Bernie Slams Trump As A Corporate Socialist In Fiery Speech

now earlier today Senator Bernie Sanders who was running for the Democratic nomination made a landmark speech about his vision for America and look of course during this during the speech he wanted to make a contrast between his vision of America and President Donald Trump so he starts out going after Trump and then lays out his vision scheduler today we have a demagogue in the White House who for cheap political gain is attempting to deflect the attention of the American people away from the real crises that we face and instead is doing what demagogues always do and that is to divide people up and legislate hatred this is a president who supports brutal family separations water walls Muslim bans anti LGBT policies deportations and voter suppression it is my very strong belief that the United States must reject that path of hatred and divisiveness and instead find the moral conviction to choose a different path a higher path a path of compassion justice and love and that is the path that I call democratic socialism all right so look already that sounds great right basically the complete opposite of what Donald Trump believes but what actually is democratic socialism well to him and so here's the issue right so there are lots of different labels right there's socialism democratic socialism social democracy basically what bernie is saying is that his definition of democratic socialism many he lays it out later on in the speech of course is it's just a different name for being a New Deal Democrat now during his speech he references Franklin Delano Roosevelt quite often so he is a social democrat in the vein of FDR now the great thing about that is that FDR was a president that was so incredibly popular that they had to pass laws to stop him from continuously being reelected like okay okay three turn 40 we had enough of this okay we had enough this guy he's gonna destroy us and that's Wall Street talking right he's gonna destroy us oh my god he's giving people like you know health care in it and and and retirement whew no we can't have that so we're gonna try to make it so that you can't run for election again awesome oh and and of course one of the best parts of speech is basically a curing another politician who said I welcome their hatred okay uh but anyway look again progressives in history they brought us things like Social Security and Medicare and even a second economic Bill of Rights or at least that's what they were they were working on now that second economic Bill of Rights of course would be a job guarantee health care and among other things right that Sanders mentions in that speech now Sanders also said that he wants every man woman and child in our country to have health care through Medicare for all an education free college a decent job job guarantee affordable housing etc a secure retirement and to be able to live in a clean environment which is a green new deal so all that of course sounds absolutely amazing right it sounds great unless you're somebody who wants only too rich to get all the benefits of society someone if someone like Donald Trump for example Trump has repeatedly criticized Bernie Sanders calls him crazy Bernie I know it's so great so crazy to want everybody to have health care of course then again if you talked to some of the Democrats some of the right-wing Democrats like John Delaney and John Hickenlooper I think it is I don't know he's some guy pulling it 0% and they'll tell you all that socialism is terrible and we actually can't do that we can't have any of that stuff Donald Trump and the right-wing are absolutely right we'll never be a socialist country in fact this is what well before I get to that quote here another tactic from the right-wing right now they're using is they're basically saying well if we go at Bernie's plan we're gonna end up like Venezuela which is hilarious because the way that we would end up being Venezuela is if we put sanctions on ourselves and plotted multiple coup attempts that's kind of what would happen so or would have to happen we've meddled in South America's so much overthrowing leftist regimes and putting on economic sanctions etc and then then we look you know we point the finger look socialism fails every time that's because we mess with it every single time but we don't even want that kind of socialism what we want is social democracy what we want is more FDR style New Deal stuff you know stuff that most other countries have but anyway Trump when this was during his State of the Union address back in February he said quote here in the United States we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country America was founded on liberty and independence not government coercion domination and control we are born free and we will stay free tonight we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country yes we will stay free unless of course you want an abortion or if you're in our black man who does not want to get shot by the police in those instances now we must dominate you we must control you we must destroy you and that doesn't say anything about what Republicans think about birth control and pornography I believe Ken Cuccinelli just got a job in the administration Ken Cuccinelli's guy wanted to blend I'm sorry banned blowjobs come on man Republicans really a Bernie Sanders is a great response to this and I want to show that to you guys what he's going to do is he's basically going to get a reverse Donald Trump's criticism and paid him as a socialist as well but a socialist for the rich very clear while President Trump and his fellow oligarchs attack us for our support of democratic socialism they don't really oppose all forms of socialism they may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people but they absolutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires if you are the Trump family if you are the Trump family you got 885 million worth of tax breaks and subsidies for your families housing empire that is built was built on racial discrimination when Trump screams socialism all of his hypocrisy will not be lost on the American people Americans know will know that he is attacking all that we take for granted from Social Security to Medicare to veteran's health care to roads and bridges to public schools to national parks to clean water and clean air when Trump attacks socialism I am reminded again of what dr. Martin Luther King jr. said and I quote this country has socialism for the rich rugged individualism for the poor and quote and then afterwards of course he says Donald Trump and the Republicans they are corporate socialists I love it and I love of course how he takes the example of Donald Trump and he mentioned big business as well not in that video but if you watch the stream he does mention a lot of the big businesses like fossil fuels that get gigantic subsidies telecom telecommunications companies which are infrastructure we built with tax money that they use and profit from and all that stuff the you know scientific research that goes into creating new drugs that that's funded by us and all that stuff they gain these private corporations gain from that socialism and Bernie Sanders takes all those examples this is what you want to talk socialism that social this is corporate socialism he throws it right back in their face and I absolutely love it and then he points out that look I'm for the kind of socialism that helps people you're the type that likes the socialism that goes to the rich and that's what's really important and that's the difference of course we have government spending that affects two different types of people right we have the government spending that if that that helps big business in the form of subsidies and we have the type of government spending like programs for example welfare programs food stamps and things like that and it kind of goes back to the two Santis thing and i mentioned this a long time ago right but it's basically republicans were tired of democrats giving things to people that people what so they said okay well here's what we're gonna do we're gonna we're also gonna be the santa but we're gonna cloak it behind fiscal responsibility and we're gonna sell this live that giving tax cuts which again is another gift right tax cuts for the middle class we're also gonna put the rich in there of course as well and we're gonna say oh no don't worry that's a freebie that doesn't cost us anything so we can keep passing out these tax cuts like they're candy now the effect of that is course is that whenever Democrats try to do anything Republicans scream I gonna pay for it oh you can't afford that you are you gonna afford to give out these gifts and unfortunately the Democrats of today and of the last 30 years I like oh my god they're right the Republicans are right we just can't afford to do these things that the people actually want things like Medicare for all which pulls it 77% things like free college things like even enacting a you know a $15 minimum wage that doesn't actually cost anything but then they come in around and lie and and say oh no that's gonna hurt business and then you have these right-wing corporate Democrats that agree and say absolutely the right wing is always correct that's what they do that's what they do and and that's why I get so mad by the way at a lot of the corporate Democrats is because they point to the right wing and say those guys they're correct on everything well why be a Democrat at all why I mean even though the right was is right about everything I just have different opinions okay what are your opinions well low taxes on the rich and less regulation but slightly more regulation and every once in a while they'll throw the ball into the poor Wow so inspirational and you wonder why people don't want to vote for corporate Democrats look again the difference here is that Bernie Sanders actually wants to do things that help people and not just incrementalist policy but actually big bold policy and things that is things that are also incredibly popular and that is the difference well Donald Trump of course uses a fake populism demagoguery to get people angry but continue to do the same kind of wealth redistribution from the working class in the middle class and the poor to the top corporate socialism and it's perfect and by the way democratic socialism I don't I can't believe I have to remind people of this but it's not Venezuela it's doing what the rest of the world already does but in the case of America I think we can do a better Sanders bill Medicare for all actually is better and would be the gold standard would be better than any other country's health care system it would be more generous than Canada's and offer more benefits while costing us about two trillion dollars at least through trillion dollars less over the next ten years it's smart policy and it's great politics and when push comes to shove America can do it we can get it done we have a history of being able to get it done and I say that because at one point we were the model of the world because we did get this stuff done we text a rich at ninety percent we use money to build the interstate highway created Medicare and Social Security we went to the freaking moon these are not private companies that did this this wasn't the rich no this is the government this was all of us pooling our resources to help each other and do advanced science into advanced technology we did that once we can do it again and you know what climate change is right it's pretty much the perfect opportunity to become the leader again and guess who has a plan for that Bernie Sanders hey guys hopefully you enjoyed that free video now I'm gonna have to ask you a favor between the D monetization and the YouTube algorithm messing around with view counts etc we're having a hard time adjusting to the new YouTube reality which is where you guys come in see we have a patreon patreon com slash tyt nation set up to help us rely on the you guys the viewers instead of big corporate ads look you know the show you know I'm not in favor of big corporations anyway so help us transition away from relying on the ad model to pay the bills and sign up to be a patron slash tyt nation that goes a long way to help us keep the lights on and you guys will know that you're supporting independent 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  2. Let's keep it real… This isn't corporate socialism, it's corporate fascism a la Mussolini. You know, the same corporate facsism that Putin adopted for Russia after Boris Yeltzin stepped down. The same corporate fascism that Putin used as the "enforcer" for the mayor of St. Petersburg. What was Putin's job in 5he KGB/FSB? Turning people from all over the globe into assets of the Russian intelligence networks…

  3. The definition of demagogue is: a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument. That description fits Bernie to a tee. He promises them everything for nothing and rails against those who have succeeded in life.

  4. Remember, when Caesar Chavez took control in Venezuela he promised how good everything would be, he painted a very rosy picture and the people bought it hook, line and sinker. Now they're eating our of dumpsters.

  5. And it works for "bernie". After all, he has democrats buying his FORTH house. The man is a life long con-artist.

  6. I would just say let’s copy the health social security system of Germany. If he mentions socialism, they will always talk about Venezuela, and people have no idea about Norway. There are billionaires in Germany. So u can get rich there;)

  7. Bernie Sanders Is Telling The Truth To The American Public!! The Republicans & Big Corporate America Are Trying So Hard To Get Their Misinformation Out To Those Who Still Believe The Many Lies Told To The American Citizens Of The Majority Middle Classes, Down To The Poor Classes!! The Rich Get The Socialism Benefits,Why The 99% Majority Class Of This Nations Citizens Who Are left Paying For The Entitlements & Corporate Walfare That Is Not For The People Born Into Lifes Of Privileged lifestyles!! That's Included Our Public Elected Officials & Their Own Families!! The Citizens Of America Are Done With The Greedy Gaslighting Games!! We Will Vote Out Everything & Everyone That Stands In The Way Of Living The American Dream!!

  8. Bernie Sanders is one of the most decent people running for President in a very long time! But I'm afraid the DNC will put Biden for the Demoncrat party! Thank you, Bernie, for standing up to Walmart and Corporate Socialism.

  9. The thing about Bernie is that he actually cares about how people are doing,tRump tells people to hate and beat up on those who dont agree with you. tRump would have Americans be slaves to the rich! I have had enough of the rich getting richer while we the middle class and poor, just get poorer! I dont know about anyone else here but our checks just seems to get smaller each month! Big Pharma gets way too much money and so do Insurance Companies,if they dont like Bernie winning they will get dirtier before the Election and tell lies about Bernie but the difference is that Bernie does not lie! Like the Liar in the White House,McConnell and the Rethuglicans !

  10. America needs to get out of their heads the idea that socialist ideas equate to communism. This is exactly what corporates want you to believe so they can keep their gravy train going.

  11. Democratic Socialism is a hybrid system , formed from the best parts of Democracy ,Socialism and Capitalism , eliminating the existence of monopolies and promotes innovation and competition like capitalism while providing the fairness and humanitarianism of socialism , there are limits on the size and influence of both Corporations and Government , the three branches of Government still function as they do now and adhere to the Constitution , Elections are still held and we vote for our representatives as always , the Government provides social assistance , health care and education among other things deemed to be socially necessary , what's so hard to understand ?

  12. I'd trade trump for a president like FDR in an instant. Hell, I'd trade trump for a donkey. They're both asses but the donkey is useful.

  13. Thing that people forget is that FDR's new deal is what literally saved this country from the brink of destruction…

  14. Bernie is a welfare for all junkie and a socialist pig out of a poland bar in poland . Always blaming others for what he is .a old jew with🤑🤑🤑🤑 out of his mouth

  15. he is as i see it a welfare capitalist rather than any kind of socialist he is a democratic capitalist with socialist leanings

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