How’s it going, Youtube? I was born in ’91 in the 92th department and I grew up in the 93rd (an arithmetic progression with common difference of 1) So I’m a French guy with Chinese-Vietnamese origins through my dad and Chinese-Belgian origins through my mom Yes. Belgian. Don’t ask. So I grew up with a dual culture French culture at school and Chinese at home. First little problem: Sometimes my brain crashes and starts mixing both languages up That’s when I start speaking what I call the “Fren-ese” or “Chi-ench”, it’s up to you Shit Mom? Where did you put the yáokòng? I didn’t do anything! It’s your dad who shou’s everything! Dad! Why do you always shou-shou-shou?! What about me? Wǒxūyào yáokòng! What do I do now? Growing up, my French side taught me how to develop my critical mind and my taste in art, Meanwhile my Asian side taught me filial devotion and hard work I try to take the best of each side and mix it together I can eat a steak with fries and ravioli, no problem If it’s good… well it’s good! Be open-minded, you know? That’s apparently the most enriching aspect of growing up with two cultures Since you have two points of view, you’re less likely to think about things the same way Lots of my friends say it’s a gift, and envy me for it And I must agree, there’s some perks to it Two New Years means twice as much money I scored an A+ in Chinese for the high school finals without working, But there are some weird sides as well You always have to switch mode depending on if you’re at school or at home Religiously speaking, for example, I was in a Catholic middle school with sometimes Mass in the morning. The priest would read the Bible, I’d look at everyone around me; they were praying and I didn’t want to feel excluded So I would pray Jesus as well Next thing you know, I come back home in the evening, I see my grandfather kneeling in front of Buddha So I kneel too and I pray Buddha! I personally dubbed myself “religious by influence” For two years I dated a Moroccan girl I would join her for her five prayers Of course! I’m not kidding, I’ve once prayed three different Gods in the same day I don’t know if it increases my chances to go to Heaven but… The same goes with cultural references, sometimes it was hard When all your friends were singing the opening to Denver but that you didn’t know what it was… At home, there was only CCTV4 on loop, the Chinese channel And we were not allowed to zap One time, I confess, I was a crazy… I put on CCTV3 – I was such a thug! My childhood hero was Sun Wukong! Not that Denver thing… Oklahoma, Toronto… “He’s my friend and a whole lot more…” What’s with the pedophile opening? Another anecdote: when I invited buddies at my place and they noticed a detail. -what I was telling him last time… Dude, you’ve got so many vases! Those are my parents’ things, I don’t get it. It’s been here for 20 years, it’s ugly and it takes all the room. Apparently some of them are rare! You know, coming from the asshole of the Chinese mountains… If it were just me, it would all be sold… It took me a while to find a use for these objects. But the day I did… WOW! Awesome, Kevin, don’t move, I’ll give it back to you! Vase-ketball! Anyway. Enough with the introduction. Let’s get to the heart of the topic. “Integration”. When I was a teen, I wondered a lot: am I more French? Am I more Chinese? Am I more Belgian? And other people’s judgement puts a lot of pressure on you at that age! If, for example, you’re a bit too proud of your origins (I went to class with a China jersey before) Some will tell you you’re not integrated enough. But if you act a little too “French”, there, your peers will point it out! Not always in nice words. Wait! Where are you going, dressed up like that? Yeah! Henry Tran, duke of Montmorency! You got white-washed to the last degree, it’s impossible! Totally! He’s yellow outside and white inside! He’s a banana! So at the time, I was always looking for balance, so my teachers wouldn’t call me a communist or a fruit by my relatives. But at times, you HAVE to pick a side! There was a question I was always asked, I always got tangled in my answers. “Kevin, if there’s a football game between France and China, who do you support?” Not easy! Because at home, my parents and all their friends root for China, and at school, all MY friends root for France! So every time I got asked, I slalomed! Until I was fourteen y/o and forced to pick a side… I remember it as if it was yesterday. [“We’ll beat you Jacques!” “Ahah you’re dumb Jintao!”] June 7th, 2006. Friendly game between France and China. I had to study the file! On one side, Zidane, Henry, Ribéry… only names I know! And on the other side… You get it. So I pack my bag in the morning thinking “tonight, I’ll root for France!” So I get to the schoolyard, guess what my friends tell me? “Kevin, tonight we’re fucking your country!” Not a fuck given anymore, I rooted for China! I cried tears of joy when the Chinese guy broke Cissé’s leg, it was the best move in the game! I know it was seriously wrong, but I was 14, I was dumb… Eventually, China lost 3-1… But we have to talk about one move! This goal player Wang scored against his own team… If it hadn’t been against his own team, fuck, it would have been beautiful! Don’t even ask how mocked I was in the morning. Thankfully, we took our revenge in 2010! Yeah, “we”. Told you I root for China. I’ll be nice, I won’t remind you this painful episode- wait, what? YOU FORGOT? China-France game to prepare for the World Cup. Qingdao basically sends the C-team. The legend says they weren’t even football players, their thing was ping-pong. Victory 1-0 for China! I arrived like that in the morning? Hey guys, what happened? Uh? Uh? Another rougher version of this question is “If France and China go to war, who do you fight for?” I’m out, bro! I’m going to LA, I’ll make videos in English! The message I’m trying to show in this video is for my French followers with foreign origins: as you grow up, you’ll find yourself in times of self-search, you may be lost in what your parents say, what your friends remind you to be and the not-always-nice remarks from others… It may take a few years for you to find this balance between the place you come from and the place that saw you grow up, but my advice is to trust the passing of time. I went through this in high school too, it affected me a lot. In 2008, when the Olympic Flame went through Paris, there have been a lot of conflicts, it was the time of polemics about Tibet, And everyday at school I was told “Look at what your country is doing! It’s wrong!” And I was like “guys, what does it have to do with me?” Also I kick your ass in math class, so chill. But today, after almost 26 years of a scandal-ridden existence, well, I’m fine with myself. With time, people grow more mature, so I don’t hear this kind of remarks so much and I don’t feel like I always have to pick a side. I am French, VERY Chinese sometimes (you don’t want to meet me at a karaoke) and I think I’m doing a decent job at representing the Chinese culture here with my brother. Of course, everyone gets their own conclusions from their own experience, but I hope that mine inspired you. Thus, see you next time for a new video, subscribe if you liked this one, take care of yourselves, PEA- *teaser*

  1. Il serait peut être temps de faire quelque chose de caritatif, l'influence et la popularité pourrait faire de belles choses

  2. Moi je suis française chinoise et vietnamienne quand je parle avec des amis j'ai envie de dire des mots asiatiques c'est tellement difficile de parlais 3 langue❤️

  3. Moi je n'ai jamais galérer j'ai toujours su que j'étais anglaise la France je n'en fiche 😂 nan en vrai c bien mais l'Angleterre c mieux

  4. Je suis Belge et j'habite en France . Beaucoup de mes amis mon demander si j'étais pour le France ou la Belgique , mais je ne répondais jamais jusqu'à la coupe du monde 2018

  5. Mío je suit colombian et je vi en françe, je parle español et je parle frainçes des mest 5 ant
    Perdón je ne çest pa ecrir bien

  6. Je suis franco-péruvienne du merci, je compatis tellement… C'est bien d'avoir un point de vue personnel sur ces questions de double-culture 🙂

  7. Moi de mon père française et de ma mère espagnole et personne au collège le sait j'adore ce que vous faites continuez

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