Bahá’í How Are You Doing? | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-Baha’i. How you doing? We’re meeting with somebody
from the Baha’i faith today, and I don’t know anything
about the Baha’i faith except Rainn Wilson, who founded SoulPancake,
is a Baha’i and the guy we’re meeting with
today is the producer of one of my favorite shows
on SoulPancake, called “My Last Days.” It is the most
life-affirming show, and it’s about death. If any of his Baha’i
beliefs made this whole thing, then it must be pretty great. So, we’re here
at Justin’s house. Not only am I gonna be learning
about the Baha’i faith, talking to somebody
I really admire, but my good friend John
from the University of Texas is here because
he’s also a Baha’i! What are the chances of that? Apparently, pretty good. Hey!
-What’s up, buddy? -Am I supposed to recite poetry
to you or what? Good to meet you, sir. -Can I give you a hug?
-Yes, absolutely. -What’s up, buddy? -Good to see you, man? -Ah!
It’s been forever. I heard that we’re going up
to your place. -Which unfortunately
is not wheelchair-accessible. -Look. Now it’s like
I’m a normal person. All right. With this show,
what we’re trying to do is sort of
dispel misconceptions, but Baha’i is a little different because when we bring it
up to people, the most common response
we get is, “What?” So, if you could just
tell people what the Baha’i faith is. -The Baha’i faith is the most
recent of the world religions. Baha’i faith was founded
by the prophet Bahá’u’lláh, who we believe is the most
recent manifestation of God. Bahá’u’lláh brought this message
of world unity, of understanding that all the
religions fundamentally agree. Women should be seen as equals. Actually, there’s a quote
in the Baha’i writings that says, “Until women are seen
as completely equal to men, then war will
continue to exist.” In the Baha’i faith,
we’re taught that work can actually
be like prayer. As an actor
now turned filmmaker, it’s my job to find a way
to be of service through my job. And it can be anything.
It can be, like, a seamstress to a chef to a television host like you. -How did you come from, you know, being
in “Spring Break Shark Attack” to directing something
like “My Last Days”? It’s a question. -It’s just a question,
just a question? “My Last Days” was an idea
that came to me based on a quote
in the Baha’i writings. Bahá’u’lláh, he says,
“I have made death a messenger of joy for thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve?” I thought to myself,
“What is it about death that makes us angry
and sad and afraid?” So, that’s how “My Last Days”
was created. -So, thanks
for having me to your home. What’s going on tonight? -There’s no clergy
in the Baha’i faith. There’s no church.
So, the Baha’is hold things in their own home. We believe that it all starts
in the home and it spreads out
to the community and then out to the world. So, tonight we’re just
having our friends over and we’re gonna pray together and we’re gonna read
a couple things and laugh and eat and sing and, you know… -Awesome.
Just make sure you don’t expect anything good
from the singing. Once the singing starts, you’ll throw me
down those stairs. -I will not, ’cause I’m — -Just be prepared
to do something horrible that you never
expected you could do. -So, don’t sing.
-No. We’ll sing. -All right. -I’m Zach!
How’s everybody? Hello!
-Whoo! -Oh, you went
for the shake and I went for the hug,
and we made it work. It’s a hug fest!
All right! Hey, Rocky!
How’s it going? -Give him a good hug.
Aww. -I still can’t believe that you guys went
to film school together. -It’s crazy. He was the star
of the first scene I ever directed —
my swingers scene. -Oh, yeah, that’s right.
Did I ever watch that? -I think you did,
and if you did, you probably tried
to forget about it. -All right, guys, can we make
our way into the room? You’ll hear a lot of us read,
like, Baha’i prayers and stuff, but anything
from the heart is awesome. -Oh, God, make me a hollow reed, from which the pith
of self hath been blown, so that I may become
a clear channel through which Thy Love
may flow to others. -I lay all my affairs
in Thy hand. Thou art my Guide
and my Refuge. -[ Speaking foreign language ] -When I saw Justin’s work
on “My Last Days,” I thought, “This is
what television can do.” It’s inspired me to appreciate the gifts that I’ve been given and the responsibility
that I have to use them. It’s just been so wonderful
to be able to meet you. I don’t think
I would be making this show if I hadn’t seen your work, and it’s just beautiful that we’ve been able
to come together. So, thank you. -You’re making me cry, buddy. -We’re all ready
for the tears here. -That is the highest compliment
I could ever receive. -[music] Thy name is my healing [music] [music] O, my God [music] -[music] O, my God, O, my God
O, my God [music] [music] Thy name is my healing [music] [music] O, my God [music] [music] O, my God, O, my God,
O, my God [music] [music] Thy name is my healing [music] [music] O, my God [music] [music] O, my God, O, my God,
O, my God [music] [music] Thy name is my healing [music] [music] O, my God [music] [music] O, my God, O, my God,
O, my God [music] -Have you been a Baha’i
your whole life? -I was born
into a Baha’i family. You don’t just become a Baha’i
because your parents are Baha’i. When I was 15 years old,
which in the Baha’i faith is the age of maturity,
I decided to become a Baha’i. But it wasn’t until my 20s that I really understood what it was like to try
to live a Baha’i life. Everything changed
when I started to really walk the walk — or try to, at least,
because I fail all the time. -I fail 100% of the time
to walk any walks. It took a while.
-I think it’s gonna take my whole life
to really understand it. It’s a practice,
just like anything else. -You just got married.
-I just got married. In the Baha’i faith,
your marriage partner is supposed
to be your helpmate, someone that you can navigate
all of the trials of life with and someone
that can bring up our child in a way that teaches them
spiritual virtues. Our whole marriage is founded
on the belief that, like, God is in the center. Prayer is a big part
of our marriage, and service is a big part of our marriage,
and it’s awesome. This summarizes what the Baha’i
faith is more than anything. It’s like a —
a solid, written reminder of what we can strive
to live our lives like. -To live the life
is to be no cause of grief to anyone, to be kind to all people, and to love them
with a pure spirit, to be humble,
to know that our love, our unity, our obedience
must not be by confession, but of reality, to be a cause of healing
for every sick one, a comforter
for every sorrowing one, pleasant water
for every thirsty one, a light for every lamp, a herald to everyone
who yearns for the kingdom of God” —
‘Abdu’l-Bahá. -It doesn’t matter what religion
you call yourself. If that can happen, then… it’s pretty amazing. -I have a question — because I agree with everything that has been said in this room. The one thing
that I have trouble with is, I don’t know for sure
if there is a God. -I don’t try
and think about God necessarily as one entity or one being, because our minds
can’t really fathom that. I look at it as truth. I’m listening to the writings, and I’m feeling
what it does to my heart. I’m feeling
what my relationships with everyone in this room
does to my heart, and that all is truth. And I think that,
once you’ve identified what that truth is for you, then you see God
in everything and everyone. -Oww! -Wh– Ah. Is this the best way
to carry me? I don’t know if anybody’s ever
carried me this way before. Bye, guys. “Baha’i”-bye! I just had a beautiful evening with a bunch
of “ba-handsome” Baha’is. I feel like I’ve made
like 30 new friends. There’s a wonderful night
“Baha’i”-nd me. “Baha’i” everybody! [ Laughter ]

  1. I'm director of an Interfaith Organisation and am going to use all these faith videos on our facebook – I love the simplicity and sincerity of the programmes

  2. This is so beautiful. I am a Buddhist and agree so much with everything being expressed here. What a beautiful faith and practice!

  3. The Baha'i Faith is like a sweet song… "Let us seek the song with the sweetest strains, so that it may be taken up by the angels and carried to the supreme concourse. Let us hearken to the melody which will stir the world of humanity."
    – A Baha'i Quotation

  4. I am Muslim and the bit from 7:58 reminded me of one of my favourite hadiths* (sayings of the prophet Muhammad pbuh): “What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured.”❤️ (Bukhari)

  5. Jesus Christ is the most beautiful and awesome thing that ever happened to this world and no man compares to the Lord Jesus Christ hosana in the highest!

  6. Why does every couple who talks about how God is the center of their relationship sound like they are speaking at a self-help seminar? There is no sincerity when he says "It's awesome." around 7:25 , like he's practiced the line x times.

  7. Unfortunately the Baha'i faith discriminates against the LGBT community and doesn't truly believe that men and women are equal. There is a lot of hypocrisy in their beliefs and community. I used to be one but now I have moved and it honestly feels great 🙂 couldn't be happier!

  8. I feel guilted by this guy. More guilted than when when people see me, ha ha ha. What a lot of handsome, attractive American Baha'is. Singing too, without alcohol, which makes me feel deficient in melanin and curly hair. Good for converting Muslims, if that worked. No, sorry, nice idea.

  9. I live in Chattanooga, and there is a B'hai temple pretty close to where I live. So I think the B'hai in my town don't meet at different homes. Perhaps the congregation is too large for that?

    I think the last thing that was read in the video was awesome, and it'd be great if everyone would follow those tenets. I know I try to. But I just can't believe in God anymore. I don't think it's necessary to believe in a god to do all of the good things most religions teach. Does that make sense?

  10. If I was to ever decide to practice any organized religion THIS faith would be the only one I would even consider, it seems like such a beautiful BALANCE of values and belief, no extremes no hates just requires practice of characteristics of a good human being

  11. People of bahai. The bahai faith is the most amazing religion that was created by the master hazrate bahaullah or Mirza husyan Ali. The cause and the truth was the best thing that ever happened to me. O people of the world do not listen to the people who talk nonsense about the most amazing religion. However we should still love them unconditionally. All people should bahai s love every religion and all religion is one. I love the bahai faith and has inspired me to read and love the manifestation of god even more and more until my love is everlasting. We bahais love everyone and we never hate.

  12. Beautiful video, I certainly feel the sense of community in the video. The song was sung beautifully. I can definitely sing this for God.

  13. I feel so touched by this video, I just found it trying to do my research on what the Bahá'í faith teaches, (I heard about this religion for just a couple of minutes) and I'm so in awe to have found your channel. Thank you, I will definitely learn so much from you, lots of love from Honduras!!

  14. I'm a 6th generation Iranian Baha'i, born in Scotland. I'm 15 years old and I've known for a quite a long time I'm gay. I'm absolutely terrified what my parents will be like when I come out to them. My dad especially is very Baha'i. I don't feel very connected with the faith and Therefore have thought many times of leaving when I'm older especially because I'm gay and Baha'is are not tolerant towards the LGBTQ+ community but I know my family and parents will probably disown me or hate me :-(. I don't know what to do

  15. How should we respond to Prophetic claims? What does th Bible teach on independent investigation? Can we use Jesus' warnings of false prophets as a blank check to blind our eyes and plug our ears to prophetic claims? Who were the Jews of Berea, and what was their noble methodology? All this and more on this week's video from Bridging Beliefs!
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  16. The problem with this religion is that it was started by a human, who
    was, like all of us, a sinner. Jesus claimed to perform supernatural
    miracles which means no one could deny who he was. If you took a time
    machine back to Persia 150 yrs ago to meet the Baha'ullah you'd discover
    he sweats, farts, takes nasty dumps, and occasional has bad breath in
    the morning just like every human being on this planet. He didn't have
    anything that makes him a prophet except the ability to tell people he
    could speak to God. This puts him in the same category as Tazz Russell
    (JW), Ellen G White (SDA), Joseph Smith (LDS) and even L Ron Hubbard.
    Baha'i is the pure definition of a 'feel good' religion based on the
    teaching of an uncredible and probably insane individual.

  17. Thank you for sharing! This faith is similar to Eastern Orthodoxy (Christianity) …Orthodoxy is over 2,000 years old though. Its the "Fulfillment" of the Old Testament. I also thank you for doing a video on Orthodoxy as well.

  18. As far as "worshiping" the same "God" … I would have to respectfully disagree if that is ok. Good videos to learn many things. Thank you, Zacharias.

  19. Oh. My God. I watched this a looooong time ago as I was working through my ideas on religion. Had no idea who Justin was. Recently saw his talk on masculinity, which lead me to researching him, which led me to watching Jane the Virgin, which led me to looking up Jane the Virgin cast interviews, which led me to a video Justin did about the Baha'i faith, which led me to seeing this video beside it. I can't believe he was in this video and I never knew it!

  20. If I had to choose a religion… this is it. This is just beautiful. Thanks Zach for putting me on to something new and soul filling!

  21. The Baha’i faith is actually not that unique and different! All of the monotheistic/ abrahamic religions (Christianity Judaism and Islam and now Baha’i) are all rooted in the fundamental worship of the Abrahamic God they are all inspired by faith love unity and justice however there are a lot of extremities between all of these religions and the negativity is what is enhanced to the public eye. I’m a devout proud Catholic Christian and I found this video to be so incredibly beautiful and powerful because most (if not all) of the teachings are also found in my faith and even though we are not the same religion I think that this is just another wonderful representation of the love of God and the beauty and grace of his people ❤️❤️❤️

  22. As a group of core principles Bahai is great.
    As an organization it is fraught with all the scandals and politics of other religions and organizations. Succession controversies, sexual abuse etc.

    No need to join anything, especially one that gives you a number and a card !

  23. Why is the presenter of this show acted as if he has medical condition such as cerebral palsy? Not funny at all.

  24. I do believe god lies within us all which is why we have the ability to create and love, if you are thinking why is their bad?, i think it's because we were given free will. Life starts the same and what i've learnt from mine is all emotions and feelings which are good should be shared freely, nourished and built with determination, negative emotions and acts are easy to achieve and react out of instance without thought. Knowledge is a presciouse thing but is abused and coveted and this religion is the first i've witnessed to want to teach it's community. I'm still so lost in life a stranger to society as society is beyond strange, i learnt i don't like sadness in myself or others and helping a life or lifeform is the most rewarding. We need to look at our lives very closely and establish what causes the selfish behaviours we exhibit in order to adress them as i already know so many people already feel the same. Our societys are run by leaders who have apointted themselves too much power and they do not represent peace, love or the people of this planet, instead they represent power, rules, money and propaganda using the television to sedate good people litteraly hypnotising and brainwashing, we need to say no more and stop playing there game and become good to create good. How can we do this…we have to get our dependances away from them and unto us, we need communitys to stand as units and not pasive units watching the rulers make awful mistakes on our behalf. Food, we must create our own food and distribute it amoungst us, if we have food then we can't be stoped and then we would simply watch this control wither away, i know what im saying is almost impossible. but can anyone say they are happy and see our leaders as just with their rule, we need to fight with no violence and end the tyranny by making it unrequired, i dream of this and exspect no real thought by anyone but its a way that would work if people wanted life, love and happiness over meaningless things.

  25. In Quran said Do not eat pork but in  Bahi religion allowed  you to  eat pork. You think God change his mind all of sudden.

  26. The most interesting part of Bahai religion is no Bahai can kill,war isn't a way of this religion ,they just talking about love and peace ,they don't believe in borders they dream of world as one country with one economy and one simple language like spranto for communication .
    In this religion you can't find someone with magical power like pope,
    Universal House of Justice
    run by nine people and when they need to make decisions about something all nine people should say yes to make that decision.
    In Bahai religion doors are closed on corruption .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. I just hope everyone knows about this stupendous religion 🙂 I am always sad that whenever people say that what religion are you? I respond with Baha’i, then they say what? Or what is that? That’s fake. I am happy that people are now learning about all religion. It’s always important to know what all religion.
    I’m also in a community with a Baha’i faith. I enjoy what I do 🙂

  28. I never knew Justin Baldoni was a Bahá’í. I also found out Rainn Wilson and Andy Grammer are also Bahá’ís.

  29. my dear listen carefully the words I am transmitting too you! the words spoken by the good lord Jesus Christ I am the way the truth and the life! And the concrete and true foundation of our faith lies in the gift of the baptism in the name of the father and son and Holy Spirit! Which our lord partook! Too know Christ almighty there’s a secret of finding that truth which is him! You want to know there’s one way to do it it is to call his name and ask him to reveal himself too you so simple yet such a great challenge!

  30. Ba-HI! and FYI for the folks who said they really liked the guy's reply to Zach's question about God (8:21) — that's John, Zach's friend that he mentions right at beginning of video (and he's from Univ. of Texas at Austin – hook 'em)! 🙂

  31. the problem with this faith is that it tries to create connectivity between religions that all teach different things, being the only agreed upon thing is a concept of one God. They claim that all of these religions are different manifestations of the same religion. The only problem with that is that all of the people whom they listed believe in different things. For example they said Buddha along with Moses, Muhammed, and Jesus. Buddha did not believe in any gods and certainly not one, especially since he came out of a Hinduistic household. Yes Brahman in vast and complicated and is often referred to an amalgamation of all things, yet in Hinduism there are still many gods. Bahai people might agree with the morals of Buddhism but following the spiritual teachings and their spiritual perception of the universe is completely different than say the more monotheistic religions. Moses primarily focused on the Jewish people and fulfilling the prophecy of a deliverer in which the Jews were waiting for. In reality the Judaistic faith is a large puzzle piece that has many prophets and people of God giving them more lessons and helping them see the greater picture of God.For example in Jewish history, all Jews didn't believe that there was only one God until Isaiah. Before him all they thought was that there are many gods of many people but only they have one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that particular God is bonded forever with their people and therefore they are not allowed to worship or have relations with any other God. The actual realization of all other gods being fake did not come up until Isaiah. Christianity teaches that Jesus was the Messiah that the Jews were waiting for, only that Jesus was also the son of God, which previous in Judaism is not a thing like in Islam, God is and only ever will be one. The idea of the Trinity brought up by Jesus is considered heresy. Muhammad brings back the idea of Monotheism but paints a different picture as having the same holy figures in the religion of Judaism, only their stories being told differently, and according to a Muslim, more accurately. Most humans can agree with the morals of these religions, so long as they are peaceful and loving, but in the sense of explaining the world they are mostly exclusive. Christianity is exclusive as Jesus says the only people that can go to the Father must go through Him. Muhammad teaches the exclusivity of Islam and how only his perception of Allah or God is the only true and accurate one. Judaism teaches exclusivity but is mostly focused on its own people having that exclusivity rather than spreading it around the world like the other major religions. Buddhism is different in the sense of Buddhis'ts believing that they are right, but they don't see people needing to accept Buddhism as a way to be saved or enter some paradise. Buddhist's believe that their way of life is something that anyone can freely accept or decline and that everyone should just follow what is best for them. While they do believe this they also believe in exclusivity and that ultimately within reincarnation your soul will find that truth that is Buddhism, and then it is up to you to follow it. Bahai people recognize the similarity of morality but seem to forget how different their teachings are that it would be impossible to combine all these religions together without saying certain parts of certain religions are wrong.

  32. This is idolatry, creating a god to suite yourself instead of submitting to the all powerful GOD who died for our sins of the world.

  33. My question is i has been studying with a lady she is a Baha'i writing i am not a Baha'i it confused word don't line up the word what she says pray for me so i can come to true it so many reglion out there's say they have the truth

  34. I looked into this faith because on the surface it’s really amazing, but deep down it’s not. They preach equality of men and women, but in the highest regions of the faith women aren’t allowed . They preach acceptance of all human beings but gay people aren’t accepted. Any faith that doesn’t practice what it preaches can’t be taken seriously by me.

  35. I read that the Baha'i faith believes homosexuality is a sin. Is this true? I feel like these people wouldn't be homophobic but I wonder if that is an essential belief

  36. this religion sounds cool but ultimately it's still making claims that can't be proven. putting that aside this religion condemns being a monk and says that hard work is a part of worshipping.. what does this mean for someone like me that has lived like a monk and isn't interested in working that often.. I can't wait for practitioners of this Faith to the debating ring so the deeper questions can be asked..

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