Association and characteristics of Association in sociology

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sociology today we are going to discuss about Association an association is
formed or created by people it is a social group without people there can be
no Association it is an organized group an unorganized group like crowd or mob
cannot be an association association has some characteristics first one is common
interest an association is not merely a collection of individuals it consists of
those individuals who have more or less the same interests accordingly those who
have political interests may join political Association and those who have
religious interests may join religious associations and so on the second
characteristic is cooperative spirit an association is based on the co-operative
spirit of its members people work together to achieve some definite
purposes for example a political party has to work together as a united group
on the basis of cooperation in order to fulfill its objective of coming to power
the third characteristic is organization Association denotes some kind of
organization an association is known essentially as an organized group
organization gives stability and proper shape to an association organization
refers to the way in which the statuses and roles are distributed among the
members the fourth characteristic is regulation of relations every
Association has its own ways and means of regulating the relation of its
members organization depends on this element of regulation they may assume
written or unwritten forms the fifth characteristic is agencies associations
are means or agencies through which their members seek to realize their
similar or shared interests such social organisations necessarily act not merely
through leaders but through officials or representatives as agencies associations
normally act through agents who are responsible for unto the Association
sixth characteristic is durability an association may be permanent or
temporary there are some long-standing associations like the state family
religious associations etc dot some associations may be temporary in nature
I hope everyone understood the class our next class is about social institutions
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