Bernie is a CONSERVATIVE Socialist not a Progressive Capitalist

maybe people's gym again so I wanted to make this video because I've been kind of like looking at things about Bernie Sanders right here you see I went to the conference sorry the the rally that he did way back in California at USC campus and what it kind of was showing me is like is so I always had this question with regard to what is it progressive and what is a conservative and is Bernie Sanders a progressive socialist or a conservative socialist because there's a demo as a progressive capitalist there are certain things that a progressive capitalist won't go as far as as far as him on you see as a socialist he believes that the major industries and he's written this before in his past that he believes that the major economic infrastructure of the state should be owned by the state you can still have your corner liquor stores you can still like the corner grocery stores but the major power within the state within the society is owned by the state Bernie Sanders believes as he has written in his past that those systems that those huge economic engines are owned by the state should be seized by the state with no compensation to the investors or owners they were just gone it's taken away those are his positions and those positions are reflected in later on the kinds of things that he ultimately supported in socialist and communist societies that he believed were great societies in fact so much so that he called Cuba that it was that he was quote Guinea when the Cubans took over Iran Fidel Castro took over Cuba the revolution had begun and so he really felt giddy about that so when I looked at that I said well is that a progressive socialist or is that a conservative socialist because like a progressive a progressive looks at whatever like economic system or nation that they are in and they try to reach that nation that economic system to its highest angels we tried they try to say that we must live up to a bigger standard they are like the dr. Kings for example who definitely was a progressive he saw our country as not living up to a higher standard he saw the unit he saw this he saw the Bill of Rights as an IOU handed down from one generation to the next and then we have to live up to that standard and we're not he told white people he told the government old everybody wrong you are not living up to the standard that you dared to put down in that document and you must otherwise are not American otherwise you are not that standard you should take the Bill of Rights and light it on fire because that's not what you believe that was a progressive point of view and then what you have is the conservative point of view the traditions of a society the traditions of the positions of that society or that culture must come first and that those traditions are worth following no matter what in the face of inhuman up in the face of great human tragedy that the society is doing a conservative will say something along the lines of yeah I know that's bad but we're still noble and worthy people because we are America first kind of things or with England and its occupation of India but England believe a conservative Englishman said the Sun never sets on English soil and that even though stuff is happening over there we are Englishmen and we are better whereas a progressive Englishman sat down with Gandhi and said you know what you're right we may be English and I am proud to be an Englishman I am proud of the traditions I may be proud of what we are as Englishmen but we are not living up to that high standard we are doing terrible things to India and we should leave that's a progressive so when looking at Bernie would he be a progressive socialist or a conservative social niceties that's the question that's the question this video asks because you see there were nations that were per Brett that were socialist and that were communist that he practiced even in the face of incredible human action being conducted by those societies he continued to embrace them even while they were doing the evil thing he embraced them which would make him a conservative not a progressive and that would be you see in 1980 Bernie Sanders endorsed and supported the Socialist Worker party candidate for president of the United States in the face of Jimmy Carter and they were saying that Cuba that Castro but we had to support the revolution in the face of what's going on well what was going on probably see in 1970 I think 7 and 78 was when Castro decided to empty his prisons into the Gulf of Mexico now he was human in one sense in doing that by dumping people who either politically disagreed with him they were mentally or whatever he just took them and threw them into the ocean he at least put him on boats but of course he put like boats that can only support 50 people and he would put like 75 people on that boat so people would be cramped like sardines on that boat and some would fall over and fell into the Gulf of Mexico and drowned and died and their punishment of death by drowning in international waters was because I know some of them because they defied the will of the state so that was deaf so these people were floating in the Gulf of Mexico and they were coming towards the United States because that's kind of how like how the currents kind of took them as they would go as they would eventually float to the United States and so basically Carter looked at that and realized that these people are gonna show up one way or another on US soil either they're bobbing corpses would float into Florida or we'd go and pick him up so Carter being is a humanist that he was said okay send out the Navy go pick up some of these bodies some of these people bring him here to Ford and we'll take care of them we'll try to do we can for them because if we don't they're going to die that's kind of inhuman isn't it take your political prisoners for whatever crimes that they committed and shove them into the ocean not exactly a noble thing but Burnie mr. nobility against all wars great foreign policy grant on foreign policy believed that Cuba should have been supported even though they did that the revolution must go on then there was the Quran and the Sunnah nice TISS now in Nicaragua the Sandinistas you know they took over power yeah the government prior to them was the despotic dog dictator of a regime got that totally understand it but when the sudden East is took power it was also a bloody were it was also a pretty bloody revolution and when they did take over one of the things that they did is they took the land from the whole rich people and they gave it to their friends at least that's what the people who fled to the United States trying to get away from the Sena nieces who were basically going to kill them if they didn't turn over their property so they picked up with all their assets and they ran to the United States and here in California they've armed what was known as the Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce and these people will tell you the stories and the horror stories of what it was like to live under the Senate Easter's regime you see some of those because like you know when they took the land from the quote rich people and they gave it to their friends and why I know Bernie will say they gave it to poor people well not exactly because they didn't give it to the native population now did they so they just bought there so they just bought loyalty here's money here's land love us because you are now rich man the state loves you next what they decided to do beyond that is they started disappearing people by the hundreds of month I'm according to Human Rights up according to human rights organizations and these people were being killed people who were potentially against the will of the state because that was fine whatever but Bernie was still saying that we should support these people they were using rape as a form of political control over the population now how do you use rape as a political form of population control well it's very simple you know in a male-dominated culture the one thing a man will does not want to do is see their daughter or their wife raped in front of their own eyes helplessly watch as that happens being held down by six guys or whatever so that kind of terror that kind of fear was held within that society there were some other things that they did but what Bernie Sanders did in mid-80s is he was the highest ranking US official there's no other US mayor up to the president United States would travel to Nicaragua except of course during the iran-contra investigation then they went down there to look at the inhumanity of art of what America was doing down there which is actually a progressive thing to do because the progressive is looking at the United States and is saying the United States is not living up to its standard is not living up to a small standard that even though the Nicaraguans are doing bad things it doesn't necessarily mean that gives us the excuse to do bad things we don't provide guns to people to kill more Nicaraguans just because we don't like the current Nicaraguan government we find a way to lead with our values and go down to Nicaragua and convince the government and its people the capitalism and American values is what you should follow we fall short of those values but those values that we do have is something that you nicaraguan should embrace guys did we fall short but so do you but Bernie embraced that keep those people and he went down there and he cheered them so I'm going to play to you after this what Bernie said in his own words and what kind of Cuba was doing and asked me the simple question is Bernie Sanders a progressive socialist or a conservative socialist thank you action he favored the public ownership of utilities banks and major industries without compensation to investors or stockholders face it you don't find too many socialists in elective office in this country and one is elected mayor of a sizeable City we as a socialist the word socialism does not frighten me and I think it's probably fair to say that the Nicaraguan government is primarily a socialist government the government there has the strange and unusual idea that they should attempt to do something for the people of Nicaragua rather than for the United States corporations they are now teaching poetry not only to peasants and to workers but in the in the military in the police department when Sanders was the mayor of Burlington Vermont he vowed that his city would defy the Reagan administration's embargo against Nicaragua and the Sandinistas who had overthrown an american-backed dictator and instituted a revolutionary socialist government in 1985 Sanders traveled to Nicaragua to attend a celebration in honor of the revolution sixth anniversary I mean if it's unbelievable to say that a mayor of the city of 38,000 is now the highest-ranking American to visit them during the celebration of that revolution my was treated you know in a special way surrounded by reporters at the airport upon his return Sanders was enthusiastic about what he had seen in Nicaragua many of the things that we saw were impressive there's a tremendous sense of energy Sanders praised the Sandinista leadership and President Daniel Ortega latekka is an impressive guy Ernesto Cardenal is that there's a funny looking guy's gray hair and he really does remind you of the hippie they are not to quote Ronald Reagan Looney Tunes characters I just went all around and stock people yes from are you with the government or not I kind of laughed they don't quite on the same what you're talking about of course there was the government now obviously I will be attacked by every editorial writer and the Free Press were being a dumb do maybe I am I was impressed by their intelligence and by the of sincerity these are not political hacks he praised the seizure of private farms and businesses in terms of land reform giving for the first time in their lives real land the farmers and people of Nicaragua the poor people respect that rich people needless to say who used to have the good life there are not terribly happy but Sanders didn't mention was that by 1985 international watchdog groups had exposed the Sandinistas significant human rights violations a 1981 report by the inter-american Commission on Human Rights revealed mass executions and persecution of indigenous peoples and just two years before Sanders made his trip Time magazine reported that hundreds of citizens were disappearing every month at the hands of the Sandinistas many of us get depressed about what's going on in Nicaragua today at the absolute lies that are coming out of the White House in fact we have like to be very exhilarating Sanders accused the American government and media of conspiring to cover up a socialist success story the important story is not Nicaragua when you read the New York Times the real truth is not being told and how that's off escaped ok that's what the interesting story if you get on the air and you say I'm sympathetic to the Sandinista government I think it was right they made their revolution they're trying to do the right thing nobody my point who Ortega is they are not getting their message of what they are trying to do out to the American people I just came back from a 14-hour trip like the Sandinistas would remain in power for five more years after Sanders's visit and the Nicaraguan Permanent Commission on Human Rights would go on to document over 14,000 instances of rape torture and murder during their reign they really were talking about a transformation of society giving power to the poor people to the working people and that has caused the conflict needless to say in Nicaragua which were seeing today I remember for some reason of being very excited when when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba I was a kid my mother Rita just seemed bright and appropriate the core people were rising up against ugly rich people while Sanders was still mayor of Burlington he traveled to Cuba in 1989 to seek a meeting with Fidel Castro though he ended up settling for the mayor of Havana by this time Castro had seized private farms and businesses imprisoned artists created informants squads to monitor and arrest dissenters and forced gay citizens and other undesirables into labor camps everybody was totally convinced that Castro was the worst guy in the world all the Cuban people were gonna rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro they'd forgot that he educated the kids gave them health care totally transformed the society you don't have to say that Fidel Castro of Cuba are perfectly Oh certainly but Castro was open about his need to limit individual rights in order to ensure collective rights he understood that curbing press freedoms was a prerequisite for the success of a socialist government saying he couldn't tolerate dissidents in the mass media because the people's cohesion is fundamental if you ask us if their paper could appear here against socialism I can say honestly no it cannot in that sense the freedom of the press that you possess in u.s. but Sanders disagreed with Castro he thought the American press was similarly compromised because it was controlled by politicians and big-money interests beginning to read about the Cuban Revolution and finally I was more impressed about us how it was being reported in the United States press began to understand but you don't always hear all of the truth for example just last night I was watching Canadian television which we got down here there was a program on Cuba we're not allowed to see those problems here just because Ronald Reagan dislikes these people does not need to say that the people in their own nations feel the same way today the Cuban government censors the internet bans public displays of affection between gay couples and jails people for criticizing the government you could say there's some positive things in Cuba with some very negative things 50 years after the Revolution people still can't dissent with freedom the economy is terrible but you know if somehow they've decided that Cuba is the only non democratic country in the world [Applause] you at Harper bill Jorgensen Jura Garrard and the award-winning Action News team good evening politicians from several states tonight are sharply criticizing President Carter's handling of the Cuban refugee problem the governor of Texas bill Clements says the president has literally opened the floodgates placing no limitations on the number of Cubans entering the United States today the Cuban seal if slowed a bit but since last month 25,000 refugees from Castro's Cuba have come to America between midnight and noon today 23 boats filled with over 800 Cubans reached Key West Florida u.s. Marines are now on duty at Key West to keep order among the Restless refugees waiting resettlement in the United States the Coast Guard is urging the Cuban government to adhere to international treaties aimed at protecting lives its lives at sea vessels like this one the dr. Daniels were forced to take far more passengers than it has safety equipment for and getting out of Cuba is still a problem for many many of those who have arrived in the States tell horror stories of being beaten by pro-castro Cubans and secret police and now reports that the Cuban government has stalled the Sealift operation for at least 12 hours backing up boats in the refugee crowded port of Mariel and Pat once the Cubans get to the States they find that the harassment continues as we hear now from Christie what gear trouble may have already begun at Union City New Jersey the largest group of Cuban refugees to date arrived in New York early this morning after a flight from Miami the 95 men and one woman were met by volunteers from scene Anthony's Church in Union City and driven to New Jersey where they spent the night in the basement of st. Anthony's parish school this morning doctors and nurses who volunteered their services were examining them giving inoculations and taking blood samples but while this was going on in the church next door in the school a bomb scare that's all they said evacuate the school we're gonna throw a bomb in the church what kind of accent did the person have no he was the english-speaking person how long ago to this call come in just now these minute when you tried to get into the building that's why we had to evacuate the school well the children waited outside police thoroughly checked all rooms and closets of the school the church's doors were locked and most of the refugees were unaware of the bomb threat people on the scene told me they feared this could be the beginning of an anti refugee sentiment in the community but father Michael Ferraro says from what he's seen in his parish there's no resentment the response and the part of the American people in the parish was a tremendous experience in love and desire to help these unfortunate people coordinators here say they hope to find homes and jobs for 80% of these people by Monday and then they'll be ready to receive some more this even though Hudson County currently has an unemployment rate of 8.5% and Union City has a rate of 11.1% but Father puro says the calls just keep coming in one company that called us said they had put ads in a paper for over two weeks and nobody ever answered the Ajanta I think it was in a factory showing most of the people that we have they are educated and a lot of them have trades 80% of our group of trades a new group of refugees is expected early next week and the North Hudson Council of Mayors has held an emergency meeting and called on the federal government to help otherwise they say the crisis in Cuba will end up as a crisis in New Jersey

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