Bernie Sanders headed to Fresno Community College

“He has plenty of supporters here. There’s a lot of energy that’s rolled over in his campaign from the last election cycle.” ALEXAN PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL BERNIE SANDERS HAS HIS SIGHTS SET ON THE CENTRAL VALLEY, HIS VISIT TO FRESNO COMES DURING A TIME WHEN THE POLITICAL CLIMATE IS AS HEATED AS EVER ALEXAN: GOOD EVENING… THANKS FOR JOINING US. I’M ALEXAN BALEKIAN. STEFANI IS ON ASSIGNMENT ALEXAN KSEE 24 NEWS IS YOUR LOCAL ELECTION HEADQUARTERS… ONE OF THE MORE POPULAR DEMOCRACTIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES IS HEADING TO THE VALLEY THIS WEEK, SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS IS HOSTING A TOWN HALL AT FRESNO CITY COLLEGE [A9]BERNIE SANDERS FOLO-VO ALEXAN IT’S PART OF HIS COLLEGE TOUR THAT FOCUSES ON ENGAGING YOUNG AND LATINO VOTERS. THE RALLY WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT 7:30. SANDERS RETURNS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MAY OF 2016 KSEE 24’S “A-J KATO” SHOWS US HOW THE ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY HAS ALREADY CREATED A BIG BUZZ DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BERNIE SANDERS COMING BACK TO THE VALLEY. michael evans, chairman fresno county democratic party “given the response we’re already getting I think it’ll be enormous. He has plenty of supporters here. There’s a lot of energy that’s rolled over in his campaign from the last election cycle.” HIS LAST VISIT — DURING HIS PRESIDENTIAL RUN IN 20-16. jim verros, political analyst “his politics have not changed, that’s one of the reasons why I think a lot of folks like him on the democratic side is he’s very very consistent.” THE VERMONT SENATOR HEADING TO FRESNO COMMUNITY COLLEGE THURSDAY. jim verros, political analyst “I think it’s smart for him knowing where his demographic is, knowing where his base is and a lot of that is community college students. Folks that are working full time and going to school part time or vice versa.” SOME STUDENTS EXCITED ABOUT THE VISIT, SUPPORTING SANDERS FOR HIS STANCE ON HOT BUTTON TOPICS. james spikes, college student “climate change, most of all. That is the most important , because for awhile our planets lungs were on fire and really no one is doing anything about it and so we’ve got to fix the big problems before we can fix the smaller problems.” OTHERS RAISING PAST CONCERNS ABOUT THE 78-YEAR-OLD PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL. marcos ramos, college student “being a president is taxing on an individual. You’ve got to take into consideration a man only has so many years.” SANDERS WILL BE THE THIRD CANDIDATE TO VISIT THIS CAMPAIGN CYCLE. jim verros, political analyst “this is where the fun begins. You’re going to see more and more people coming to the valley. You’re going to see more and more of our issues discussed which is important, on the right and on the left.” ALEXAN WELL KNOWN NATIONAL POLITICAL PUNDIT AND THE MAN WHO’S INTERVIEWED PRESIDENT TRUMP COUNTLESS TIMES,


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