Assistance in the Community for Complex Medical Needs

[Music] Dorothy: I had polio in 1949, and I’ve been on breathing machines ever since. Professionals said, “your life expectancy
is 20.” And so she has live past every prediction. Everyone has loved her enough
that they’ve contributed to letting her stay where she is. I think facilities
are not bad. It’s just most everybody Dorothy: I think facilities
are not bad. It’s just most everybody want to be at home. A complex medical need changed the direction of my life. I have neuropathy.
I have what’s called osteomyelitis. I went to the doctor; she sent me ER.
Next morning six surgeons came in and said, “they got to cut my leg off.”
The next morning they did. As a result I ended up in a nursing home. I seriously doubted that somebody with my condition would ever be able to survive outside a
facility. Any person that’s living in the nursing facility has the potential to relocate to the community. The benefits of receiving care in the community is
they have the ability to be able to live in the environment of their choosing. You can have freedom in your own home. You have choices in your own home. I’ve seen Community Care increase a person’s overall well-being across the board. I found out about this program, Money Follows the Person program, that moved me in here. And my whole demeanor was changing from an introverted person back
to my old self. Marie: Their health increases. They become more independent. They become
more social. They become more involved in the community. The first steps to moving
out is you need to let somebody know. You need to be your own advocate. You need to
speak up. The help is there, but you gotta let it be known. It’s important for
everyone to have an option on where they want to live. Robert: It’s all about freedom, it’s
an amazing feeling of hope. I felt hope. If anybody told me, laying there
paralyzed, “One day, you know, you will finish school. You will have had a career.
You will have married. You will have a child.” I was told them they were crazy. [Music]

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