Association for Corporate Growth’s InterGrowth 2020 | Deal-Focused

Nate Olsen, Insperity: Every year I’m surprised at how many deals actually get done while we’re here. I mean, the contacts are amazing you’ve
got all the players you got the deal- makers and it’s one after another after
another. Chuck Morton, Venable, LLP: If I had to estimate I would say probably more than 50% of my business
comes from ACG and my participation with ACG over the years and I know that we do
research about this all the time that reflects if that’s true for most people
who stay engaged with ACG for more than four years. I would encourage folks
just to lean in. This really is a community that can be incredibly
productive professionally and incredibly rewarding personally. JB Dollison, Crutchfield Capital: it’s the best community for dealmakers and I highly encourage anybody that’s thinking about
deals to come to InterGrowth.

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