Bernie Sanders is Ready to Defeat Trump

Our first guest tonight
is an unlikely hero to people many, many
years younger than he. He’s a leading candidate for
the Democratic nomination. And he’s doing it all
without a super PAC or a comb. Please welcome the senator
from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. [applause] Thank you for coming. My pleasure. I appreciate your being here. Did you– AUDIENCE: Bernie!
Bernie! Bernie! They still love you. Where are you at all worried
that the enthusiasm would not be there the second time around? No.
JIMMY KIMMEL: You were not. [laughter] Did you watch the Mueller
testimony yesterday? I was on a plane,
but I read it. You read the whole thing?
Yeah. Well, not the whole
thing, but some of it. You know what happened? And it probably happened
as you expected. Did you– I wonder if
you looked at any of that and wished that you had
been there in that spot. Because you really– I
feel like you would have sold that report, you know? It’s one thing or write it. And it’s another
thing to perform. I think the bottom
line is the message from Mueller is that
the Russians intervened in the campaign in 2016. They are still intervening. And we’ve got to stop that. Whatever your
political view is, you want to make sure that the
election in the United States is controlled by the
people of this country, not the Russians or anybody else. JIMMY KIMMEL: That
seems very obvious and it seems like
something that would be embraced by both parties. But it can’t even get
a vote in the Senate. The Republicans have
stopped it twice today. That’s right. We had an incredibly
do nothing Senate, which seems to be
spending all of the time worrying about the
wealthy and the powerful, and ignoring the important
issues facing us. JIMMY KIMMEL: Why won’t they? We can’t even
get– let me just– Go ahead. We cannot even get
a serious discussion about the existential threat to
this planet of climate change. No discussion at all. Because these guys–
and I will tell you why. I will tell you why. And it is because these guys
are owned by the fossil fuel industry, which
is more concerned about their short term profits
than the future of this planet. And that’s the simple truth. Can’t we just
outspend the fossil fuel people if it’s a money issue? I mean, can’t– No, you can’t. Look– the fossil fuel
industry makes tens of billions of dollars a year. You got people like
the Koch brothers who have already
contributed hundreds and hundreds of
millions of dollars to the political process. But it’s not just them. You’ve got Wall Street putting
in huge amounts of money into the political process. You’ve got the drug companies
who charges the highest prices in the world. You’ve got the
insurance companies. You’ve got the military
industrial complex. And in fact, you know,
Jimmy, what our campaign is about really, is saying that
we need a political revolution in this country, where instead
of having a government run by these large multinational
corporations and the 1%, maybe, just maybe, we
may want a government an economy that works for
all of us and not just them. [applause] It does seem so
crazy that you know, we have a list of
things to worry about, but if the climate
on this planet, it makes it uninhabitable
for other human beings, none of the stuff on the list matter.
– You’re right. I mean, you’re right. And as you know, what the
scientists are telling us, we have less than 12 years
to act boldly in transforming our energy system
away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency
and sustainable energy, or else they will be irreparable
damage done to this country and the rest of the world. And yet you got these people
of the fossil fuel industry who are much more concerned about
their short term profits than the future of this planet. JIMMY KIMMEL: Which is
nuts, because they have to live on this planet too. Their grandchildren are going
to have to live on this planet. But at the end of the
day, frankly, it is not just the fossil fuel industry. It is Wall Street, whose greed
has done irreparable harm to this country. It is all of these
powerful special interests whose just greed is
destroying the working class of this country. You know, we have a
situation in America today where you got three people– we don’t talk about
this in Congress, we don’t talk about
it in the media. You got three
people who own more wealth than the bottom half
of the American people. You got the top 1% owning more
wealth than the bottom 92%. And yet we are the
only major country on earth not to guarantee health
care to all people as a right. And by the way, thank you
very much for the work you’ve done and making sure
that health care is [inaudible]. [applause] Again, it seems– it seems
obvious that we should make sure people have health care. It is obvious to you,
it is obvious to me, it is obvious to most people. Yet we have then
got to ask ourselves why it is that we are the only
major country on earth not to guarantee health
care to all people. Why over 80 million people
are uninsured or underinsured. Why one out of five Americans
cannot afford the medicine that they need because
the price of prescription drugs is so high.
Why is that. Why is that? And the answer is it gets back
to the power and the greed of these major
multinational corporations who couldn’t care less
about working people. I know this is not an
issue we talk about much, but it is an issue
finally as a nation that we’re going to
have to deal with. Yeah, and it is
an issue that most of the citizens of
this country agree on when they’re not
being bamboozled and they think about it. They think about their neighbors
and their family members, they say, yeah, I do want to
have coverage for my children until they’re 26 years old. Your proposal, and correct me
if I have any of this wrong, Medicare for all, one thing that
makes it different from some of your fellow
candidates is that you want to do away with private
insurance altogether. Yes. Now I worry that
twist makes it an impossible sell for people. No, I don’t think so. I think it is exactly what
the American people want. Polling suggests that. Here is the bottom line. At the end of the day, we
have to make a decision. Do we have a health care
system as exists virtually in every other
major country, whose major function is
to provide quality care to all people as a right? Or do we continue with the
system we have right now, which is designed to do what? Everybody knows what it is. What is the function of
the insurance companies? It’s to make as much
money as they can. What is the function
of the drug companies? Last year, the top 10 drug
companies made $69 billion in profit and they are
charging us 10 times more than the Canadians for insulin
that people in this country need. And ultimately, we have to
make that determination. Do we expand Medicare, which
is a good and popular program for seniors, to all people? Or do we continue a
dysfunctional and expensive system designed to make billions
for the health care industry? You are taking a bus load
of people with diabetes– That’s correct. To Canada for what reason? Is it for fun? To expose to the world– no, it’s– it’s fun to go– I live near Canada and
it’s a fun place to go. But this trip–
this trip is not. What this trip is about is to
expose the insanity of people in America being forced to
pay 10 times more for insulin as our neighbors in Canada. And that has everything
to do with the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. It has everything
to do with the fact that we are the only major
country not to negotiate prices with the drug companies. They could double or triple
the price of medicine tomorrow, there is no law to stop it.
And you know why? Because they have made
hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign
contributions, billions of dollars in lobbying. And the Congress
does what they want, not what the American people. So we’re going to expose
them if elected president. And with we passed Medicare
for all, nobody in this country will pay more than $200 for the
prescription drugs they need. And we will substantially
lower the cost of Medicine in this country for everybody. Senator Bernie
Sanders is here. We’ll back right back.
[applause] Senator Sanders, I think
the most important thing– we talked about a lot
of important things– but most importantly, what
are you going to do to help A$AP Rocky get out of Sweden? Not much for the moment. JIMMY KIMMEL: Not
much right now. Cardi B is one of
your supporters. Cardi B is. Do you know her? I know her. You know, we have talked on
the phone on several occasions. She is really smart and she is
deeply concerned about what’s happening in this country. JIMMY KIMMEL: She does seem
to be concerned, doesn’t she? Which is a little bit
surprising, maybe. Yeah.
Yeah. But you know, that’s the truth. She comes from a
humble background and knows what it’s
like to live in poverty, to struggle– to struggle. And she wants to make sure that
we can improve life for working people in this country. And I’m delighted that
she is a supporter. Have you ever been
on Etsy, the website? No. OK, so this is a craft
website where people make things and then they sell them. And a lot of the things
they make are about you. Or like, you’re on like 5,000
products, none of which you’re profiting from, I’m sure. And these are real things. These are not things
we made up as a joke. [laughter] I don’t know what’s
happening here, but you seem to be on an
all Bernie volleyball team playing with the moon. There’s a– I guess
people are kind of tickled at the idea of you
and Beto running together. There’s a “Back to the Future”
parody with the two of you. This is a good one. This is just a bird– a
Birdie Sanders, I guess. You’ve probably seen
that logo before. You know what
that’s about, Jimmy? What’s that about? That’s about a bird
that landed on a podium. I think we were in Portland
and out of nowhere, this little bird ends up on
the podium and just is there. So some people thought this was
a spiritual thing, you know? JIMMY KIMMEL: Right, yeah.
– A heavenly– Speaking of spiritual
things, they’ve got– there’s a candle that’s a saint. Although they should’ve gone
with Saint Bernard there. [laughter] And I don’t know
what this is exactly, but I’d love to see you in it. I’m going to give
this one to your wife as a little take home item. So you’re getting–
you’re getting cheated out a lot of money there. You know, Trump wouldn’t
let that happen. He’d get a cut of all of that. No doubt, no doubt. Do you relish in the idea
of debating Donald Trump? Not only debating him,
but the defeating him. He is the most dangerous– [applause] Look, I have Republicans– Republican friends
who I disagree with. But what Trump is trying
to do is unprecedented and extremely ugly. He is trying to
divide our country up based on the color of our
skin or where we came from or our religion or our
sexual orientation. And that is not what a president
of the United States should do. And it will give
me great pleasure to defeat this president
and create a government of compassion and of
love, rather than just of hatred and divisiveness. [applause] Your slogan– put this one up,
because your slogan does seem to be a shot at Donald Trump. It’s not me. Us. That is your campaign slogan. Now let me ask, just
a quick question, is it smart to put
the words not me in your campaign for president? [laughter] The us gets in the corner the
t-shirt, or something it’s not necessarily a wise idea. Well, what it
means is two things. It means, Jimmy, that we
are all in this together. And that what a president
of the United States has got to be about is not
only bringing people together, but understand that your
family has got to be concerned about her family. We’ve got to be concerned
about each other. And the second point of that
is that the only way we take on powerful special interests
is when millions of people stand up and say,
enough is enough. That the 1% cannot have it all. That we need a
country that belongs, and a government that
works for everybody. And no person– And we need to wake up. We need to wake up and get our
heads out of our telephones. Right. Anybody who thinks that it’s
time to give up in despair and just not get involved– this is not that moment. You know, we are a
democracy, although Trump is trying to undermine that. And what a democracy means is
that the future of this country rest in your hands,
and your hands, and the hands of hundreds
of millions of people. We cannot sit this one out. The future of the country is at
stake, the future of the planet is at stake. We’ve got to stand up,
we’ve got to fight back. JIMMY KIMMEL: Next week, you
will be a part of the debate. There are a lot of people
running for the nomination. You will be debating. You’ll be on stage with
Elizabeth Warren, your friend. Is it productive for Democrats
to be going after each other in the way that for
instance, Senator Harris went after Joe Biden? Well, look, you know, people– a campaign is about
differences of ideas. And I think there is nothing
wrong with us talking about our vision for the future,
what our record is, how we’re different from somebody else. That’s called politics. What is not acceptable
are ugly personal attacks and trying to destroy
people’s character. That is not acceptable. So I hope that what
the debate will be and what the campaign
will be about is about discussing the
very serious issues facing the American people, whether it
is climate change, whether it is you know, 45 million
Americans dealing with student debt, whether it
is the fact that we are the only country
not to guarantee health care to all people. These are issues that
need serious discussion. People may disagree. Let’s have that discussion. But let’s not get
into personal attacks. Senator Bernie
Sanders, everyone. Thank you for being
here, Senator.

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