Bangers and Flaks - Void Bastards - Part 7 - Gameplay Let's Play

hey everybody welcome back to void bastards it's been a minute since I sat down and played personally I've had my dad in town visiting haven't seen him in three years so uploads have been a little bit more sparse than usual but I'm back at it now so thanks for being patient and thanks for the advice you guys have pointed out a couple of things that I'm learning from I'm now at the point in the game where I'm I'm completely blind have been for a while and learning a lot it's really fun it's it's I love it actually this is such a fun game to sit down and play I do have a few things here that I can recycle because I don't have a use for them like these FTL Naugles nozzles so I'm gonna get rid of these could build something later anything that has no use we're just gonna get rid of all right so we're good there now I could build a couple of things this restraint pad may actually be kind of nice I don't know if it's worthwhile building the things that we need for our main objectives though so I don't know I don't know I'm gonna hold off for a second we're going into a med bay or a med terminal area there's a Nigel's cache I don't know what that is but we're gonna check that out let's jet over here got some scribes and tourists and janitors and we'll probably try to hover in this area a bit instead of going deeper because we're pretty weak but hopefully we can get through here and come out of it with like full health on the other side let's go staples will bring the Spiker cuz there's spikes here that we can pick up and zapper or KT bot kitty Bach gets us out of a bit of trouble I think we'll see alright so we've got the helm right close let's go Spiker first and let's just let's just be cool here let's see if we can knock down a couple of things without anything nutty happenin whoa okay that's great that's that's great I don't know how I'm gonna deal with that I don't know how I'm gonna deal with that but I do want to okay so this is the theater where we can get the help I also I should be utilizing these doors a lot more I always think these are gonna tick down a lot faster also you guys said that these do staff let's see here maybe okay so I think it just takes that more regular intervals which is actually quite good where's security you know what I'm gonna get to security first we're gonna shut that down and then I'll run back to the other side pleat white why are we calling everyone to the theater what's going on here the scribes they don't really chase us which is fine for me okay I'm gonna hit this and get back come on now hi oh you know what I should have done I should tried to authorize that that's what I should do when these are shutdown that's exactly what I should be doing well that's big cash right there seven whole big ones Wow well this app charges aren't bad I guess two staples for those because that's okay organ Mars hot [Applause] convert your unneeded organs into Meritus today there's some spikes Oh more more MORE I'd like to hit the theatres at the end if possible that would be absolutely ideal my little squishy buddies oh oh that was close I know we heard one those dentures should definitely be a pickup of some kind and you know what I actually don't want to go through there I'm gonna hit this instead couple of food that might take out that scribe as well I think it did let's be smart about this FTL your wellness adventure starts again with some I've just gotten back there got a little bit more I think we're fine in terms of time oh boy we'll let this wind chill and we'll just run right past nice one bullet you know what that can make the difference it could make the difference you never know we're good I think we'll hit the coffee machine here oh no oh no I was I'm lucky oxygen let's hit this what do we miss him here I don't think we've been through this one surgery dummies med blowers look at this we're coming in full heal and this should be a relatively safe exit oh that's so nice so nice welcome back to Boyd bastards now okay we didn't find that stash is the only thing that I'm wondering about I don't think we did anyways but oh maybe maybe the stash was the thing that we paid for I wonder if those are what the stashes are the ones that we pay for it very well could be yeah you know what I think I'm gonna be happy with what we have let's just rock and roll here all right cool got a ton of stuff include some fuel and equal amounts ok let's check out the recycle mode see if there's anything we don't need this can go into a senior stapler which I like let's do it oh we need the we need the spanner senior stapler fires two more staples can I make a spanner I actually can let's do it upgrade this bad boy what if I do this doubles talks and damage speed and total damage also pretty cool we can do both it looks like beautiful part of the HR computer we can make this wiring diagram this has no more use ya see I don't know okay let's see on the map do we have a wiring diagram coming up yeah it's like very soon but it's being there's this pirates around it which is concerning I guess hmm but it is close magnifying glass would be next what else do we need for this where can I see the main thing we need to build HR computers a wiring diagram tack pewter and mouse ball none of those things we can the only thing we can make is the wiring diagram the restraint pad would let us build that flak vest or sorry the rebreather and we only need 20 you know I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do the wiring diagram just so that we have other options of where we might want to go we could go here then we could go up we go back up to the top if we wanted and maybe that's that's probably the safer way that we should go I definitely would like to get the magnifying glass there's food stashed somewhere we definitely want the the magnifying glass torpedo rack destroys pirates bangers cluster flax oh boy there's shed loads of tourists which is fine and some scribes this is actually okay I think I think this is actually okay we're gonna take the Spiker and we'll take this zapper to get around any security all right I missed that tip said something about those garbage catchers we don't see those very often oh here dispenses torpedos hell yeah okay so Helms off to the right our nukes are armed and deployed good source of cluster flax like me a good cluster flak love me a good cluster flak actually I'm gonna hit up the helm first I'm curious iStent Oh what those see me from over there that's not a big deal I'm curious as to how often you guys are buying the enemy locations I'm gonna just buy it once and see how it works oh geez okay everywhere and it does it tell all it tells us what kind no it doesn't warp citizen rift alright just trying to get in here get my cluster flax holy moly let's do it it's a big one detonator okay oh yeah great source of cluster flax the greatest most cluster flax I've ever flax before are happening there whoa what Oh what is that thing let's subscribe okay I think throwing like two double spikes probably pretty good most of the time I don't need much more than that let's bring like a real panic scenario very nice torpedo so we could buy another torpedo for fifty merits here and I think if we buy them at like the Mart's or whatever they are like a hundred so that would probably be worth if we can find three more merits are we for temps or oxygen we're doing good we're doing good triggered who knows what their future holds insurrection is terrorist activator jaywalker yeah basically is bad oh look at that okay we have a little brick I'm subverting it there we go so it also costs fifteen merits which isn't bad but that does set off and we just found some that would have been enough to get the other thing now but well gross this thing's gonna hurt zach-bots coming zach-bots on me [Applause] [Applause] not liking this very much this is very intense I'm going to go around here – the FTL I guess we're taking a lot more damage than I would like but this place is pretty tight yeah you know what I don't think I'm gonna get enough to get another nuke so I'm gonna unlock this other nozzle I guess for recycling shirt we get that scribe sell a lot of time in the oxygen we don't need to panic just be cool just be cool we're just gonna keep being cool we want to get over here so we're gonna go back through ammo zach-bots are we cool I think we're cool there it is okay so we don't have the food the food stash that we saw unfortunately if I was food I don't know where I'd be here maybe here in the hab Jesus yeah I don't know I keep telling myself don't worry about the statutes get in there get what we need get the hell out because I think the trade-off that we usually end up spending in health probably just isn't worth it not bad not bad not bad she was pretty happy with that at that torpedo out of it now what do we have going on your 10% chance pirate vessels not pursuing when Steve moves I guess that's good here's that bullet hunter and the rebreather we can do both oh this can be found in hab modules happy about this everything ought to supply is massive I think I feel like this is huge five percent chance of scavenging bonus junk from containers it's okay radiation damage would be nice but that's the magnifying glass oh this is the detonator there we go this is a chain cluster of bombs I'm sure that'll backfire on me a few times I love that it shows you if it can be used or not that is so nice so nice alright so you tap here and mouse ball so the tap Peters way the Frick over here though I really don't want to deal with this so I think we'll go north on this one this latex seals whatever there's a warp key though I really should try and find the warp key and otherwise it's pretty basic those janitors staplers should be fine I think okay I think we'll probably wrap it up here this might be a little bit shorter than normal it sometimes it'll be like that just depending on how many of you are you know what we can we can probably do this 110 right let's just do this you can probably go through through here really quick we got the senior stapler let's do let's bring some bangers and some zappers here okay the bangers will kill there's a war piece somewhere so we kind of want to check for that even though I keep saying we shouldn't check for caches this one's pretty important Helms way over there going through these tanks is always questionable because really hard to sneak up on them oh I found it right back [Applause] sometimes the music gives me really nice rimworld vibes oh Jesus what's hitting me oh I'm in big trouble here I don't know if that's gonna hit look how long our freakin oxygen last for oh boy oh that was legit accident oh my god yeah this will be no problem no problem famous last words this is just power right yeah should know that by now is this down below yeah it is there it is warp key very nice very nice I'm getting a little bit concerned on my health situation here I hate that to far away life support systems yeah not a big fan of what's after my health right now I got two shots left you know I may want to consider just leaving here I'm gonna try to get some fuel I made holy shit wow that's rough holy moly okay okay okay okay yeah just one more no problem now that's what'll be easy easy this wannabe is very simple very simple okay 100% I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to rest a bit the next where's the next like he'll this is nowhere near us it's dark lot of janitors 17:17 health therapy for new traits at school oh my god well for PETA's gone got fuel okay I'm gonna take a break here we come back we're gonna hit this up a little bit I may actually hit up gene twister okay so the world seems to stretching and tract as the gene twister passes through you everything feels different you feel different not just in the way that you did after drinking that 6-pack of iron brew is this what happened all those crazy citizens out there so we gain butterfingers we lost a vase of flyer vase of flyer which was the previous thing we had occasionally dropped drunk being carried oh my god good thing is there's therapy here so we could probably get rid of this but we might want to pick up something new anyways I think we'll probably head up here towards Krell Mart and then drop down this way maybe towards the tach pewter I think I don't know I don't know that was pretty intense but see you guys soon bye for now

  1. I'm so glad you got to see your dad! That's great! Enjoy watching you play this, keep trying to get my husband to watch you play cause I think he'd like the game and your style of playing. 😀

  2. Even though you are probably ahead, it would help you a lot to get the upgraded jacket, so you can have more hp to work with. Keep it up, enjoyable to watch overall.

  3. Stashes are marked as containers, so if you opened everything you did get it. It just doesn't tell you that you got it.

  4. Hey Criss I just found your channel 3 days ago and binged your subnautica playthrough and man it was amazing will you be playing subnautica below zero

  5. You found the cache at 17:30 its the five food in gold, all caches are just random drops of a certain item generally more than you find normally but i have gotten a 6 bullet cache so

  6. Odd, did you know you can lock the doors too? That'll keep foes from passing through them, though I'm unsure if it'll stop the secbot; It may have authorization to unlock doors. Anyway, it's good for making a getaway or strategically locking doors to funnel tough enemies into a chokepoint killzone.

  7. [26:47] Your just Closing Doors to block Mobs… That wont stop them. You need to Lock them to stop them coming through.

  8. I only buy Enemy Locations when I am facing Tough Mobs. Like Screws in the lower depths, or Zecs in the deeper ones.

  9. If you full clear a ship you have got the cache's. The various cache's just add extra loot to find in that ship it's modifying.

  10. 5:12 Doesn't the health station work the same way as the atmo station?
    As in, it has a pool of hit points it can give you and you can use it as long as it is not empty.
    Because if that's the case, there is no reason to wait before you use the health station

  11. I was always wondering how do you manage to upload so many vids a day … thank god its confirmed that you are a robot 😂 Jk <3

  12. Wow, haven't seen your dad in 3 years? That must have been quite a reunion! Enjoying the series, keep it up! 🙂

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