Bernie Sanders Has No Idea What Socialism Is!

presidential candidate Bernie Sanders under fire for his democratic socialist views defending his philosophies on Wednesday as a natural extension of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal Sanders says his views vision of democratic socialism would guarantee a fair deal and basic economic rights for Americans and would be instrumental in beating Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump you can't praise Roosevelt's New Deal without understanding how the New Deal was successful and how the New Deal was successful was in direct conflict with socialist views what it does do though his comments social Sanders is reminds us of just how clueless this generation of socialists that has been raised up understand what socialism really is I loved it last night as he was saying it means less government are you kidding me socialism is based on more government and more social control that's what it's based I mean that's that's part of you can have socialism without having a more intrusive government without having more regulatory authority and rules and regulations you can't have socialism socialism is about government control

  1. If you literally can't finish your sentences, you might not want to call other people 'clueless'.

  2. he's like ">:( Sanders says his vision of democratic socialism would GUARANTEE >:( a FAIR DEAL >:( and BASIC ECONOMIC RIGHTS >:(!!!!!! FOR AMERICANS!!!!!!!! >:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  3. You obviously don't have a clue on what you are talking about Haha

    What you speak of is an authoritarian style, known to many as communism. However, there is also the anti-authoritarian style of socialism called libertarian socialism.

  4. This guy literally saw a 2 word fox news article that said "socialism bad" and thinks hes an expert on anything.

  5. Yes Bernie DOES understand, but he is smart enough to know he cannot sell it for what it is so he puts a spin on it.

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