to battle crippling debt and the threat of starvation that comes with it. Shit won't be free, people will be.

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