Auferstanden Aus Ruinen – Risen from Ruins (National Anthem Of The DDR)

Risen from ruins, Facing the future, we stand! Let us serve you for good, Germany, our united fatherland! Old woes are to be overcome And we overcome them united. Because we so must succeed, so that the sun, as beautiful as before, over Germany shines, over Germany shines! May both happiness and peace be granted, to Germany, our fatherland! All the world longs for peace, reach your hand out to all the nations! If brotherly we unite ourselves, we shall defeat the people’s enemy! Let the light of peace shine, so that a mother never more mourns her son in woe, mourns her son in woe! Let us plough, let us build, learn and create like never before, and, confident in existing strength, a free generation rises up! German youth, the greatest endeavour, our people are united in you! You will become Germany’s new life, and the sun, as beautiful as ever before, over Germany shines, over Germany shines!

  1. I will build a great great wall on our western border and i will make the west germans pay for it!

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