1. Currently democracy is technically defined as 'The Market rules' while this book argues for democracy there is a need to actually define what that democracy could, or would look like, because whatever it does look like it cant be like the fake democracy we all currently live in.

    And the fear Yanis has that the Majority of people dont have time or desire to look deeply at society is actually an imposition the rulers love to try and instill us.

  2. 1:41:07 how is it even considered "recoup" when the money was artificially created in the first place?

  3. Finally going to finished reading so for the benefit of all here we go:

    36:46 chapter 2
    1:12:25 chapter 3
    1:31:07 chapter 4
    2:10:51 chapter 5
    2:35:31 chapter 6
    3:15:31 chapter 7
    3:58:07 chapter 8
    4:26:56 chapter 9

    Hope you enjoy it and good luck with midterms! 🌈🌈🌈

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