Bernie Sanders Explains his Socialism [YTP]

In my view, uh, the high cost of drugs is
a yuge issue, it’s an economic issue, it is a moral issue. Uh, and I very much reject, uh, what goes
on in this country right now; right now in America uh, drug companies can double the prices for
coke tomorrow for no particular reason, just because they can make more money. We have seen that with name-brand uhhhhh….
coke, now we’re seeing it increasingly, uh, with generic coke. Uh, I believe in coke for all people. So I think, absolutely that the cost of drugs
should be free because drugs must be a right of all people. So what is the underlying principle there
then, when, what are the set of rights- good, good, question So when I talk about being a socialist, I think we have to do everything that we can
to do away with, with the concept of a nation state, which says essentially there is no United
States. – Really? Of course. Do you think we need specific issues to address
the racial wealth gap, the racial jobs gap- Sure! You know what youth unemployment is in the
United States of America today? If you’re white, a white kid, high school
graduate, 33%, a hispanic 36%, African American 51% So I think we have to raise white unemployment
– Really? Of course. So then what are the responsibilities we have?
If, if that kind of zero-sum – let me interrupt you the answer is free healthcare, free education, free drugs, free women, free
lettuce, free tomatoes. Knowing some of your, sort of, uh, policies
around this – let me interrupt you the answer is absolutely free jobs, free nutrition, free wealth, free
toilets, free beds, free magic, free infrastructure, free money, free gay
toilets, free gay women, free- How do you do that? Well you do that by passing legislation which
tells the billionaire class that they cannot have it all, which says to corporate America you’re going
to have to start paying your fair share of taxes. I guess philosophically the question is, how
do you weight it, how do you think about – uh, I believe your fair share of taxes is more than 99%. We’ll have unlimited sums of money. How do you do that? *deep breath* I think there are various ways, and we’re
gonna have… come out with a position on it, various ways that you can approach the issue, one way which
I find intriguing, is that you basically raise the minimum wage to at least $15 billion bucks an hour so people
in this country are not living in poverty. Now, how do you do that? A redistribution
of wealth. In other words, you will do my bidding. You basically provide almost all of the new
wealth from the top 1 percent to me. What does that mean? It means that I will provide a billion dollars
for every citizen in the United States of America; you say to that person here’s your billion bucks. You can start paying
your fair share of taxes. It’s part of the race to the bottom. Do you describe yourself as a realist or a
socialist? What, what- I don’t know what those… I don’t know what that means. I trust we’re all realists *laugh* I’m not sure we are. *laugh* I don’t know what the word means, look, here’s
what I will tell you. If elected President of the United States,
uh, there must be a guarantee that people receive free coke, free college, free wealth, free
tramautic brain injury – *laugh* free hyperinflation, free football, free baseball,
free gay women baseball, free socialist magic, free socialist greed,
free Zionist Jew greed, free Nazis, free gay hell-of-a nice pacifist Nazis. *deep
breath* Free post-traumatic stress disorder, free
surgical masks, free golden toilets, free Hispanic people
who are cleaning toilets, free African American unemployment, free blood
from a child, free horrors of slavery free Asian folks that can build the railroads,
free German women who walk the streets, free everything. And those are the ideas that
I think we can learn a lot from. Free, free, free, free, free

  1. Tbh I'm really glad he didn't win the nomination – much less the elections obviously, America is not ready for socialism, it never will be and it never should be!

  2. "Free Nazis"
    Even more soc-
    "Free blood from China"
    Now a comm-
    "Free free free free free free"
    Free free's? Ok that's good for YTP

  3. I LOVE MY FREE HYPERINFLATION!!! PS the federal reserve was made to control the money. BUT the stock market still controls all the money, so the federal reserve is just a huge drain and we cant gert rid of it and we can't get out of the stock market either. Everything is weird. Banks are shit worthless today. Alot of people need financing because they are dumb. Alot of people don't have parents that support them, and there is no amount of money that can make every human have a good childhood. Everything is crazy, and it will be a long long time before robots raise our children (which is the best way if you ask me) there are so many people i know, and stories I've heard of the completely torturing past that people have endured, and it's not good. People can not raise people. Robots are best at teaching. My teachers were shit in school. People always ask why i didn't learn this or that in school and it's because even high price public schools are just plain garbage. I don't think people should teach anymore. I know they are trying to make regulations, and the retarded teachers and schools are fivhting it, but it needs to be in place before robots can teach everyone. Personally i think the best scenario is no humans contact eachother face to face, everything should be digital and synthetic. That would be awesome.

  4. Not buying it. My full support goes to John Henry Eden (I think that’s his name?) the only candidate who can get the joj done and not have to do it all over again. Eden for pres, everyone else is a whack job that doesn’t know what they’re saying.

  5. The shocking thing about this ridiculous caricature is that, and the end of the day, it is the clearest statement of what Sanders ACTUALLY BELIEVES that one can find on the Internet!

  6. The main problem with "Democratic Socialism" is that even their followers don't know what it is. Bernie Sanders has never held a job other than government and owns three houses, including a $600,000-dollar one on Lake Champlain. Seems with all the homeless people in this country, he has more than his "fair share" of housing and could give two of them to people who need them.

  7. "Free lettuce, free tomatoes" has become a part of my family's repertoire. Every time the subject of libtards and their freebies comes up, we HAVE to use it.

  8. “Free solar system, free planets, free Jupiter, free Neptune, free Uranus.” If this was in the video, I would’ve died from zero oxygen.

  9. I too think free freedom is necessary in this country. But I think free tomatoes is a bit too much. Will someone please think of the poor oppressed tomato billionaires?

  10. I understand he might be a bit extreme for Americans, but i live in a country where all of his ideas are working, and they word REALLY good.

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