Ava DuVernay Didn't Want to be a "Social Justice Girl" With Her Work | Close Up

I mean both Ava and petty here obviously you two are both getting our directing also big studio movies and we sort of know how rare that has been for women to get to do how are your choices influenced by the fact that you are a role model in this space and you are one of the few that have gotten to do that do I think about being a role model when I choose things now okay it's too hard you know this is this is really a tough job I got I just like it for myself I'm tethered to these things for years you know I also don't have children I'm these films are my children these projects are my children my name is on this that matters to me this is what lives on when I'm done it's a very intimate process that the choosing and and I trust myself enough to know that you know I'm not choosing things that are irresponsible to myself so they wouldn't be irresponsible to the people who might look up to me for whatever reason you know III for a long time didn't want to be social justice girl and you know found myself after middle of nowhere and Selma in 13th I mean I get every I mean I get every slavery skip all of them every history every first black firefighter in so I get all of that and it's really for a long time I resisted and with this after wrinkle all I wanted was to tell something true and something that was real and I went right back to the place that I said I didn't want to go start really with this I realized you are social justice girl right and that's social justice woman you know and that's okay just really get comfortable saying you're interested in these things and whether or not that puts you in a pendant hole in the industry or you become a role model or whatever you like this and so do it for yourself I have become used to working with actors on a really really dark stuff and I think it you know it is information is important it's really since these historical pieces whether it's some or when they see us making sure that the actor knows what happened before it knows that what they're doing is steeping in history that they're playing real people what the stakes are this isn't happening to you that this happened to someone else and that you have to tell us what that was so you've got to go deep it's really just making sure that they know those stakes and those stakes are supported by you know what really happened since these are true stories and I find that that helps the actor defend themselves against any kind of real interior damage in a way because they feel like you know I'm representing someone that needs my help here but then I also do have have counselors on the set particularly with this piece if anyone wants to talk afterward if you just want to go cry just want to sit alone because when you're asking people to go to these depths you have to take care of them did anyone ever use the like that's a really interesting idea I've never done that before we had that with our scenes in our last movie that we did we had to depict torture the us torturing Iraqis I've got it like I never thought of that before and to actually have that available mm-hmm yeah I didn't do it on my first couple films that really dealt with it and I would talk with actors afterward and they would tell me how hard time they had you know it's hard to let go but that this this had done something some real damage and I say you know how can we correct this just just from a place of good help to me the challenge is I what the actors have to deal with I just wanted to give them as much of an opportunity to have an environment depending on what the situation is whatever's gonna help them be okay and every actors difference whether it's having less people around or you know I think that's so important because for me I want to make sure that there is pleased with it as they can be because I get to go home and play with all the toys and you know then edit and fix and you know III get to spend more time with whatever we've done on the day I can't imagine being an actor I think they're so brave you know it's their face Thanks it's their body it's their memories it's it's their the blood pumping through their veins that they're giving to this and then they literally have to say okay take care all that that I did and hope it turns out okay and they and they can't touch it again whenever an actor says one more I'd be like two more okay let's just really make sure we get this because I think the actors instincts is it's something to be respected but also I always just think gosh they have to walk away from this thing and trust me I could never do it I feel the same way I'm like oh I'm good as long as I can go and organize it all and be like now I'm ready not just on the fly I can that's so true like yeah I've done small parts I've given myself like two lines and it's just misery you're like oh these actors have the hardest job ever yeah because there is like such a ego death that goes into acting you're just like I trust it's all in your hands hi I'm Ben Stiller I'm Ava Duvernay I'm patty Jenkins I'm Adam McKay into for watching thanks for watching The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter in The Hollywood Reporter round tables roundtable on YouTube on YouTube [Applause]

  1. So interesting that it takes a black woman director to suggest something so basic: onset Mental Health Services for the performing artists. This is why diversity and inclusion matter, people!

  2. Not gonna lie. The other directors here are great but I definitely came for Ava! That’s my girl 😉 #whentheyseeus

  3. There's no director that does such important and of quality work as Ava Duvernay right now. She should keep the social justice woman badge on, she does it justice and she is tremendously gifted. She truly deserves all of the praises and accolades for "When they see us" It was sublime on so, many, different, levels.

  4. Jah and Jahnes love. I love goddess Ava. She is a great filmmaker, artist and she speaks Soo well. I am sure that the people who work with her on her films, TV show, Queen Sugar and at Array love her. She is a true leader a beautiful and sexy woman and she dresses Soo nice, love herdreads!!! And she is Soo eloquent and smart. With more women like her, we would win, the cultural war,BlackLiveswould matter! Blessed love.

  5. Ava, this may be your thing. I have not cried so hard in a long time watching a movie. The injustice of the story was the shitiest shit

  6. Claim your throne, sometimes you have to accept the gift that you have, and the direction the cosmos needs you to go to.

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