1. What is a right to work when machines have taken the value out of our labor? If a machine can design a machine, make the machine, have that machine plant food, water it, watch it, harvest it, wash it, package it, ship it, sell it, all with no human involvement, what is right to work? How about the right to not work. We are doing busy work, because in this system we need jobs, even if we don't need the work.

  2. Bernie is a fake radical. He acknowledges the rotten arms of the beast, but never the head. If we were to have any chance of peace and prosperity on this planet, all debts must be forgiven; the Banks should be run by and for the Public; information and technology should be free and open source; we must have a free, transparent, digital platform for direct democracy; and the rights Bernie speaks of we would easily work out.

  3. Bernie made a brilliant speech.. Nancy Pelosi needs to be ousted for not impeaching Trump – he is insane, needs to go now!

  4. He is going up against forces who had Kennedy Shot, forces who start wars on lies, and forces that have brainwash the masses on who the enemies are.. He is a Brave man… among the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandella and Mahatma Ghandi

  5. Tulsi Gabbard's platform also challenges corporate concentrations of wealth and power, and the supremacy of profit. and consistently stands up to mainstream ideology, neo-liberalism

  6. I think the democratic party needs to start another party, there's no way they will give the nomination to sanders, not worth super delegates, no way….

    Need to break off and start your own party.

  7. Yea America needs democratic socialism Like it needs a bullet in the head. It's a failed stupid idea that's been tried again and again and has led to failure again and again. It will result in the collapse of America.

    No what America needs is less government, less foreign intervention, end the federal reserve, a stable money based on hard money, deficit reduction, and business out of politics
    Basically a return to what America was and always should be, a constitutional republic.

  8. Elizabeth Warren votes for every war and the ridiculous military budget. She stood up and applauded when trump said we'll never be a socialist country. She laughed at bernie's speech. She is such a phoney opportunist. Where was she during Standing Rock? She claims to be a Native American and she isn't. Where was she when she could have supported Bernie in the 2016 election? All she does is reprimand Wells Fargo bankers and people like that so that she can look good.

  9. Come on folks – let's just cut to the chase already !
    If you're wealthy you want Corporate Socialism
    If you're poor you want Democratic Socialism
    Whoever you are – stop debating this issue – just get out and vote, vote, VOTE – for God's sake – and let the majority rule !!!

  10. Sanders is so far ahead of the current crop of politicians, its not even funny. If the DNC, hadnt conspired to deny him the nomination last time around, the other yokels would have been up to speed this time. But Trump was fate; the hypocrisy in this nation had to be made obvious. The time requires all secrets to come out.

  11. Additionally, for of you whining about how socialism doesn't work, won't work, and is not what Americans want, guess what? We already have it in the form of our military, police, social security, the roads and highways you use and the list goes on. Not to mention all of the other nations that have mixed economies. Sanders should continue with this message to expose how the wealthy have known what socialism is for a long time, not to mention howhat we keep voting for filth that conitually blocks progress! (Pelosi) He can also end the tribalism of politics by continuing to reveal that Republicans AND Democrats are working together to stop legislation that benefits everyone. This includes the majority of low income WHITE people who continue to vote against their best interest. BTW Warren is a liar, she takes PAC money.

  12. What good can come of debating democratic socialism since we are clear about what we want and what we don't want. Just stick with the issues. Democratic socialim is an academic issue.

  13. "Makes both sides nervous" you mean both sides of the incredibly corrupt government…ALL Republicans, and establishment Democrats? BERNIE/TULSA 2020!

  14. Kept waiting for you guys to speak of the system of money since Woodrow Wilson signed the Fed into existence, Rothschild tyranny of control of the whole world's finances, money and banking, which is the basis for every "Deep State" in every country in the world. Those countries not adhering to this cabal of finance and money control/banking has suffered War and has been wiped out. "Follow the Money", needs to be studied and sorted out in order for either Capitalism or Socialism to work at all. Study what I am speaking of, the Fed and its history, the Bank of England and its history and the debacle it has wrought upon the world's populace to this day and is getting worse. Until this is sorted out, no golden age of the working or middle class is possible.

  15. The problem with Warren is that she is gaming it for votes. She is ready and willing to backpedal at the drop of a dime and will pull the usual politician diversion tactics to save face. Warren is the typical disingenuous politician. She is just more of what we have had in DC for far too long.
    On the other hand, Bernie is 100% genuine. He will always work toward achieving what he says, and he has been unwavering in saying it, and sticking to it, for decades. Bernie is the FDR of our time.

  16. This guy must not have heard the host question about Warren laughing at Bernie's social views and lump her with Bernie when we know now and she said it herself that she is not a democratic socialist and she is a capitalist who like regulations and now don't support Medicare for all and is taking corporate donations.

    It seem that Warren has made a deal with the establishment because they couldn't force their corporatists like Biden, Harris and Budiged down our throats. I see TYT and the mainstream media starting to prop her up and pass her off as a progressive when she is simply a Trojan horse to the progressive movement. I'm just hoping in tomorrows debate that Tulsi expose this charlatan and seed her polls numbers south.

  17. If we can limp into 2020 without catastrophic failure which is a big if; those doing Capital's bidding will not be in charge for long. The Trump deep state and Federal Reserve "Bad" meme is conditioning the American populace right now. Capital has subsumed reality; Capital has centralized to the point that it is the owner class. Capital's slave class falls into two categories; the house slaves; the managers of Capital and the field slaves; the appendix to the machine; living labour. The producers of value that the machine enhances into surplus for Capital's reproduction process. The natural world has now subsumed Capital and Capital now serves as a very demanding task-master. Capital is value in motion and value is only created when living labour metabolizes the natural world's Geist. A Geist that yearns for freedom and with the help of Capital's machinery and it's appendix living labour it will be allowed to transcend into that freedom.

  18. It's important to note Bernie's lifelong support for worker cooperatives. His platform is a fairly standard social democratic one, but the direction is–albeit slowly–towards a democratic economy.

  19. eliminate the president, congress, all the way down to the city council. all judges, department heads municipal, and federal. are elected by the voters and have a four year one term limit. all laws and allocations are rattifide by the voters. direct democracy.

  20. Socialism has been tried in various forms as the ultimate answer to the  ills of society and when followed to it's logical end, it always hurts the poorest while enriching the government class. No matter how it's dressed up and renamed, democrat socialism or socialism light, it's all about taking from one group and giving to another while the government becomes more and more corrupt and oppressive.  Capitalism, even with all of it's negatives, is still the best system of all.

  21. Bernie Sanders' vision of democratic socialism is not a set of extreme principles but of economic rights for all.

    If people were honest with themselves they would have to admit that capitalism is only a fantastic system if you are already (near or) at the top of the economic ladder. After all, it's capitalism that has delivered gross income inequality, the homelessness problem, the affordable housing shortage, the pay-check-to-paycheck existence that many live, the bankruptcies from medical expenses, the loss of manufacturing jobs, the fast approaching AI and machine learning job losses, and not least of all decades-long stagnant wages while productivity has skyrocketed.

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