1. Anarchists should be mocked. Anyone who believes anarchy is good has a fucking problem. Every single country that has brought about Anarchy has failed, communism, socialism, Nazism, etc. The people who support you you this only support until it stops working. Which has happened multiple times throughout history. It’s places like the USA who have these gun laws to stop exactly what anarchists believe… anarchy. Total Government control never works and it never will. The Government should never abandon its people… of course not. But a government full of anarchists, is a country that’s fucked

  2. For those watching this interested in anarchism and learning about it, here's a reading list:
    There are also youtube channels like Libertarian Socialist Rants and Anarchopac that have great videos to learn from as well.

  3. Crofty thinks he's the next fuckin BBC or some shit. Upload the video n fuck off, don't need all the bumfluffery at the end u melt

  4. "I'm an anarchist"
    Well Ben, keep digging yourself deeper into your hole. You are damning yourself faster than us law-abiding citizens ever could.

  5. come on frankie………lets hear your jokes on burnig muslims!but no you have sokld out to the bbc… 2 women and a token.

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