Benjamin Zephaniah on Windrush, anarchism and his time in North Korea

well we are doing this interview in the middle of the Windrush scandal mmm the Home Secretary has just resigned and been replaced by Sajid Javid and I guess the government is currently hoping that the whole thing is going to die down how have you felt through this that could be me and he said that too interesting a couple of weeks ago when it started I actually said that I think that the home checker he's gonna go and she will be replaced by somebody who's black or Asian now that may be me be cynical but it's happened because that is a good answer you know if somebody's kind of got a personal connection to it but if you are not born in Britain or you have relatives there another born in Britain it could be you but how did I feel I wasn't really that shocked look the Guardian had been running a story for about six months The Voice newspaper has been doing it for about three years yeah I'm even doing it for four or five months and sporadically but generally the media really do not know I know for years I've known of people who were raised here gone back to the Caribbean usually for a funeral or something and have trouble getting back the ones I've known personally have managed to get back but you know it's been a bit of a struggle they've had to kind of show that they are from here and I think you know head should roll and you know the Prime Minister I think she's at a moment she's getting away with it and I don't know how long she's gonna last but my fear is but we have again felt our scenario in that she makes a lot of promises she says he's gonna put do an inquiry and then it goes off the radar because look at the people from Denville tower they're still living in bed and breakfast is in hotels and but but as this has unfolded I mean have you have you felt more angry about have you felt that race oh you know similarly I've known about this for years I've known about the particular stories for months and that we've been covering and but it's only when it's it suddenly comes to a head and everybody starts talking about it and you suddenly focus in on it yeah as the big issue of the moment that you you know you become really enraged by what I feel angry when I hear Theresa made like just fudging questions and not answering questions I really and not taking responsibility what a how felt recently I don't know if this is just me getting older but it's happened to me a lot recently that I get very cheerful when I listen to or read or hear the individual stories that really does make me cry I'm thinking of some now and you know I'm getting very emotional because I don't know if you know that like somebody died and the doctors say they can't see the reason for death you know it's unexplained I say he died of a broken heart he lost his job he lost his house he lost his friend because he started begging you know and I'm convinced he just gave up you know in lots of languages they have a word for this but the nearest thing we have written the English language is a broken heart I heard of a manager of a day he was arrested and he was let Gold and he was arrested again he was arrested on Monday and told he was going to be deported under Wednesday he got to his wife and she managed to get their life savings to get a lawyer to liberate him from the airport his life savings were 700 pound better to give it to a lawyer people that have gone back to in the case I know Jamaica to a funeral and still haven't been able to get back to Britain after months this is a friend of yours yeah this is a friend of mine so you know these things I'm probably past being angry I just want something done about it and I think even as we sit here and we're interested in politics that's why we're here but the majority of people that be so effective not interesting particular I just want to get home or they just want to be able to move freely they just want something done so I think it's it's almost the waste of time intellectualizing about it but how does it make you feel as a bristle because it's very easy my parents came over in this generation to is very easy to know about their stories to live your life to be successful to have a nice home and to think that Britain has come a long way and everything's very different and not to be abused openly in the street routinely although that happens a little bit again and what I wonder is whether it's made you feel I mean I've long felt that we've been going backwards and all sorts of ways and I wonder whether you feel that – I have to go back to my memories of growing up in Britain and there be no go areas for me and people like me I can name parts of London and Birmingham which we just couldn't go to I had my first races attack when I was eight years old somebody slapped me with a brick to the back of my head as they were riding pass on a bicycle and said go home you black bastard I didn't understand what they meant you know when you should go home I were at home I'm going home you know when I got home I said mom why did he tell me to go home and she explained to me that there were people that didn't like me for because of the colour of my skin and that this wasn't home for this yet from they didn't think that this was my home coming out of clubs and encountering groups of racist skinheads that are ready to fight you out sometimes they invade the clubs or invaded clubs and and then having police that were openly race those days are gone you know we have to admit that it really I really get frustrated when people say nothing's changed a lot has changed even in the jobs that we did we do I can remember a time when our complaint where there were no black or Asian people on television I remember as a kid we only saw Americans so things have changed during the brexit vote for the first time I think since probably the late eighties I had people calling me and I'm gonna say the n-word I usually say the full world I don't know what the policy is here people calling me a nigger and telling me to go home somebody shed beasts and Europeans leaving and you're next and it was really interesting because this was like two or three weeks before the vote and two or three weeks after and then it just stopped and this is in my little rural idyll in Lincolnshire and I remember one day I was telling somebody about this on the street you know during this time a white person and this person said this is terrible Benjamin and I didn't think this could happen in that village and as she said that somebody drove past and said go home me again and and shouted to this woman this like old English lady I don't think he's ever left Lincolnshire and you die to need a lover she looked so and and my immediate thought was was a fro back to where I used to hear before so there is still a kind of undercurrent of that type of racist in existence in the country but I don't I still don't think he's right it was before but what I feel now with the Rindler situation is that I don't feel safe I think they I think you go to lots of people who have been moved out of a country of being expelled or whatever and if you say to them go about 20 years you think this could've ever happened they'll say no I lived in Yugoslavia for two years and the Serbs and the Kratz all live together and I don't think any of them ever fought it's gonna be a time when they would have to run for their lives we just don't know and I think you know if something really drastic happened in the country I think there are a lot of people that wouldn't count us as British there's the matter about of being born here or not I think that's a long way away I mean I mean it's easy to forget that the underlying racism and division in Britain because people don't come up to you in the street and abuse you the way they used to when we were kids but what the Windrush scandal has perhaps exposed is the underlying prejudices the institutional racism structure and that's that that's what's leading to what you're saying the fear that this can all come back not just come back that'd be worse yeah I mean I have to say but um when this happened to me in my village when a lot of people in the village heard about it I mean this is a really small Billy the query quiet place they rallied around me I'm sure they really I mean they volunteered to put up security for me I suggested that I might leave absolutely no way Benjamin please you're not leaving here and there's something about when people this is what's happened in the Windrose case I think it's also happened with the dialling durian while the Stephen Lawrence case and Doreen Lawrence that people looked at Doreen and said this is three average using 30 commas housewife here she wasn't a political radical or anything like that you know that could have been my son black or white and I think when a lot of people saw Dorian Laurent they identified you know and and therefore supported the campaign to get her killers put behind bars and I think the same thing with the windra things there's a lot of people who are not interested in black politics at all but they look at these elderly on the whole there a lot of them at elderly people who've just gone out the country for shopping to France or something and then can't get back in the country and their heart goes out to them people in my village who have met my mother my mother is you know definitely wind generation she didn't actually come and live in Russia she came on a copy of ships afterwards and they know her as Benjamin's mama she's lovely and she comes to the church she gets us to sing along and it could Jamaican style when they realized that that could have been my mother the whole village became kind of very militantly interested in what was happening we've this whole wind rush fiasco how did your mother come here she saw the posters she was very typical of many people at times he was walking down a street he looked hopped he saw a poster she with her sister actually and they read the poster come to England where the streets are paved with gold there are jobs here waiting for you we are the mother country we welcome you et cetera she said to her sister do you want to go and as he says it too damn cold I'm not going anywhere near that country she said I'll give you a try I mean the Caribbean you don't necessarily get raised by your parents and she was very much raised by her uncle this is just a thing they do sometimes so she went to her uncle and said you know I fancy going and uncle gave her the money and she came to England originally to Sheffield and worked as a cleaner and then somebody said they could get her a job nursing which is what she always wanted to do in Birmingham so she went to Birmingham I started to go back to Jamaica just to visit and I would see my cousin's they look like me them just song very to me I can you know them so I'm very different from the Benjamin Zephaniah the income from England we do to America but they look like me they move like me and then I'd see them and I tried football or whatever and I go back to England and I'd come back next year and they did you know I've were in a hurricane or my family do a lot of fishing so they go out from the boats and they just never return surprise that and it always struck me that you know Here I am in a relatively safe country we don't have hurricanes here we have a bit of wind and we call it hurricane but they were kind of every time I went back there was some disaster natural desert then it was so normal for them to lose yeah yeah especially especially the men because they were doing very dangerous work and so I always was aware of kind of how lucky I was to be born in Britain you know and which makes all the more shockingly you would say now that you don't feel safe you know I I so love this country it's amazing you know I mean and as a young wrestler I don't know if you understand the whole Rastafarians that we want to go to Africa and as soon as I was able to try to travel to Jamaica and travel to Africa I realized how English I was and how much I love this country why are you important because I've seen politicians that are being very close to some of them and I've seen the compromises there to make and I can understand sometimes you have to make compromises caring about politics and human rights issues is different from kind of you know running a surgery and all the kind of things that our MP and a politician has to do but you are all about checking John you've been all about changing your own life and you are now working with young people all the time to help them change theirs and you could conceivably do on a much bigger stage of what really especially in South Africa and in the new labor products as well both times I remember seeing pictures of the first black government in in South Africa and Tony Blair's Labour government that's what I remember looking at them and going gosh I know half of him and a lot of them were good people but I saw them kind of get beaten down by the system you know I've got to tell you something which will kind of it's going to upset people under the left and it's going to upset people on the right and I think it's because it's completely misunderstood and we're all respect I think you misunderstand it I might be wrong but you can challenge many I'm Anna kissed I believe this needs to be torn down I believe we need to start again I don't believe that we need governments in the kind of model that we have but I'm also aware that we're not going to achieve that now you know I can give you examples of anarchism all over the world I know places in Asia I know places in Africa where they see nothing of big government they see nothing of the government at all where they police himself look after them several well this tribes Inc I was in Kenya not so long ago and I was talking to some people there on the border and I said to them you know I was doing the radio for program actually and I said um do you feel Tanzanian or Kenyan and they were why we just here I said the borders there and crossed everybody there's no government there they police themselves they live relatively in harmony they do have disputes but they sort it out themselves I've seen examples in rural China where they don't see government at all you know everybody talks about the power of the communist government and all that stuff they don't see government officials at all and you say you know that's never gonna happen here because you know it can't happen on a big scale it can having a village on the border of Tanzania but it can't happen for the whole of Britain well no I think it can because you don't think of the whole of Britain you think of individual areas think of what works for them so what works in Lincolnshire may not be the way it should work in Devon or whatever and don't literally mean no law no authority it means no government it means no authority means we take nobody's ability we police ourselves if it doesn't it means no police force it means people may serve a kind of police service but not a police force and so so what what do you think I should be shot for turning up late at school if your pardon in a world where there are no rules there's no police there's no nothing what's to stop individuals having crazy thoughts about what should what should be a consequence or a rule or an action well that's a ridiculous question we would have ways and it depends on their society and and Kukoc and all that so we would have ways of policing ourselves and of course we would have to think about people with our hesitate I decided I'm sure if it's politically correct with mental illness because somebody somebody that says you know somebody should be shot for turning up late to work they can't be a bit of their sound mind and we would have ways of healing those people and dealing with them and it may be in some cases a way of isolating them so you think you can have society within anarchy yes yes but it's not a kind of top-down society unless unless the different so and the problem is that we can't imagine it we find it very difficult to imagine because even the way that you are dealing with it know you're kind of asking questions that come from the education you have in the systems that you've seen but you know the whole idea of the nation's face and lots of other things that we take for granted are relatively new I believe that a long time ago not only to be govern ourselves in cyber to the cold and the key but in terms of the way that we perceived as spirituality didn't need a church it didn't need a preacher we just did it through meditation and getting in touch with that God ourselves and we've lost the confidence to do that so we delegate the responsibility to the priests to the church I mean and we've lost the confidence to run our own life so we delegate that responsibility to politicians now I know it's going to sound crazy to a lot of people because I know they can't imagine it but we see pockets of it all the time when Greenville tower went up in flames the government left the people alone there was nobody there they organized everything they organized money the only thing from the state that you really saw was the firefighters you know but in terms of organizing people getting people a bed finding relatives and all that kind of stuff it was an icky but it was beautiful ana.k and do you want to do anything to try and achieve that or do you just think I'm not possible I'd like to have a revolution but everybody's too busy shopping you know that's the culture we live in now and I've seen it all over the world I've seen our people in China anything get more freedom and what's the first thing they do go shopping I kind of partly lived there you could say I never spent a hard winter day I'm not that tough but I just my love of martial arts just took me there yeah and I do a lot of writing there and because I don't get recognized that much although I'm on a plane basically and a guy comes up to me a Chinese guy and he says oh can I have your autograph so I sign my autograph and he goes no no no you're Bob Marley like oh no I'm not Bob Marley Bob Marley died a long time ago and it's easy insisting that I sign Bob Marley then another Chinese guy comes up in because what are you talking about this is not Bob Marley how dare you this is Kofi Annan seriously even worse you know I can see some resemblance to Bob Marley people known to copy man right okay baby you like China you like going there well she's about as far away from anarchy as you could possibly get it can be tough but I don't know about father he is far away from anarchy you know I wanted a few people you may meet well maybe I'm not that spent time in North Korea they would believe it or not there's some things I liked about North Korea it's far away from anarchy yeah how much time have you spent there while I've been there a couple of times and I've spent nothing I probably exaggerated a bit ought to give it about six months the last long time it's a long time for North Korea because it's very if you want all your modern stuff and I'm a vegan you know it's a very very tough but I enjoyed being there I wanted to see for myself you know and it taught me a lot and I'll tell you something I've lived I was born in Britain and I've lived here most of my life capitalist country and all that so and you know I've survived in this capitalist system but I didn't really understand capitalism and tell them into China you know that's raw real capitalism you know it's like everybody's capitalistic most people are embarrassed so you call him a communist and even there was a debate in the in the political classes about getting rid of the title communists and they kind of keep it almost for nostalgic reasons and because there are some people that alive that remember they all struggle and all that because it's all about making money it's all about making money and who knows the North Koreans might be next but what's what's drawing into these authoritarian States with this North Korea Yugoslavia under tito or won't or china if you're an analyst that hard because i want to see for myself I don't believe what I hear here I don't know you tell a lot of it you know I mean but I listen to it and I think right what do I make of it do I want to go and investigate this myself when I was a teenager sorry early twenties you know it was the Cold War and we were told it the Russians and what did I do I got on a plane and went to Russia it's one thing I learned about my travel and one of the reasons why I go to places that are authoritarian and and some other places that are very capitalistic is because I'm interested in people and how people live from day to day and one thing I found that we all have in common is that we all have politicians that claim they represent us and we're all frustrated because politicians are represent us doesn't matter where you are that happens in Iran and Adams in Pakistan that happens in China that happens in Britain but to be an allocation the way you've described it a society in which people just organize themselves and do good you've got to have a lot of faith in human beings and people and different kinds of people yeah I do have faith in people I really do I know it's not scientific for I do believe in the end good will overcome evil you don't believe the tyranny of the majority would always mean you know minorities oppressed no I believe if you give people power they can come to radical but this is not about giving people power this is about giving people responsibility I spoke on radio once about fighting the National Front ending in the streets of London and a guy wrote to me and he said he remembers fighting me you know you struck the Broadway and he's now a Buddhist monk and you could literally see the tears on the page because he turned his life around one of the reasons why I hate the death penalty I always think you should leave a little time for redemption a little little space to turn your life around when I see disaffected white youth in this country who were angry at they've angry at me and foreigners and all that stuff I really want to talk to them because I know that the things that make them angry make me angry and I know that if me and them got together we could it we could approach attack whatever you want to call it the people that are making us angry again I use have a poem that used to go if you get uptight and you want to fight fight then not me if you check out the scene and things aren't right see them not me I came I saw I live here and I have my tribulation to be if you're getting uptight and you want to fight fight them not me if you live in a kitchen and you can't afford chicken blame them not me if the taxi pays high and you live up in the sky see them not me I come from afar but I live here and all I want is an equal here if you getting uptight and you really want fight fight them me it's a long time I won't do all of it but you know and I used to perform that to people and try and say to them look we can unite I remember back living in East London when race is from moving into East London and I remember hearing some kids say to me you've taken all our good housing you know you've taken all our jobs and I took them to show them how to Bengali people were living and were like this is terrible you know look at the jobs they were doing this is outrageous come on unite with us and fight for a better life for all of us you know divide and rule is like one of the most kind of simplest but one of the most effective strategies that our oppressors have and that's going on right now is this going on all over again all over again you know there's enough food and enough resources in this world and in this country for all of us it's just about how its distributed and I should also say if anybody listen to this and saying that I'm sounding like an old Marxist or something like that no no I don't think that you know the time gonna drag in a comment new workers put down the tools and or doorman anacoth I think if we rebuild a new kind of society you or me don't have a name for it yet you don't have a name for it yet we have to really arean the future and can you have private property in alec ism yes you can have your house in Lincolnshire that's yours yeah having said that you know I'd be willing to give it up I'd be willing to sacrifice all my stuff for a more equal society no problem at all I got no problem with that at all I've seen real poverty and I've seen real wealth and I don't really want any of them so I'm happy to be somewhere floating around the middle but if it made in more equal society I'm happy to give up I'm happy to give up whatever I find it if you're giving up two chocolate buttons you know unfix you're sort of a polymath now I mean you know you're the you're the you're the professor who left school with with nothing the poet activist you're also an actor and tell me about peaky blinders well I'm quite proud of peaky blinders I mean my part in it is only cameo they keep telling me I shouldn't say only cameo but I don't appear in every episode and I was the first person cast for the series had many series now but um over the first person casts because when Steven Knight was writing it the character just known as Jeremiah Jesus is based on a real character and he knew that he wanted me to play that part so my character is based on a Caribbean guy who fought with a troop or battalion of soldiers that were from Birmingham they in the first world war they went back to Birmingham he went back to the Caribbean but he missed his brother so much that he came back Birmingham and he started kind of hanging out on the street and it became this kind of mad preacher so I play him but it's really good because they take historical facts and then they kind of fictionalized them the IRA people think of the IRA like the 70s and 80s but um the IRA were big in Birmingham in the 1920s and 30s and the Irish accent accent kind of heavily influences the Brummie accent so we take fact and we kind of make fiction from it and it's really popular when we did the first series we were like is anybody really gonna get this a drama set in the 1920s 1930s gangster in Birmingham I explained in the clamorous you know but Birmingham is blemished by the way and it took off you know and I'm really proud of it you've done your autobiography sort of almost the age of 60 I'm 60 now you're 60 now mm-hmm why did you wait until 60 and what you can do with the second half of your life are gonna live to beyond in 20 no I started writing it about six years ago on the understanding that I didn't have a contract they didn't have any money didn't have a deal I wanted to take my time and write it because I didn't want to write another one in laughter well you got at least another 20 30 years who knows but I wanted it to be a kind of not just my story but the kind of political documents of the time you know things I was going through because when I got when I got kicked out of school at 13 the teacher said you're gonna end up dead or doing a life sentence and it's a part of me that kind of believed her so when I started to get involved in crime I started to see people dying and going for long sentences and I kind of thought I'm not that special so maybe I'm going to end up this way so I dedicate the book to myself because I said I didn't think I was gonna live to see 30 and now I'm 16 I've doubled it you know and I find it quite amazing because I really thought I wasn't going to last and this really makes me think of what people some young people are going through today which is in the news right now young people who are 14 15 and 16 sometimes younger killing each other with guns and knives on the streets of Birmingham and Manchester and London I really think that um that could be me that could have been me some people say you know sending more police and defend over mm-hmm tougher sentences you don't really fear the sentence you know you think ill fear getting killed exactly fear getting killed and I don't know if anybody really understand well some people do a course what it's really like to live in this post cold and to have a I'm gonna tell you a guy but gangs in all the surrounding post coals that want to kill you and you don't trust the police you think the police may want to kill you as well go there's deficit in custody and finger IDs who you gonna go to you you carry a knife but are going to protect yourself but I've talked to a lot of these young people and I talk to them because I couldn't see a young me there and there's one thing that they all have in common they're not studying for a PhD they got very little to lose you know there's not much hope for them so they just think this is survival so is that way you were was a teenager yes I mean which case you know you said so much has changed about this country and you know we don't have the kind of over racial abuse that we used to have to live with the police won't be openly racist in the same way in this sense it sounds like not very much has changed what do you have a sense in which gangs and young people today are different to how it was when you were a kid on the whole there wasn't so much death I mean I know it's a bit crude you can't count how many people are dying but for example you know we should say you know if you don't like a man slash him cut him wasn't killing we wanted to mark you definitely wanted them to live with this but now I was talking to kids I do martial arts I do kung fu and I talked to a kid the other day about doing martial arts for discipline and self control and self defense and he was like why would I want to learn all that punching and kicking and I just get her gonna shoot then that's the attitude but you know I have to say that um I'm gonna hold back from calling names but I've been to a couple of estates one in Oxford and a couple of others in Manchester where they have a lot of gang crime and it's all white kids you know so it's not a mystery yeah yeah it's been a lots of been happening in East London recently but it's not just a black thing it's when kids have no hope and they got nothing to lose not so long ago I was in a shop right there's a little finger buy a little jeribai right something to do with sports and I looked at a price of it and it was so expensive buy for I'm gonna Nick it to pay for this is so expensive I put it in my hand and then I sounds gonna put it in my pocket so far I could see the headline now Rastafarian poets shoplifting you know I couldn't I'm just about to publish my autobiography I really want to do that interviewed Chris Nagata Murphy all these things coming to me you know I have a lot to lose it's not worth it you know it's happened to me the other day that my lover died a couple of months ago that I almost go into a street fight with somebody I knew I could have put down I mean what you got to lose I think what have you got to lose you know what if you got a job you person didn't ever job is that I've got a lot to lose Brophy if you think you've won so that you go you know a long time ago this very station channel 4 asked me to do a poem in The Rock about the riots in the 80s and the commissioner said can you write a poem about people but riot and white people riot I'm I thought about it for a couple of days and I wrote the poem and I said to them look I'm sorry I didn't write the poem you wanted but I wrote another poem it's about people that don't write it because you go them you don't write it if you have a nice job in a home to come home to at night you just don't write if you have a nice job in a home to come home to at night you don't write it if you are well-fed on unemployment doesn't pressure your head you don't write if you live in the city but you have a country cottage with a view so pretty you don't write it right it's happened too late in that South Africa Britain is great if you've got a lot to lose and I have never spoken to any of these young people that have a great vision of what they want to do in life but feel that they have something to wake up for in the morning for them it's about survival on the streets and they will do whatever is necessary Bobby you created something to lose yourself at a young age to the earth you created a vision of your future you decided you wanted to leave the Midlands go to London be a poet well I mean how did that happen where did it come from I have a gang of boys bassist steel tools from cars and when tools are valuable and I used to sell them to garages and we had like a territory and it's a kind of unspoken rule what I territory was there's a never gang of kids with their territory and so on and so forth some of my gang went into the wrong territory and somebody got shot wounded and somebody shot one of my guys and somebody got killed and then they would come looking for me I'm lying in my bed in Northfield in Birmingham I've got a gun underneath my pillow to protect me there's a guy on the door keeping God because they said they're coming for me and I'm lying then I'm listening to Marvin Gaye a track what's going on and I think about the teacher who said I'm going to end up dead or doing the life sentence and I said I'm no statistician and it was that were mathematician or whatever it is but the law of averages says it's somewhere along the line I am going to end up dead or doing a life sentence if I carry on like this I'm I woke up the next morning and I said to them all here's your money that I owe you a month I'm going to London I'm gonna follow that dream I had as an eight-year-old kid or being a poet some of them laughed I went to my mother I said I'm going to London – what are you going to learn Dinesen I'm going to London I said to them give me two years in you're seen on television and they laughed a little yeah we'll see you on crying much yeah I think it was kind of I think it was called police five-o there was at least five police fire yeah now I went to London I got in this Ford Escort drove to London and I met another gang got involved in another gang gang of poets painters artists a lot of them a household names now does that make you them think about all these kids at the moment who were in getting so you come across and think you can all get out you can all push you a dream you can you if I did it you can do it you know or do you think actually you're the exception and they um yeah this is an interesting question um I would tell people there is a way out I visit a lot of prisons and I go and talk about my work and there has been a time and there was a time a few years ago when I went into Brixton prison and the governor said as I was walking in and there's a guy here that says he knows you and I finished reading my poetry and this guy put his hand up and he says you know do you remember me Benjamin and I looked and I couldn't quite remember him and he said come home bro view took me on my first burglary everybody just thought about love above say that that is true man you taught me now we were talking afterwards and I said to him what have you been doing me July and he said oh I've done two years in ones were three years in Pentonville I've been wearing my scrubs for six months and his life had been a tour of prisons he ought to be what I've been doing I said I've just finished a tour of Colombia I've been working for two weeks in Delhi and now up to Tehran and blubber and my life is just and we went right back to a kind of conversation we had where he was just a talented of me but I went one way and even the other you know so I don't think we can all be famous novelists and whatever but we can all do better and if you're really low you know this was it Oscar Wilde said about looking to the stars you know you've got to look up you've got to give yourself hope well yes yeah yeah yeah we've us thing that they're Benjamin Zephaniah it's been a real pleasure thank you very much indeed cool touch it

  1. I just bought his RASTA album , mines on the Upright label 1983 , btw , I`m not angry at you mate…

  2. F the system!!!
    F the government!
    We don’t want nor need a queen or royal family and your ‘parliament puppets’ do NOT represent US the people!.

    Your days are numbered and you know it

  3. I agree I don't know if it's just this country but I believe that we don't need the government anymore and Revolution needs to start happening we are one of the type of country that doesn't like Confrontation you see other countries fight for what they believe in and what they want and what they want their government to do and instead we just talk amongst ourselves in our home or on the radio complaining then doing something in reality I do believe the government and not there for the people anymore I feel like they're just there to create money take money from US soccer stray and they're not spending the money properly either anyone can write figures but they're not spending it the right way and I just believe we don't need them anymore

  4. why are we letting them do this?!……this isn't what my country is about, this is isn't what my grandfather fought for, what my ancestors died for!….it's time to take it to the streets…resist, disrupt, destroy and defeat the right wing…..

  5. anarchy =/= no rules
    people at least should understand that… but misconception is still out there

  6. A 60 year old man with the naive, nonsensical views of a deluded 16 year old student. Yet people are actually taking him seriously..? God help us.

  7. Great guy, enjoyed listening to him, world traveller but extremely naïve. I dream about anarchy, but if you know human nature you know it could never work except in special situations (for example a tribe in the middle of the jungle with no contact with outside world). Impossible to work on a large scale. But a great guy.

  8. This is a person that has a point of view I can appreciate. He has experienced racism and community backing against racism. The majority (%99 = factual) in Britain are against racial tribalism.

    Live your life and let the radicals fade and die.

  9. With apologies to Benji and all Turkeys!!

    Be nice to yu Tories dis christmas
    Cos' Tories dey like to have fun
    Tories is cruel an' Tories is wicked
    An' some live at home wid der Mum

    Be nice to yu Tories dis christmas
    You can't beat 'em; so get a life
    Get rid of your hate; you've enough on your plate
    Say yo Tory, come meet the wife!

    I know lots of Brits vote for Tories
    And all of dem love christmas time
    Dey really enjoy it, in their mansions they lord it
    An' Labour is out of der minds

    Yeah, there's lots of MPs who are Tories
    An' dey know they've far right to their life
    To freeze out the poor; for the homeless no door
    Universal Discredit and strife

    Tories like listening to Wagner
    And neckin as champagne corks pop
    Can you imagine a nice Tory sayin'
    Tek your money! Get out of mi shop!

    Inflicting their self-centred presence
    Through most dailies and BBC
    Supreme they do reign as the plebs feel the pain
    And that could include you and me

    There once was a Tory called ….. Boris
    Who said please do not try to explain
    Who took the B out of Brexit
    Very soon she'll be flushed down the drain

    Meanwhile Yuletide season approaches
    It's nothing to do with Christ Mass
    But time for the greedy to waste more than need be
    While business men mek loads of cash

    So be nice to yu Tories dis christmas
    Invite 'em indoors from the cold
    Give dem some steak and a piece of your cake
    And don't leave the brandy on hold

    Be nice to yu Tories dis christmas
    Help dem to sharpen der knives
    Join Tories United and they'll be delighted
    Helping them …. up more lives!

  10. Benjiman i really need ur help im really poorly with mental health and i suffer terribly been on all kinds of meds i NEED HELP PLEASE. Also my very good friend scouse mick from retford notts NEEDS. Ur help hes met u before were friends of bob from magull

  11. Without their own passport, how did they get a NI card, have none of them ever worked? How have they supported themselves, genuine question?

  12. How does this man help the society in anyway, apart from promote misery and keep up the resentment. He talks about giving up his wealth for equality, do it then, do it right now, what are you waiting for! What absolute rubbsh he spouts. A 60 year old calling himself an anarchist good lord. Go work in an old peoples home as a volunteer that would contribute more than sitting in chairs all day talking about your ever changing "feelings". Blokes an idiot.

  13. Krishnan In a sane and just system of society of course we will still have personal possesions. I do not want or need your socks underpants or the photo of your Great granny. Krishnan and Benjamin can also stay in their homes. In Europe alone we have over 11 Million empty Houses. It is the means of producing and distributing wealth which will become under the common ownership of all Humanity. With production for human need, not the present dog eat dog rat race for Money Money and Profit Profit.

  14. For those watching this interested in anarchism and learning about it, here's a reading list:
    There are also youtube channels like Libertarian Socialist Rants and Anarchopac that have great videos to learn from as well.

  15. pretty poor understanding of what anarchism is from Benjamin there, anarchism isn't a political philosophy, it's a state of challenging existing structures, anyone from any political bent can be an anarchist. Anarchy does't mean no government, it means a constant state of challenging unnecessary authority and making authority justify itself. The idea that anarchy is complete self organisation and doing away with everything over night is a fairly childish view of what anarchism is (or at least should be)

  16. Oh for goodness sake there is only one race.. it's you guys who keep the notion going that there is more than one! Humans are tribal and they will always be. Just admit that we gravitate towards our own tribe but there are many who want to leave their poor tribe and join a more prosperous one. The Japanese hold dear to their own tribe and they are never called on to defend it. The British on the other hand are always being called upon to defend all other tribes..And fast losing their own ..

  17. The present world economic system is obsolete and long past its sell by date, it is time to dump this dog eat dog rat race into the trash bin. To this end let us all help to speed the day when this wonderful earth and its rich resources are held in common for the benefit of all humanity.

  18. Always a welcome man here in Hong Kong bro, shook your hand on the roof of the fringe club. i respect u dude.

  19. I know how did a greenfell indeed into a windrush immigration issue scandal by a illegal privatisating of government around the world throughout within The IS also ISIS illegally being over the Terriorism Act 1833 as as ID an abomination unto the Lord

  20. Britain did change, things got better… and then they got worse again.
    I personally think people like Thatcher, Blair and May have made Britain mean and nasty.

  21. If he wants to appear English why does he wear his hair like that? Why does he dress like that?

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