Avatar as a Sporting Community

hey guys and welcome to another episode of A Healthy Dose of Fran today the Avatar returns in a brand new video looking at
the community of avatar now I don’t mean us fans in terms of community instead I
mean the actual community within the avatar world how many different things
brought them together in times of strife and joy but none more so than one
particular aspect and that’s what I’ll be looking at today so today I’ll be
exploring avatar and the sporting community now you’re probably wondering why I
decided to focus on sport in this video and I’m kind of wondering too because if
anyone knows me while I do enjoy going to the gym I I suck at it I am I’m
really bad at I’m fitness and me we just let’s move on
so avatar in terms of sport and why I decided to focus on it was basically
when I was watching Legend of Korra recently and it is the episode which
name and number I can’t remember when the Equalists are planning to planning
an attack really during the pro-bending final and
instead of canceling the match they decide to keep it going because as Bolin
Korra and Mako explain it is the one place that both benders and non-benders
join together to feel something and enjoy something and that is benders
beating each other up with bending essentially and it was hearing that that
it made me wonder what else about sport in the Avatar universe and even in our
own world helps bring communities like this together and then I remembered this
advert that Sainsbury’s which if any Americans or anyone else doesn’t know
what Sainsbury’s is it’s basically like a British supermarket I don’t know if it
is anywhere else in the world so I may be sounding really stupid right now but
it’s a supermarket here and one of our Christmas adverts which was I don’t know
how long ago it was now focused on this event during the first world war where
English and German troops on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day stopped fighting to
play a game of football and watching that advert and remembering that in
terms of the fact that these guys were meant to be enemies they were meant to
be fighting and killing each other but on Christmas Day they stopped and they
played a game in no man’s land and it just from that
alone it made me consider and wonder what sort of effect sport has in the
Avatar universe and when I start to go back through avatar and Legend of Korra
I realized that sport actually has a very similar connection to times of
strife and times of happiness and bringing people together so that’s why I
decided to focus on sport as a community in this video because there’s
actually a lot of examples of sports doing something to bring people together
like pro bending in Legend of Korra now the example I gave is predominately the
main one that comes to mind in terms of sport as a community there are also
other examples of sport being something that is keeping people together for
example when Korra is going through the harshness of PTSD and to try and battle
it herself through physical means because she didn’t know how to deal with
it in terms of mentality she joins a fighting ring in the earth Kingdom to
try and physically battle her demons and while it wasn’t in terms of a community
in that sense sport did do something for Korra now while it wasn’t particularly
positive in that sense because she wasn’t technically dealing with her
problems at the time it was something that Korra was doing to try and help
herself and to try and stop these demons from overtaking her life and then in
terms of Avatar The Last Airbender there are a lot of different cases of sport
being used to help and deal with the horrific situation going on at the time
that being the hundred year war the main one being what actually happens in the
opening pilot of Avatar the last airbender: penguin sledding now this
doesn’t particularly seem like a sporting like aspect because you know
penguins sledding but as Katara notes she hasn’t done this since she was
a kid and it brings her joy in that moment of time because Aang is taking
her to go penguin sledding something that is joyous and fun to do and it’s
sort of like a game you’ve got to find a way to get the penguin to let you on its
back let you want it back but you then enjoy yourself you then let
go of the worries of the war even if it’s just for that moment and have fun
then in the earth Kingdom as when we met Toph there is an earthbending wrestling
ring where people of the earth Kingdom get to go and experience joy and
gambling probably as well from the sounds of it but forget all their
worries especially with this being of people of different rings so the lower
Rings the upper rings all enjoying this sport together as a community in terms
of the earth bending and wrestling ring that was more for the sense of enjoyment
instead of relating to something to combat against the sadness of the war
but each nation does seem to have a sport of some kind that represents them
and represents what was going on with them in the war now for the Fire Nation
of course it was the Agni Kai that predominately was their sport and we can tell it was a sort of a spectator sport from Zuko’s Agni Kai with his father there
was an entire crowd of people there to watch and be entertained by an Agni Kai
now while that isn’t a positive representation of sport as community it
is still a representation of community within sport but for a positive one I
will move on to the rise of Kyoshi which has an Agni Kai like battle with Rangi the Fire Nation protector and bodyguard of Kyoshi who by the way is my favorite
and if you haven’t read the book go read the book now go read go go read rise of
Kyoshi I’ll carry on now there is this sort of I call it The Fight Club in rise
of Kyoshi because what was interesting with this club was that it was used to
solve arguments really during the day we saw people sort of starting a fight but
then stopping instantly and having no real problem because it turned out that
they would then fight their problems in an actual physical fight and whoever won
won that argument and that again was a different form of sport as community and
that in a literal sense this community used sport and a Fight Club to help deal
with the community’s problems which in and of itself is a really interesting
way of dealing with disputes as a community then of course we have the
fantabulous mind sport Pai Sho: now Pai Sho is a game of strategy and of the
mind you have to use your skills in terms of a strategist and in terms of
patience because if you don’t have patience you’re not going to do
particularly well but anyway there is also the other aspect of Pai Sho which
is the secret society of the White Lotus which is again a literal community
connected to a “sport”. Is it a sport? Ya know what I’m gonna call it a sport anyone
who wants to fight me on it comment section um but again it’s another
example of sport as community and there are so many different ones throughout
the Avatar universe as a whole which were used to help battle the sadness
of the war existing the happiness and joy of people connecting together heck
we even have Asami and Korra sparring together because they’re both
frustrated and need to find a way to deal with it so they use sport and each
other’s company to deal with that stress and anxiety and just all of that as a
whole is really interesting in terms of the avatar universe and I think it’s
something that needs to be explored and discussed a lot more than it is sport
has more of a community role than we often think and the world of avatar is
no different whether it be finding a way to combat the devastation in grief
brought on by the war finding entertainment and enjoyment in
experiencing it or creating a sense of equalness in a time of strife and
difficulty whatever the case sport has meaning and sport helps build and
sustain the community of avatar in ways we didn’t expect so what do you guys
think do you agree that sport and community in the Avatar universe have a
lot more significance than we would initially thought and is there something
else that you think needs to be explored in the Avatar universe whatever the case
let me know in the comment section down below before I sign off I want to give a
huge shout out to the fantastic guys over at The Arrow Podcast which I will
link all in the description box down below The Arrow Podcast have been doing an episode by episode exploration of Avatar The Last Airbender and now Legend of Korra and I had the absolute pleasure to join them on one of their Legend of
Korra episodes so go follow them subscribe to them on Apple podcasts and
just in general check them out because they are so much fun to listen to so to
Tony and Chandler thank you so much for having me on your show and hopefully I
can come back again soon we shall see in general though I wanna thank you guys so
much for watching this video I really do appreciate it
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  1. Apologies for not the greatest sound quality today guys! Been testing my new mic system in this and the coming videos, hope to improve in time but please bare with me

  2. I see, you're a woman of culture as well. I too consider gyms to be my archnemeses

    But jokes aside, awesome video. That Toph fight is one of the best character introductions in the series. Right next to Zuko

  3. Awesome video! Loved it! Keep up the amazing work my friend! Love & light. Blessings. 😇👍🙏♥️👻

  4. That was a brilliant advert you mention, had to watch it again after this 😂 in general you made some great points – also, anyone else wish Pro Bending was real?

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