Beto O’Rourke | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

First, he’s a third-term
US rep from Texas’s 16th, who’s the Democratic nominee
for Senate against Ted Cruz, Congressman Beto O’Rourke. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) BILL: Hey! How are you sir?
Nice to meet you. Wow. Glad to have you. Okay. Well, wow, that’s– Look at that. They, uh…
Did you… Did you stack the audience here
with people– -No? Well they–
-No. They seem to know who you are
already. It’s like when the Beatles
came to America. They didn’t know
everybody would know them. Uh, so, for– Well, we’re just learning
a lot of people, so first of all,
explain the name. So, born Robert Francis O’Rourke
in El Paso Texas, fourth generation. But like almost anyone born
Robert in El Paso, -called Beto from day one.
-BILL: I see. It’s a nickname for Beto,
or, uh, for Robert or Alberto -or any name ending in -berto.
-BILL: You’re full Irish? Um, pretty Irish.
Uh, especially tomorrow. -Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHTER) Okay. And you’re running
against Ted Cruz. Okay– Yes. Okay. So… (AUDIENCE CHEERS) Ted Cruz, we know,
is very disliked. Let me read some quotes. Uh, Al Franken said:
“Like Ted– I like Ted Cruz more than most of my
other colleagues like Ted Cruz,
and I hate Ted Cruz. (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER) Bob Dole in 2015 said,
“There are a lot
of good candidates. I like nearly all of them,
except Cruz.” BETO: Right. (LAUGHS) John Boehner:
“Lucifer in the flesh. Never worked with
a more miserable son of a bitch
in my life.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHTER) Lindsey Graham:
“If you killed Ted Cruz
on the floor of the Senate nobody would convict you.” -(AUDIENCE LAUGHTER)
-Uh, I just… My quest– (CHUCKLES)
My question is, how bad are you gonna feel
if you lose to that guy? Yeah. Yeah. I– I’ll tell ya. There’s something though
happening in Texas right now. I’ve traveled to 226
of the 254 counties. -BILL: Wow.
-People are so fired up, regardless of party
or geography. So it’s Democrats coming out
for sure. But it’s also Republicans
and Independents. It’s in the really big cities.
It’s in the real small towns. The places that no-one
has ever visited,
including Ted Cruz, because for the first four years
he was in the Senate, he was actually in Iowa, and New Hampshire
and South Carolina and Nevada. He visited all 99 counties -of Iowa.
-BILL: Of Iowa, right. Uh, and so there are places
where they haven’t seen
a US senator, and so when we show up,
hold a town-hall meeting, listen to the people
that we wanna serve and represent, we’re really
making a connection. And folks
are committing themselves
to the work ahead, and I think we’ve got a great
shot at winning in November. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Well, we, uh… We’ve heard that before
about elections. -I mean, we–
-Yeah, absolutely. I always wonder why Texas
and California, have very similar
Latino demographics. I think the eligible Latino
voting number here
in California is 28 percent. Same as Texas. Why are we so Blue
and Texas is not Blue? It’s only 43 percent white now,
Texas. Is that right? That’s right. Texas is one of the most
gerrymandered states
in the union. It is also a non-voting state. And those two things
are connected. -There are some people–
-BILL: Non-voting? That’s right. We’re 49th
in the country in voter turnout. The courts four times alone
last year found that our gerrymandering is in part
based on race and ethnicity. There are some people
who are not supposed to vote. There are some people’s voices
that are not supposed
to be heard. It’s on us to run a campaign
that brings in everyone, from every community, every community
within every community, into this campaign. To make sure that they’re heard, and that they’re actually
leading what we’re doing. I think when we do that, we’re gonna give people
a reason to vote. And we saw the greatest
Democratic primary
midterm Senate turnout last Tuesday, in 36 years. -Uh, we saw– Yeah.
-(AUDIENCE APPLAUSE) -So, votes are–
-The Republicans came out
in Texas too, -in bigger numbers.
-They sure did. Y’know what? We don’t have– This is not
in the bag by any means. Not at all. And you know what?
That’s a great thing, because folks from both parties,
Independents as well, are getting off the sidelines
and into the game. But they recognize
that this year, everything that they care about,
um, everything that they’ve told
their kids about this country, is on the line. And for Amy and me,
that’s what motivated us. We anticipate the question
our kids, Ulysses and Molly and Henry,
are gonna ask us: “When you had the chance
to do something in 2018 when they were talking
about walls and Muslim bans and the press
as the enemy of the people, what did you guys do?” And we’re gonna tell them that
we and the 28-million of Texas helped this country
get back on track
and on the right direction, so– -(AUDIENCE CHEERING)
-Um, I feel lucky
to be a part of it. BILL: Um… And you– And you don’t– And you don’t take PAC money? I don’t take a dime
of PAC money. No corporations.
No special interests. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) BILL: For those, uh… For anyone who’s watching
and might not be
a political junkie, what is PAC money? -What does that mean, PAC?
-So, political action committees um, represent the corporations
and interests that have business
before Congress. So, uh, the pharmaceutical
industries, the telecom industries,
the energy industries, um, the insurance industries. And they give money
to members of Congress, not just for access,
although that’s part of it. Um, they’re also buying outcomes
and actual legislative language that appears in the bills
and the bills that become laws. When you wonder why
Congress is so dysfunctional, why it doesn’t represent
the interests of the people it purports
to serve, it’s because it’s so tied
to the sources of money
that are coming in, and it’s those corporations. It’s why pharmaceutical prices
continue to rise. It’s why, uh,
we’re the least insured country in the developed world. It’s why we’re missing out
on so many great opportunities to do the big, important,
ambitious work before us. And for Democrats especially, it’s not enough to decry
Citizens United, and say that all this big money
sloshing through the halls
of Congress is bad. We’ve got to start
walking the talk. So in this campaign,
we have out-raised Ted Cruz by well more than
a million dollars without taking a dime from PACs. -All people. Human beings.
-(AUDIENCE CHEERING) But don’t forget
he’s a giant asshole. That– That’s true. Vote so we’ll never have
to wonder -who it is I represent…
-BILL: Right. …or who I’m voting for. It’s gonna be the people
of Texas every single time. So, what– What would you say
are your top three? If you had to say your top three
most important issues
facing this country. -Yeah.
-What are yours? Too many people can’t find a job
or are in a job right now that does not pay a living wage. And they need the dignity
and the function and purpose -that comes with work.
-BILL: Number one is jobs. Number two: If you’re not
healthy enough to go to that job or finish your education
or raise your family, you’re not doing yourself
any good. You’re not doing the rest of us
any good. So, universal healthcare.
The ability for everyone -to see a doctor, regardless…
-(AUDIENCE CHEERING) of income. So you’re for… single-payer? If that’s how we get there,
uh, that’s how we get there. -I’m– I’m open to–
-Whoa, that’s a big “if,”
Congressman. “If that’s how we get there.”
That’s a big issue to go,
“Well, if–” Listen, I– I think Medicare
works really well. Its overhead cost
is two percent. You compare that against
private insurance companies, sixteen, seventeen percent. It’s effective, it’s efficient.
I think that’s a great model. So you’re where Bernie Sanders
is with healthcare? Yeah, I think he’s got
a good plan, and I would support his bill
-I think– (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Uh… And I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you another issue
where Texas I think, is uniquely positioned
to lead. We are the most diverse state
in the country. I’d like to think we are the
defining immigrant experience. The city I represent,
El Paso, Texas, is one of, if not the,
safest cities in America. And a quarter of those
that I represent were born in another country.
They chose us. They’re making us stronger,
safer, more secure. We should be the ones
leading the fight
for immigration reform, rewriting immigration law
in our own image, from our own traditions
and values and interests. Um, Ted Cruz was
the sole senator out of 98 who showed up
to work that day a month ago, the sole senator to vote no
on just proceeding on debate and discussion
to be able to protect Dreamers and allow those
more than one-million
of our fellow Americans to contribute to their
full potential, to the success of this country. We need a senator
who leads on those issues. -BILL: Okay, so–
-(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) So jobs is your one,
healthcare is your two. -What was your three?
-Immigration. Immigration. Wow. So Russia, the environment,
they don’t make the top three. Russia and the environment
are really important. -I mean, here’s another–
-BILL: Four, five? -Yeah. There you go.
-(GROANS) Here’s one where Texas
can lead. Listen. You know us as an energy state,
right? And we’re proud of that. Lot of good jobs
in the oil and gas industry, the refining industry. But we’re also leading
the country right now in the generation of wind power. We will soon lead the country
in the generation
of solar power. There are more clean energy jobs
in the state of Texas today than there are carbon energy
jobs in the state of Texas. And it’s not even close.
So whether it is saving the planet for
the generations that follow us, recognizing that maybe
man-made climate change
didn’t cause Harvey, but man-made climate change
will ensure that there are more Harveys,
that they are more frequent, they are more intense,
there are more droughts
in the Panhandle. We have less opportunities
to grow our own food and pass this planet on
to the next generation. Whether it’s jobs,
whether it’s economic growth, for all the right reasons
in the world, Texas can and should lead
on environmental issues
for this country. -And– And, uh…
-(APPLAUSE) And what about, uh, weed?
I ask for a friend. -BETO: Yeah. (LAUGHS)
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHTER) Um… No, but– but– I mean–
Like, I love Texas. I– Texas knows how to party.
I’ve gone there as a guest. Y’know, as a comedian,
for, like, 35 years. -You’ve come to El Paso.
-Many times. I love El Paso. San Antonio, Austin, Dallas,
Houston. They’re all great cities.
They’re all fun places. And they love their weed.
Uh… California finally
took the plunge. Texas seems like
the kind of place where it’s a tough–
tough road to hoe there. Where are you on that one? I’ve joined a bill, written by
a Republican colleague, former prosecutor
who waged the war on drugs, saw how futile it was
from the front lines, to end the federal prohibition
on marijuana. -(APPLAUSE)
-Um… So legal in Texas
is where we’re going? It should be. -And we should control
and regulate its sale and…
-Yes. -Uh, listen. We–
-It unites people. -We have the world’s–
-Right? No, no. They smoke it in the city,
they smoke it in the country, the hippies smoke it,
the rednecks smoke it. It’s– It’s–
It is a uniting thing. -And–
-I’ll show you after the show. No, I’m cool. So, we get a chance
to do the right thing. We have the world’s largest
prison population bar none. We have folks who are
wasting away behind bars… -BILL: Yes.
-…who need to be
raising families, uh, working, paying taxes,
starting jobs, touring in punk rock bands,
writing novels… -Whatever they’re supposed to do
in life…
-BILL: Right. (LAUGHS) …let’s allow them to do that,
not lock ’em up. All right. I’ll be rooting
for ya, and I know they will. -All right, thank you…
-(AUDIENCE CHEERING) BILL: Thank you very much.

  1. I'm a republican who didn't vote for Trump and I will vote for this man. I'm not even going to watch the debates. I'm going to walk into the voting booth and slam my fist so hard on his name the machine is going to break down and burst into flames and I'm going to walk out not even finishing my ballot. He's a democrat but everything he says has to do with putting Americans to work. Even mentioned that wind and solar energy are bringing jobs to Texas which is a genius move (where as retarded liberals just talk about global warming. Fucking idiots). People love jobs candidates. He's likable and he's not Trump. Fuck all your democrat candidates. They suck (Warren, Booker, Gillibrand, Biden, Hillary). This is the best bet to beat that asshole in 2020.

  2. Beto..he is Democrat in name but apolitical or beto yet he is non political partisan ..he is affirming all people he wants to represent all people in all parties for the common man/woman..this is strong stuff now look at what it did for trump who when running Republican he wasnt liked by leadership Republican…bernie the leaders Democrats party he was liked but never as president..its a place in time where we the people dont like life persuasion party candidates.. we like new bright idea people who arent politicians..beto if he runs or if Democrats let him and dont do him like they did Bernie (who would have beat trump ) yes so dems have only 3…its beto or bernie and biden pls no dont let dems put up this one we all like him but he is dead last due to zero notta, no ,0 excitement !

  3. Hahaha!
    Beto O'Dork – getting money under the table from the cartells & mafia. Thats why he doesn't want a wall…. He's not even worth a JFK fart!!!

  4. Why do the call him “ Beto “? His name is Robert or Bob O’Rourke . This it to make a nobody into a catchy little somebody . Beto is as fake as Pocahontas . The attempt to reform someone into something they aren’t . Skate board and his radical socialist views will only appeal to the dumb or immature .

  5. beta o tool is a fool
    His rally had a handful of illegals, the stage directors, and his campaign crew. While trumps had crowds outside!
    Hail Our god emperor trump

  6. Betos position are extreeme 
    His name is Robert Francis O'rourke disguised as Beto ????
    Beto is against the wall ( The life boat is sinking )
    voted against ICE (thats a form of sabotage )
    Voted against Kates law (Killing Americans is ok )
    Voted against tax cuts (tax and spend liberal )
    Supports single payer health care ( trying to addict the public )
    Voted against restriction on late term abortion ( give women the power )
    Voted against sanctioning IRAN (this is sabotaging the USA )
    Called law enforcement Jim Crow (Wants no laws )

  7. The overall concept of using common sense seems to evade a lot of people commenting here, locked in tribal thinking. Beto is the only true moderate I've seen that makes sense… COMMON (meaning for ALL of us) sense.

  8. ridiculous. has anyone ever noticed younger dems are the same….talk out of their ass, no experience, arrogant as the day is long….think aoc and beto. unreal. never seen such arrogant wastes of space.

  9. This fucking idiot loses his Senate election then decides to run for president? Dude you are supposed to at least win your own state before you can even try winning 50 states.

  10. Here's one reason that Texas is 49th in voter turnout… those who are not allowed to vote, can't. Hence, the red.

  11. Didn't he almost kill an innocent man driving drunk? Its crazy in this country you can be condemned for smirking wearing a MAGA hat but can literally get away with felony hit and run DUI

  12. There’s people who aren’t supposed to vote? Wtf you idiot lazy scumbags who don’t vote blaming other people for their problems wanting to steal their money

  13. ted Cruz is a constitutional scholar who has been called to argue before the supreme court. Robert o'Rourke is a drunk driver.

  14. This guy is creepy AF!! The MSM (yeah, looking at you) is desperately promoting this guy as a (fake) Hispanic "Rock Star" w/ that fake a$$ name, that fake a$$ heavy metal stage set up that he yaps from, the extreme douchiness he emits with all that dry ice floating around his body in the spotlights just OMG PEOPLE GET A GRIP!! In one speech this bonehead actually says "mas o menos" when addressing statics!! DOUCHE!! Come on, no wonder Hillary said the public was a bunch of idiots… she got that right!

    Douchebaggery on steroids. I bet he could wear black face and rape women too and you people would still fawn all over him because you know, "Democrat". SMH

    PS for the equally creepy pedos supporting this guy and the females who support the creepy rich pedos, check out his "i likes to kill children with muh car" poetry. Good candidates, Dems. Good job. They all suck ball-park franks. O.o

  15. 1. received over 60% of campaign donations from oil/gas
    2. voted with Donald Trump to help deport Mexicans
    3. Lost to Ted Cruz who was crushed by Trump
    4. voted 90% of time with corporations over citizens
    5. Doesnt support medicare for all, increase minimum wage, gun control
    6. voted against net neutrality
    list goes on, will not vote for more corporate republican light. Shows how much Bill and his producers got paid to do this episode. STOP SMEARING REAL PROGRESSIVES, keep Biden and Beto millionaire elites.

  16. Funny how he's already back tracked on universal Medicare for all already. He lost to Ted Cruz. He can't run for president. Ted lost to Trump. What a joke. Unique individual contributions, not donors. This guy is definitely owned by special interests. Loop holes in our language allow these cons to manipulate public perspective.

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  18. I'll tell you one thing "Beto" lmao, you are very good at pointing that finger, over, and over, and over, and over. smh

  19. Dems have controlled CA for quite sometime now, and just take a look at the financial situation that state is in. Obama doubled our National debt in 8 years, from about 10 Trillion to now 20 Trillion. One of the biggest problems with dems is, they spend way more than they take in. That's a huge problem.

  20. So a whiteguy identifying himself as a latino because he has a common hispanic nickname. Sad part is, my fellow latinos will fall for this bs

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  23. FUCK OFF Beto !!!. You said that you were going to Destroy the Borders that protect American citizens, your a Fake and a Phony. Your really think the American VOTERS want Open Borders !!!! FUCK OFF, you've already lost !!!. Trump 2O20 !!!!. (Beto cares more about illegal aliens then he does the American people !!!!.)

  24. I'm so glad this fake didn't win. He says whatever people want to hear on that particular day. Trying to use his nickname to gain votes. Be proud of who you are and stop being fake. What an insult to the Hispanic community. These politicians think all Mexicans are dumb. Remember Hispanics care about Faith Family and Freedom

  25. His REAL name is Robert Francis O'Rourke …So i guess even though his Ancestry
    is IRISH-WELSH he's the new breed of Mexican??
    Latino Columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. Slams Beto as ‘Another
    White Guy’ Trying To ‘Manipulate’ Latinos What actual Latinos tell me is that
    they resent the presumptuousness of this supposed familiarity we’re told Beto
    feels with a community that he has done, at best, a mediocre job of representing
    when he had the chance,”
    He suggested that bearing the common Spanish nickname of
    “Beto” does not mean that the man born Robert Francis O’Rourke has any
    connection at all with the country’s Latinos, and noted that there is a growing
    disenchantment on the part of Latinos for O’Rourke.
    A Saturday USA Today commentary authored by Ruben Navarrette
    Jr., a member of the newspaper’s board of contributors and a syndicated
    columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group, was headlined “For Latinos,
    ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is just another privileged white guy trying to manipulate them.”

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    Liberal media and coastal donors tried hard to overwhelm the Silent Majority but they saw through this hapless creep with his DUI, hit and run, creepy murder fantasy story. Put a fork in beta male.

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