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the footage you're about to see was recorded with a hidden camera at Highline hatchery and Iowa the world's largest hatchery for egg-laying breed chicks for two weeks Mercy for Animals investigator covertly documented the system and cruelty chicks at this hatchery are subjected to these workers called sexers roughly separate the male chicks from the females these male chicks are worthless to the industry because they will not lay eggs and will not grow large or fast enough to be raised profitably for meat these male chicks are killed by being dropped into a grinding machine while still alive such killing methods are standard within the industry nearly 150,000 male chicks meet their deaths this way each day at the facility this machine uses a laser to remove part of the chicks beaks chicks are placed headfirst into this rotating machine birds beaks are filled with nerve endings this procedure can cause both acute and chronic pain this industrial machine separates newly hatched chicks from their eggshells chicks are roughly dumped onto moving conveyor belts which haul them off to be sorted D beaked and for the male's killed many chicks are injured and killed by the sorting machine this chick fell through the sorting machine and was left to die in a heap of eggshells on the factory floor still alive this chick fell through the sorting machine and was sent through a scalding wash cycle workers roughly handle the animals with little regard for their welfare these workers roughly sort the chicks searching for sick injured and deformed birds the cruel to you of witnessed is not isolated but rather inherent and widespread within the entire industry please remember these chicks the next time you sit down to a meal you can help in this needless cruelty by adopting a compassionate vegan diet for information on cooking without eggs visit choose veg calm you

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