BC and  AD...in five minutes or less

all right here we go BC and AD in five minutes or less I've had a lot of questions about this so here we go keeping track of time dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians there were many civilizations that had their own system of keeping track of years but our modern system of numbering years was not developed until AD 525 by a man named dionysius exiguus sorry for the bad pronunciation Dionysius invented the system that had schoolchildren across the globe confused about what ad and BC stand for so what do these letters mean BC stands for before Christ the term BC denotes before the start of the era for example when you read 2500 BC out loud it sounds like this 2500 years before the birth of birth of Christ naturally it counts down to the birth of Christ ad is an abbreviation for a Latin term anno domini which translates to in the year of the Lord the term ad denotes years after the beginning of this era when writing the dates ad comes before the numbers this labeling system has been in heavy use for close to 1500 years so there's a common misconception out there and that it's that a deist answer after death as in after the death of Jesus that doesn't even make any sense this would mean that the 33 years commonly associated with the life of Jesus would not be included in either of the BC or ad time scales what's even more confusing to school children in the world is how these dates work think of time as a number line all the years that came before Christ are counting down to his birth or if your mathlete those are negative numbers all the years after the birth of Jesus go up these are positive numbers now I know what you're thinking what if you don't believe in JC well this dating system has been the unofficial global standard for many years this is some gained popularity when Charlemagne or his friends call them Charles the great began using the system to date acts of government although there's a new way to refer to these years the concept behind naming the years remains rooted in religion so what do we use now well since the later part of the 20th century the use of BCE and CE II have been popularized authors that wanted a more secular approach to the writing began referring to the years formerly known as before Christ 2 BCE which stands for before the Common Era the gears formerly known as IDI will now be referred to as CE II which stands for the Common Era more and more books and scholars are using these terms in their writings well are you wrong if you use the old method now since years in both methods of labeling are equivalent you will not be punished for using either method just keep in mind you may get some looks of disgust from people who have no idea what you're talking about it happens to me a lot so ever since the Mesopotamians people have been keeping track of time it wasn't until eight hundreds that people started using the ad BC method because the world was different in the 800s our methods of labeling years have changed for now you're correct if you use either method of dating years well that's our five minutes or less here are some sources and some photo credits you

  1. Screw BCE and CE. Bloody political correctness gone mad again and I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Please somebody help me " why we write like that 2700 – 1300 Bc??" And why we minus the years for calculating??

  3. I don’t care about all that religion stuff. I’m only here to know what to use for my history timeline…

  4. OK when is your one day one is the actual birth of Jesus Christ which is actually sometime in the summer time was the day after he died when was actually day one

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