Bard Class Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

strike up the band chew the music lights camera action we're talking about the bard and dungeons and dragons in tradition greetings musicians my name is Monty Martin and I'm Kelley McLaughlin and we are the dungeon dudes today we're taking an in-depth look at the bard class in Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition we're going to cover everything you need to know to create a bard in your next D&D campaign we're gonna cover the different class features including the Bartok college's ability scores spells and other feats and build options that you need to know to help prepare your barn to change the world with the power of music we're also gonna get you inspired by looking at famous bards from fantasy fiction music and theater books literature and various other sources as well as role-playing options to really help you bring out the artistic flair of your part with that let's rock and roll so why play a bard well The Bard is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades but they are also the unquestioned masters of poetry and song yeah they use the magic of music to confound their enemies or boost their allies and really help out around the battlefield The Bard is the ultimate creative class if you can match the bards uncanny knack to be able to be good at almost anything and they've got plenty of charisma and social skill to boot and that charisma it just makes it so fun to play such a larger-than-life personality which is I think the main key of role playing the bard and just being a part in general it is an immensely fun and satisfying class to play because you really feel like there's anything at your fingertips if you want to engage in the social exploration or combat components of the game the bard has options for you the bard just might be the most interesting unique and potent class in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition few classes can match the bards ability to excel at almost any task while also getting to roleplay such a satisfying character at the same time I find that no matter what situation you're in at the table the bard always has a trick up their sleeve yeah although this is a trait of the very experienced bards because a lot of new players have a lot of trouble grasping the subtle power of the bars abilities things like illusions social situations and the bards very subtle brand of magic often mean that it takes a little bit of skill and experience before you really realize the power of the Bard whereas new players tend to brush the bard off as being like well there's no offensive magic here what am I supposed to do with this class but that putting the bard in the hands of an experienced player can be a force to be reckoned with yeah but an experienced player playing a bard can basically confound even the most devious plans of an insidious DM in the immortal words of the bard William Shakespeare music oft have such a charm to make bad good and good provoke to harm your bard might be a wandering minstrel a warrior poet an acrobatic thief and performer they could be an archaeologist an investigator a storyteller or more no matter the way all bards know that the pen is mightier than the sword and they know the true power of the spoken word so what about the bards role in the party the bard is another class that can play any role you wish they truly know that all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players when we look at combat situations the bard has a number of spells to choose from and you can choose whether you want to go the route of being like hey I'm gonna take these combat spells as well as they can use ranged weapons or finesse weapons yeah you can be a melee fighter a control based spell caster a damage-dealing spell caster an archer you really have to choose what your area of specialization is going to be but you're always gonna have this diversity to your options as well and an exploration that carries through just as well because the bards have so many great skill boosting abilities whether it's in their spells or the fact that they gain / fish see in so many skills that there's nothing you really can't do at the same time because they are primary spellcasters they have the ability to select the really key spells that are gonna help the party overcome specific situations yeah and if we're talking about the social aspect of the game not only is the bards charisma are going to really be prominent here the combine that was spell casting with things like being able to like mind control people or charm people or things of that nature you can really take the hold of most social situations in the game and there's rarely a time that a bard isn't the face of a party the bards ability to manipulate social situations and get away with it makes them so much fun and it really helps if you are someone that needs to come out of your shell role-playing play the bard it really gets you into character really get you thinking about all the great potentiality that you can get from role-playing that larger-than-life personality is so easy to latch onto that you can have with a bard and if you're an experienced role player the only thing you have to be careful of is taking over the spotlight and not letting anyone else get a word in edgewise so let's get inspired for our Bard drawn that Bartok inspiration ourselves yeah yeah so the Bard is fantastic because you can really draw inspiration from your favorite musician when playing your character I immediately think of David Bowie as the Goblin King in labyrinth he's like The Bard to me like I would even say any any musical professional that stands out like I even immediately Freddie Mercury jumps to my head or Beyonce or Beyonce yeah there's so many great musicians that had been engaged with the world through their art that almost seemed like in what they do and the way that they live their life they are an adventurer and so whether you have a favorite band musician artist it's a great thing to latch on to because built-in you've already got some lyrics for some songs that you can pull out in the middle of the game there's other really great examples of bards like The Bard himself William Shakespeare yes William Shakespeare basically has a line about any topic you can possibly imagine looking through William Shakespeare's sonnets in plays is pretty much gonna find a great bit of dialogue that you could pull out as a quip the thing that is awesome for this is if you've ever looked up any of those Shakespearean insults it's forgetting some really creative cutting words in the bard is directly inspired by the storytellers and scalds of ancient Gaelic cultures there's a very famous bard noticed hey Olsen who is said to have been the father of Merlin yeah music has been a part of human culture and society basically everywhere and you can look back to the traditions of poetry that emerged in ancient Greece the different traditions of poetry and music that emerged in China and Japan and India everybody has hymns and music and their own notations on what a bard entertainment and poetry were that can inspire your character in real-world ways it's actually quite difficult to find an exact example of bard from a lot of the popular movies books and TV shows out there but when I turn to Lord of the Rings I would argue that Pippin is is a bard as an adventurer no he doesn't cast spells or anything like that but to me he's a very musical character he's a very performance-based character his charisma is a little on the strange side because he is like and he like causes accidents wherever he goes but something about him is just so lovable and fun and he does sing a lot of songs and I find that Lord of the Rings in general is very rooted music and storytelling are a huge part of the whole metaphor of Lord of the Rings because even the trilogy itself is conceived of as the book that Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins then wrote about there yeah cataloging our history through song is such a human thing and I think that that's such a point of inspiration for playing a bard because what will be the song that you write about your campaign a huge influence for me on D&D and I don't know why this is are these 1980s animated cartoons like rock and rule heavy metal Jem and the Holograms and josie and the pussycats i love for some reason this archetype emerged around the time that D&D was really coming of age of this band of musicians going on epic adventures and i think that one of the most enduring images that one campaign that everyone wants to run is the campaign where everyone is playing as a bard and the villain is also a bard and if you've never seen it before there's this wonderful film called rock and roll it's an animated film the style is a little bit Disney but it's totally worth checking out because Omar angel and MOC are such an awesome trilogy of Bartek characters that get into a wonderful conflict that can inspire your character so let's talk about building your Bard yeah The Bard is actually a really difficult class to build and play in game yeah you you have a lot of choices to make and a lot of those choices actually revolve around your spell selection and spell casting in general so let's start off by looking at the core class features of the Bard and then we're gonna spend a lot of time talking about how to make the most of your magic and some looking at the bard starting off for hit points we have a d8 hit die for armored bards get access to light armor and for weapons you get simple weapons hand crossbows long swords rapiers and short swords for skills and tools you get to choose any three skills plus three musical instruments and for saving throws bards are proficient in dexterity and charisma seeds that's a pretty lightweight packet yeah but the thing that really stands out to me is choosing any three skills you want no limitations and of course the most important choice for are what are your three musical instruments this is an iconic choice yeah and I am a pretty big fan of having magical electric guitars in my campaign settings but of course good choices are always gonna be things like the lute the violin or whatever the drummer Bard that's fun like that like the would it be like a traveling drum kit or do you have just like a drum that you're a little over the shoulder drum and they're walking around doing that oh that would be really cool actually a little drummer boy yeah yeah yeah let's look at the bard spell casting now bards our primary spell casters starting with a handful of kin trips and first-level spells and gaining more spell slots everytime they gain a new level bard spell casting is based on their charisma score which determines your spell save DC and spell attack bonus now bards have a limited number of spells known which chosen from the bard spell list a bard usually learns one new spell per level when you gain a bard level you can also choose one spell you know and replace it with another spell from the bard spell list of any level that you can cast at higher levels as a bard you're gonna get something really cool called magical secrets and this occurs at 10th 14th and 18th level yeah at these levels you learn two spells but they can be chosen from any classes spell list now bear in mind that when you're choosing these spells these count against the total number of spells known that are shown in the bard spell this table so they're not extra and on top of what's on the table they're included in in that we're gonna be talking a lot more about what to choose with this ability but wanted to mention it now with the spell casting for the bar because it makes a big difference so let's talk about the ability scores that you're gonna choose as a bard I'm gonna start with the most obvious one is with all spell casters you want to choose the ability score associated with your small casting which is charisma for the part it goes without saying that if you're playing a bard you're probably here for the high charisma score it powers your spell's in spell casting as Kelly said and it also makes you just the ultimate social force at the table I would say after that I would look at decks since most parts are going to be using arranged or finesse weapons along with light armor so you want to kick up your AC a little bit and give you that higher initiative score of course with any spell caster Constitution is also an important one to look at just for all those concentration checks that you're probably going to be making I suppose some bards might want to take strength yeah if you are gonna go for heavier weapons and armor with maybe like a college of Valor bard you might want to focus on your strengths instead but I think there's a certain point where I'm like why aren't you just playing a paladin and then after that we have wisdom and intelligence you're gonna have a high charisma but there's nothing worse than hollow words so you really want to have a good intelligence or wisdom score I think to really round out the role-playing potential for your character I also think depending on what role in the party you're gonna fit into because the the bard can fit in so many different places if you are going to end up being the scout of your party you may want a high wisdom score but you might be the knowledgeable sage of your party you might be the tactician and the planner in which case you're gonna want that high intelligence score I really it depends both on how you want to role play your character and the role that you want to fulfill in the party so if we're gonna be playing a bard what races do we want to look at the half elf is hands-down the strongest mechanical option why art why is that a +2 bonus to your charisma to additional skills dark vision and a +1 bonus to two other ability scores of your choice which are probably going to be dexterity and your Constitution this means that with a bard that is using point buy you can have a 16 dexterity 16 charisma and a 14 Constitution and you were pretty much golden from their teeth flings are pretty good both kind of have become iconic as bards because they're both kind of on the fringes of civilization in many sort of ways and throughout history actually performers and bars in general have also kind of occupied that weird like alluring but social outcasts sort of thing which makes the half elves and tea-things really gravitate towards the bard class I would also say like the mental image that I get and maybe it's just because of the pictures in the book but I've always imagined the halfling bard even though it's not like oh yeah Lightfoot half and still get the charisma boost the halfling luck thing will come up because you're gonna make so many skill checks yeah and the dexterity boost is really really great so no I think that they're actually a really excellent option so if you want to look at some of the other fantasy races that are found in Volos guide to monsters or Morden kinds Toa foes now which has the Aladdin Dark Elves and drow cool options too yeah let's talk about one of the coolest abilities of the bards get and that's their Bartok inspiration I love this power it's so useful but it's tricky to use at the same time as a bard you gain the Bartok inspiration ability which allows you to inspire others with the power of your music and poetry with Bartok inspiration you have a number of Bartok inspiration dice which are d sixes which the number is equal to your charisma modifier as a bonus action you can give one of these Bartok inspiration dice to yourself or another Ally within 60 feet of you and then any time in the next 10 minutes that Ally can spend that Bartok inspiration die when they make an attack roll ability check or saving throw you can make the role and then before the outcome is determined you can choose to use the Bartok inspiration taste to add to that role yeah I usually find the key types to use it or when you roll between like an 8 and an 11 on the dice and you're not sure that's gonna be enough yeah with your modifiers the key thing with Bartok inspiration is that your Bartok inspiration dice are cover on a long rest but fifth level they recover on a short rest which is actually a like a gigantic upgrade and it makes it really weird for the first couple levels how much you have to ration it yeah and then all of a sudden you just are handing it out like candy because it comes back on the short raft I like to recommend that as a bard you get a small stack of special colored dice to represent your Bartok inspiration so that you can actually pass them out to your party members when you give an inspiration because so many times as a bard you're gonna have to remind your allies that you gave the Bartok inspiration after they blowed made a little roll so having that extra dye there to remind them hey well the amount of times that the bard at our table has had to be like Kelly you rolled poorly and missed but I gave you part of inspiration this round what are you doing I forgot so many times yeah yep that's why it doesn't give them to me heading out Bartok inspiration is a bonus action but it's not a spell so you can in the same turn hand out partic inspiration and cast a spell pretty effective combination I might add right especially if you know that that spell is then going to is gonna build on the inspiration somehow another two really cool abilities that the bard has is expertise and jack-of-all-trades which work really well this is why the bard is such an awesome skill monkey yeah expertise you get to double your proficiency and two skills and then two more as you gain higher levels which I think are probably going to be persuasion and or deception yeah probably stealth and then maybe like acrobatics or performance possibly and then add on top of that jack-of-all-trades which allows you to add half your proficiency bonus to all the skills that you're not already proficient in here's a key detail though jack-of-all-trades affects every ability check you make that does not already factor in your proficiency bonus this means that it can have an effect on ability checks that you can never gain proficiency in anyways because did you know rolling for initiative is an ability check so so you get to add yes you get to add half your proficiencies here to your initiative as a part you're good at everything that's why it's called jack-of-all-trades indeed so let's talk about the Bartok colleges that we can choose you gain abilities at 3rd 6th and 14th level and these can really change change your part and there's a couple options presented in The Player's Handbook and then a few other ones presented in Sante thighs yeah and the players handbook the bars only get to the college of lore and the college of Valor but in Zanna thar's guide to everything we saw the College of whispers the College of swords and the College of glamour in general each bardic college is pretty small in the way that it impacts the bards overall package but they all kind of drive the bard in different unique paths I'm currently running I can't paint right now with a college of Laura bard and another with a college of Valor bard and it shocks me how different the play style is between the two and that really is all in the difference between how they work with Bartok inspiration so let's start off by looking at the college of lower the college of lore in reading them is always been my favorite but that's just because my favorite aspect of the bard is how many skills they get it might be the strongest of the Bartok colleges rate away at third level when you take the College of Laura you gain proficiency in three more skills which is crazy because at this point now you if you're a half-elf bard you can have proficiency in 10 skills it's a 10 out of 18 yeah the college of lore is also awesome because it transforms your Bartok inspiration by giving you a new option called cutting words this is where you've got to look up the Shakespearean insults because you now get a reaction when another creature makes an attack role or an ability check you can use your Bartok inspiration to roll the die and give them a penalty to that role yeah so now you can use partic inspiration not only to boost your friends but to hinder your enemies and I think that's so cool and also it's just so much fun to yell out curses at the enemies on the table cutting words doesn't apply to saving throws so you can't insult somebody so they fail a saving throw against one of your spell's at level six they also get an additional set magical secrets so not only are getting magical secrets for levels earlier than any other bard but now this is two additional spells over top of your regular spells known and getting that magical secrets coming online at level six is a real game changer for them let's talk about the college of valor bard a little bit more combat-oriented yeah because you get proficiency in martial weapons medium armor and shields and you get combat inspiration which is pretty cool because it transforms your Bartok inspiration by giving your allies a new way to use their Bartok inspiration either they get right now your allies can spend their Bartok inspiration to actually add to a damage role or they can use a reaction to add to their ac much in the same way that the College of Laura bard can also use that to act as an attack role penalty it would be cool though to see a party with both types of art and there's just dice going all over the place for every role that you I think that would make me cry as a DM yeah at level 6 the college of Valor bard also gets extra attack so they get to make two attacks with the attack action like most fighting classes that's gonna be pretty cute you are gonna be more combat oriented yeah and then at level 14 they gain the battle magic ability which lets them make a bonus action attack after they cast a spell and I actually think that with the College of Valor bard there's a really great recipe here for an awesome archer build that comes online pretty late in the game but it's a really good nonetheless because you can use your tenth level magical secrets to pick up swift quiver and pick up sharpshooter and it's starting at level 10 you're gonna be making four attacks per turn now looking at the other subclasses and Santa throws guide to everything yeah the direct comparison here is the College of swords is kind of a more melee focused take on the College of Valor bard yeah the Valor kind of steers itself well towards the archer whereas the swords is all about that melee combat mm-hmm it really is because the blade flourishes do similar things as the combat inspiration but they only apply for you so if you want have all that glory in melee combat as a bard called your swords is the way to go what about the College of whispers actually pretty I like this one this one's really cool because you can use your Bartok inspiration to create like a psychic sneak attack yeah it's it's pretty neat and it has some really fantastic abilities for impersonation as well it kind of makes the bard a little bit closer to a rogue and then we have the College of glamour the cultured Glamour's Bartok inspiration ability is really good because their ability that they get at level three lets them spend one Bartok inspiration die to give a number of allies equal to their charisma modifier temporary hit points and then all those allies can use their reaction to move their speed with it provoking y'all portray the attacks doesn't it also that they have an ability is it the same ability that makes them look yeah that looks super beautiful and glamorous like this is the David Bowie I got yeah I picture you have a goblin yeah David Bowie is the glamour part especially because then they get the ability that lets them cast command is a bonus action so they get to be really really bossy I think there's some great role-playing opportunities with the college of glamour I think it's really unique and interesting as like kind of like the domineering leader I want it I want to hear about somebody that played David Bowie Goblin King glamour Bard yeah so let's talk about some of our favorite spells that we can cast as the bard starting off with can trips pretty much guaranteed to take vicious mockery a vicious mockery is such a fun spell and so appropriate for the part it's it just adds to that like power of word when it lands the killing blow if you insulted someone the debt III think it's so funny at our table how sometimes the vicious mockery is actually such mundane like Joe will just be like how how you smell and then the creature dies it's just like wow yeah bards get fewer can trips than everyone else but the ones that they do get like there's Mach mage hand and minor illusion give you a great packet of abilities and what about our damage dealings false so Barb's actually have some really interesting options for this all right off the bat you've got thunder wave and shatter I like to think of them as their face melting soul oh yeah yeah the you you're riffing on the guitar so hard that everything all the glass shatters yeah I mean everything it's it's perfect dissonant whispers is also really fantastic because you can cast it on the target deal some psychic damage and then because it forces them to move your allies can make opportunity attacks against them when they move away at higher levels bards get synaptic static which was printed in Santa Thor's guide to everything which is basically the psychic fireball yeah yeah birds also can animate objects it's one of those smells that you don't think is gonna be as cool as it is but until a pile of gold comes to life and pelts your villain to death yep so what about our battlefield control spells there's some really it's such good spells here yeah sleep you've got hold person and eventually hold monster and what about Tosh's hideous laughter I have been undone by that spell so many times it's it's another one that like at bards I just find their smells so fun to use so fun to roleplay so fun to see on the battlefield taking a creature out of the combat by having them rolling on the floor laughing it is just so great the other one that's really worth mentioning course is hypnotic patterning which is an encounter ending spell and what's important about it is that hypnotic pattern is a charm effect yeah so if your bard is lucky to get their hands on an instrument of the bards everyone that has to make a saving throw against your castings of hypnotic power and has disadvantage on their saving throws smacking mess up a group of bad guys it will end encounters and it's only a third level spell I think that hypnotic pattern is one of those spells that is a bard you're gonna grab that and keep it for your entire career the bard also has a couple of great support magic here it smells here yeah they got a full package but this is gonna include things like dispel magic and I think as well fairy fire is another low level spell only bards and druids get it but as your first level spell just being able to generate advantage for your party members and pinpoint the invisible enemies yeah if fairy fire has so many practical uses in combat its it's such a powerful spell for such a low level yeah probably one of the biggest categories that the bard is going to excel at is their utility spells encapsulated in this are all the bards fantastic illusion based spells you've got silent image you have invisibility and greater invisibility you have major image and of course polymorph everybody loves Palomar I think I also get to mention door as well you're so jammed up at the third level there's so many good spells cuz you've got like the spell magic you want to get major image you want to get hypnotic powder and it really fills up pretty quick and it makes it really hard because magical secrets is gonna be a factor there too okay these are all great spells and like if you have a DM that embraces the creativity of illusions your bard will change the world with major image yeah what about in social situations there's a lot of utility spells that really excel there as well yeah because we have a charm person disguise self another illusion that so creative in its applications we've got suggestion which again just adds your your words that extra level of power and finally things like dominate person so they also get a ton of healing spells as well the bard can be the healer in the party they get healing word they get pretty much every healing spell even the ability to raise dead yeah the thing is is that you've got such a limited spell selection so what are you gonna add into your arsenal yeah you got to be a little choosy here but having that vast array means that if if it comes down to the fact that the bard is being relied on to heal the party they can't I think healing word would be my definite pick up yeah just it's a lifesaver of a spell and it just fits in with everything else I don't know if I'd necessarily take cure wounds or down on healing as a bard but you're never enough you're never gonna regret having healing word so with the bards magical secrets you get to choose spells from any spell list in the game so why don't we talk about some of our favorite choices that we would pick through our bards magical secrets I think every bard we played with has taken fireball I I mean like I'm biased in this if you guys know me I would take fireball no matter what with any character but for me it's just an awesome damage-dealing spell for a crowd control area of effect and the bards other damage-dealing spells don't really have the same impact as fireball so to take that just kind of gives you that in your arsenal it's difficult because some not because ever since synaptic static which deals about the same damage a little bit less it's hard because like you got your magical secrets particularly if you're at the College of Law Bard are really at a premium there's so many great options to choose from that third level slot like counterspell that that's another one that I would say is is almost a given a counterspell is just so handy and it's not in the bards regular list no and in fact counterspell gets to add your jack-of-all-trades bonus to the counter spell check so that makes it pretty powerful it with a bard yeah it does if we're going around lots of different class lists are things like a wall of force again a really potent battlefield control spell but you could even go lower levels like you could pick up something like spiritual weapon aid or bless from the cleric spell list the other ones that are really really tempting to go to are the warlock paladin and ranger spell lists when you said warlock i immediately thought of hats or elders blast cuz you can take a can trip with a magical secret having Eldridge class review yeah yeah from the Paladin spell is you could take something like destructive wave or a paladin smite or how about fine steed and fine greater speed just get a horse yeah look at what you're getting already from your barn spells think about some of the other suggestions we made early and either double down on the things that you love doing or fill in the gaps of abilities that you're looking for you really want to find the spells that are gonna complement your Bart's of existing abilities shore up those weaknesses and really take your strengths to the next level so let's talk about role playing aren't part I mean there's a lot of inspiration that we've talked about there's a lot of cool ways to really kind of bring your bar to life and also they're one of the most fun classes to roleplay but what are some of the things we should look at when trying to roleplay our bar well I think that the coolest thing is looking at going to the real world and looking at the traditions of actors musicians and other performers all throughout human history because magical things happen at different points of history and the bards like performers have always been this category of people that have moved from the high classes to the low classes in society right and that's why artists are dangerous people because they associate with the very very rich and the very very poor I think one of the coolest things about arts that I started to try to think of this the other day expanding my concept of art away from just musicians and actors mm-hmm but like you have you you could really name any sort of theatrical or performance art and turn that into a bard you could be a dancer you could be a slam poet you could be whatever you want to be a painter yeah right I could totally see a bard that like maybe their words aren't totally their focus they have these words of wisdom and inspiration but instead of composing songs and writing poems and lyrics and stories maybe your bard is going around the world and painting something and one of these that we talked about earlier in this episode too is like finding the lyrics to songs or insults or cool bits of poetry even if you're not very skilled at writing those things yourself there's so many resources out there that you can read and I think that as a bard going just that little bit of extra distance is gonna add so much flair to the role-playing of your character particularly if you develop your own unique style the idea of a bar being like a rapper or beat poet yeah I've heard about you know horror stories of people playing bards where every time they wanted to cast a spell the DM was like walking and sing a little song about it and that's really something that comes naturally rather than something that's that's forced so if you do feel really uncomfortable with the larger-than-life elements of playing the bard that's okay there's all sorts of interesting ways that your character might be a little bit more introspective and quieter there are have been many artists that have been reclusive people even though they've gone in great adventures and they've associated with the rich and famous and the low and poor in the lower depths of the world they themselves were very quiet and introspective because they were thinking about all the ways that they were going to express it through their art instead if you are a musician and you do play an instrument that's a great in road to playing a bard and using that understanding and like then using borrowing musical terms of saying like the crescendo of battle right or the Dana Mount or you know even just saying that like your spell's are a face-melting guitar solo what is your attachment to your instrument what's in the relationship between you and your musical instrument of choice yeah and then what is your bards big ambition like do you want to produce a great work of art I think that for many artists and many writers they talk about how you need to live life and so your bard in many ways could be on that journey of discovery right and they just want to see amazing things and write this amazing story or song one thing that I love doing for a DM is that if your bard player embraces that make them famous people following along other characters singing their songs it's a great way as a DM to really make the bard player feel like they've had an influence in something special in the world and that they've crafted that epic legacy that lives on through song so this has been our guide to the bard class in Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition we hope that you feel inspired to rock your next campaign now of course bards had the magical secret which is such a day first ability with so many options if you I have ideas for what spells bards might take this ability let us know in the comments below and with all the spell casting you're going to be doing as a bard you may want to check out our video on spells and spell casting right up over here and if you want to march to a different team check out our other class guides right over here please subscribe to our channel so that you never miss an episode thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next time in the dungeon

  1. Pied piper is an awesome example to me exspecily with the bard spells that mach up with his story.

  2. I’m playing a high elf bard that has its primary instrument as bagpipes, and I love to use thunder wave and shatter! Goes so well with that instrument!

  3. Where are they getting that Taliesen was Merlin's father? i cant find that anywhere, most legends say his father was a demon, and the only semi canonical information i can find on Taliesen, says he was was a Bard in King Arthurs court, which means he was way too young to be Merlin's father…

    can someone enlighten me?

  4. Sun Elf, College of Glamour bard, nobility background.

    High elven prince who forsakes his name and title to follow their pursuits to travel the world as a bard. Changes his name to an unpronounceable Elven symbol.

    The Bard formerly known as Prince…

  5. I'm making a bard for my friends curse of straud campaign

    My idea:

    K. Diddy son of K. Donkey

    College of lore bard
    Three weapons 2 hand drums and a cymbal.
    Vicious mockery is my go to.
    Make a horrible Shakespearian one liner followed by a "dum dum thssss" to amplify the diss

    The cymbal can be used as a throwing weapon and the drums are a force based spell casting catalyst

    My dad was a famous valor bard so I had an easy boring life. Every thing was handed to me so I tend to be lazy and inconsiderate.

    My mom was a royal eleven woman of the peach family who had an affair with my dad. I was cast out by the pure elf race my very image instills shame and hate to elves. I'm a constant reminder to the eleven leader Marioth of his wife's affair.

    When I get higher level I'm going to get an ax-beak named yoshi

    That's all I got planned for now

  6. Playing a tiefling bard with a violin as her instrument of choice. Lindsey Stirling was one of the inspirations for her!

  7. Rolling to dispel magic and Counterspell is also an ability check, so it receives you jack of all trades bonus, and benefit from the spell Glibness. If magic is abundant in your higher level campaign, a Bard with Glibness is the most overpowered combination possible.

  8. I had a dwarven valor Bard for a while who was all about the drums. He also took Smith's tools and acoustically designed his own plate armor and shield so they served as his drum set. To this day he is still my favorite character.

  9. In the final boss of our first season, we made it canon that a band of goblins was playing all the background music and has been following the party ever since. They've been such a highlight of our campaign that the band leader is going to be my next character. Can't wait to play as Yak Samot, the power metal goblin bard

  10. Another cool video! I’d never given much thought to Bards, but, as with many of your guides, you’ve now got me considering it…

  11. If it hasn't been said here. Gabby was a Bard from Xena Warrior Princess. Gabby The Battling Bard from Portadia. Even Joxer was a semi Bard; he played the Lute and told some Fish tales.. Gabby was more of the poet/storyteller and a dancer/singer. She did play the flute very briefly.

  12. I just started playing my very first bard and hes a rhythmic poet which has made for some really interesting roleplaying moments both in and out of moments coming up with fitting couplets (mostly) on the fly. My favorite moment so far has been casting Tashas hideous laughter on someone in front of a hole and they nat 1ed themselves into oblivion.

  13. 21:07
    I only see 5 proficient skills with a Half-Elf Bard.
    Two from the Half-Elf
    Three from the Bard College at Level 3

    Where are the other 5 coming from???

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