Bernie Sanders, Socialism, and the free-market myth

I want to provide some context for my last video because I got a lot of questions and a lot of comments and because I realize I may have come across as a little angry. Well, if it seems like I’m angry, it is because I am. As I said, I support Bernie Sanders because I believe it is critical that we elect a president who will make ending corporate welfare priority and part of our national conversation. I understand that Americans fear socialism, but let me let you in on a little secret: the United States is already a socialist country it’s just
the worst possible kind. Because instead of helping entrepreneurs grow their
businesses or poor but deserving college students pay for their education, we
extend the helping hand of Socialism to corporate entities, the super-rich and a
military-industrial complex so vast and powerful that our government spends
billions of dollars on weapons systems that even the most hawkish general
doesn’t want and will never use. If they even work. If you fear socialism, it should alarm you
that our current system often goes far beyond socialism and looks a lot more like communism. You see, communism is a command economy, that is the government plans the outcome that they want and then manipulates the market to achieve
that result Capitalism is a market economy, based on the fundamental principle that the most deserving businesses will usually succeed. Socialism is a
blend of the two, which is what we have now most of the time. But the bank
bailout was an act of command economics That was an outright expression of Communism and both Republicans and Democrats supported it. you can argue that it was necessary but what can’t be argued is that those businesses DESERVED to succeed. So, in the context of a Bernie Sanders candidacy, Socialism simply means living in a decent society. the truth of the matter is the United States is the world’s largest economy by a mile. And while we argue about individual tax rates, our elected representatives allow some of our most profitable corporations to enjoy all of the benefits of the greatest market on earth; they tap our infrastructure, leverage our buying power at will, their tax-havens are secure because of our military, because of our military and they rely on
our law enforcement to keep them safe too often without helping to pay for
these things. Just to be clear, corporations are not good or evil. They are amoral by their nature, designed to serve single goal of profitability. Which is fine. But what that means is, their interests are in no way aligned with the best interests of the people or the Republic. Corporations do not care about you, they care about profit. So when the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people they gave birth to a new species really, of very wealthy, well-organized psychopaths. Review the Psychopathy Checklist, and you will find countless examples of american corporations that fit the description to a tee. Now most psychopaths are not killers , they are manipulative liars, completely lacking empathy who never take responsibility for their actions. In Layman’s terms, they are complete assholes. One in 100 people actually is a Psychopath, so we deal with these people all the time… But we DON’T do is leave them in charge of our children or our finances or the place that we live. Yet, corporations today quite literally make policy and write laws and they have not been elected to office. When Enron was collapsing, their senior management here already sold their stock for more than a hundred million dollars the working men and women who built that
company watched their retirement savings lose 94% of its value overnight. The federal government did not bail-out those retirement funds. You know what they did? They did they hired grief councilors. But when HSBC, Goldman-Sachs, Bank of America and all these other assholes crashed the economy with outright fraud they got 4.8 trillion of your tax dollars and nobody went to jail. That is Socialism at its absolute WORST. Just to put that number in perspective for you if you had ONE trillion dollars (roughly 20 % of what they were handed, no strings attached) you could buy every team in the NFL the
NBA Major League Baseball the NHL and NASCAR, and still have enough money left over to buy APPLE. So forgive me if i don’t share your fear that Bernie Sanders is going to transform the United States into utopian commune. What Bernie Sanders is really all
about, is forcing members of Congress and the Senate to show their true colors in how they vote on closing the tax havens and ending the corporate giveaways that are crippling our economy because the blame is not with the corporations what do you expect from a PSYCHOPATH? The blame is with the politicians and the corrupt system they have created. We need to stop kissing their corporate asses and let them know that selling your
products and services in the greatest market on earth is a privilege. And it comes with responsibility. Bernie Sanders is the only President that will deliver that message.

  1. 0:21 Corporate welfare is a form is a socialist policy. The redistribution of wealth to the wealthy is socialism.

    0:35 The United States is not a socialist country, it is a mixed government. It is largely free market with hints of socialism in between. For verification it is ranked #12 in economic freedom, the lowest being North Korea at 178. As you are aware economic freedom is capitalism.

    1:20 this is somewhat true, except that in communism the government does not simply manipulate the market, they are the market and they completely 100% regulate the market.

    1:52 the socialist position would be to argue that it was necessary, the free market position would be to say, "fuck those businesses they had it coming".

    2:18 It's a pretty broad stroke to judge a nation's wealth strictly by GDP. The United States is about 19 trillion dollars in debt. Believe it or not, debt is not wealth. Also, GDP is not tax revenue.

    2:45 Indeed, they are largely after profits. Meaning if they are living in a society that values morals and ethics, then the corporations will institute morals and ethics in their business because that is the best way to make a profit.

    3:33 You effectively just called all corporate leaders psychopaths. Now understand this is a rather outlandish claim, do you have any evidence to support this claim?

    4:20 (hehe), so your solution to ending government corruption is to give the government more power to regulate and more money through the taxings of the socialist Bernie? Brilliant, i r8 10/10 m8. insert facepalm

    4:46 hahaha that's socialism period. It is a parasite that cannot exist without private individuals. Socialism is created through taxes. If there were no taxes, socialism would not exist period.

    5:11 the US is currently 19 of those 1 trillion in debt and the number will rise to 21 trillion. Your solution of course is to go into further debt and spend more money that the country does not have on more social programs. Damn, you never cease to impress.

    Except you are forgetting one very important thing. Bernie Sanders is a politician, Bernie Sanders has been a politician since the 80's and he is part of the establishment. The only person who are not storied politicians are Donald. J. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

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