Bernie Sanders’ Plan To End Corporate Greed

>>Today, Bernie Sanders released more details
on how he wants to reshape corporate America. Some of this we knew, it had been teased out
over the past few weeks, but some is new. And so let’s turn to his corporate accountability
plan. The centerpiece is a proposal to shift power
to workers by requiring all large companies, that’s those with at least $100 million in
annual revenue, and all publicly traded companies, to come under partial employee ownership. The idea is to require them to contribute
2% of their stocks annually to an employee-controlled fund until workers control 20% of the company,
and then pay out the dividends to those workers. So this would take place, obviously, over
a period of one decade, until eventually 20% is owned by the employees of the actual company. There would be some sort of board setup to
help manage that, and the dividends would be paid out to the workers, which obviously
makes the company more responsive to its workers, also provides more of a benefit for the workers
to innovate and work hard, and all of that. Some aspects of this plan have been proposed
in other countries. There’s one, I believe that, I think the Labour
Party, I think, in the UK is pushing that would do something like this, but to 10% of
the total value. But that would certainly be a big change. And it goes beyond any of the other plans
of this sort that we’ve seen from other candidates in the primary.>>Yeah, I think to some extent, it definitely
has some positive aspects. Especially one I think that Bernie mentioned
in terms of people feeling more invested in their work place, which, I think, is maybe
something he is trying to communicate to employers. To say people would be more loyal if they
are invested in it, and they actually, you know, have something to benefit from it other
than a piece of paycheck which they take home after taxes. But at the same time, too, I just don’t know
how many companies would be down for this. And as we’ve already seen, Facebook CEO Mark
Zuckerberg go after, essentially, Elizabeth Warren for feeling like she’s a threat to
his billionaire status. I could see a number of billionaires and big
businessmen coming at Bernie too for this.>>Yeah, look, I mean if Mark Zuckerberg thinks
that Warren’s plan would be unacceptable, he’s probably hasn’t hit the floor since he
read about this yet. And so, and by the way, we don’t have time
to delve into it too much, but some news has come out about Zuckerberg over the past few
days, and, well, I don’t want to get conspiratorial or anything, but this guy has already allowed
insane misinformation to just fill his platform during an election. If it was, like if Bernie was the candidate,
and some misinformation was being spread to take down Bernie, like do you think, do you
think he would look past his own economic personal interests? And you know, say, you know what, we’re gonna
to stomp this out, we’re gonna get rid of this misinformation, like, I would be seriously
worried that he would go along with it. But anyway, it doesn’t just affect him, but
it affects a lot. And I think, I’ve already mentioned a few
potential benefits of it. And you know, I’ll leave it to the experts
to do much more than that, but it would also potentially help to stop some corporations
from pursuing paths that are just deeply immoral. Like some of the companies are polluting our
waterways. Companies like Facebook and others that are
willing to sell your information. Like those sort of things wouldn’t necessarily
be destroyed by 20% of the company going to its workers, but I trust 20% of the workers
far more than I do a few self-interested and often not particularly attentive board members.>>This is the hardest part, is implementing,
right. How do you pull this off? Living in a country where we’re sold the endgame
of capitalism, no matter what. That allows people, in this type of positions
and heads of these companies, to be in power to do whatever they want for that profit margin. That’s what capitalism is, no matter what,
make your money. And whoever is affected by that natively,
who cares. So, we’re gonna have a problem even convincing
enough workers to be like, this is a good idea. Cuz there’s this wilderness and we go, but
what if we take the power away from the rich and powerful, how will we survive? We have this childlike approach that the rich
people are supposed to give us what we deserve when we’ve been giving them everything that
they don’t deserve. So just enough people just to come on board
for that to do it. And number two, this goes back to the beginnings
of everything when it comes to politics, is the money in it. So unless money is out of politics, the people
in charge are gonna continue to give the people that are elected money to do what they want. So yeah, Bernie Sanders can get in office
and implement some policies or propose some things, Congress ain’t doing anything about
this, Senate isn’t passing any of this stuff, it’s not gonna happen that way, because they’re
still getting paid by the people who don’t want this to happen. A lot of things have to change, and I’m not
saying I’m against->>Well, he’s also proposed getting, effectively,
all money out of politics too.>>Yeah, and so many of these levels have
to happen And he is gonna get attacked for this particular approach, and called a socialist
trying to take all your money away, when actually it’s not taking away from all these people. But he’s going to get attacked on that realm,
and it’ll stick to a degree, because people don’t really know that there’s other levels
that have to change for it to get to where that will be effective. It would never happen. And they know that. So they’d be like, yeah, Bernie’s trying to
take it all, everything from you. I hate to be the negative guy, but it would
never happen.>>No.>>And I think it’s a very difficult thing
to pull off, especially to the point that you made in terms of, the people, really,
they’ve kind of been brainwashed to think that they need the man. They need someone to control them as opposed
to having their own free liberties. Which is why I think that in part, that’s
kind of why people really aren’t trained to look at facts and find information, as opposed
to you just tell me what to do, you tell me what to decide, how to vote, and I’ll just
make that happen. And it’s an unfortunate cause, because so
many of us actually invest in being our full 100%-owned citizens, and to truly want to
invest and be a full-fledged member of this society, as opposed to kind of just a cog
in the wheels.>>Donald Trump made some outlandish promises
when he was running for office. He’s only been able to implement those because
of the help from the Senate, and before the Congress, that switched over, all the help
that they’re providing. You need help to do this stuff. If he was by himself, and he’s the only Republican
in that branch of government that’s holding any kind of power, he’s already not getting
a lot of things done, just because we flipped over part of the Congress, and then now hopefully
the Senate. But no, you need help. And he’s got assistance from a lot of bad
people.>>But yeah, Trump has also shown what you
can do with executive orders as well. Almost immediately after he got in. The idea, too, would be, anyone, no matter
who, if it was Amy Klobuchar, she would face a very difficult task of getting anything
done. That’s why it’s so important that you get
into office with a movement, a movement hopefully, that will have been the difference in many,
possibly in Senate races, but definitely in House races, could be the difference between
them winning and losing. That you could feel that they owe you, because
you were the figurehead that brought a wave that brought them into power. And I think that that could be very very powerful
too, and->>So with that point, I’m sorry, don’t forget. With that point, if you’re voting for, a lot
of people, I’m making an assumption here, I think vote for President, be like, there’s
the President, cuz I’m thinking about the President. And they go down the rest of the ticket, and
there’s no way they’ve looked into the policies and approaches the rest of your voting a route
is taking you. So who you are voting for for House and Senate
that’s gonna support the things you think this President is gonna do? It’s not just a President thing. Like, punch President, I’ll leave the rest
blank, I don’t know who those people are. You know, it changes things. You have to, there has to be an approach that’s,
it changes government over from the people who are actually making these decisions.>>I’m also gonna say, I think that the right
wing has really shot themselves in the foot in terms of how are, let’s say they take this
plan, and let’s say Sean Hannity wants to have a serious critique of it, which isn’t
gonna happen. But what is he going to say about it? He’s gonna say that it’s socialism. He says that, like, Pete Buttigieg’s plans
are socialism. This is just about as pure democratic socialist
of a proposal as you could get. It is worker control, not control, but a degree
of control over corporations. It’s still very much capitalism, but to benefit
workers, and at the direction of workers. This should be actually something that many
at Fox should be interested in. They say that they’re in favor of the forgotten
masses, and they prefer them over the elites, honestly, well, then, put them in control
of these corporations, by the way. And you always say that you’re worried about
government regulations hurting small businesses, the smallest of business can be is $100 million
for this to affect them, so you don’t have that argument either. So look, they’re gonna say that it’s socialism,
they’re gonna say that it’s communism, but they would say that raising the minimum wage
by 10 cents is those things too.>>Yeah.>>So, really fast, we can’t go super in-depth,
but I want to give you, that was the centerpiece. It’s an all-inclusive plan. It involves requiring 45% of large companies’
boards to be employee-elected. So again, it’s not a majority, but it is much
more influence over the board. Let’s see, you have a Bureau of Corporate
Governance for sort of federal charters that will have ethical corporate requirements,
banning stock buybacks, which we’ve seen used, we give these huge corporate tax cuts to them,
they get a bunch of money, then they buy their taxes back, so it doesn’t actually benefit
you in any way. Let’s see, giving workers the right to buy
a company if it goes up for sale, is closing, or moving overseas, and providing financial
assistance to do that. As well as restoring the corporate tax rate
back to 35%, where it was before Trump cut it nearly in half. I would say that that should be the starting-off
point. That should not be the endpoint, but because
Trump became President, we have a lot of work to do just to get back to where we were a
couple of years ago.

  1. Republicans win because no matter how unlikely their policies are they NEVER GIVE UP on their ideology. GO FOR IT! Educate the public, show how they are being screwed now and how this can and will help; don't sit back and say it can't happen-FIGHT FOR THIS REVOLUTION!!!

  2. It’s The Poor Who Are Greedy, NOT The Rich.
    Many poor people insist that: 1. The rich should pay all the taxes. 2. The government should take care of them. 3. They deserve a higher salary for doing the bare minimum at work. 4.Wealth should be “redistributed” (meaning THEY get money that someone else earned).

  3. There are so many negative comments whining about socialism. Hey guys and girls, learn what socialism is, because this plan has nothing to do with socialism. It's not taking new taxes to spread around where needed. It's demanding that businesses give the workers a proper share and say in the profits that they created.
    I know it's cool to hit Bernie with the socialist bat at every opportunity, but if you're going to do it, you might not want to be doing it in a story whereby you'd be defending socialism for the rich.

  4. Bernie Sanders might be some of a few honest politicians left to help the People, fight against, Trumps Pedophile Fascist KAKISTOCRACY.

  5. Is that crotchety corpse Bernie still around? I thought maybe he had reached room temperature by now. Remember when he challenged a boxer's speed bag to a duel and the speed bag won by swinging back and nearly knocking his light out? Well he should have another bout again for a rematch. We can all use another laugh.

  6. That's cute. He really should start telling people he's the second coming of Jesus. It's about as realistic as the rest of his fairy tales and simpletons will eat it up. Win- win.

  7. The opposite of Capitalism is Socialism. How many companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc., have been created in a Socialist country? These companies and others like them combined provide hundreds of thousands of 6 figure jobs to Americans. How many 6 figure jobs are there in Cuba or Venezuela?

  8. Just do it! Bernie's corporate accountability plan is great; all the opposition to it has is their cold war propaganda programming response: "That's socialism/communism!" No thought behind it or understanding of what they're saying, so to break it down for them and prove why this is a great thing for them as opposed to the failed system we have now is an opportunity for us to elaborate on history, current events, the problems in this system and how this plan fixes it; its the chance to educate the public.

    This is forcing corporations to be held accountable to and by its workers and their communities, ensuring their interests are considered and not trampled by big money.

  9. Republican Giuliani Goes From Hunter To Hunted , rudy IS now being investigated for crimes.
    he was cheating on behalf of crooked trump Bernie 2020, get scum out of politics

  10. That's not a bad idea. It will scare Trump supporters, though they'd, in theory, own stock in their employer. I do believe, to a degree, in corporate greed. I believe the greedy with a ton of dough are the first layer of what keeps money circulating through a society. But so do workers, and they have been suffering under greedy CEOs, the fact that shareholders reward greed, that politicians reward greed to feed their campaigns, and the cost of healthcare. Nothing's improving for us, it only gets worse, unless we get a second job, get another gig, somewhere else someday perhaps. The people afraid of socialism, workers, who'd only benefit, it's a stupidity thing. We have to come to terms with that they're really stupid and paranoid, and the politicians know it and feed it. It's a vicious cycle. Believing in unfettered corporate greed makes all he sense in the world if you're a rich, greedy person, or put into public office by rich, greedy people. It makes no sense for workers. I believe in controlled corporate greed, and plentiful taxes from their coffers. I'm fine with Warren. She tops my list of Democratic candidates.

  11. Russia is not socialist, it's a dictatorship — USA is following closely in its footsteps …. The only people that call Russia socialist is VERY stupid people that take Trump word for everything …. These people would rape their own mother if Trump commanded it.

  12. Multimillionaire and eugenics Guru Bernie Sanders who has three houses, and who is not in favor of a guaranteed Universal Basic Income for all individuals in the United States, has a plan to end Corporate greed.

  13. Please vote for Bernie, not Warren, for we know that Bernie is someone we trust to stand by the side of working and middle class people. Warren used to be a Republican and despite what she says in the debates, she is not firmly in support of Medicare For All.

    She says that we should all sit down and see what we can come up with. That's BS. We know what we want and that's M4A.

    And Warren is opposed to canceling student debt and canceling medical debt.

    This is the last chance we have in America. It's got to be Bernie.

  14. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack can he even run for president? Orange man bad is pretty mean it might be bad for his health

  15. Reminder: Living wages isn't socialism, it's FUNCTIONAL CAPITALISM. Medicare for all is socialism sure. So is free college. Then again so is free high school, grade school, buses, and the roads we drive on.
    By all means call socialism socialism, but don't let the hillbillies pretend paying living wages is 'socialism'. Minimum wage law is DEMOCRACY and living wages are paid by BUSINESSES. In fact we'll save hundreds of billions in welfare costs in the first decade with actual living wages. Something the libertarians tried and failed to do.
    The progressives are coming and they aren't fuckin around. Some have noticed. They're worried. Reassure them or don't, it's up to us individually.

  16. The flaw with that plan will cause owners to keep their employees for no more than 3 years, as well as push outsourcing oversees. Although it’s good in thought, it may do more damage than good.

  17. "Billionaires comming at Bernie" So? Don't they already? You pull it off by going to the people, to the employees of these corporations. How will we survive? Please! There are plenty of smart people who are in the "workers" class. How can "take everything from you" stick when you are being offered a piece of the action. Don't you think people WANT a piece of the action? Isn't that what this "movement" is about?

    Hey TYT, you're supposed to make the people listen not throw roadblocks.

  18. Yeah Bernie. Vote for billions upon billions to Lockheed, vote against the audit the Fed bill when you're vote depended on getting it through, vote for every war from Kosovo to Syria(with the exception of Iraq) & then pretend to be against corporate greed. If the left would judge Bernie by his voting record, you would not be nearly as supportive. Look at any politicians voting record & look no further. Bernie is a fraud politically. & No, I'm not a Trump supporter, so no need to accuse me of being a klan member or whatever just because I exposed some truths you don't like.

  19. I might be wrong but this idea of given employees a piece of the pie has already been done in Germany. I pretty sure I was something about it a few years ago.

  20. What the corporations and elites fear most is the left and right/nationalism and socialism coming together. The cuckservatives/libtards obsession with individualism, GDP and woke identity politics is what stands in the way of this.

  21. Comrade Bernie has no chance, he's done. Pocahontas is the new candidate for you Lefties. Reasons to vote for her? Shes a minority – native American ( Cherokee ), and has a vagina. Better embrace it, its your new reality. No more Bernie.

  22. Pipe dream…I love some of Bernie's ideas…mostly, I love that he has the interest of the people at heart; but that's more than an up hill battle. Pushing an idea like this will certainly unite the powers that be in an anti-Bernie battle. He may have shot himself in the foot with this one…just saying!

  23. I love Bernie Sanders. But I can't help thinking about the old adage in 'goods guys finishing last'. Why that is, I don't know and why working people don't vote for people who could actually change their lives is a mystery. Perhaps it's because of the corporate media that always reduces and denigrates true progressives. It makes me so disappointed in the world.

  24. I wish that commie took the hint with that heart attack. Nationalizing industry? You’re just so up front with it now.

  25. How is it that these people don't understand what democratic socialism is? They supported Bernie for years, but not the things that define his politics. Perhaps they would be happier with Elizabeth Warren (capitalist to the bone). Neoliberalism/Capitalism is not going to solve the enormous problems of the 21st century. But perhaps they are comfortable in their capitalism.

  26. Bernie Sanders is an old fart who would have a massive heart attack his first year in office. Don’t vote for him because he’s weak and frail.

  27. Oh.. This is Priceless. The 136yr old Multi-Millionaire communist Crazy Bernie has a plan. Of course it is the same plan that Stalin, Chairman Mao, Castro & lately his Hero Hugo Chavez had. Impose communism, Burn the books, Build concentration camps that the Socialists made famous, Then .. of course, Build a wall to keep your people from escaping. Perfect ! and Oh SO predictable.

  28. AYOOOOO, HOL UP my fellow Νιցցεrz! We ain't votin for no dusty ass white men no more. Ya heard!!!???

  29. Anyone wanna guess how much Bernie sanders gives to charity?

    Less than 1%

    Sanders lives his life a lot different than what he wants us to live ours.

    Wake up

  30. The funny thing is this explosion of "OMG, this is so revolutionary!", but look at companies in Japan and Europe; most of whom have strong union backing. Employees have a seat at the table to have a say what goes on in the company !

  31. So you're telling me McDonald workers should own part of the Business? That's dumb for so many reasons most people don't know how to run a company.

  32. BREAKING NEWS : Ukrainian energy companies are Hiring ! $50k/ month staring salary! No experience necessary, No requirement to even speak the language, Not necessary to even live in the Ukraine. Convictions for cocaine possession are NO problem. Only prerequisite : Must show proof of famous & powerful father in the US government. LOL ! Yup … Nothing to see here Uncle Joe !

    Coming SOON … China employment opportunities. Starting salary – ( $ 1.5 Billion ) Whaaaat ?

  33. This is so needed. Employees should have a say in the company and there life’s work. Not worry about being screwed any day like GM recently did.

  34. Since I'm always hearing America 'isnt a white country', we can't force these Euro-centric ideals on POC. Something to match the demographics, Brazil perhaps?

  35. There has been a lot of talk lately about breaking apart big tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Amazon definitely needs to be broken up. Google probably needs to be broken up. Facebook just needs to be terminated. Cancel its corporate charter, confiscate its funds, prosecute its officers and managers. Bulldoze its buildings to the ground and quarantine the land as a toxic waste dump.

  36. How is TYT getting this wrong? Bernie is constantly talking about how it's "not me, us". How he'll work to get congress people who oppose the will of the people out of office. How he'll use the bully pullpit and his massive support to pressure congress to fall in line. How he needs all of us to help him even once he's in office. Voting for Bernie ISN'T just him, it's all of us. He'll help other progressives get into office and push democrats in the right direction. Even if he has to compromise he'll still get us VASTLY further in the right direction. You don't get progressive policies in place by compromising from the outset. Obama tried that, it didn't work. If your response is "Republicans won't allow it" that's applicable to ANY democratic president. But he's got a plan for that, as stated above. No other candidate has that infrastructure in place to get things done AFTER the election.

  37. HELLL YESSS!!!!! Partial employee ownership. Hail to the chief of progressives, Mr. Bernard Sanders. Hail to his partner in progress, Nina Turner.

  38. When are Sanders who panders to Linda Sarsour, and the rest of the Liberal “progressive” infantile ideologues, going to stop flying in chartered planes and jets all over the country, and polluting our earth’s precious (imminently endangered environment) month after month after month, which is so detrimental to our children’s future? Surely, they of all people should be setting an example, instead of crying about pollution for votes.

  39. Bernie has had a heart operation and is recovering. If they request he, uses a walker for a while it will may make him ripe for an Antifa Nazi Fascist thug attack. Like it did the two very old pensioners, one who was using a walker, who were assaulted in the middle of the road by brutal Antifa Fascist Nazi louts screeching “off our streets you Nazi scum” in their faces.

  40. Bernie is not in favor of a Universal Basic Income for everyone, because he claims (MOST) people want to work. He can’t live with the idea that some people may not want to work as much, as he really sees individuals as units of exploitation, and as tools to fulfil his ideological totalitarian social plans and so doesn’t want them to have some guaranteed financial independence they can rely on.

  41. what a communist dictator Bernie Sanders has never worked i n the private sector yet dictating how entrepreneurs should run their business which makes him economically illiterate if you read the democratic socialist website their plan is to ultimate eliminate private industries,entrepreneurs are the ones taking the riskby opening a business and i am pretty confident that the shareholders that invested in the country does not want to hear what a janitor feels with NO experience in finance or business

  42. Simple Greed can and does develop into an all consuming Mental illness, its time we treated people for this perverse Mental illness because they damage the very fabric of society in which we all must coexist.

  43. How come the people who called on Warren to drop out and throw her support behind Bernie when he was ahead of her in the polls aren't asking Bernie to do the same now that he's trailing?

  44. Bernie's most important plan should be surviving that next heart stopper. He's fkd…El Diablo is coming for that dirty Communist

  45. Bernie's heart has a plan to end his unhinged socialism, in place of donations to Sanders Campaign please send Bacon Cheeseburgers!

  46. Some companies do this already. And I'm all for companies that do this voluntarily. It is a way to attract better employees from your competitors. In fact Lehman Brothers (just to show how NOT effective this really is) was 1/3 owned by employees via Stock being issued every year to every employee as part of their bonus. It's usually done as a percentage of your salary or bonus. It will NEVER be some fantasy land where the retail clerk owns the same percentage of stock as their manger or their manager's manager, and so on until the CEO. Even if congress passes a law, it most probably will be stuck down by any sane supreme court on the basis of violating the Fifth Amendment. So it would take an Amendment which will never happen.

  47. Those shares of stock are going to be owned by somebody – the only reason the company would care that the employees own 20% of the stock is that employees will actually care about the company's actions, so they will actually have a say in how and why the company decides to do things. The board/managing exec's may well not like having input from the workers…

  48. Union contracts in Germany are renegotiated on an annual basis, and a high proportion of the boards of directors are required to be union members. It works for them.

  49. Bernie is a true visionary, I'm guessing this is political suicide as all big corporations are going after Bernie. Nice thing is, Warren will look like a good compromise. I hope Bernie wins!!!

  50. Bernie keeps going down tho ..down to 11% to Elizabeth's 30%….TYT please get your horse to suspend his campaign, thank you!

  51. sure are a lot of right wing cucks here, you can practically smell the fear. they wouldn't know what socialism was even if they started collecting checks from it after they retire. oh, wait.

  52. This old Jewish windbag is a giant farce. He buys young nit wits vote with promises he could NEVER hope to deliver. Just Google "Bernie Sanders Marxist past".. Find out for yourself why he's TOAST.

  53. This is a brilliant plan. Love it. And Jayar. saying that people are against this… that was true for Medicare for all just 2 years ago. If anyone can change the conversation, it is Bernie sanders. If more people know what worker co-ops are, and how they work in practice, it could gain traction for sure. This is a great plan to allow workers incomes to rise with production and other executive pay, etc. this is an excellent solution and Bernie is the right one to make it happen!!!

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