Bernie Sanders Defends Socialism, Derides Trump as 'Phony, Racist'

what is your response to those who say nominating a socialist would reelect Donald Trump well I think the responses that the polls last poll I saw had as 10 points ahead of Donald Trump because the American people understand that Trump is a phony their Trump is a pathological liar and a racist and that he lied to the American people during his campaign he said he was going to stand up for working families while President Trump you're not standing up for working families when you try to throw 32 million people off their health care that they have and that 83 percent of your tax benefits go to the top one percent that's how we be Trump we expose them for the fraud that he is [Applause]

  1. Strong Words coming from a Socialist old man. His socialist paradise has crashed in South America I know this because they are all running North to America.

  2. mr sanders in the annal of recent crime is the fruit of the bi racial thank you for seeing my feelings regarding getting over the degradation of this current onslaught…georgia lynn jones

  3. Democratic Socialism calls for the end of Capitalism and the creation of a system where the state and workers control all production and distribution. This is what Sanders and AOC ultimately want to achieve. If you don't believe me, just go to the DSA website and click "About Us." They clearly state that "At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end. As we are unlikely to see an immediate end to capitalism tomorrow, DSA fights for reforms today that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people" I am always amazed that so many people will say that Democratic Socialism does not call for the end of Capitalism when the DSA clearly states this is their end goal right on their website. Oh and since this has devastated every single economy that has ever attempted it in all of history, probably a bad idea.

  4. Hahahaha. Do people actually believe anything this corrupt socialist bastard even says? I mean really folks. If he is gonna make claim, he can atleast back it up with evidence, not FACT, atleas evidence. This guy has neither. These fucking democrats make OBAMA look conservative. Its now 3 seperate parties, Republicans, Democrats and socialist

  5. Bernie sanders is a treacherous POS communist and has violated the oath of office and talking out of his ASS the democrats or should say communist party has destroyed healthcare all on their own by giving lowlife border jumpers and lazy people healthcare at the expense of American taxpayer he's a damned THIEF!!!!

  6. Socialism has never worked in any country. Sanders is the habitual liar. He knows it would destroy citizens, their freedom, and their liberty and everything they do would be totally controlled by gov.

  7. Hell no no Socialism or social programs and give the corporations all the tax breaks they want most taxpayers in America don't mind giving up their money to Corporate America💰💰💰

  8. Hey Bernie ,I hear Venezuela isn't doing to good, maybe you can go to Venezuela and help them out with your ideas.

  9. Bernie seemed a bit more defensive and off-key. In 2016, he was calm and more collected. But now, its like a angry old white man being upstaged by others far left candidates who are more engaged and energetic.

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