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(Music) Hi, I’m Nelson. I’m Mario. I’m Stefania. I’m Javi. We are TED Translators. We’re part of a massive crowdsourced
community of volunteers, in 160 countries, translating TED talks into more than 100 languages. We connect people to world-changing ideas across languages and borders. Our work is seen on
and media platforms around the world. I translated Pope Francis
into Brazilian Portuguese. I translated Mac Barnett into Italian. I translated Niti Bhan into Swahili. Join our global community, gain real-world experience, and help us spread great ideas
around the world. (Swahili) (Italian) (Brazilian Portuguese) We are TED Translators. Visit to learn more.

  1. A todos os tradutores, muito obrigado!!! Os vídeos do TED são muito melhores com a ajuda de vocês!!! Adorei conhecer vocês!!!!
    For all the translators, thank you very much!!! TED videos are much better with your help. Loved to knew you all!!!

  2. Hi I'm not so fluent in English ( cos i need to work on vocabularies ) but I'm confident in translating concisely. No one from my country is interested in videos like this but I'm really interested to try and share to them like as links .
    So am I eligible??

  3. Existen los traductores profesionales que han dedicado su tiempo y dinero para hacerlo como para que ustedes se aprovechen de la gente para traducir sus vídeos gratis.
    Después se quejarán de las malas traducciones que hay por el mundo, quéjense de empresas como la suya que confían en cualquier persona que sabe idiomas para traducir.


  4. hola solo dos cosas yo quiero en castellano todo jeje todooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! y dos que pena y que cabron el de babel con perdón seria mas fácil un solo idioma mundial :)? creo que es tema de debate ^^

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