Bernie's Socialist Vision for America: Heartland on Tucker Carlson Tonight

to choose a different path a higher path a path of compassion justice and love and that is the path that I call democratic socialism that was senator Bernie Sanders say delivering a defense of socialism socialism has been tried over the years you may have heard from Venezuela to Vietnam it has failed everywhere it's ever been tried but Sanders hoping he can convince America to give it another shot what sort of promises to Sanders say that socialism can keep Justin Haskins is a research fellow at the Heartland and student he joins us tonight Justin thanks a lot for coming on so you see senator Sanders his speech essentially he said this time it will be different will it be no of course it won't be different that's what every democratic socialist authoritarian socialist has ever said in the history of the world they never come out and say hey we're going to take away all your rights we're going to take away all your property and give it to somebody else they tell you don't worry this time it's going to be different this time it's going to work and after a hundred years of trying we've had a hundred and sixty-seven million people who have been imprisoned and exiled and murdered by socialist and communist parties there's a reason for that Bernie it's because it doesn't work it never works it never will work because socialism is completely antithetical to human nature people do not respond to anything other than incentives or fear and so if you can't provide people with incentives then I guess you have to put a gun to the back of their head and force them that way it's virtually always been accompanied by violence and you're saying that's that's inherent to the system how he Bernie said in his speech today one part that I was will generally baffled by promising amnesty to the 29 million people living here illegally basically in open borders promised how can you have socialism in a for the world how can you pay for that how does that work what you can't it's it's basically impossible not only that but so many of Bernie Sanders policies take gun control for instance regardless of what you about immigration just take gun control how can you have gun control in the United States with open borders how do you expect to stop all the guns from flooding into the United States if you really want gun control you have to have closed borders and so so many of Bernie Sanders policies don't make any sense what I think all what I believe Bernie Sanders is after truly is just to take away as much power and as much money as he possibly can from the private sector from people who own businesses and give it to people who are going to vote for him and people like him I don't think it's about anything other than that I don't think you're gonna go broke on that theory I think you may be onto something just asking thanks for joining us tonight good to see you thanks sucker

  1. Furthermore, Bernie stands for Democratic Socialism. Not socialism or communism or authoritarianism, as this lousy interview suggests.

  2. Truth is we already have socialism. It's just benefiting the rich. The corporate subsidies, the offshoring of jobs, tax payer subsidized low wage workforces of the largest corporations. Socialism is already here and it's for the rich. That's the first thing to establish when having any discussion on the matter. Because from there you can decide if it'd be a better idea to have a healthy economic safety net instead of that corporate socialism.

  3. What in the world does Bernie Sanders know about leadership hes not even Jewish he doesnt even know what slavery is what a dope read your Torah shmuck seriously.

  4. Well done, Justin. I think most of Bernie's supporters are disillusioned young people who don't know enough to understand just how unworkable these ideas are. The older ones know better–they just crave power and control, and are perfectly willing to lie to the younger ones. Hey Bernie–molon labe.

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