Babylonian Black Magick and Occult Secret Societies

many people find that the moon is magical to stare at from a distance but it can be equally as enchanting to view it from up close through a telescope a lot of the craters that litter the lunar surface have been named after people who have contributed to science people that are recognized as some of the most brilliant minds in recorded history for example Tycho is an impact crater that is named after a famous Danish astronomer of the 16th century Copernicus is a crater named after the famous mathematician and astronomer who proposed that the Sun rather than the earth was at the center of the universe Kepler is the crater named after the German astronomer who was a key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution probably best known for his laws of planetary motion he also has a famous space telescope that's named after him which is now used to search for exoplanets that is planets that are outside of our solar system Aristarchus is named after an ancient Greek astronomer who suspected that the stars were just other bodies similar to our own son so you can see that these and many other creators not to mention other lunar features such as mountain ranges can be clearly seen through a telescope or if you don't have access to one you can take a look at some of the fascinating footage that has been uploaded online mostly disseminated freely by amateurs that contain just enough detail that if you look very closely you might even be able to make out tiny metallic objects that seem to be leaving one of the craters near the side of the Moon that never faces the earth now I obviously can't verify these but there is another crater there's one in particular that I would like to draw your attention to that's on the Dark Side of the Moon and this crater is named after Jack Parsons an American rocket and propulsion engineer one of the principal founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL and a high priest and a cult founded by sex magician and a cult author Aleister Crowley Jack Parsons would invoke Aleister Crowley's him to pan before each rocket test to get a better idea or a feel for Crowley's poetry let us listen to him briefly recite a few verses in his own voice this one is titled pentagram in the years of climate for the dollar to rescue birth man most of the mammoth enforce the ban was the Lord of the earth he made him in hollow skin from the heart of only three he cometh the earth sarin and barrels of all the sea he controlled the vigorous team he polished the lightning for higher he drew the Telestial team and man was the lords of fire deep growl from the throne deep stages the choirs of the six they are the lost of the demons defeated of an is the lord of the air arise o man in thy strength the kingdom is dying to inherit till the high gods witness at length the man is the Lord Aleister Crowley perceived Jack Parsons with high regard as someone who may one day be his successor Crowley made his respect and admiration clear when confiding in another member and saying and I quote Parsons is the most valued member of the whole order with no exception and quote Jack parson was a chemist but a better term might be alchemists he is credited with inventing a solid type rocket fuel revolutionising the entire industry so much so that former Nazi rocket scientist and a head of NASA Wernher von Braun called Parsons the father of American rocketry JPL was established during the early 1940s which also happened to be during World War two as many people now know thanks to declassified documents the United States brought thousands of Nazi scientists over both during and immediately following the war in what is known as Operation Paperclip so the American scientist Jack Parsons was working shoulder-to-shoulder with German scientists with similar occult philosophies one of the problems that the United States had was that they were so far behind the Germans not only in technology and the context thought most people understand such as with jet engines but in paranormal research which to the majority of the u.s. sounded exactly like science fiction this leads us to l ron Hubbard a fairly successful science-fiction author before the war who like his father was naval intelligence drawing upon his imaginative background in science fiction Hubbard was called up to try to make sense of what the Nazis were working on with the expectation that the US would benefit somehow either by making weapons gaming technology or at least learning more about their very secretive enemy and their bizarre activities this is why l ron Hubbard author of Dianetics the modern science of mental health and the founder of the Church of Scientology not only gained exposure to mind-control technology and an elevated understanding of the workings of the mind he also was one of the first people if not the very first individual to start denouncing many of the newly formed CIA activities which can all be lumped together and called MKULTRA which stands for mind control in German it's spelled with a k so Hubbard was Jack Parsons roommate in Pasadena California where they participated in occult sex orgies together Hubbard was deeply into the occult from an early age magician the magic cults of the 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th centuries in the Middle East were fascinating they only modern work that has anything to do them his trifle wild in spots but his fascinating work in itself and that's work written by Alastair Crowley the late Aleister Crowley my very good friend and he he did himself a splendid piece of aesthetics built around those magic cults it's a very interesting reading to get a hold of a copy of a book quite rare but it can be obtained the master theorem th er IOM the master theorem by Alastair Crowley he signs himself the Beast mark of the beast 666 varies something while there has been debate as to the degree of influence Aleister Crowley has had on l ron Hubbard and Scientology let's see what l ron Hubbard's son has to say my first guest Rhonda wolf was the son of the missing L ron Hubbard let's give him a big round of applause please his deep involvement in personal use of drugs on himself and others black magic can you say black magic what are you talking about like some of the things that I read in the stack of material it sounds just absolutely unbelievable what are you talking about when you say this well the funny thing is is that the actual truth is is about as far out as Scientology itself really the basis of Scientology which is rather hidden and covered over is the occult show the deep involvement with the satanic powers that he felt that he was deeply involved with a British black magician called Alastair Crowley and through putting himself in deep hypnotic trances in the use of drugs on himself you wanted to become the most powerful being in the world how would you describe what Scientology is all about and what the Church of Scientology is all about well to put it in layman's sort of a succinct terms Scientology says basically that 74 trillion years ago everyone willed themselves into existence and through space opera games and science fiction sort of things they have created this universe this is a universe created by you me and everybody else and now we find ourselves trapped in two bodies and the goal of Scientology is to get unwrapped from these bodies and to return to this godlike state which is called operating how you do that through applied philosophy through sitting down across from each other in chairs with he meters which is a skin galvanometer with a meter dial on ER and through answering questions and asking questions it this is supposed to release the various charges and the problems one has had throughout all of these centuries and hundreds and thousands of reincarnations to get the charge off it as if that was a these incidents were a charged battery and by doing so this is supposed to return you to this state of viability he was very deeply involved in black magic from early teenage years which was the use of of drugs and hypnosis as an example he used to conjure up these demons and thereby plug into them or have them plug into him and a lot of his early writings which could be called spirit writing and so he was very deeply involved in black magic as an example especially from Alastair Crowley which was an English black magician and around 1947 or so he decided that he was the Beast 666 incarnate because that's what our stylee was and he died in 1947 while Crowley was a high-level freemason there are reports l ron Hubbard was a Rosicrucian at least for a brief period in 1940 the ancient and mystic order of the rosy cross as organisation is formally known as the symbol of a cross with the rose at its centre it has several meanings depending on the source some claiming that the Rosie Cross predates Christianity where the cross represents the human body and the rose represents the individuals unfolding conscious that's one interpretation looking at this cross we can clearly see eight points which can be traced back to the eight pointed star of Inanna of Sumer and Ishtar of ancient Babylon this covert form of goddess worship was infused into the European secret societies by the Knights Templar the Templars called themselves the Poor Knights of Christ with two Knights symbolically sharing one horse is this symbolic of the altruistic sharing of a horse or does the close proximity of two men here have another meaning especially since the Core teaching involved the Kabbalah and ritual sex magic it has been widely rumored that the top echelon have been engaging for centuries in homosexual practices that they have been using these homosexual practices for mind control not just for horizontal recreation or for kinky horizontal recreation but for the specific purposes of mind control and very influencing their members we have nothing against probably 95% of all gays that are basically practicing recreational for sexuality what we are interested in here is a very small percentage of gay men that happen also to belong to the social subset of secret societies and especially the highest the most high echelons of these secret societies that engage in homosexuality for totally different purposes namely for mind control for social control and so on I've heard for example stories that the highest echelon of the Knights Templars are a pseudo MEC society what would you say on that matter well I think that's true I think that's borne out and in fact when the King of France I think when after the Templars homosexuality was one of the reasons for the crackdown on them but of course what he really wanted was the fortune the great treasure which the Templars of the mask and also he felt that they were political threat and so he would gain several objectives at one time and also gain their treasure by attacking him on the by the end I think well-established grounds of homosexual practices so basically there is no way for somebody to go that high in the hierarchy these organizations without being homosexual appeasing the Knights Templars it's almost like a very advanced initiation ceremony and of course engaging in homosexual product practices becomes a final commit all to the innermost purposes of the order and once you've done that and I guess there's no coming back really once you've been initiated into homosexual operations or activities just really you can no longer be a non homosexual he's no coming back from that and I think that they realize this and that they wanted this as a final commitment on the official how about Freemasonry do we have you heard any stories about the high officials of Freemasonry you know if you go back into the most ancient times religion has always had sex connected to it and especially the occult religions ancient world had a very heavy influence on sex sex was used in all of the rituals especially words and terms select magic sex absolutely and and I believe that the people who are at the top of the world today are using are using sexual magic and I think that's probably why so much sex is flaunted in movies television the sexual revolution it's a36 not a revolution just for freedom memory sucks but it has an integral part to play in the overall occult movements of the world to open the human mind up to sexual perversion also lowers the inhibition in a human being to accept anything and once you have once you have compromised your morals in that way you are now ready to be compromised with money to mix it with the next step and with power and and then you've been born because I've heard that basically the highest levels of Freemasonry are quite a bit into homosexuality and you're not surprised it becomes a basically very cosy Borah boys club in in a way an initiation into the Nexen higher degree is probably all the members of that secret Masonic cell taking turns out there well I I have once a new color or uses what do you say about another and very interesting secret society namely the skullenbones because this is a secret society not the elderly men that have reached the 33rd or the 38 degree of Freemasonry but these are young kids in the 21 year old the third year of college that are initiated in that society have you heard of any homosexual overtones oh yes the initiation ceremony of skullenbones which finally began to leak out after many years of total secrecy the fact is that the initiate into skullenbones first of all lists of strip off all his clothing then he has to lie down in a cotton and there he recites every sexual experience that he has had throughout his entire life whether with male or female and what they did and so this is in the presence of his brothers you see the fraternity brothers so in other words he is totally confessing all of his sexual activity of his life to that time and they are now in possession of this knowledge so that they have not merely a weapon of blackmail but a black weapon of control because whenever he sees one of his fraternity brothers around the campus he knows that that brother knows all of his innermost secrets unemployed and would you place yourself totally in their hands and the skullenbones of course was set up on the Russell trust in 1858 as a branch of the German Illuminati and upon this is also an Illuminati technique probably developed by the Jesuits – first the initiate – places his personal history and all these secrets in the hands of his fellow members and then he after an idiot for us a– tation of his personal secrets he then stands up and supposes born again as a new person under the guise of the Illuminati skullenbones and members of this fraternity by the way there are the paternity Zahn Yale University but it was generally known by the students there that skullenbones was the the peak in fact a CL student told me one day said it was known on the campus that if you were tapped for bones you were set for life you would never have to worry about career or fortune because you would be take a cow and only 15 seniors each year tapped you see ya and they are from the most elite families the Hanuman's Rockefellers and the bushes he was a his family was an employee of the have an interest and so that's how Bush was chosen feminism that have been for many generation into Satanism and black magic and secret societies undoubtedly an element of this branch of a cult initiation involves the attempted awakening of the Kundalini in men through prostate stimulation a subject that I will absolutely not cover here but for those seeking more information competent online presentations can be found for free by montauk chia a buddhist master or Taoist practitioner from thailand who i have no affiliation with but i feel offers a well-articulated alternative perspective for people in the west coming from an Eastern perspective that has been closely guarded by Emperor's and monks for centuries while the harnessing and control of sexual energy does play a large part in occult practices so does the field of numerology I try to stress the importance of numbers in the occult with the title of one of my books 1666 redemption through sin emphasizing the inescapable importance sacred geometry has always played in Kabbalistic works incidentally 1666 was the year that a Turkish born man named sabotage IV was declared to be the Messiah by roughly half of the world's Jewish population of the time Seve declared that redemption was available through acts of sin which included incest and especially religious orgies which are still practiced today by his modern-day followers in Turkey known as the dawn man I've heard about this these orgies that they were happy between couples together they they do it within the family even with children and parents involved their secret do they always marry among themselves you know that you don't make it a secret religious life something between their Muslim appearance and they are erielle Jewish believer for was his favorite holiday that was the annual wife swappers holiday it was called extinguishing the lights and but by his order the Jews a swap artists all over the world this was not a local phenomena now all the the books say the same thing that subtypes the gained prominence from Iran to Mexico all over the world the Messiah was going to come and he announced the date and this day by the way significant he declared his from the SIA on June 18 of 1666 June of course is the six-month 18 is 6 times 3 and we don't have 2 plus 66 Saudis enough and on that day that all of a sudden it was the time of redemption and then choose to do anything they wanted you know his his prayer prayer that the Jews quoted were blessed be he who permits the forbidden that was the actual solitary prayer and the Jews went through an orgy worldwide again the Christians who called Satanism but it was certain certainly he changed Judaism in the worst possible way very few people have heard of sabotage Devi who declared himself the Messiah in 1666 by proclaiming Redemption was available through acts of sin he amassed the following of over 1 million passionate believers which was about half of the world Jewish population during the 17th century although many rabbis at the time considered him a heretic his fame extended foreign wine sabotage adherents plan to abolish many ritualistic observances because according to the Talmud holy obligations would no longer apply in the Messianic time fasting days became days of feasting and rejoicing Sabatini's encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity adultery incest and religious orgies my next guest participated in human sacrifice rituals rituals and cannibalism she says her family has been involved in rituals for generations does everyone else think it's a nice Jewish family from the outside you appear to be a nice Jewish girl definitely and you all are worshipping the devil inside the home right there is no other Jewish families across the country it's not just my own family really you don't have to give us the gory details but what kinds of things went on in the family um well there would be rituals in which babies would be sacrificed and you would have to you know babies um there were people who own bread babies and her family no one would know about it a lot of people were overweight so you couldn't tell if they were pregnant or not or they would supposedly go away for a while and then come back yeah you witnessed the sacrifice right um when I was very young I was forced to participate in that in which I had a sacrifice an infant and the purpose of sacrifices of what is to bring you what what are you sacrificing for for power were you raised with the sense of right wrong Rachel yeah I mean it's like we I had both I mean the outside world everything we did was proper and right and then there was a night that things changed that things just got turned around what was right was what was wrong was right and what was right was wrong my name is Robert separ I'm an author and anthropologist and would like to invite you to join me in awakening from a long amnesia species with amnesia our forgotten history gods with amnesia subterranean worlds of Inner Earth the occult secrets of Brill and 1666 redemption through sin I would like to thank my subscribers who share my posts as I rely on word of mouth and I appreciate all of the positive feedback reviews on my books and I thank you very much for listening

  1. Ive known of all of these people from and these groups for many years excellent job on connecting so much in such a short presentation, alot think we live in a secular ruled world, whether we believe in the occult, magic, satanism , those in power "the elite" do and have an ancient history, and this continues behind the shadows, the last 100yrs in technology have been more than in thousands of years and its not random progression, as well as the centralization of western powers. Its coming from somewhere behind even darker secrets.

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    Please check out the amazing new documentary footage called =

    “Communism by the Back Door”
    New World Order

    Our Weapon is Truth !

  3. Ok so what if you want to be a skull and bones member and your a virgin? What can they
    hold over you? I guess they don't want virgins? lmao

  4. impact crater? how come all the impacts are from directly above each 'impact' and none at an angle with slide marks? nah…. I think these are the marks of a surface that was molten and bubbling that cooled rapidly and dried with the bubble rim solidified

  5. The truth has been hidden in occult teachings and the mystery schools of egypt and in its symbolism. Fear of the unknown is fear of the truth, wake uo

  6. Psalms 19:1“(To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.) The heavens declare the glory of God; and the FIRMAMENT sheweth his handywork.”

    King James Version (KJV)              Von Braun was a Satanist in the beginning. He believed he got his knowledge from a race that lived within the earth.          Then sometime in his life he converted to Christianity.         Giving glory to God and acknowledging that the Firmament was the Holy Fathers impenetrable barrier around the earth.         Thus keeping man earth bound.               Why would someone involved with supposedly sending rockets to the moon. Adopt a reality totally contradicting his whole life's work?

  7. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad if something or someone were to release some bio stuff against the human species & the population gets axed by 90%

  8. Jack Parsons, L Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley did the satanic ritual Babylon working, successfully opening a portal in the Nevada desert area 51 today. shortly after the first so-called aliens appeared. NASA is nothing more than Satanists trying to escape the firmament ie dome with the help of Satan and his buddies.

  9. I was not aware of the connection between Hubbard and Crowley. Honestly in my youth I would've been right there along with them. Sex drugs and magic I'm in! I know what Hubbard is referring too. I think he became confused

  10. Didn't he blow himself up? Crowley may have on to something in the beginning but became a junky. I have to agree with manly p hall


  12. I noticed that people who are gangstlkers are all haveing that homo gay kinda look you know. The book of Jude in the bibles new testament tells us of those who have come into the church unawares ordained of old for this abomination, chasing after strange flesh. This video helped me alot with understanding why they have to be specificly, gay. It must be occult magic. (thanks. )

  13. The Talmud is the centre and common thing amongst all this. The practice of magic and kabbalah is all over Zionists and Hollywood.

  14. Interesting subject. RT just released an article admitting the moon is INSIDE earths atmosphere. Yeah they have known since 1998. RT Reports 2-21-2019
    “Staggering discovery reveals moon lies INSIDE earths atmosphere.”

  15. that poem sounded like a spell. i am kind of anxious after hearing it i dont like to hear that people are in control. i am just a servant of god and live to be like lord jesus christ. the poem was saying that people are rulers of heavens and that was wrong. how can someone say those words?

  16. Oh look, one crazy cult (Crowley) was the influence of another crazy cult (Scientology), not to surprised. Hubbard was one of the most historical "religous" con artist in history. Well maybe under Pat Robertson.

  17. What you see is the cult of the masters vs. the cult of the slave Christian. Both made by the same masters. The only way to freedom is not to play the game on either side.

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