BA Six Pack: Your Association. Your News. (Ep. 4)

Welcome to the Brewers Association
Six-Pack. Your Association. Your News. The Brewers Association just released our
annual Year in Beer report. Here are some highlights. the number of breweries in
the United States hit yet another all-time high in 2018 eclipsing 7,000 at the end of October. The final numbers are still being compiled but it
looks like there could be a thousand brewery openings in 2018. More than 4,000 craft brewing companies have adopted the independent craft brewer
seal since its inception in June 2017, that represents 85% of the volume
of craft beer brewed in the United States. Our mid-year survey measured 5% growth by volume of craft beer. Although there have been signs of
slightly slower growth in the second half of the year it is clear that craft
beer sales will once again reach a new high in 2018. 85% of
adults over 21 live within 10 miles of a brewery. The industry’s continued growth
means that more communities have a local brewery making it easier than ever to
tour or visit one. Winners of the American Homebrewers Association’s third
Annual Hill Staff Homebrew Competition were announced last week during a
reception on Capitol Hill. 22 entries were submitted by congressional
staff and federal employees. Congratulations to the winners!
Registration is now open for CBC 2019. Make sure you’re in the room with
keynote speaker Bruce Dickinson, businessman, pilot and lead singer of
Iron Maiden. Thanks for listening and happy and hoppy holidays from your
friends at the Brewers Associations Cheers!

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