Best Social Media For Dating + Texting App Considerations

As far as like, social media goes I
personally, I’m not on everything. I use Instagram, I don’t use Snapchat, I use
Facebook but I don’t even, I don’t have the Messenger app installed on my phone
out of principle. I just, I just don’t want to have all these frikkin’ apps on
just one of those types of people right and I don’t have endless amounts of time
to be to do, do that kind of thing right so what I would suggest as far as that
goes is you want to be in the sort of main places where people are hanging out. So most of the text communication now it’s not through like, just straight old SMS
text or whatever it’s called right it’s through a Facebook app or a
Whatsapp app or something like that or even on the online dating apps you know
you can message people within those as well so what I always try and do though
is I always try and get a girl into a text medium that I prefer. So meaning if
say I met her on online dating I’ll quite quickly try and transfer her into
say my Whatsapp, or my, my texting or something like that because I don’t want
to have to be like shooting in all these different apps and sh1t trying to keep
track of stuff like that and look some of them will do it, some of them won’t. Also
with online dating you’ll get a lot of girls and they’re just fishing for likes
on Instagram and stuff like that so they’ll say “Oh, check me out Snapchat/on
Instagram” because they’re trying to be one of those social media chicks that
gets enough sort of connections or money or whatever from social media that
she can just travel around the world and be a little princess. So you’ve got to
kind of you know watch girls intentions on there. Also to be honest, in my opinion
like, most girls that are more sort of smart and savvy and good quality girls
they’re not just gonna be like “Oh, any old person on online dating that I’ve
never met before, here check out my Snapchat, check out my Facebook, check out
like Instagram”. There’s no like sense of personal privacy or anything like that
so she’s probably not really either that smart and in terms of her personal
safety because the amount of information you can find out about a girl. Like she
takes a photo of her outside her house so you can find out where she lives and
you don’t even know if the guy looking at that’s like a dodgy guy or not right?
So if a girl’s doing that kind of thing to me it’s kind of a bit of a turn-off
anyway or you can kind of tell that it reeks a little bit of attention
seeking, or like “I want to get someone likes on my Instagram” or followers or
whatever, so I personally, I don’t really go into that. If I meet a girl on
online dating, within a few messages I’ll be like “Oh yeah, my uh, I prefer
Whatsapp by the way. I’m blah blah blah blah, flick me a message if it’s
easier” or something like that you know And sometimes they will sometimes they won’t
but I always too, I think like especially with from online dating, for a girl
to make the transition from “I’m messaging a guy in the app where he’s
just a guy in the app” to “He’s a real guy in my text or in my Whatsapp or whatever,
I’ve actually got his number, he’s got my number”, that’s like a big, like it sounds
kind of small but that’s actually a big step in this day and age in terms of
like, if, like a lot of girls they are a bit more secure and they won’t
even give you their number until they’ve been on a date with you and they’ll only
message you through the dating app and stuff which is kind of smart but
sometimes I think some girls are too far with it but I suppose I know I’m a good
guy they don’t yet so… so it sort of make sense as well.

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