Bankers Love Socialism -- Professor Antony Sutton

  1. This is terrifying. We hear about this stuff as conspiracy, but this man is the real deal and his research sound.

  2. Social democracy, political ideologythat originally advocated a peaceful evolutionary transition of society from capitalism to socialism using established political processes. In the second half of the 20th century, there emerged a more moderate version of the doctrine, which generally espoused state regulation, rather than state ownership, of the means of production and extensive social welfare programs. Based on 19th-century socialism and the tenets of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, social democracy shares common ideological roots with communism but eschews its militancy and totalitarianism. Social democracy was originally known as revisionism because it represented a change in basic Marxist doctrine, primarily in the former’s repudiation of the use of revolution to establish a socialist society.

    The social democratic movement grew out of the efforts of August Bebel, who with Wilhelm Liebknechtcofounded the Social Democratic Workers’ Party in 1869 and then effected the merger of their party with the General German Workers’ Union in 1875 to form what came to be called the Social Democratic Party of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands). Bebel imbued social democracy with the belief that socialism must be installed through lawful means rather than by force. After the election of two Social Democrats to the Reichstag in 1871, the party grew in political strength until in 1912 it became the largest single party in voting strength, with 110 out of 397 seats in the Reichstag. The success of the Social Democratic Party in Germany encouraged the spread of social democracy to other countries in Europe.

  3. The Russians fought for us in both world wars and this is how we repay them Shame on the west and it's evil rulers.

  4. (…) Remember that "green" view(Georgia guidestones): " Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature"(…) Sophia (cloud AI) is learning trough mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies(algorithms) , however it may sound to you (first time I got suspicious(and decided not to become rich that way) when few years ago I found out that somebody can LEGALLY "wash" money by crypto- no other currency can do that !) . On the other side once all money becomes(…) "unreal" , (almost half of the world population countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, India, China, are planing transition to it by 2020(…)), it would be much harder to privately and personally control it, out of hands of "government". They will probably allow several prepared and controlled levels ( internet,deep web, dark web) of cheating-hacking as security free market(as in Dante's "hell" (…))(…) but realy to (…)compete with AI you would have to have(…) an neurological implant enabling quick reactions and upnotch business efficiency in fast changing environment produced by AI. Remember Sophia (or" ze" or other "politically correct" term) is legal citizen of already one or two countries, and "it" just might want to work now (already does covertly). So no real money(…) we are all in need of achievements, "Sophia" is working for your competition, what will you do? "internet of things"(…) is everywhere around you… then there are these neural cortex implants that can do so much for you … Hop in, you are … singularity – you become "WE"(…). IF it happens, we are the last human generation that is able to see -think this way for all the time… ever (…)
    Real-unreal, the fight for survival of humanity. More reality=more people vs less reality=less people. If robots are so advanced and cheaper to maintain then people, why are all these people planning on going to Mars and will there be anybody using "two way" ticket(odd moment during the Warner Herzog interview (mirror2 1:07:30), to return as promised by Elon Musk, or we may as well be talking to our "Siri" relatives on Mars while snacking Soylent Green (…) Stay real…

  5. No one EVER talks about Mr. Suttons findings. Ever, it falls into the "What happened to Las Vegas" dungeon.

  6. excellent research! (also check out Dr Stan Monteith interview of the Tax Free Foundations of the US House Investigative Committee hired Norman Dodd to research the Foundations, 1982 interview is excellent.) Also see ThE Quigley Formula on youtube too. a must see for people who like real history.

  7. this Professor Sutton has excellent primary research, a must see for anyone who likes real history. good video. who are the bankers though really?

  8. Wolin continues this later in the years with the inverted totalitarianism …. The actual system I USA and west …

  9. He talks to much .. bottom line Bankers love big gov't ……….. big gov't has to be financed to expand they issue bonds to pay for it enter the bankers. Think about it.

  10. Sutton has stated before that he considered Capitalism (at least modern capitalism) to be on the same plane as Socialism, Fascism and Communism. I dont understand why everyone keeps screaming "right wing looney propaganda" while Sutton does dubiously leave quite a few vital details out. Like the Hoover institute harboring a den of Steering Committee paid for CFR members. But Sutton goes right at Crony Capitalism and points out private companies and individuals influencing politics and regime changes. Its amazing people cant see that he obviously had a change of heart at the end of his time as an intellectual and decided to blow the whistle. Funny because i could never imagine Chomsky or Zinn saying a word about Socialist-Capitalist collusion

  11. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution was an awesome read!!  I have done some fact checking through some archives and I have found that Mr. Sutton was 100% correct in his statements (the ones I was able to verify). 

  12. He's saying that people who have massive wealth and power over the West want power over the entire planet.  "A totalitarian world government".  Why is that so difficult to believe?

  13. If powerful people want to create a club in which they decide our future then I have a right to know about it. I dont want to live in the system where Iam told that there is only left of right path. I want to see what is the real true path and not so called "truth" purposely covered in lies. There will be always powerful groups or individuals who would like to treat themselves like a gods, but common people should demand truth no matter what in the first place. We want to know true intentions we want to criticize them and ask for those who will be held responsible. We should demand truthful information, no censorship and more transparent leadership. Less secret agencies and spies and more opened discussions. 99% people of this planet should ask for this right in the first place. Let them have their rich lifestyles but demand transparent system of governance and truth.
    However as far as I can see it, we rather listen and believe lies which divide ourselves, make us fight petty stupid wars so instead of 99% of smart, intelligent and moral people capable of critical thinking we play well staged role of 99% corrupted, uneducated scared demoralized sheeps which instantly obey when big hound starts barking. When properly scared we run into our loaned houses and apartments like little cockroaches and pray that nothing bad will happen to us. That we can keep our life as we know it with all of its goods and fails. That nobody will take our house, car, big TV and most importantly our dream we worked so much to make it real. We rather believe in idea that one day from now our mortgage or car loan will be finally paid, our jobs will be much better than they r now, our neighborhood will be much safer for our kids and all life we knew will be much much better than now. We put every single piece of us into this belief and we r capable of doing anything to make it possible. Some of us make it some dont, but thats ok because we all care only about ourselves to be a winner. That finish line in the end is too tempting for us so we wont look around and just run forward so we r first in the finish. Less of us being winners better, so we can feel more superior to others who r still running and probably never make it. Maybe that is what 99% of the people really want – competition, constant comparison and conflict, maybe that is what keeps us going or maybe its just what we think is making us going…

  14. I read ad hominem attacks against Sutton. No intelligent remarks at all. Instead of foolish attacks I would like to see substantial intelligent and decent refutation. Insults only demonstrate a sordid level of profound ignorance. 

  15. One thing I don't understand about I guess anything is why are people on the left cheering for socialism then? Is Sutton just wrong? I get really frustrated with people debating whether its socialism or capitalism or what have you. TPTSNB are not loyal to any country so it doesn't matter if America is wiped out in WW3. So I ask my question is, should we cheer for countries especially socialist countries that are against U.S and Western Imperialism?

  16. @ John d Doe

    "What is Cultural Marxism"

    Cultural Marxism refers to a school or offshoot of Marxism that conceives of culture as central to the legitimization of oppression.

  17. as for the romanovs, if it wasn't all of them then someone with the same maternal lineage was dead there according to mitochondrial DNA testing

  18. SentinelMace; "Wrong moron… you've been brainwashed by cultural marxism"

    What is "cultural marxism" ? I know who the bankers are, they are the capitalists who own the politicans, there is nothing socialistic about private corporations and billonaires bribing politicians into compliance. Capitalism just like sovietstyle communism makes very few people at the top extremely wealthy and powerful and the psychopats in all systems are drawn to the top.

  19. Wrong moron… you've been brainwashed by cultural marxism…

    "Socialism is merely state-capitalist monopoly which is made to serve the interests of the whole people and has to that extent ceased to be capitalist monopoly." -V. Lenin

    Ofc the part about the "common good" is a shameless LIE to fool the naive and stupid masses, mongoloid retards like you.

    Have you ever heard of psychopathy? They have no problems with lying constantly and the are VERY glib and charming… they control your mind!

  20. Americans have been molded and propagandized for decades into fearing "socialism". And a lot of them are complete morons who vote away their rights to corporate monopolist backed politicians who are turning the us into the same oppressive system the ussr had.

  21. Socialism just means that the citizens are supposed to own the means of production nothing else.

    But good luck in handing all power over to multinational corporations who are backed by the same banks who financed the soviet union.

  22. The body count wasn't because of socialism. Is was because authoritarian heads were running the gov. and killed who they wanted. None of these socialist societies were actually socialist, more along the lines of a dictatorship

  23. Look at the back of Nancy Pelosi, the VP and even Obama when they speak and there are two brown or black sticks on the wall and those are called "fasci" and you all should be intelligent enough to know what that means. Years ago on the US ten cent piece were those very same sticks "fasci" and the US is not independent at all but belongs to Britain and peoples taxes are paid to England and everyone has been paying for the royal weddings. The constitution is no more.

  24. Cabal order actors Rockefeller & Rothschild families & puppet globalist bankers will hate this vid.

  25. Prof Anthony Sutton was a courageous, honest individual who risked his life to bring We, the People the truth. If we had listened to him and resisted way back then, we would not be in the disastrous situation the world is in now. Read 'The Committee of 300' by Dr John Coleman for more astounding info naming names of who is at the top of their pyramid, including British and European royalty, who are the Venetian Black Nobility.

  26. Yes. So is George W. Bush. So is Barack Obama. The Nazis are Socialist. They are of the Fascism branch. The Soviets were Socialists. They were Marxist. Then the English, as well as the USA, are Socialist. They are FABIANISTS.

    It does not matter. It is still SOCIALISM. It sucks. We need to revolt. You know?

    You think that we are "Free Market" while having a centrally planned Keynesian Economy? LOL Nobody in the USA knows about Capitalism. They have never experienced it.

    It will actually work.

  27. Dr. Sutton was not a Socialist. If you take the time to read his books you will find them extremely critical of Socialism. Unfortunately he is not bullshitting you concerning the facts.

    We unfortunately are living under a Socialist regime. Your Government and your Federal Reserve Bankers do not to have it any other way. It is just the fact. It sucks. But it does not change it..

    He was pretty much dismissed out of the Ivory Towers because of his reporting and research. He lost his Tenure.

  28. Capitalism means growing and expanding the means and wealth of society. You can never tax a nation into prosperity. Large government only gives more power and means to corruption and "crony" (fake) capitalism.

  29. The key to capitalism working is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. If done right, capitalism creates more and more for less and less costs until you can do almost everything with almost nothing and there is more than enough to go around. Capitalism is filled with businesses compete thing over laborers forced to outbid themselves because there are too many businesses and not enough workers. That lends itself to migration of people into the capitalistic countries as wealth booms.

  30. Really??? Had no idea.. fun fact of the day for me… That's worth a million words now isn't it…

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