Big Foot Jiggers! Rise Up Society Saving Soles and Toes!

hey folks please subscribe to the rise up Society fanpage although educational these videos contain graphic material so viewer discretion is advised and every time they try to somehow to smile it's always not a smile it is always sarcastic I worked with somebody like that they had no life this man had more life and so I believe some of those traits are not learned their inborn you just born with badness and glue and the Mokka pen to mark out the achievements of others not really achievement but the demerits when it's an achievement you get annoyed you get discouraged but when there is a failure you get happy and you note that down we have people who are like that they will not talk about the achievement but they will not down all the demerits and some of them are mother-in-laws they will visit your home and they come and you have to take a pill for pressure because mama in-law is coming and she will be a magic eater for everything in the house the cooking and the treatment of children and even a dressing style and how you talk to her and you know just little details that are so mundane and goofy and she will literally go she'll excuse herself to go and write it down in her black book we have people who are like that and have no life and they don't want them to be near me they make me eat and I look back in through my journey in history I really cannot say that I began this idea of getting to help somebody six years ago I have lived a life where I was concerned about others and I did things in that little corner and nobody knew about me and about them and even now nobody knows about me I'm known through the ranks of a few people because of the social platform the social media mainly Facebook and YouTube but I'm not very popular I'm a nobody I am not known that luckily I am respected luckily by government and the church and you know because of the things we try to do and when I felt the calling to treat Kidder's there wasn't anything unusual to me I really did not adjust much because I have been the life of giving I have been with people I have been a leader I was the head prefect at school and I was the Christian Union chairperson and I was a leader of a youth leader at national level in the church my father pastor I really didn't have time to grow up I was always in the front pages being the good boy being the role model being the teacher and everything and so um we discovered a jig and we begin doing it not knowing because when when I started digging the jig I didn't know the world doesn't know about jiggers I I and I wasn't I did not start doing this because I wanted to teach the world about jiggles now I just wanted to document what I'm trying to do and I didn't even know that YouTube can be such a huge platform that can help me to reach literally to reach the world and I didn't know people didn't know about the Jigga so I was just doing that and when you look at my videos earlier on there are funerals and celebrations and we were doing a lot of things with women we were empowering women by supporting poultry farming and fish farming and and taper banking and microfinance in little little things and my other videos is so full of dance and pomp and you know opening offices in different places and really being appreciated by the women I was gathering who had been found maybe widowed maybe abandoned by their own husbands or living in homes in abusive relationships and the husband is there but always drunk and doing nothing to help her and I would speak to them and make them come together in groups and who sit together with them and reason together about what they can do as a group and through that will we started some projects including even choir we have a women's quiet now called rise up Victor require that has produced now two albums and they're doing really well when we had the children's party on the 26th they sang and they were number one we had over 50 different choirs competing and raised up Victor acquire maintained the trophy that I you know produced in 2015 so they still have the trophy and it wasn't you know we'd struggle with some things we all struggle with things and we have people who struggle with giving they just don't they can't give it is very painful for them to to give anybody anything and they'll feel that loss and they feel really bad for giving and these are selfish people they cannot give and when they have actually given them they will make follow up they'll follow up what they have given to see how it is behaving and here we say that such people have money with eyes but there are many have eyes and they have mouths they scream those money's so we have people selfish orientations selfishness and it pains them to to give and I'm blessed not to be pained to be having that weakness giving the same pain me and we have some big number of people that I have met along the way but the desire to just give also they are givers and when they give they feel good when they have given out they feel relieved it's like when they are having things and nobody's benefiting from what they have it pains them they feel weird and that is a gift from God generosity and I've met them in the course of riser and so we set out and with we begin the journey not knowing that people don't know about Jesus and then when I have done like 300 videos I go to vegan and I we are opening a small clinic there and I see this young little boy with very huge jiggers and I shoot the video and then I decided to speak a few things while the digging is going on just describing what is happening I wasn't even sure how vast how big this platform is and my friend Bruce looks at that and he's mesmerised and he tells his friends and they tell me well you you're doing well we will have watched a few videos about the things you're doing with women and with the youth and and with the children and we're was so impressed but what is that in that video what is that thing and I say this is a Jigga and you know I realize they the world doesn't know a jigger and to give the journey begins there the journey of educating the world about the jigger and then what I did was to just carry on I did not stop to go to college so that I can better the skill of communication what I did was to just continue educating the world speaking things as they come and that's what I do even now just pick things as they come and I need no one's validation Oh in any case people have an option of muting that voice so that they don't hear my crap so what I do is just to pick the camera and share my thoughts and just talk and and through that it has amazed me how much I receive tens of emails every day telling me how blessed someone was as they listened to the random thoughts that I gave and I give out these things because it is so boring shooting the video and just being there not you know like muted voice and just shooting and I also don't do voiceovers I I do it right in the field as I sit and see women doing their favorite game of gossiping in the field I'm there and so I capture the spirit of the moment and because my emotions are there and all that I share my heart because I'm there they in the field so I share out like I would never do if I was sitting on a chair somewhere in an office and just doing a voiceover and I say anything that comes to my mind and some people have picked offense and the things I said I'm sorry about that but that was just how it came it came out like that and so there wasn't any training in videography and what I have simply been doing is teaching the world teaching my anyone who cares about the tjuta teaching canyons by you know they watch this because we have people living in this country and living in big cities and they are living Western lives in Africa and they're so private and they don't know what is going on in the countryside I have provided a window through which anyone who cares can get to learn about the true essence the true roots the true being of Africa without exaggerations without edits without putting up as exaggerating anything just as it is and so we have seen children without shoes and children we are in rags and children not going to school we have met everything that Africa has sometimes have gone to the other areas that I showed anyone who cares the contrast between a rural place like where I am right now well we have sugar cane and children are walking barefoot and women are carrying water on their on their heads for a very long kilometer long long journey to just come with water have water at home and children sitting and chewing on sugar cane and there is a little ball there made out of nylon bags and just you know life as it is in in rural Africa without exaggerating anything and I've been able to do that and just you know sharing have shared about the Western life in Africa when I went for the YouTube awards in South Africa I was at the Nelson Mandela square and I shared a few things about Mandela having met him in person in in 2004 and I was there and shared about the westernized kind of life in in Africa because of Africa is a developed country here it's if it's a first world country in Africa so all those things we we share them so and we I remember going to Soweto to visit my mom and then this was Ana and I had brought her beautiful dress I found she had died she died last year so was so frustrated so divested standing there and not being able to deliver my gift to her she was the best best best woman best mama you can ever have and so I have shared that literally about Africa and and if you really want to learn about Africa from an african point of view from the eyes of an African man who grew up in Africa and poverty and all that then my channel of us that so I'm just trying to answer the question how did you begin and I'm trying to say I did not begin I have always tried to take to step into people's lives with their motive of not doing something to improve the situation they're in and so it is an honor for me and therefore the motivation I don't I cannot say money was the motivation it was never the motivation we have pumped more money into rise of society than the donations that ever came in right before 2011 when we we officially registered the organization as a not-for-profit with the Attorney General we were doing things for the people and we were doing the donating and then we registered the organization and nobody knows about us and we'll continue giving in to the organization planting seed 2011 2012 2013 we were just doing it 2014 that is – at the end that is when a lot of Westerners knew about the channel and in donations began coming in so we the resources we have termed into the movement of love in action are more than what we have received and I am not complaining that is how God ordained it to be and we were blessed to bless and everything worked for good and so we will continue doing this that way hey folks if you ever have trouble falling asleep 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John's wort helps improve mood and decreases anxiety goji berry goji promotes restorative sleep and also works well with ashwagandha chamomile a classic sleepy tea and skullcap and passion fruit because why not the last group of ingredients are building blocks and elements of your sleep and feel-good hormones I won't go into much detail but a quick note on the amino acid tryptophan this is an interesting video by dr. o cher that explains the Thanksgiving turkey tryptophan myth but the gist of it is that tryptophan does make you sleepy but there's almost the same amount of it in a lot of foods like chicken and that it's overeating that really knocks you out I mention this because adding a small quality snack to your diet before bedtime might actually help you sleep better so there you go when you just need more rest get rest more check out the link in the description thanks for watching I hope you found this helpful and informative don't forget to subscribe to the channel goodnight you

  1. I had the impression that you had studied history in University and you refered to yourself as a historian. Is this not true.

  2. I only became aware of this page by accident something i'll never regret 👍😢 one question in all the months ive been following you..why don't the people look at you with pleasure and thanks after you've sat for hours releasing them from all the pain when they no nobody else cares. 😢😢😢 my heart goes out to you
    God bless you all xxxx

  3. Please keep sharing the word of God with us. Sometime I'll go to sleep not watching the video but listen how wonderful you talk about the Lord and reminding how good God is. Thank you for faithfulness.

  4. It’s good you talk during the videos. You have many important things to say! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  5. Hello I just would like to ask us all to pray for the children and their needs.also for Rise Up Society.

  6. Insisto,desde Panamá, tengo 75 Años y desde los 9 se acabaron las niguas en mi pueblo,simplemente con reglas de aseo personal: Baño diario con jabón,uso de calzado,lavado de la ropa y un poco de fumigación.Es importante recoger los cerdos en pequeños corrales y q cuando suceden las picaduras de las pulgas los padres estén atentos a sacarlos .En las primeras 48 horas parecen picadas de mosquito ese es el momento para sacarlas. Y eso lo puede hacer cualquiera porque están cerca de la superficie.El secreto es ASEO ASEO ASEO PERSONAL Y DE LA VIVIENDA .Ellos no se ven nada limpios y la pobreza no tiene nada q ver con el aseo

  7. I was a reporter for many years. I have no interest in making the focus on Jim or for that matter spending my time researching his background. Not at this stage anyway, perhaps in the future.
    If it wasn’t for his videos, I wouldn’t have even known About Jiggers. I sat back and watched 100,000 sign a petition with YouTube so that he can not make any further money from his videos. I understand that many felt that just because many of the afflicted have not had any connection with the Internet or Social Media, that he may have been trying to make money off those in very poor conditions. But was that investigated, or was it just like people normally do, where they become armchair judges on all things. But does anybody out there know just how much he was receiving for people viewing his stories. Let’s just say – Jim wasn’t going to be a millionaire anytime soon. I don’t see anyone else doing much to help but at least he is doing something. It is a huge problem and it is one that can begin to start affecting other parts of the world. He doesn’t ever say he is a Doctor, with a degree from the Medical Board and admits he did not go to university. He talks about donations and what trials they have done and what has failed or what they have not yet been able start. Maybe we all need to do more research .

  8. some people are very jealous and envious of Jim. They sit on their rear ends and do nothing for anyone.

  9. some people are very jealous and envious of Jim. They sit on their rear ends and do nothing for anyone.

  10. I was just wondering and curious I guess,that Is there jiggers where you and your jigger diggers live?,and also I was wondering if you are your diggers and all your team ever take jiggers or eggs home with you all to your places you all live?

  11. You are always patting yourself on the back and bragging about how good and great you are, I don’t see you digging out the afflicted?
    You can post a million videos on this digging , but never post what you are doing to solve the problem?
    Just try and resolve the afflicted but not solve the cause?

  12. Shut up you talk about things that do Not interested people.. they all can cut it by themselves i have no pity for them

  13. I also love to see the progress that Jim and his crew are doing, how people come to them and become jigger free. Then their clothes and homes and lives start to become better. Also I like to hear Jim's Stories and bible teachings.

  14. I enjoy your narration. Please continue your great work. The woman below me would like to damage your reputation of your past. Our past is not important. What we do now is how we will be judged as long as we have repented.

  15. Jim is a theif and a loan shark. His claims of helping thousands are over stated at best. He beats the young boys with a switch when they cry as he digs their jiggers out with no lidocaine cream! He is a LIAR and i know this first hand ( for all those people who want to ask if i have been there, yes) i pray he will be removed as the leader of RUS and that he will go elsewhere. God bless!

  16. You said in your living rooms and watch your expensive cell phones and call this man or rip off and everything under the sun I don't see you guys doing anything to help anybody I don't see you cutting off one jigger and you sit there and you down somebody was actually out there doing something that shows how scared little people you are inside

  17. Please continue to narrate because I love to hear your thoughts and also I like it when you share the view of what is around you I like to see pictures of the other children laughing and playing and others gathered around and looking at their homes how they are made things such as that but my favorite thing is to hear you talk and I can tell your blessing to all these people comes straight from your heart and I just love you to death 🙂

  18. Respect Jim,keep on voicing your crap! It is sometimes inspiring and sometimes your crap forces me to look at myself. And Cheers to the Jigger Diggers.

  19. Suggested topics you could talk about:
    1.Answer legitimate questions posted in the comments section.
    2. Introduce us to the volunteers. You don't have to give real names. Is there anything they'd like to say or share with subscribers?
    3. If willing, ask the person who is afflicted, some questions about themselves. Kids can be asked stuff like "What's your favorite color, favorite song, or the last thing they learned at school?" Easy questions with no wrong or right answers.
    3. Stop having conversations with the volunteers and victims, that cannot be understood by everyone watching your YouTube videos. Either that, or translate. Please?
    In a perfect world we'd all speak multiple languages. Until then please let us into your conversations if you are going to include them in your videos.
    4. If you feel you MUST speak about politics, and you feel that speaking about politics will benefit those who you are trying to help, .. PLEASE, consider what message you'd like to deliver. Plan what you'd like to say, ahead of time. Keep the message concise and relevant. And keep the speech short.
    However, if you are reading the majority opinions from the comments sections, you are probably better off not speaking about politics at all.

  20. Why are some of these black whilst others are white and even bright green? Is there more than one type?

  21. Just listening to you reminiscing about the early videos and as I too thought back, I loved your early videos with laughter, and funerals, and a lot more about society.. I would like a return to those more 'wide beam' videos. The more recent videos with their 'pin point spotlight' are great too – some of both, a bit of each style would suit me fine.

  22. Keep up the great work. Haters r gonna always hate. If they're hating on you, they're giving someone else a break! The world needs more people like you brother in Christ. Love you for this and your heart! 😘Love, Shanin

  23. Please keep talking. It is very enlightening 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

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