1. In that second video If i was there in that chair sitting near the muslim guy I would punch that bullie's face

  2. When he came back as rich he looked like Tao omg (Tao former member of exo) the blond hair omg tho but They make me sick too those people are so judge mental idk if that is how you spell it but whatever 😠

  3. You can tell it is fake at 18:40 when the guy reaches for his wallet before he even asks for change for a $5

  4. “Not for the heart shaped birth mark on my ass” bro that’s some good owner. I mean a dog ownerZ

  5. Well done America you’ve got some of the worst people who actually don’t let homeless people eat at there restaurants, people who pull headscarf’s of people, and even worse things. people film people being violently abused instead of speaking up
    I wish and I pray that all violence and all the wars in the world would stop and people just respect and treat people with kindness
    I hope earth will be a safe place to live and mums and dads don’t worry that their kid might not come home from school I hope that this thought will be eliminated from all of people minds please like and share

  6. People can sell their body but not their dog or his children lmao dog is an animal cant bring u money cant bring up ur future in this world is human to help human

  7. The first one broke my heart 💔
    Like I will think about that for the rest of my life.
    “What’s the difference between you and me “
    “She wouldn’t sell me why would I sell her”
    “Has he seen it did he take it “
    “ can you spare like 2 dollars
    Person : fuck off”
    “It’s hot outside take that shit off”
    “And that’s the five right
    Person : you gotta get it right mate that’s your fifty that’s your 5”

  8. So if it’s a male Muslim it’s his problem to deal with. But a female Muslim has everyone at her side? This really shows people’s true colors man. Smfh

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