Becoming Anonymous: The Complete Guide To Maximum Security Online

this is gonna be a good one today hello everybody welcome to Tech lore this is going to be my 8,000 subscribers special video and it's a big one today I'm gonna show you how to go off the grid now not literally I could just tell you to throw your stuff out the window and you're good to go but the goal today is to be able to still browse the web on all of your devices with the absolute maximum security and privacy in mind to essentially get as far anonymous as we possibly can my disclaimer for this video is that the more secure you get the less convenient your life becomes there are going to be tons of different methods and steps in this video and you might not want to do all them since some of them are pretty damn drastic because of this I separated the video into different zones zone 1 is made up of the easiest things to do which all of you guys should be doing 100% of since it's just basic privacy zone 2 is gonna be you know some more things that you might not want to do it's gonna be a little bit more on the advanced side of things zone 3 is gonna be almost all pretty extreme and zone 4 is gonna be for you people out there that are just absolutely crazy and I don't know what's wrong with you but I'm gonna have the step step for you now some of you may ask why and that's a very valid question well at a basic level your privacy is constantly being invaded by the sites you visit your ISP your government and even the services you use like Google or Facebook as of right now the biggest consequences have been selling all of your data to third-party marketers and that's not good some people also fear certain things like Daxing and other types of leaks of your personal information that is also a valid concern and it is something you should watch out for at the end of this video I will have a few ways to test how anonymous you are on the web it's not 100% accurate but it will give you a general idea of how well you're doing I'll also leave a PDF file attached which I created so please look at it which you can download and tally up how secure you are on the web that goal today is to be tickler secured so let's get to that point let's begin with zone 1 passwords I can't tell you how many times I've seen an article talking about the importance of a strong password yet no one I know uses a strong password you must have a password manager with all of your passwords created inside of it with a super super super strong password protecting your password manager I'd recommend testing your secure password on how secure is my password dotnet which will be in a description also never answer security questions online truthfully you should be creating a password inside of your password manager which is the solution to your questions that way no one's gonna be able to guess them and just be able to access your account just because they looked up on Wikipedia you know where you're born I actually made a video you can watch giving you guys a 100% free password manager which also syncs across all of your devices I'll leave a link in the description for that lastly don't overlook your computer and smartphone passwords don't use short pins use a full password involving text numbers and symbols and you should be fine two-factor authentication I'm sure you guys know what this is if you're signing in to a site first it's gonna ask for your password then it's gonna ask for an additional authentication by sending something your phone number that you type into the website now phone numbers have proven multiple times to be a great security risk so luckily many sites are starting to transition to using Google Authenticator which is a great app if a site uses Google Authenticator you use Google Authenticator if it doesn't having a phone number with two-factor authentication is still more secure than not having any two-factor authentication at all your web browser for zone 1 you can use whatever web browser your heart desires go for it however make sure you're only using trusted add-ons and extensions don't use anything sketchy and switch your default search engine to DuckDuckGo or start page either never store cookies history cache or clear them yourself frequently VPNs as you guys might have guessed I was probably gonna talk about this at some point having a VPN is essential to being secure and they're extremely easy to get really it's just really easy to set up you just download one and it works a VPNs and a hugger identity on the websites you visit your internet service provider and any other person trying to track you a VPN will also encrypted traffic so nobody can see what you're doing stay away from free VPNs and try to avoid proxies I asked just made a video explaining everything about VPNs you'd ever need to know and why you need to have one right here or I'll leave it in the description I just can't stress it enough guys VPNs are so important and you need to have one I have tons of reviews on my channel the highest rated so far is Nord VPN I'll leave a review and link for that in the description social media later on in this video it's gonna be a very simple get rid of it but as of right now or stolen zone 1 first try not to use any real information of any kind that includes names addresses phone numbers etc second just like mommies to say do not talk to strangers only talk to family and close personal friends third do not post in public comments you don't know who you're talking to fourth this is geared towards mobile users don't give permissions you don't need to grant Twitter doesn't need to access your location snapchat doesn't need to access your SMS text messages it's that simple don't give them permissions they don't need the last step for social media which is pretty extreme but there's really no other place to put it is to not post any pictures of yourself now I know for some of you that's to say what why would I even use it but it is in the video it is something that does invade your privacy if you want somewhat of a balance you can post a picture of your face but make sure not to have your eyes and your nose inside the same picture because that's how our brains distinguish people's faces easily your phone number I'm sure you've had to put in your phone number online at least once in your life try to avoid this at all costs but at the very least create a Google account with completely false information using a VPN and then use Google Voice and Google Hangouts as a secondary number which is unattached to your personal identity use this number for your accounts online as well as if you need to give a phone number to any stranger or anyone else that wants you phone number for whatever reason a tip if you're trying to create an anonymous email through Google they typically ask for a phone number so you can get something like AI number which is gonna give you a new phone number which forwards everything to your main your smartphone for zone 1 make sure you disable any settings that send your usage data instead of apps and the operating system make sure to have an active VPN all times disabled location services and Bluetooth as frequently as possible and only have the apps you absolutely need to use on your device your computer's similar to phones exact same thing uninstall programs you don't need disable permissions you don't need leave location and Bluetooth services disable those often it's possible and have a VPN on at all times that's gonna wrap up zone one but there's a lot more stuff we can do let's start zone 2 communication first texting texting is completely insecure a normal SMS messages are the absolute worst most alternatives out there like Facebook messenger aren't much better at keeping your data secure and they might actually be worse so the best thing to do is to either only use iMessage which only works on Apple devices or switch over to signal signals gonna be just about the most secure messenger you're gonna find out there it's open sourced everything on there is fully encrypted and you can make sure only you and the person you're texting can view your messages no one else if you have an Android device you can also set it as your default SMS app which is great androids awesome give an iPhone obviously you're not being able to do that because Apple doesn't offer that functionality but you can still install the app and run it separate from your messages about side note signal also protects your phone calls as an added feature you can call someone else with signal using end-to-end encryption so no one else can see it and you guys have full privacy second is email most email providers out there completely invade all of your emails sent back and forth protonmail is a completely secure email service which you should all start using today protonmail is open sourced offers end-to-end encryption the same stuff as signal completely secure now I understand switching email providers is a very difficult thing to do especially if you've had the same email for a long time now but here's how you do it first you're going to want to forward all the emails from your old account to your new protonmail account and you start managing them inside proton second every single email you get from a service you're going to open it up and change your email to your new updated email within that service so every single email you get you're gonna start updating it to be your new email so now you're slowly starting to move everything over and after a few months you'll probably notice that you're not gonna get almost anything in your old email at that point you can probably shut that one down and just start sticking with proton your smartphone part 2 let's start talking about iPhone verse Android a lot of what I'm about to say is up for debate so please keep that in mind and if you have a different opinion please leave it in the comments if you're getting a brand-new iPhone out of box and you're getting a brand-new and your device out of the box the iPhone is most likely going to be the more secure device lots of Android devices don't get continuous security updates and it's currently much easier to infiltrate a majority of Android devices in comparison to I phones the main exception to this is if you have a stock Android device or an Android device close to stock which frequently gets updates however if you're tech-savvy and you want to start diving into zone three or four later on in the video I'm gonna argue Android devices are infinitely more secure than iPhones and I'll explain why if you don't want to tinker with the OS of your phone and you hope to use your phone as stock as it possibly gets I'd recommend iPhones for you or a stock Android device for security storage you need to periodically wipe your hard drives free space using a tool Exede cleaner to make sure you can't recover those files need to leave in another extremely part of storage is encryption you should be using drive encryption such as BitLocker on windows or file Locker for Mac's never ever remove your encryption on Android devices if you're given the option to do so passwords part two this one's super easy guys don't use any form of protection on your computer or mobile devices that isn't a traditional password nothing biometric no pins nothin voice-activated nothing fingerprint activated don't use any of that another overlooked device people don't tend to look at is your router make sure you're not using a default password on your router and you have a password generated by your password manager bonus points if you hide the SSID so you can't visually see the router on your devices you have to input the name of the router manually your web browser part two for zone 2 you should avoid Chrome or any chromium based browsers since Google is very well known to collect all your data try to stick with Firefox or any other privacy base browser extension wise make sure you have you block origin of privacy oriented ad blocker privacy badger a tracker blocker and HTTPS Everywhere to keep you using HTTPS rather than HTTP I'll leave all those in the description in addition make sure flash and JavaScript are completely disabled inside of your browser and there you guys have zone 2 zone 3 and 4 are both gonna be geared towards advanced users but let's go ahead and move forward and explore some more deep-water first is going to be your computer operating system here is the order from lowest to highest security operating systems number 1 Windows as your main operating system number 2 OS X is your main operating system number 3 running a Linux virtual machine as a guest on either operating system or number for a fully installed Linux distribution as your main operating system so that's the goal to completely switch over to Linux distribution like Lubuntu Linux Mint Ubuntu Fedora whatever you guys want to use it's a big transition so I'd recommend starting the virtual machine or dual booting with one of your main operating systems right now so you can try it out before you fully switch over Linux is much more secure than the other two main operating systems and a majority distributions are open-source free and it don't collect much if any information about you Linux is also rarely targeted for attacks or viruses which is another huge plus side note at this point in the video location and Bluetooth should be completely off passwords part 3 this one's pretty straightforward make sure to pass or protect your bios as well as you storage drives this will make sure no one can tamper with your bios or even begin the operating system without typing in a password to get past the bios and access your disk or disks you guys are not gonna like the next step ditch google google is undeniably one of the largest data collectors in existence Google is all about convenience E it's nice to have everything in one location and this is gonna be extremely difficult to do go to Google is my activity center which I'll leave a link in the description where they collect all of your information you might be scared to find out all the data they collect about you delete everything and then delete your entire Google account I know it's so sad and hard to do but if you want the privacy and security you're gonna have to do this it's a total necessity you guys are gonna hate the next step also ditch your addiction this step which is probably the only one harder than the Google step is to get rid of all of your social media I warned you guys in zone one and the moment has finally arrived privacy supposed to hide who you are and what you're doing and social media is 100% not doing that this is probably the toughest one to do and I believe in you guys I really do you can break the addiction you have my support your smartphone part three you're gonna have two options for your phone at this point the first is to get a basic flip phone that does nothing except for phone calls these phones have so little capability you're not gonna be able to encrypt your text messages so you should avoid texting on these phones if you do get one this is pretty damn minimal and definitely not the easiest transition to make for a lot of you out there the second option which is my preferred option is to get an Android device you're gonna want to install a security and privacy oriented ROM without getting any of the Google services installed that does include the Google Play Store so you're gonna have to start getting your apps from the f-droid store I personally use lineage OS which is a great rom and I absolutely love it another option out there which is even more secure than lineage is Copperhead OS but keep in mind it's only geared towards pixels and the Nexus devices which is all you should be using if you are going to get an Android device Cobra has a great project so definitely check it out I'll leave both the roms I talked about in a description location of Bluetooth should also be 100% off your web browser part 3 it's time to bring it out guys the tor browser bundle tor is a browser that will encrypt you traffic and mask your IP address this makes a traffic unable to be sniffed or searched even by your ISP the goal here is to completely get rid of any browser outside of toward if you're currently using Firefox it's not going to be that hard to start using tor since tors built off of Firefox so you notice every setting and the UI is pretty much the same for your Android devices get or bot to connect to the Tor network and orfox as your browser if you want a private browser for Android but you don't want to connect to the Tor network Firefox focus is built from the ground up to be secure by deleting all of your web traffic once you're done browsing I'll leave the links to all three of those in a description I phones are a little bit trickier but not too much as of today red onion seems to be the best option for tor but it will set you back a whopping one dollar and 99 cents if you don't want a tor connection but you want a privacy browser Firefox was nice enough to make Firefox focus for Android and iOS so you're set on both devices once again I'll leave the links to the iPhone apps in a description spending money anonymously there are tons of little things to talk about here so I'm just going to rip through them an easy method is to buy prepaid debit cards in cash activate them with false information do not enter your social security number and when you actually spend online with your prepaid debit card use tor to anonymize your traffic another option out there is to pay with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin I'd recommend using coinbase to get started since it is extremely easy to buy light coins aetherium bitcoins and you can store them all inside of the same account I'll leave a referral link in the description so that every hundred dollars either of us buys and bitcoins is each of us an additional ten dollars it's free money so why not make sure once again you avoid putting any of your real information inside websites like coin base or anything else that was requesting payment you should not use your real information the issue with ping of cryptocurrencies as of today is many websites don't support them yet hopefully in the coming years hopefully tomorrow but it'll probably take a while we'll see more mainstream and popular to use cryptocurrency websites one day house on will get that's gonna wrap up zone 3 everybody if you've done everything up to this point you are a stud muffin but there is still one final zone get hyped for zone 4 all right welcome to zone 4 as you can see everything's a lot different even my room looks a lot different this is for you extreme folks out there who really really really really really want to protect yourself eat it because you're genuinely scared of the world you're a crazy privacy enthusiast or you have a lot of your life you need to protect your smartphone part four back to phones now we're absolutely at no phone or like I said a basic flip phone for only phone calls no texts that's about it your MAC address no no not your MAC address your MAC address spoof your MAC address to make yourself more anonymous on whatever network you're connecting to a MAC address essentially identifies what type of device you have such as an iPhone an OSX laptop etc to spoof your Windows computers MAC address download the program SMAP and it'll take care of all that for you I'll leave a link down below if you're running OS X or Linux enter this command into your terminal that's it I will leave that in the description if you didn't catch that social engineering this is kind of a trick you want to talk about because it's not really a strict yes and no you've done it step at some point someone may want to find out more information about you and social engineering is a great way to get that information a person may contact you directly or they might go through some of your friends and social engineer them to get more information about you there are a few rules to follow to avoid this happening one don't talk to strangers on the internet symbol of that to never give any personal information anywhere any internet or even if you can in real life because some of that does get uploaded to the Internet you should create a whole new name date of birth life everything separate your online identity from your personal identity number three this one's actually kind of tricky change your speech patterns using similar speech patterns and phrases can actually be tracked by social engineers using the duct of reasoning skills fancy stuff so always switch up the way you talk and communicate on the internet and it's gonna be much harder to find out who is actually speaking erasing your identity this is actually kind of a first step for the video if you really want to go extreme about it because you want to start anonymous not do everything and then erase your identity if you really want to go all the way through this video we want to completely erase as much of your internet identity as we possibly can or at least spoof it to make it seem like it to someone else not you first fill your emails with mail bombers which is gonna flood your emails with tons of random crap and it's gonna flood the cache and it makes your sensitive information is all overwritten there are tons of email bombers on the internet which all work very easily and they're really easy to find but I'm not gonna link them here because I don't want that on my channel next upload random pictures of other people to make it hard to determine who an account belongs to then change your information for accounts with inaccurate nonsense you know random names random date of birth every account you have should be completely different it's gonna be really hard to trace them back to each other the goal here is not only to remove the links between your accounts on the internet but also the links to you you want your whole online identity completely separate from you in real life and a good way to do that is to completely mix up all of your accounts so it's hard to find out which one is even close to you another stuff to take is to delete as many accounts as possible go through all your emails search for every service and website you sign up for it go there and get it delete it if you can't get the site's deleted email them and most sites are required to delete your account there's also a great site called delete your account which I'll leave in a description it's gonna let you alphabetically sort through a ton of websites online and it'll maybe spark your memory for having an account with that specific service if deleting like a certain account that you have is too much because you have to have that account for some reason you can delete pictures videos colleagues and it as much personal information about yourself for that account as possible zone for guys man that's a lot of recording my throat is done if you've done everything in this video I'll tell you to comment below but I'm not sure you should be doing that the last little section for this video is going to be testing how anonymous you are on the internet to start with the basics download the PDF I created just for you guys in the description and make sure you score at the very least Eckler secured obviously shoot as high as possible the max score is 200 but the very minimum you should be Tecla secured next right now go on DuckDuckGo type what is my IP address it should not be your actual IP address if it is your internetting wrong to get more complex here some services you can use to help you out pimple heipo people Etna it's a search engine that searches web pages for common user names email addresses phone numbers even names and locations you can look up yourself via email name number any other information you want to give and see what comes up on you tiny eye is the next tool it's an advanced reverse image lookup tool if the person uses different usernames has a fake name on all their stuff you're not gonna be able to link anything up which is the goal if you look up yourself and you realize you start seeing lots of your accounts up there you didn't do something right in this video you didn't pass that test the last website is archives they have real records of people as employers phone numbers previous residences family trees arrest records newspaper articles and anything they have on that person it's a pretty wide database it's crazy it's paid so keep that in mind but you can't use this tool to look yourself up and see what there is about you on the web hopefully nothing came up on you on any of those things and if nothing did you passed all the tests you are successfully technical or secured congratulations great job guys that's going to wrap up the video holy that was a lot of information I hope you guys found this useful and you at least attempted some of it hopefully all of it we need to stand up for a privacy and security let's take the initiative and get the ball rolling don't forget to follow me on all my social media platforms and guys that's it I hope you enjoyed the video have a freaking lis Mauritius day hey everybody I put this video together myself and it took over 50 hours to complete please leave feedback in the comments so I know if I'm doing things right wrong so so I want to make sure you guys are doing the absolute best quality videos please give the video a like and definitely follow me on social media and don't forget to smack that sub button for more videos in the future

  1. URGENT: This guide has A LOT of room for improvement, and I have made sure to update it. If you're interested in learning about EVERYTHING you need to know about security, privacy, and anonymity–check out Go Incognito, a free and in-depth course taking you from start to finish:

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    4) A mistake made in the video was telling you to hide your SSID. This won't really help you much…
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    6) Because of time restraints, I cut off the part which expanded on Coinbase cryptos. This is NOT an anonymous method of purchasing cryptos, but just send it through a BTC mixer or convert it to Monero for much more private transactions. Shouldn't have cut that part out 😒

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  4. My problem atm is being able to keep in touch with family and friends abroad. I only use WhatsApp to do this. They say privacy is a big deal for them and have end to end encryption, HOWEVER they do belong to facebook. Anyone know at least a bit more about how trustworthy whatsapp is? It's the only service I can't really give up atm.

  5. My dad reads my texts from his own computer, he can looks through my searches through that too, he knows if I’m using WiFi or even if my phone is ON!

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    You know… for a friend.
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