Bernie Sanders Is Selling Socialism

[Laughter] Bernie Sanders campaign in New Hampshire on Saturday he joins us live from New Hampshire this morning senator Sanders thanks for joining us this morning let's dive into one of those ideas right away you just turned who Leon Castro and made silver on this idea of Medicare for all they say it's a popular program but want to pick up on that Kaiser poll then they just mentioned when you talk about eliminating private health insurance support flips you get fifty eight percent opposed it gets even worse when you tell Americans are gonna have to pay more taxes which you have conceded look at that right there it goes to 37 percent favor 60 percent opposed so it appears you're pushing something people say they don't want no we're taking on the pharmaceutical industry that they are no longer going to have to pay any premiums any deductibles any co-payments and that for the overwhelming majority of people health care will be much less expensive for a lot of Democrats the question is how you get there and there's in it it is true you tell me you're gonna raise our taxes support goes down you tell people they can't have how private health insurance support goes down and that's led some of some of your opponents to say yeah how about Medicare for everyone who wants it and if it works if this public option works then the private health insurance are gonna wither away anyway well two things all right again you're gonna pay seven thousand eight thousand dollars more in taxes people are gonna spend less at the end of the day many people will not be able to afford a public option

  1. Pharma & Insurance Gave $36M to the 33 Senate Democrats Not Backing Medicare for All. @chuckschumer is in the #1 position with $3,086,611 since 1989 — he's been sucking that teat for awhile hasn't he!

    Pharma & Insurance Gave $43M to the 129 House Democrats Not Backing Medicare for All

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