Ban Antifa And Arrest All Of Its Members | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 287

all right thanks everyone for tuning in hope you had a great weekend I'm broadcasting now from an undisclosed location I traveled here over the weekend with my family many hours in the car many hours with three kids under six and under in the car and you know I remember when I was young and idealistic and stupid well I'm still stupid but they but the other two not so much back before I had kids and I remember I used to you know you'd you'd be driving on the road and you'd be behind another car a minivan or something and you could see through their rearview their rear window that they have one of those little TVs there and the kids are watching a little mermaid or whatever Disney thing and I used to see that and I used to think to myself man that's when I when I'm a parent you know when I'm a parent I'm not gonna put the TV on in the car for the kids that says that's but I mean like they don't get enough TV already you know now you got to put TV on in the car that's pathetic no when I am a parent and I'm driving with my kids I we will we'll talk and we'll sing songs of gladness and we'll just have a wonderful bonding time that's what I thought before I was a parent but now that I am I realize that being stuck in a car for ten hours with a bunch of little kids is is is actual literal torture like if you if you were to put a suspected terrorist in a minivan with three kids for ten hours that would violate the Geneva Convention it's just it's inhumane treatment because the thing with kids is they don't ever stop talking or asking questions or or whining I mean they're just because they can't I guess when they're in the car enclosed space they can't move their bodies much they just move their mouths even more to compensate and after a while you just can't take it anymore so we put the TV on and that's how we made it through it so all right on a more serious note a couple things important things to talk about today I want to talk about the speaking of terrorists the domestic terrorist organization and Tifa and the chaos and violence this weekend that that happened on the part of aunt Eva Bob we get to that a quick word from policy genius you know part of adulthood is having to do things that you don't really want to do like well long car rides with kids you know but another part of adulthood is learning to delegate the things you don't want to do now I'd love to delegate driving my kids right I'd love to maybe FedEx them ahead of time to wherever we want to go and we'll meet them there can't do that but I can however delegate life insurance shopping policy genius is the easy way to shop for life insurance online in just two minutes you can compare quotes from top insurers to find your best price once you apply the policy genius team they'll handle all the paperwork all the red tape all that stuff you don't don't worry about that no sales pressure no hidden fees just financial protection and peace of mind so if you need life insurance but you just don't want to deal with all the legwork that's where policy genius comes in head to policy genius calm it's the easy way to compare all the top insurers and find the best value for you policy genius delegate what you hate especially if you hate getting life insurance okay well the fascist hate group and Tifa which ironically stands for anti fascist which you know having a fascist hate group that's anti it's a bit like if the if coop if Ku Klux Klan's was Latin for like racial tolerance that's that's what it's that's what it's similar to because of course they anti-fascist but but that's the exact opposite of what they really are they're also domestic terror group and they held what is being called a quote protest over the weekend in Portland but this protest was nothing more than a violent riot which is what all of their protests are like in fact their left wingers in general have a suspicious habit of having protests that really turn into an excuse to beat the hell out of people and set things on fire think back to back to when BLM was staging these quote-unquote protests all across the country but really you had entire city blocks that were on fire and people were throwing bricks and looting that's the way left-wing protests go especially with an Tifa so this was a violent riot riot that was organized and planned planned and organized by a group that exists for no other reason than to plan and organize violent riots but this is worse than what we've seen before this somehow fell below an tifa's already subterraneous standards now the Portland antifa especially has been particularly bad for a long time especially bad mostly because the Portland Police are non-existent it seems we're left wingers are concerned anyway and Tifa in Portland they've had the run of the town for a while they're allowed to shut down city blocks assault people at will and the police just stand by and watch they don't do anything so as an example before we get to what happened this weekend as a just a primer to kind of get you warmed up here they are a few months ago shutting down a block directing traffic and then someone disobeyed their traffic signals so they chased that guy down with a baseball bat watch this [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay but but but that was a few months ago right as I said let's look at what happened this weekend conservative journalist and II know who apparently lives in Portland showed up to cover the demonstration slash quote-unquote protest and he wound up being viciously assaulted by these thugs the I'll show you one of the videos and by the way I should just a disclaimer all of the videos I'm gonna show in the show today are all upsetting and violent and there's blood and stuff so you know if you have kids that you're watching this with and they don't want to you don't want them to see it then that's a fair warning but it's important though that those of us who are old enough to see it do see it so that we know what's going on out there so this is the first this only shows part of the beating watch watch this [Applause] Oh okay he was the main thing you see there and and you gotta be careful here because you saw at the very beginning of that cut how he was punched he was assaulted he was punched in the face by someone who ran up very courageously ran up sucker-punched him then ran away and then you see him being sprayed with all kinds of various substances what you're seeing of the media and we'll talk about this in a minute but the media has mostly ignored this when they do show a clip what they'll do is they'll show if they're gonna show any of this which most of them don't but if they're gonna show it they'll still cut out the part at the very beginning where he got hit and they'll show only the part where he's being sprayed with what looks like silly string now they also were throwing milkshakes milkshakes at him because this is the left-wing thing now of throwing milkshakes at people milk shaking they call it but these milk which is already assault to throw something at somebody is assault period even if it's a milkshake these milkshakes though the police reported were some of them were laced with cement mix okay so these were not just regular old milkshakes anyway here's know after the beating I just got beat up by the crowd no police at all in the middle of the street and they stole my GoPro and he punched me several times in my face and my head I'm bleeding whether how well of you yeah where the hell were you know your name my name's Andy no you know where I had been assaulted twice earlier today and reported it to your Pugliese hey nothing was done I was in the street in the front documenting this I'd like to help you can you tell me they stole my evidence they stole my GoPro and then he proceeds to talk to the police and he's trying to he's asking them good question where were you but he talks to them and that's what the rest of that video is this was not some little scuffle no was admitted to a hospital overnight reportedly with a brain bleed he was seriously hurt he could have been could have been killed if you know if your brain is bleeding that's I mean you that's that's a potentially fatal situation it's not an exaggeration to say that antifa the antifa Punk's were trying to kill people now one of the dumbest defenses of aunty Fay that I've seen this weekend and all of the defenses are to defend them at all is dumb so there's no smart defence one of the dumbest of all the dumb ones is I've some people have said well you know they they're not they haven't killed anybody okay they're not like those neo-nazis have killed somebody okay it's not for lack of trying though they it does appear that they are trying to kill people or at the very least they're assaulting people without any regard for whether or not they happen to kill the person I'll show you what I mean here are the antifa terrorists using what looks like a crowbar or a metal bar of some kind against an older man and then someone else steps in heroically to protect the man and then they start hitting him as well with the metal bar watch watch watch this one [Applause] [Applause] okay that's to smack somebody in the head with a metal bar crowbar baseball bat whatever it is that is attempted murder you're trying to kill them you could very easily kill them here's a Michelle Malkin has was compiling pictures of the aftermath so here's a picture she had of the of the hero who stepped in is that the S at the hospital look at the gashes on his head look at these pictures here okay that's someone who you know that's someone who was in a life who was put in a life-threatening situation when you end up with gashes like that on your head and then here's the older man another picture the older man covered in blood all right despite how it's being portrayed in some corners this was not just a bunch of dorks throwing milkshakes this was something more serious than that although they are a bunch of dorks let's be clear about that they're dangerous terrorists yes and we can't minimize the threat that they pose but individually they're also a bunch of effeminate weaklings and dorks who would never dare go one-on-one against any of the I mean you saw the guy with the gashes in the head who they they you think any of those people would go one-on-one against him you think any of those you think any of those weaklings those antifoam weaklings would dare take off their mask and walk up to that guy and punch them square in the face and then stay there just to get the response you think they dare have a fair fight with anybody no it's it's really easy to put up put on a mask if you have no moral standards and you're a coward then it's really easy to put on a mask and run up among a group of people smack someone in the head with a metal bar and then run away that's anyone could you know a six-year-old could do that anyone could do that so these are these are weak pathetic despicable effeminate cowards all of them and I just I want to emphasize that because it maybe it's not the most important thing in the world but when I hear people say domestic terrorists and it and all of that is true but it just you you you we also don't want to make them sound you know you unfortunately in our society these days when you start describing people that way you you you run the risk of making them sound cool or something in the in the in the ears and in the minds of very stupid people who think about other wearing masks and they're out there fighting oh that must be cool no it's not because it's violent and they're hurting people and it could possibly kill someone and also again these are just the biggest losers on earth all of them this is what an Tifa does this is their whole thing their only tactic violence and intimidation we've seen it not just in Portland but in many states any time an t4 ghen eise's anytime they get together this is what happens it's a domestic terrorist organization and that's how it should be treated everybody associated with anty anty fuscia rested anyone who is a known member or associate participant with an Tifa should be arrested this group should be outlawed it should be banned because we have the right to peaceably assemble in this country but when you're we do not have the right to assemble for but for violent riots we don't have the right to assemble for the sole purpose of hurting and intimidating people and that's what an Tifa does they are a terrorist organization and that's what needs to happen legally although at this point I would say you know before we even get to well direct domestic terrorist organization rounding up the leaders throwing them in jail and I think that's all gonna be I I think that all that should happen your police raids and everything Rud I mean show up in force fighting these people in their moms basements frog-marched them out and throw them in prison and see how they like it they're in prison with the other inmates but and by the way you you know you antifa they pretend that they're fighting against neo-nazis which which they aren't okay there weren't any as far as I'm aware well certainly in those videos the people being at and II know is not a neo-nazi the people that they're assaulting are not neo-nazis so they pretend they're fighting against neo-nazis for the most part they're not they're just assaulting random people and anyone who happens to disagree with them but hey if you really want to if you really want to go up again if you if you really want to fight neo-nazis well they have neo-nazis in prison and those are real neo-nazis and so yeah why don't you go let's throw these guys in prison and let them let them tangle with the neo-nazis in there and see how it goes where they can't put on a mask and they don't have a group and you know they're probably not gonna have a weapon I guess they could try to get a shiv in the prison yard somewhere but yeah let's see how these tough guys like it when they're when they're we throw them in prison in there with real neo-nazis but anyway that's the legal part of this the other part of his is personal on a personal level if if you are being swarmed by a violent mob if people are using mace and metal bars and crowbars and throwing bricks at you or whatever else you have every right legal and moral to defend yourself using whatever means you deem necessary if you're being assaulted with a metal bar that is assault with a deadly weapon you could die you this is someone who is trying to kill you and now you have the legal and moral right to respond with the force that equals the force being used against you that's you're not a blah to be a victim you don't have to stand there and take it one of these days these gutless Punk's are going to try this garbage on a fan of the Second Amendment and things are gonna go badly for the gutless Punk in that case that's gonna happen and one of you it's gonna happen it's gonna happen soon you just they've been doing this for months now years eventually they're gonna target the wrong person and when that happens you know that's when the media is gonna take note and we're gonna try to make us feel sorry for whatever and Tifa Punk gets that response and there's well you know this is terrible know when that happens whose fault is it gonna be not the guy who defends himself I'll tell you that why don't you go down here's a thought aunt Eva why don't you go down to Texas and try this try shutting down streets and assaulting random passers-by in Texas and see what happens now I don't wish death or harm on anyone and I don't like to see this chaos and violence I wish it wasn't happening but I do want people to protect themselves and I do think here's the thing the ante funks they should be afraid to do this kind of thing now I don't think anyone should just live in fear in general and nobody should be afraid in America to express their point of view to exercise their legitimate First Amendment rights but you should be afraid to assault random people you should be afraid to run around with a mask and a crowbar hitting people you should be afraid to do just like you should be afraid to break into somebody's house it's a sign of a healthy country of a healthy civilization when Pete are afraid tack that way because they know that there are going to be consequences they're going to be legal consequences and there may be even more serious and immediate consequences than that because the law is not the law is not going to sit there and let you do it and the person you're attacking isn't going to just sit there and let you do it that's a sign of a healthy civilization it's a sign of an unhealthy civilization when people feel they can do this with impunity and they're not afraid and they feel perfectly safe and secure these auntie fogs walking around in masks just you know just with their with the crowbar slung over their shoulders just strolling randomly proudly around that's the sign of an unhealthy situation in a society yeah that's the things that an Tifa it they seem to want a civil war but they're gonna be marching to war with milkshakes and metal bars the other side has most of the guns they they want to escalate this they want violence I don't they do but it they haven't quite figured out you know that the the other side that that's where almost all the NRA members are this fans the Second Amendment people who not only own guns but know how to use them are very proficient in them that's where most of the you know the other side's where most of those people are and if an Tifa continues escalating I think eventually they're gonna learn that lesson the hard way I hope it doesn't come to that but if they continue is it can't go on like this indefinitely but what's in some ways even more disturbing more concerning more frightening than an tifa's behavior is the reaction from the left or lack thereof as of this morning not at as of this morning anyway not a single and this is enough because it's been two to three days as of this morning not a single Democratic presidential candidate had uttered a word of combat condemnation against an Tifa or the assaults this weekend I mean these people were bludgeoning people using pepper spray attacking journalists and the Democrat candidates can't even bring themselves to condemn it that's incredible and very it's a real scary situation because why aren't they condemned in it because they know that there are a lot of anti feh and people and a lot of an tithi sympathizers in their base okay they've done the research they've done the polling internally they know they know that it would be politically disastrous for them with their base to come out and say hey ante for shouldn't be beating people with metal bars what does that tell you about the left that Democratic pleas aren't just fringe being Democrat presidential candidates feel like they can because they're cowards and opportunists they feel like they can't come out and condemn this because they're gonna upset their base it's it's not like that on the other side I gotta tell you because you could do the what about ISM of neo-nazis and all that all you want yeah conservatives come out in condemn neo-nazis it's not a Republican politicians they have no hesitation there's no hesitation it's what we're not yeah sure I'll condemn neo-nazis all day there's that guy that ran the girl over he's in jail you know I came out I said that they should put the guy in front of a firing squad and I think they should I've got yet a murderous neo-nazi yeah go out and execute him put him down like a dog absolutely that's I have no compunction about that at all so on the right there really isn't much of a hesitate now I I take issue with the whole idea that neo-nazis are right-wing in the first place but even if I said okay they are they're the extremist element of the right-wing even if I agreed with that well whatever it's we have no that does not make me hesitate oh well should I I don't know would it be day would it be would it be a risky for me to condemn them of course I condemn them that's not what you find on the left they are very hesitant to condemn the violent extremists on their side of the fence likewise the media has been very very reserved in its coverage and condemnation even though again it a journalist was attacked a journalist was put in the hospital the bleeding brain yet the media treated this as a non-event basically to give you an idea of of just how trivialized this event has been with the media CNN's brian Stelter who's a guy on CNN who specializes in covering attacks on the media that's what he talks about all the time he Trump's sends out a mean tweet about the media this guy Stella Stelter Stelzer or whatever how you pronounce it Brian good old Brian he'll spend a whole show talking about the means we okay now he's getting credit for being one of the guys in the media one of the only ones in the media to actually cover these attacks and condemn them and I'm going to show you what he said how he handled it and remember this is probably the most passionate condemnation offered by anyone in the left-wing media is this watch this one more important story that you need to know about before take a break this is a protest that turned violent against a member of the media in Portland Oregon this weekend conservative journalist Andy note was out there covering rival protests on Saturday and tief on one side right-wing figures on the other side but as the demonstrations classed protesters it appears to be antifa protesters then attacked know he's been out there in the past he's been covering protests in Portland for quite some time his critics say he's there to cause trouble but that's unacceptable the idea that he would be attacked that he would be bloodied in that way unacceptable period and it's important that every make that clear even left-wing critics who don't like him and things like that okay maybe you'll tell me that beggars can't be choosers but that is weak that is very weak he mentions it right before a break is oh by the way before we go to break he spends 20 seconds on it he calls it unacceptable sending someone to that yes it is it is unacceptable but that's the that's the harshest words you could come up with is unacceptable you know beating someone in the in the skull with a with a bat until their brain is bleed on except that is unacceptable no unacceptable behavior is I mean that's what I said to my my daughter this morning because she pulled her brother's hair I said that's not acceptable that's unacceptable the two kids picking on each other this is a lot more than unacceptable you know that that Charles Manson that so it's pretty unacceptable yes it was pretty tacky unacceptable behavior I got to tell you murdering people I mean pretty yeah you know not a fan that's just it's the week but that's that's the best the media could do is that and just so you're not you don't make the mistake of being impressed and say well at least he said something the only reason Brian said anything is because he knew he knew he had to say something I mean this is what he does he talks about attacks on the media and you've got a journalist being sent to the hospital everyone's talking about on social media he knew he couldn't ignore it that was ignoring it was not an option he couldn't do that and so he did bare baby you can't even call it bare minimum was so better he'd say he spent 20 seconds just so he could say that he talked about it and just so that a week from now two weeks from now a month from now when someone calls him to account and says hey you know just so that next time Trump says sends a mean tweet or mean gift about the media and brian Stelter spends a whole show spends five shows talking about it and someone says hey you know you're talking about this you didn't say anything about wouldn't when the conservative journalist was attacked that he could come back and say oh yeah well look at this that's the only reason he did that little small tiny twenty second segment was was just to give him that moment a month from now when someone on Twitter tries to call him to the task and he can retweet his little segment and said he can he can really own them right own the conservatives with that with that devastating comeback that's the only reason he did that remember cNN has openly defended antifa in the past this is this was last year Don Lemon this is what he had to say about a TiVo it says it right in the name antifa anti-fascism which is what they were there fighting listen there's you know no organization is perfect there are some violence no one condones of violence but there were different reasons for antifa and for these neo-nazis to be there one racist fascists the other group fighting racist fashions there is it fascist there's a distinction there okay Trump has obviously gotten a lot of grief for his infamous there were fine people on both sides coming this is like that this is well no organization is perfect but at least they're fighting fascists so that's how CNN feels about it even they're fully in support I want you to imagine something for a minute and then we're gonna move on here in a moment but imagine the response if a swarm of Trump supporters in Maggi hats assaulted a CNN reporter and put him in the hospital with a brain injury imagine how the media would be reacting today imagine the fiery statements from all the Democratic candidates imagine just imagine imagine it think about how they how they reacted when some Catholic school kids smiled at a Native American guy that was a week-long news cycle all they did was smile at a guy they didn't even lay hands on him think about how they reacted with justice Millette okay the media as a headline news the Democrat Camilla Harris and Cory Booker they jumped on it immediately when justice Millette pretended that he was assaulted by two mega hat guys so that's how they go with that stuff but with this crickets and that's not even the worst of it okay I mean I said I was gonna move on but I can't it's like it just keeps getting worse all you have to do is go on social media go on Twitter you'll find legions of leftist many of them prominent with with large followings verified Twitter users and all that actually defending an Tifa hey outright defending them encouraging more violence here's a verified Twitter user Sara gaily thirty thousand followers he or she is in a tweet that I think has since been deleted calling for her political opponents to be bludgeoned with bricks look at this tweet here she's not suspended from Twitter for that by the way and there's a whole more a lot more of that on Twitter the attitude of the left is clear if you disagree with us you don't have the right to be safe or secure if you disagree with us you all bets are off that's how the left is approaching all right what else well there was look at the emails in a second but first there was well I guess I have to mention this there was a there was it's hard to keep track because all the left does anymore is just demonstrate so there was a there was another left-wing demonstration this weekend this one in New York and this one wasn't violent okay so I'll give him that it was an anti pride event okay an anti pride of it but I said it's a leftist anti-bride so this was not an anti gay pride event by advocates of traditional marriage know these were gay activists protesting Gay Pride and the reason why they protested because I could think of read I could think of plenty of good reasons for even gay activists to be opposed to you know these gay pride events but it's not for any of those reasonable reasons here's here's why here's a video from The Daily Beast explaining what this anti pride event was all about I think the importance is a lot of people forget that pride is supposed to be a celebration so didn't start on a happy note just started off a lots of protests and rally at birth and blood and sweat and tears so remembering where it started and appreciating that is so [Applause] you don't need police to be safe unique community to be safe we need communities to feel safe and back for some of us police mean the opposite of safety it means violence and that's what the first Stonewall riot was about okay did you get that they're protesting the fact that police and corporations are supporting gay pride that's what they're protest so they were approached they were oppressed when government and corporations were not supportive of their cause they were oppressed by that and now the government and corporations are supportive they're still oppressed they're oppressed by everyone's they're oppressed either way so they were oppressed when they weren't accepted they're oppressed now that they are accepted and it's not even like very oppressed even though they're being accepted now it's now they're being oppressed by the acceptance of people it's it's it's amazing it's amazing how determined the left is to be victims no matter what and they and they will anything and victimizes them not to keep comparing you know bringing it in comparisons with my children because my children are so much better than left-wing activists but and my children will never be left-wing activists so help me God but anyway this it reminds me of like my my my two and a half year old we're in the when we were driving in the car for that ten hour journey yeah he would start crying for a toy and then I would reach back and I give him a toy and but then then he's crying because it's the wrong two when he throws the toy he starts crying again it's like you're trying to appease him but he's two-and-a-half no matter what you do if one yeah with two and a half year olds when they get into a funk when they get into a mood no matter what you do is gonna it will be a cause to make them cry no matter what it is with the exception maybe of did either giving them ice cream that's maybe the one thing that they that no two-and-a-half-year-old would cry about other than that they'll cry about anything and but that's okay for a two and a half year old it's unfortunate when you see left-wing and activist who are adults acting the same way no matter what you do it is a reason for them to cry and so now they're crying that they're being accepted oh poor us we're being accepted and loved by everyone everyone loves us and wants to express their support oh my gosh alright let's move on to emails quickly Matt Walsh show at Matt Walsh Oh this is from Diane says hi Matt at listen to you every day you mentioned a cologne you were wearing from a sponsor wearing a man at the store said it smells like America it's a true story by the way totally true I would never make up a story for the sake of Hawking a product you know that is beneath me I told my friend and he wants to smell like America – what was that cologne plus we want to support you this was maybe two weeks ago that story made me laugh out loud thanks for your time that was a cologne made by the fine folks over a Duke Canon so go check out Duke cannon they've got a lot of great products I have I have many of the products myself so Duke cannon is what it is all right this from David says greetings Lord Walsh ruler of all things past president things yet to come your semi omniscient rule will be challenged by none and your sudden and inevitable rise to power might now see this is how you address me okay this is this is polite my humble name is David revealer of heresies I do not wish to call you semi omniscient however it has come to my attention oh yeah he said semi omniscient before I didn't even notice that I guess kind of proving the point isn't it however it has come to my attention that you have not properly threatened Russia for their past opposition to your present and future bearded dictatorship this horrifying a grotesque monstrosity of a law in the 18th century required a beard tax to be enforced on citizen what is truly horrifying however is the punishment of the offenders who did not pay the beard texts the police shaved the offender's beard I apologize for bringing such hideous information into your glorious bearded presence however I believe that any information regarding heresies as awful as this would give you all the more reason to destroy Russia in a righteous fury in your eyes global domination the only request I have for this piece of information is that you keep me around as long as you see fit to reveal more heresies such as this and then when the time comes to an end I would request a swift and painless death long live the beard well I was not aware of that but how dare you assume that I wasn't aware of something first of all second how dare you traumatize me with this historical information if we've learned anything over the past few years it's that history can be very traumatizing to people in the present and so the best thing we can do is ignore it pretend it didn't happen and that's what you should have done here that was your fatal mistake but you're literally fatal mistake David so I cannot make the promise that you asked me to make as far as destroying Russia for for their for their historical sins of the beard tax I'll have to look into it well yeah absolutely will destroy it but but but then again you know as part of my dictatorship we're going to I will be destroying you know all of the countries in the world except for this one and then ultimately everybody in this country except for me so you know Russia is just it's kind of gonna happen anyway but I guess they'll move to the front of the line alright this is a finally from Dustin says hey Matt I think I know the underlying reason for the selfishness in our current dating / relationship culture as exemplified in the Cosmo article you read on Friday nihilism the philosophical underpinning of so many people's lives usually unconsciously held like an iceberg whose masts mostly lies hidden underneath is as follows while there is no God no afterlife no ultimate meaning or purpose in life as louis c.k put it underneath everything in your life here's that thing that empty that forever empty the knowledge that it's all for nothing and you're alone Louie CK say that that's um that's pretty grim but but true from actually a beautiful way of putting the Nile the nihilistic point of view number two if this life is all I have I better get all the happiness I can now number three sexual pleasure / expression fulfillment is the highest form of happiness number four therefore I can do whatever makes me happy sexually and you're a monster if you say otherwise as you can see this assumption also underpins the whole modern religion of sexuality ISM as well what are your thoughts keep up the good work well you know I'm not gonna not gonna not gonna add my thoughts much to it because I think that you I agree totally and I think that you put it put it very well that is that's what it comes down this what we're talking about if I can even remember all the way back on Friday yeah we read an article from Cosmo which of course I have a subscription to Cosmo so I read you know I read their articles every month but the article was someone a woman bragging about all the men that she's cheated on and saying she doesn't feel sorry about it and you know she'll do it again she feels like she wants to and that is an extreme manifestation of this very common what you're talking about here the nihilism nihilism which I guess which is at the root of everything which is to say there are at the root is nothing you know it's like roots of a tree that go all the way down to just a hole a cavity where there's nothing really there so the roots themselves are not really rooted in anything but because of that as you point out you have no fundamental purpose in life and so you have to make up your own purpose and so your purpose is your own sexual fulfillment just feeling good and then if that's the purpose your purpose of life then sure you could cheat you could do whatever you want to relate to it because it's really all about you it's about making you feel good and I think one thing that that so there's that's obviously a selfish and bad and sinful and wrong way of approaching life it's also just so it just lacks creativity yeah that's the other thing about the nihilists and hedonist they have no creativity so you you you think there's no fundamental purpose of life which is horrible so you're gonna make up your own purpose and that's the best you can come up with is your whole purpose is just to have sex and feel good I mean it's like have some creativity for goodness sakes if you're gonna be a nihilist and make up your own purpose of life which I don't recommend at least be unique like think of something else that's my thing I mean maybe you know just be creative maybe maybe your purpose in life is is I don't know I can't even think of an example right now because I don't have the creativity anyway either but at the same time I'm not a nihilist so I don't have to make up my own purpose all right we'll we'll leave it there thanks everybody for watching thanks for listening Godspeed

  1. What the domestic terrorist organization, known as Antifa, did was brutally attack an Asian gay man, DURING PRIDE MONTH, and neither the police or the LGBT community have stepped up to denounce the actions of this domestic terrorist organization.

  2. Raised 5 children, all close in age. Never had a TV in the car, home TV was time limited, too. Took many long trips, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, etc. Homeschooled, too. Never had a loud kid in the car. Maybe you are doing something wrong.

  3. Why is no one following up on the senior citizen? Ngo has a gofundme, what does this older man have? How is he doing now?

  4. What do these Antifa bums actually do, to make a living? It seems sort of hard to picture these people holding down a job. Who would want to employ them?

  5. was with you UNTIL you started calling them 'effeminate' which is an insult to those who are also called effeminite, and it is an attack on femininity. Look neo nazi skinheads ALSO attack in groups, so do gangsters. are THEY 'effeminate'? try and use another term like cowardly sadistic fkers or something like that.

  6. You realize you now have a disclaimer in front of your podcast,warning about offensive material,u-tube

  7. Maybe its time to like 2 hours before the antifa events. A bunch of people need to go ride the buses and find these fucks as they gather together

  8. The real criminals here are the Portland police, if that was going on in my town I'd be shooting antifa and breaking some police jaw.

  9. Come to Dallas Antifa. Please! We would love you see your chicken shit covered faces. Let us know when you want to get together.

  10. If they’re arrested and banned the size of antifa will double every year. You can’t ban ideas and the more you try the stronger they get. Same thing with radical Islam. The more you fight it the more it grows. You guys are making s huge mistake with this sort of thetoric

  11. Antifa are just as bad as any of the so-called Right Wing groups, if not worse. Randomly assaulting those who disagree with you in a manner Antifa have been doing lately is getting way out of hand. Throwing Quik-Crete laced milk shakes, wearing black masks and hitting people with sticks has got to stop. Antifa are going to assault the wrong individual one day and that person who was hit in the head with a stick or club, by a black mask wearing hoodlum is going to get shot, if not a group of them Thankfully, this hasn't happened yet but it's inevitable and it's going to eventually happen. Stop this madness.

  12. If the police won't do their job then I guess it is up to the citizens to defend themselves. antifa should watch their asses because when the calm quiet americans are angered it will not go well for the antifa. Mr president make antifa a terrorist organization and also make it ok to retaliate if attacked by them.

  13. The Left have launched their SCUD missile and a simple, ballistic analysis shows that if nothing is done to alter its trajectory it will end up with firearms being used. The only thing right now that can alter it is if police starts enforcing the law and Dem politicians and their media representatives uniformly condemn these vermin in the harshest of language to make up for their enabling over the last many years.

  14. This is why carry laws are so important. These people are in life threatening danger. They have every right to shoot. Notice most of these attacks take place where you can't carry.

  15. I’ve hit upon an idea which may explain the behavior of the Portland mayor and his municipal constabulary: revenue$.
    Think about that. Who has access to all of mother and father’s money?
    Who attends violent radical commie summer camp(college) at $200k/year and joins various antifa social clubs?
    The municipalities such as Portland which cater to these babies, let them pretend-play “I’m a radical revolutionary!” and “bash the fash!” on their streets and can assure mommy & daddy that their bundle of joy will have safe, worry free fascists vs. commies street fighting experiences-without the possibility of jail or prison-wins.
    The kids will get to say, later on, how they started a worldwide revolution, smashed the brownshirts, and made many edgy, quirky, totally random friends!
    The city won’t have their capitalist corporate franchises’ windows smashed, in fact their antifa kids will pay their user fees and patronize the local businesses with their parents’ credit cards. In every way imaginable, these cities and universities will become wealthier by publicly projecting a far left PC image and welcoming young up and coming SJW snowflakes onto campuses and streets of college towns.

  16. Vox just published an article encouraging the left to go buy guns…that has to be illegal, inciting violence like that.

  17. I dunno if you set this, but the video started off with the disclaimer that is may be inappropriate for some users.

  18. Any way we can completely break away from the west coast???
    This is worse than the black panther party!!!

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