1. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of corruption in politics. She is a fraud, is in bed with the rich. Bernie Sanders is a man of integrity, and has principles that he believes in. NO WAY IN HELL, I am voting for this corrupt hypocrite. I will have to vote for the GREEN PARTY, no other option. They share MANY of Bernie's values! No true progressive would ever cast a vote for Mrs WALL STREET! MS STEIN IS A PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATE! HILLARY is getting money from these same BILLIONAIRES!

  2. Bernie is genuinely a bold guy–do you realize the adversaries he pretty much names personally(KOCH BROTHERS, WALTON FAMILY,,GOLDMAN SACHS ETC), now assures Bernie of enemies who make J.F.K.'s enemies look like girl you also realize, none of what he's talking about can be done under the corporatocracy and its legal system, because it is the legal system that has regular people LOCKED OUT, so wall street can't be prosecuted WITHOUT OCCUPY TAKING CONTROL OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM, and substituting "common sense"legal practices for the 1%,"let's look forward, "bullshit that RichieRich likes,,substitute PROSECUTION OF THE KILLER COPS for Richie Rich's racist, classist bullcrap…

  3. I was undecided until now as to whom to support in the United States elections. I have listened to the entire 95 minutes of the ''event'' and can now state that I support Bernie ! His views and what he intends to do are needed for the times. He is not soft on security and is surely not a ''pacifist'' ! On foreign policy he is also a good balance ! '' Bernie's Democratic Socialism is te way to go for the United States Of America now ! DRAGAN FOR PRESIDENT AND PRINCE WITH BERNIE AS MY VICE PRESIDENT AND FIRST SECRETARY !

  4. Incredibly, there seem to be members of the audience who disagree with Bernie's claim that the economy is rigged against the vast majority of the American people, in order to benefit only a small minority, which Bernie refers to as the ruling class, or more generally, echoing the Occupy movement, who we owe gratitude for raising awareness, the 0,01%. Are these people who disagree with the messenger of these facts, these truths, Bernie Sanders, even real Americans, I wonder. My answer is this. They're standing with their back to the present struggle of America and its troubled people to basically save society, even human kind, from a moral, economic and environmental Armageddon, and that can and should be considered an un-American attitude, seen in the light that Bernie cast upon America's history and struggle. He or she who wants for America a future to believe in, needs to turn towards America, and Bernie is the man of the hour to lead the way, much like Dr. King was such a man, to bring about real and necessary change. Go for #AFutureToBelieveIn. #FeelTheBern. Vote for Sanders.

  5. As a Brazilian, I love Bernie, the only American politician I know that acknowledges the actions of the US that caused regime changes in countries like mine.

  6. That moment when some of the most elite and smart people in the nation clap and cheer when Bernie Sanders calls Roosevelt's policies Socialist…. Sigh

  7. The rich people are the ones who labeled it as a bad thing. I'm sorry but having 2 days of the week off and not having my little brother or sister work at the age of four. These programs are for the greater good of the American people

  8. Before the Government bring foreign refugees into the united states. Take care of the USA GOVERNMENT made "refugees" living in the USA now who are USA born citizens and USA created refugees. Stop the idealistic crap of selling idealistic helping the world when the Government does not care about its own people. AT this point in time, all this is just conversation. Until true action is taken to correct the economic imbalance allowed by our own government, do not bring any more refugees into this country for us to support on the low wages and high taxes we already pay so government can protect the rich. We are done shoveling shit against the tide.

  9. God bless you Bernie Sanders. You brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. feeling the Bern big time and was an "undecided." Our young people have a much better perspective on our country and global community than most of us senior citizens ever had at their age (though I am seeing other oldsters wakjng up and there have been a lot of good people like you out there allalong). Ok young folks…. I'm a believer and you get to drive the car now…You're a better driver anyway.

  10. Mr. Sanders, yor wisdom and bravery is greatly appreciated and deeply respected. If I was American, you would have my vote ! America, this might be your last chance to have a decent man as a president! Don't waste it, for the sake of Humanity! Please!!!! Greetings from Adelade, Australia ….

  11. Is it any wonder that many people talk from such an uneducated place about Bernie Sanders when this video has less than 95,000 views? It should have millions.

  12. We are blessed to have a presidential candidate like Bernie Sanders. Americans should appreciate this as a truly unique blessing and come together to vote him into the White House. Bernie will usher in an historical and very positive turning point in our country. It is often difficult to see how things can be better when you've resigned yourself to accept the same broken, corrupt system we've had for too long. This is why we must recognize a great vision when we see one; a vision that paints a picture of an America that is inclusive to all Americans; that has a strong middle class once again and that can actually deserve label of being the envy of the world. Bernie's vision is dependent on a democratic system where people participate. He is not an empty suit with empty "politician" promises, and he is not a cult of personality like so many other politicians. He is a breath of fresh air and a light in the darkness of fear and cynicism. Get out and vote for Bernie Sanders!

  13. Finally, someone speaks for us in the middle class. Finally someone destroys the notion that the word socialism is evil. What is evil is our neglect of our infrastructure and our people's needs.

  14. In the UK, the British ruling class for the first time in the history of the Labour Party, do not have 'their man' at the helm. They are terrified of the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn winning the election in 2020 and will do everything in their power to stop him. In the US, Bernie Sanders represents the best advance and prospects for the vast majority of Americans for the first time in generations. Good luck to him, and to all his supporters. For Socialism in the United States of America –

  15. …DO YOU FEEL IT?

    Bernie and Liz Warren?
    My heart is soar'n!

    1%? The jig is up,
    you're out of luck!

    For OUR America…
    your ideas suck.

    99% Joe and Mary?
    Please… don't be wary…

    You've found, for sure,
    A heart that's pure!

    This is your big break
    Your vote to make…

    For what you yearn,
    F E E L T H E B E R N !

  16. There's nothing new or revolutionary with what Mr. Sanders is saying. The revolution is that it confronts America in its face with a decades-old truth that America is neither democratic nor honest about its economic system. America is not capitalist. It is a plutocracy that socializes the cost of capitalism whenever it fails. For those knee-jerk opposed to the word "socialism," get over it already. America has embraced socialist policies since the Great Depression (social security, minimum wage, 40-hour work week, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance, etc.). It is so embedded in American society that you have yahoos opposing Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) with ignorant remarks like "[Obama] keep your hands off or my medicare!".

  17. I think I need to pinch myself….. Did I just listen to the most brutal political truthful speech ever? Yup, I think I did….and I am BERNing with faith that there is REAL hope for our Country again. This man has My and my Family's VOTE!

  18. If you ever wanted to be a the world..get down to your statehouse Tuesday and file to run for Congress, Senate or Governor on FDR and Bernies Platform. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton cannot do it without us. A democratic congress, senate and governorships supported by democratic state senators will ensure we get the best government we have seen since FDR. This is your chance. You have lots of places to serve. Bernies coattails are made of Velcro! One last thought. How great will it be to be in the front row seats as Bernie delivers his inaugural address next January..then you being sworn in right afterword..then dancing the night away the inaugural ball? Imagine living John Lennon's dream…giving peace a chance. Imagine a Government serving its people. It's real. Bernie 2016!

  19. So are we going to build a giant wall over our American borders, invest tens of millions into our military? Or could we use that money to better our personal lively hoods, childrens future's, job incomes and even potentially our global environment? Should we listen to the marionette's in which are controlled by the elites/illuminati that use terrorism as a weapon to manipulate the public opinion and understanding of the "truth" through mass media planned by hundreds of secret societies and organizations? Or better we stand up and "elect" for a true change in strategy? I'm afraid that if presidential elections are rigged by the very wealthy families, the ones who own all the major food corporations that feed and poison our people to uneducated the very unaware population (I like to call them Sheeple) in order to follow through with what ever they may have planned, we may just end up in the Trump doomsday. These same families or so called "elites" people, have not only doubled their billions of dollars within 2 years (thats $178 BILLION, yes $178,000,000,000,000… 12 zeroes) between 15 families (that also don't have to pay taxes, as stated by Bernie Sanders himself) but then these same families turn around start and selling "Prescription Drugs" to the very people they made sick and cancerous in the first place also invest billions of dollars into lawyers and staged "news" broadcasts to shut down any opposing articles and companies that try to expose their deceptive mass media system. In all seriousness you should NEVER use prescription drugs to be healthy (unless your past the point of no return) they make you sicker, which makes you buy more drugs costing you more hard earned cash and turning into more profits. They train almost any modern day doctor to prescribe these disease causing "medicine", I recommend searching for all natural doctors that use natural remedies and not drugs. You must remember for them, it's all about the money and increasing profits even if it costs lives, buildings, pollution, lies or dumbing down the population so that they can keep making their billions and stocking up and preparing for the inevitable instructions of possible mass destruction.

    Lets not forget GMO's –

    A great book explains this very detail of health knowledge in full detail and it is called "Natural Cures" by Kevin Trudeau who went to jail for exersizing his rights to the 1st amendment, hunted down and arrested for exposing the truth of what could potentially save LIVES. I feel it is my duty to inform as many people about Bernie Sanders and information similar to what I described above, as I intend that we must not arm ourselves with ignorance but with knowledge. Knowledge and enlightenment is what we need as a human species, it is required if we are to survive for the next drastically changing millennium. Symbolism is the key to teaching.

    As Albert Pike said "An ignorant population is one prone to a despotism waiting to happen."

  20. Despite not being an US citizen i find myself wanting to donate to his campaign.
    On the other hand I am really concerned of what might happen to him if he actually tries to make things right again. (JFK)
    You deserve a president that is more than a puppet of the 001 %
    A better president than just the best money can buy.
    Even more than that, the world needs a decent person as president of the empire the USA have become.
    It is well enough that people of the nation do not
    understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe
    there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
    Henry Ford

  21. In my Republic, we have 3 months paid maternity leave & now extend for another month & yet we 're not as rich as US. We have a mixed economy of Capitalism & Socialism – a good & fair balance…

  22. Bernie is Americas last chance with out him look forward to the future being poorer sicker homelessness war another words hell. if he is not president the common man is at fault and we do not deserve Bernie.

  23. Here's today's video by Bernie voter in Spanish. You can make 1-2 minute video for Sanders, too! Message me? Thanks! SEE THE BERN on FB #seethebern. Thanks for viewing, liking and SHARING and positive comments.

  24. The godfather of integrity! Seeing our Millennials choosing to be a major voice in this movement certainly instills hope that this transformation is indeed possible! #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

  25. Hey! It's my schmart Jewish uncle running for president!
    Better than the rest!
    Most of us are middle class…he speaks to us in a genuine way.
    Screw the megacorps and the DC status quo!
    He is a gift we CAN give ourselves.

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