Ayn Rand, Secret Socialist

no right unread she is the probably did godmother uh… these sort of modern libertarian
movement arbor atlas shrugged is the bible for all these people who say that if
taxes are raised i’m going to go cult which is a reference to the hill he’d you junkyard took an oath swear by my life and my love of it that
i will never lived for the sake of another man in other words i pay taxes
to support somebody else with their medicare social security in
there welfare fire departments fire departments more past and now the men to live for
mine handling and which means they won’t make any more money at all they’re not going to go make money
because they don’t want to go into the complex because that’s what it’s about this isn’t just simply about principle for people like enright hein rand it’s not about principle and it’s not about policies are about
the making big tax is a bad and that eight it makes you look blood-sucking leach where u live off the government terry dot hein rind was a heavy smoker who believe that all the warnings about
tobacco was just one more out aspect of
government to hype an intervention not unlike global warming sadly missed randall was a fatal victim
of lung cancer it was revealed in the recent oral
history of uh… hein randa by scott mcconnell founder the media department rind
institute that uh… ever prior a intended to be with eva
prior social worker in consultant to miss rans law firm of ernst kane gatlin
and vinik verified there on this rans behalf she
is secure and social security and medicare payments which i am received under the name of
and o’connor prior said quote doctors cause a lot
more money than books earn in she could be totally wiped out without the aid of
the student programs i’m took the bail out even though i know
despise government interference in felt the people should live and could live independently she didn’t feel that in individual
should take help is this the pinnacle of hypocrisy
remember this isn’t just a case of what she thought government policy should be and then it would be silly for not to
her to avail herself of this policy that she was not able to change this is her
saying that individuals are blood-sucking leeches if they take
this that you are less of a human being that social insurance from the state taking it is a moral because its benefits are
stolen by parasites being taxed tax lobbyist and loafers from the hard working and morally pure producers her her philosophy of jack objective is says that one is not permitted to do things for other people a out of
some sense of moral obligation peaceful generous t-color floss well that i mean that’s what it is and at the same date token taking this stuff is also completely contrary to her objective ist
philosophy which simply goes to what i have been
saying for a long time and that is it’s very easy to call yourself a
libertarian because you always get to draw the line wherever you want to uh… grinds case angry into whatever she wants collars she drew that line you are a scum bag if you take
government help unless eds medicare and social security
for me said mayank men everything else on the other side of
life that’s bad ticker out i’ll take your iams on the
other side at the majority of them ghana

  1. Since she paid into SS and Medicare, (30 % of the money she earned, which otherwise would have gone to private insurance) it is no more morally reprehensible to use that money than it is to use public roads, US postal services and federal reserve bills when driving, sending Mail and performing monetary transactions. By your logic, if a thief steals your money you should not try and get it back because you are opposed to thievery!? If you are principled you SHOULD want to get your money back!

  2. Well I'm opposed to robbery, so whenever some robber steals my money I demonstrate my disdain by letting them keep the money. Wait what?

  3. "Racism, just like all other forms of collectivism, is the quest for the unearned. It is an automatic quest for knowledge and an automatic evaluation of man's character that bypasses the responsibilities of exercising rational and moral judgment. Ascribing virtues to one's racial origins merely proves that one has failed to acquire them by one's own means. The overwhelming majority of racists are men who have earned no sense of personal identity, who can claim no individual achievement or…

  4. … distinction, and who seek the illusion of tribal self esteem by alleging the inferiority of some other tribe. Historically racism has always risen and fallen with the rise and fall of collectivism. Collectivism holds that individuals have no rights; that his life and work belongs to the group, to society, to the tribe, the state or the nation and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim and its own interests" – Ayn Rand

    She called racism "the lowest form of collectivism"


  5. When it comes time for you to accept your entitlement of OUR money, you won't refuse it.

    Want some real enlightenment? Ask tea partiers where they worked before they retired. It's shocking how many spent their careers sucking at the teat of government. Now they're living off government pensions and drawing Social Security–and trying to prevent others from being able to do the same.

    They're like emotionally disturbed former postal workers, coming back to shoot the place up.

  6. "By the end of her life she was broke…" That explains why she left her ESTATE to Leonard Peikoff, because you know, people who are broke leave estates all the time. Dumbass. So what if she took Social Security? I'm opposed to SS and I intend to get every last penny of MY MONEY out of it.

    BTW if greed is bad, then why do people like you and OWS demand higher wages? Isn't that greed? Isn't that wanting more money?

  7. "A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor's."

    -Richard Whately

    Everyone wants a better lot in life, that is not a bad thing at all, in fact that's quite good.

    It's when that success is created from immiserating and subjugating others without their consent that a man is called selfish. Especially when he takes more of his fare share than he deserves.

    A factory worker demanding higher pay is quite understandable, he does all the work.

  8. 1) Are you not neglecting the needs of others? There are quite alot of people in the US and certainly around the world that need your time alot more than I do.

    2) Success, according to Ayn Rand, is only proper when individuals pursue RATIONAL goals. Goals that are achieved by mutual consent to mutual victims, goals which leave noone the victim.

    3) Please tell me exactly that a "fare share" is and how a "fare share" is determined. What would be the exact fair wage for a factory worker?

  9. She tried to remove subjectivism from philosophy,and replace it with (Empirical Reasoning),which is why nobody took her seriously.Her prose as a novelist was strictly pedestrian , and her one and only idea ? The rich kid didn't like the way the game was going so he took his ball and went home to mommy.

  10. There is a difference between what Rand did and what today's Democratic party is trying to do to this country. Socialism and communism has NEVER worked. That is why people are always fleeing these countries if they can.

  11. lol she had a very mature outlook at the world this idiot has no idea what he is talking about considering he can only one of her 3 to 4 books

  12. wow you are putting so many words in her mouth she said the government helping people was ok but the government controlling economy was wrong you are stating your opinion and interpretation of her books and ideals not what SHE tried to portray please sam seder

  13. ayn rand never said you cant help people in need she said dont break your pocket trying to help everyone which is exactly what our government is doing she said for people who truly need it it was necessary this sam peder asshole has never read atlas shrugged just looked up what it was about on some republicans blog

  14. odd how she was able to foresee both an oil crisis and government bailout as imminent problems in america's future and both happened to come true within ten years of each other and the altruistic policies of government trying to stimulate the economy have also been proven ineffective she never once saifd social security was unnecessary for those who needed it get your info straight she said it was an easily abused system you pompous ass go read her book before trying to burn her and talk shit

  15. Ayn Rand never said "no government", If you listen to her she talks about liberating the economy from the government which should be our goal such as the separation of church and state was paramount to keep religion and government separate. Statists complain about the corruption of capitalism, an actual intellectual would understand that socialism is the politico-economic system that breeds corruption between the politicians and industrialists.

  16. ayn said if if you want to help others it is moral because you see value in charity and that it is immoral to help someone who only lives in the range of the moment or living by what feels right and ignoring reason.

  17. 1) I donate money to charity, and volunteer for a couple organizations actually. You asked the questions and post the replies so it sounds like you want the time. Political discussions are a healthy part of any democracy hence why I like to conduct them. A childish question if I do say so.

    2.) But what happens if these people hire guards with guns to invade the country side and subjugate all the farmers into feudalism and peasantry? Please don't tell me this isn't a historical norm.

  18. 3) A person doing his work should be entitled to do and take whatever direction he wants with it. And the pay should come from the customers to him without a middle man. The modern day corporate/capitalist structure keeps people poor and then puts them in a situation where the only way they can survive is by working for a giant company that only has it's own interests at heart. Almost all the resources of this planet are controlled by a cabal of companies which keep them from the masses and hide

  19. behind the philosophy of neo-liberalism and unregulated capitalism. Since they control the resources and have very successfully brainwashed the population (particularly America's conservative/libertarian base) into thinking that it's good for them. When they are actually playing a rigged game from the start.
    What I believe and what a lot of other people believe is that people shouldn't be payed by companies or be pressed into working for them, but should manage their own labor and resources.

  20. "A person doing his work should be entitled to do and take whatever direction he wants with it." So you don't think that he should have to pay taxes? So you think he should keep his money & let him decide how to use it? Gee, that almost sounds libertarian…

    "And the pay should come from the customers…" He can if he starts his own business.

  21. 1) Why is donating to charity moral?
    2) They can't under capitalism. Capitalism requires a strong government, the purpose of which is to eliminate force from human interactions, and to protect property rights.

  22. There is no limit to the amount of wealth that can be generated. The only resource is the human mind.

    "Since they control the resources…"
    Who is "they?"

    "people shouldn't be payed by companies or be pressed into working for them, but should manage their own labor and resources."

    You mean like subsistence farming back in the days when life expectancy was 30 and famines were commonplace? Yeah, that's progressive (sarcasm). Not people organizing their labor and resources to achieve goals.

  23. And another flaw in Rand's logic is that she seems to believe people won't deceive each other about their rational intentions in order to get a better deal. This happens all the time anyways so I'm not saying that she was wrong, but what I want to point out is that a lot of laws are geared towards punishing cons and if her dissolution of the state were to be fully enacted, especially with so much of the worlds resources in the control of a few it would be like unleashing a torrent of predation.

  24. "And another flaw in Rand's logic is that she ssems to believe people won't deceive each other"

    Please cite where she stated that or anything to such effect.

  25. The amount of resources are finite and we're using up a lot of them very recklessly. Space mining or renewable energy can fix some of those problems but the oil tycoons won't allow the latter option.

    "They" would be a group of oil, mining, and banking monopolies that literally control the vast majority of useable resources on the planet. Look up how the current global financial system is structured, banks owning companies, owning smaller companies, owning people like you and me.

  26. "The amount of resources are finite." Name one resource that mankind has ever run out of.

    Please read: Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

  27. If you can't see that you're retarded, or very well brainwashed, but probably a mix of both.

    "You mean like subsistence farming back in the days when life expectancy was 30 and famines were commonplace?"

    No I meant a more even distribution/control of wealth that allows the distribution of resources to be a little more than a one-way trickle down from the top. Is a little bit more in line with Ayne Rand's view of "Rational Interaction" between mutually agreeing parties. You are a hypocrite.

  28. I support people organizing their resources and labor, but I think it should be fairly done based on the consent of the people involved. Ayne Rand, by her own logic, should support unions yes? Since they are simply leveraging their labor to use as they see fit? That's what I meant not subsistence farming like you said. Of course their needs to be some hierarchy, but it should always be mutual, not forced. And this current system forces it on people by the monopoly of resources of a very few.

  29. "Ayne Rand, by her own logic, should support unions yes?" Only if they are voluntary, and only if they do not use government or any other form of coercion against their employer. As long as force is completely out of the picture.

    If you want to get rid of monopolies, which I assume you do, then logically, you should also be against subsidies, licenses and barriers to entry. Get rid of those to get rid of monopolies. In other words: Free Up the Market

  30. Overall, what I am seeing from you is that despite your intense belief in being rational, the way you debate is incredibly emotional. You throw out random strawmen arguments and purposefully simplify and misinterpret my points of view. You don't even have an argument from the sounds of it, you're hypocrisy is a shows it. You just try your hardest to oppose whatever I say with snarky rebuttals and condescending counter-points, which in of them selves hold no substance.

    So what draws you to Rand?

  31. "the way you debate is incredibly emotional." Examples?
    "You throw out random strawman arguments…" Examples?

  32. No my friend getting rid of those will not get rid of monopolies, they will help to some extent, but they can always pay for their own private military and pay them to protect and police their hierarchy. This is the story of human history. We all started out as libertarians. I don't support a giant state, but I know that some laws are necessary to keep a balance of power. And they do have to be enforced in order to remain effective.

    And do you also support removing smog/clean water regulations?

  33. "1) Are you not neglecting the needs of others? There are quite alot of people in the US and certainly around the world that need your time alot more than I do."

  34. The very fact that she preaches that people would or should do this if her ideas were enacted is testament enough to it. She seems to think that human history isn't replete with examples of deceit, deception, and scamming conducted by all peoples. A lot of the laws and regulation that are in place today (not all of them of course) are there to prevent scamming and deceit in human interaction. When the financial regulations were relaxed on lending the 2009 financial crisis occurred for example.

  35. "And do you also support removing smog/clean water regulations?" Not only that, but the complete abolishment of the EPA. Only enforcement of private property. Private property would include air and water.

  36. Ayn Rand claims that people SHOULD live by reason, not that they necessarily will. There are two fundamental ways in which humans can deal with each other: reason or force. I'll let you guess which one she is against. Some people will chose to use force, and that is the proper role of the police/military.

  37. Religion is another example of this deceit.

    It occurs regardless of if there is a "state" or not. Whatever form that "state" may take. A college of corporations or a community of survivalists could easily be called a state. please describe what your definition of a state.

  38. One of many the reasons people recoil so much from her and her philosophy is because how it has been used by the aforementioned corporate monopolies to raise support for dissolving regulations and social institutions that held a lot of people above poverty in this country and else-wear. And as such continue the process of enslaving us to the whims of these aforementioned interests. Preaching the gospel of greed in a time when greed is tearing apart the world will is not a good idea.

  39. This is interesting information and I wish I didn't have to listen to Sam draw it out and then re-explain everything to me as if I was too dim to understand on my own.

  40. what possible difference could anything ayn rand wrote or said make absolutely none she had the intellect of a small rodent

  41. It looks to me like welfare statism is what is tearign the world apart. Greece is hardly a shining example of minimal government, deregulation and austerity, yet it is where the rest of us are going.

  42. The claim that she demonized the middle class is a lie. Her experiences in Soviet Russia caused her to dislike "ordinary people". But once she came to America, she learned a great respect for America's hard working common people. This is demonstrated by aspects of Atlas Shrugged. Common workers came to the first run of the John Galt Line to protect the new rail line against sabateurs. Many sympathetic characters, such as Howard Roark's best friend, a construction worker named Mike.

  43. And the story about Ayn Rand and Social Security is full of distortions and outright lies. Ava Pryor was not, and was never, a social worker. Ayn Rand did nto ask her to get the SS benefits for her, but actually argued against it.

    And the fact is that even if she had applied for SS benefits, it would nto have been hypocritical. Read, on the Ayn RandLexicon c o m, "The Question fo Scholarships".

  44. From "A Question of Scholarships" by Ayn Rand:

    "…the advocates and supporters of the welfare state are morally guilty of robbing their opponents…"

    "…The victims do not have to add self-inflicted martyrdom to the injury done to them by others; they do not have to let the looters profit doubly, by letting them distribute the money exclusively to the parasites who clamored for it. Whenever the welfare-state laws offer them some small restitution, the victims should take it . . . ."

  45. Ayn Rand NEVER said a person should not take help from others. Only "help" from the government when it involves taking wealth created by others. But as I have shown, recieving money from a system you have been forced to pay into is not help, but restitution for theft.

    Again, from the AynRandLexicon c o m:

    The fact that a man has no claim on others…does not preclude or prohibit good will among men and does not make it immoral to offer or to accept voluntary, non-sacrificial assistance."

  46. So why do the opponents and critics of Ayn Rand and her philosophy find it necessary to lie in their attacks against her?

    It is because they cannot answer her arguments with rational, logical arguments or evidence. All they have are smear tactics and lies.

  47. Corporations are tearing this world apart, nations and all. Those people in Greece are on welfare because there aren't any jobs left. If they didn't have those previsions in place, most of those greeks would starve. They are victims of the predatory forces of unchecked greed that you "Objectivists" worship. A poor man in greece, just as in the rest of the world doesn't have access to the raw resources to control their own fate. Those resources are controlled almost completely by big business.

  48. Why do you use one of the LEAST capitalistic nations as an example of the problems with capitalism?

    Greece's problems come from weak protection of private property, massive government spending, deficits, increased taxes, rigid labor laws which prevent hiring, and corruption in government.

    If corporate ownership of resources is the problem, why is Greece worse off than America? Why is Hong Kong doing better than either one? That place is a rock with hardly any resources.

  49. Look up "What Can We Learn From Greece?" on economicfreedom o r g

    When a business doesn't have freedom to fire or hire people, when wage prices are not free to change, an economy ossifies, becomes unable to adapt to change. Then you get massive unemployment, reduced productivity, and the result is stagnation and increased poverty.

    You can't blame capitalism for that, because it is what Rand, or any good economist, would have predicted from the government control that exists in Greece.

  50. "She did not believe that an individual should accept help".


    "The fact that a man has no claim on others (i.e., that it is not their moral duty to help him and that he cannot demand their help as his right) does not preclude or prohibit good will among men and does not make it immoral to offer or to accept voluntary, non-sacrificial assistance."–“The Question of Scholarships,”
    The Objectivist, June 1966, 6

    Why do the critics of Ayn Rand have to MAKE THINGS UP?

    Oh yeah. They have nothing else. They have no clue about Ayn Rand's actual philosophy, and have no rational argument to counter it with. All these smears and attacks simple serve to confirm the validity of her philosophy.

  51. Ayn Rand was a person.  She put forth ideas.  You are talking about the person not the idea.  I'm sorry this is was not a argument agents libertarianism. 
               "great minds talk about Ideas, small minds talk about people" 🙂

  52. Again, the author of this video is a liar.

    "Lying about Ayn Rand and Social Security" by Classicaly Liberal:


  53. Yes, she cashed her social security checks. Likely she drove on government roads too.

    Disagreeing with a system does not require one to avoid all benefits from it to forestall charges of hypocrisy. Is someone in the Gulag a hypocrite for eating his daily gruel?

  54. Saul of Ohio, three months previously has a quote from Rand on exactly this issue:
    From "A Question of Scholarships" by Ayn Rand:
    "…The victims do not have to add self-inflicted martyrdom to the injury done to them by others; they do not have to let the looters profit doubly, by letting them distribute the money exclusively to the parasites who clamored for it. Whenever the welfare-state laws offer them some small restitution, the victims should take it . . . ."

  55. If she's been paying into it then she should at least get some of her money back. She can still be against it but if the money is there then it would be in her best "self-interest" to take it. Sad thing is that I am not an Ayn Rand expert but at least I understand that part of objectivism.

  56. Hello Sim Sador,
    Please learn how to pronounce the person's name that you are talking about.

    And then learn how to do more research on what she was forced to provide to the government through taxes, and then see if she took more than she gave.

    After you are done with those w things, I would advise changing the name of your video to something more factual and less sensationalist. Although, it might work if you are trying to be picked up by Fox News or MSNBC.

  57. Has Sam yet apologized for spreading these smears about Ayn Rand? What he said here might be forgivable if he was simply repeating something he had heard without knowing that the people who made it up are lying. But by now someone surely must have corrected him, let him know this is all a bunch of crap.

  58. I don't like the phrase "pseudo-intellectual" but that's exactly what every Ayn Rand-follower I've ever heard from is. Pretentious, narcissistic, rationalizing amorality, every one of them. 

  59. So still no apology after all these months since the truth was presented? Still not sorry about spreading lied? I would understand if you were simply repeating something that someone else convinced you was true, and you were willing to admit you were mistaken once the evidence was presented. But a refusal to admit you are wrong, when you so clearly and obviously are, is a sign of dishonesty.

  60. Rand was instrumental in creating the opposite of left wing socialism, namely right wing sociopaths.

  61. Ayn Rand's two-bit "philosophy" is an overreaction to the excesses of the failed Soviet attempt at Communism — which itself was an attempt to rectify the excesses of Capitalism.

    So now we are back where we started: with the excesses of Capitalism — making the richer and the working/middle class disappear.

  62. Is this the pinnacle of hypocrisy? Um no… it actually isn't. Accepting food from Nazis while you're in a death camp is not hypocrisy

  63. This guy is just another of the many that understands nothing about objectivism, all of his bashes against Ayn Rand are idiotic, and untrue, or misinterpreted. Try actually reading the books, not just repeating what you've heard someone else say.

  64. Hey kids, I hate to break the news but you, yes YOU will get badly hurt in an accident or suffer months or years of painful health problems before you die. Be thankful that social security will provide some comfort and prevent you from freezing to death under a bridge. Anything can happen at any time.

  65. This guy is a moron, if you are forced against your will to buy something such as SS, you have every right to get what you paid into.

  66. two dimensional diatribe with no depth. The real old Marxian basis of Ayn Rand's thought is missed by these idiotologists. They only attack the straw man that they themselves create.

  67. America create a lot of wealth with capitalism. Now they have 1st world problems and want socialism. Socialism always failed. I see everyday living in South america. Is true that "pure" capitalism never existed and I´m not a libertarian anyway. But is easy to see here that only the private sector creates money. And without money and production you will have nothings to share trough government in case that´s your intention. So there should be a balance. You can go to a poor country being a liberal and say: you have the right to this, you have the right to that and do so on. But is a dream as stupid as with libertarianism. You will not have resources to back up those claims if nobody produces anything, exchange anything or have the motivation to do it. What you can have is government enriching themselves by making those claims and promises. You don´t build a building just by claiming it. You can go to the poorest country and say you have this right and that and whatever… but if nobody is producing anything how can you achieve those goals???? Certainly you can expropriate those who at least have something and distributive it. But for how long? It´s not sustainable, coz if you don´t encourage to save, reinvest or innovate, those resources will come to and end and you will find poverty rising again. I can go on but that´s the key point. In the other hand, capitalism is not just "people trying to make a lot of money". People trying to make a lot of money can take a gun, rob you and achieve their goal. There should be a fair, transparent legal framework, etc…

  68. One of the worst videos I have ever seen. Could not have missed the point by any more. Pretty easy to see that the host does not understand Objectivism.

  69. Ayn Rand favored Alexander Kerensky who was a leader of the Socialist Revolutionary Party!!! Ayn Rand was a SOCIALIST until she met and worked for Wendell Willkie, a lifelong Democrat who changed to the republican party just because he saw opportunity!!! Ayn Rand was also an athiest who republican Christians hate! conservatism is a mental illness!!

  70. i love how you keep getting her name wrong. i try to do that with conservatives i know all the time. it's fucking effective.

  71. Ayn Rand's distain for people hasn't just influenced Libertarians, her philosophy has also helped shape the modern neoliberal/corporatist wing of the Democratic party as well as Wall street as we know it. Saying that I do feel that common sense is prevailing and we are slowly making shared wellbeing a priority.

    I believe there are many very greedy people who use her philosophy to justify their sociopathic actions….. which enables them to further abuse people.

    Thank You Sam for shining a light on her and consequences of her work!

  72. Study Ayn Rand and her influence on the far right in politics and you can understand their justified hypocrisy is lock step with hers.

  73. Fun fact, Rand openly despised the Libertarians. Vile cunt. Wish she could be resurrected so we could kill the bitch again.

  74. Ayn Rands popularity is nothing but a searing indictment of America. I can understand impressionable young men being swooned by her emphasis on individualism. Sadly many men don't grow the fuck out of it and end up being obnoxiously articulate defenders of socioapathy. She was, quite literally, and blatant psychopath and todays political and business leadership reflect her calous disdain for most of humanity to an alarming degree.

  75. Well that was all a bit ott wasn't it. You feeling better now?
    So, did Eva Prior (spelling?) also obtain copies of Ayn Rand's tax statements. There might be some useful information there for you. Even though Rand did not beliveve in taxation, she nevertheless lived in a country where it is compulsory. I would hazard a guess that Rand paid in tax more than she received in return.
    Ayn Rand is not, nor ever was John Galt. He was a fictional character in a fictional America.

  76. Rand died of heart failure on March 6, 1982, at her home in New York City. You are contradicting reallity. But that is expected when you are straw manning so hard 🙂

  77. Sam, if you raise taxes on the one group of people who have the resources to not work, they will eventually not work. Taking half of people’s money in taxes is bloodsucking. You’re clueless dude.

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