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hey guys welcome to education for you guys this is the spaceship class number three for Assam to 2019 and in this class we will discuss pedagogy questions are you I may already do a special class or – Tommy series Louis way busy SWANA hey video kata please check coilover description box or lingual PI server our dog atomic environmental studies or potahto when I saw our social science over Autobahn I saw you here to environmental studies our own social science would be saying important part time for Assam Ted arrow logo test central tech tour due to example boat anchor open a look like Swapnil Judy do tag on a prepare Korea saber exam the bubbly already puppies apply chorus em sexy theater condom bands you to Assam determine who bore you to kind of the movie appear set then you must go through these video series is going to help you out I mean you take exam room well lit kids ETL okay yeah no home telegram you seen so Liza so could be say important hi ho callable pros know so definitely happen uncle Kamata he bananluka Szabo okay lean Borja call William cries about ascription box question number one is cognitive behavior of pupils can be developed and activated by so develop he was he coca-cola mono mono static because to me Canada on a quarry before dollars to cognitive behavior no cojiro a mechanically no develop believable optionally a second ETA still skill plan knowledge lesson plan still hasn't learned knowledge lessons an appreciation lessons learned our own he took he heard our current knowledge lesson plan or jury attempt idea I mean not a lesson plan not type a mixed animal your kata type or so lesson plan on Cody amicable a sow you check up on a look at Johnny I'm Alanna Kakaako besides a lesson plan core Ebola giba lesson Padmanabha laga hi and protect to dinner Aram Juanita my name is Kenny quadrant happening ii thik about our less than ten call evil loggia her so he lesson cannot type skaters i mainly so the earth types okay lesson plan on Anita mainly tanita types of same are you hate Anita type so I say F number two upon our a at Emma's unity Lentini today save you time first was a knowledge a lesson plan that Assad second to say appreciation lesson plan our third to assess still lesson plan okay he's a one two and three so 18 it a lesson plan or typhoid arrow protected a opener and key hi who take today many importance to Cody's words and knowledge lesson plan a he Oaxaca Lord keekorok cognitive a question to today's a cognitive behavior of pupils can learn and develop Kunta less antennas or retain knowledge lesson plan so now let's lesson plan kekova follow is a cognitive cognitive be due to behavior cognitive behavior to keep kora developed curve oh hi correct al cana da na to develop i by giving the knowledge of facts jib or amar affect us a general do knowledge just say hey boo Hickok is it tips training or that kita appalled by toe bootie how bunny Georgiana's or your table we've another on the material usko Asia he knowledge to product volleyball hit to cognitive behavior to tell core developer on he took behind knowledge lesson plan I'm a second to dehii so appreciation lesson plan appreciation a lesson planet he Koha color effective expect to behavior effective aspect to development of the product guru Nadia I do a Yoko Kanno any effective expect to develop I the music or art source of your thing so GTA music ro art a doors or your 300 color because Caravaggio Luke or d2l karate totally our probe hub for a Probab probably because Heidi ho color okay so a precision lesson plan and deal sweet that one our skill lesson planning upon a psychomotor development correct in coca-cola zero psychomotor development money to seven a creativity to creative power to the local developers key lesson plan or georeo theft hate to call about sister Cora hi ro er upon our jibu creative field us like paint in Hong can handicrafts episode gardening agriculture may be knowledgeable creativity it was to accept a hologram steal lesson planner and the rock he says okay so teen yo top was to lesson Frankie hi drop another jhana to darker yeah you know your good question about Purim so you had a second question too hideous as an appreciation lesson tape line can develop a flu station less than kiniki develop Kariba per day and so Moy too cold we have on a folksy appreciation less than a key develop correct cognitive core any effective Kona psychomotor appreciation affective domain of behavior to develop correct are you yet a cognitive to key hair color knowledge lesson thinner psychomotor to coca-cola to skill lesson plan and develop Korean I hope you are getting my point the next is in Harvard's the plan knowledge acquired is associated with – how about abortion approach harbour chain approach or their courses and knowledge acquired is is associated with Dakini knowledge acquired correct hey honey keyhole wit is Rita right okay Kiko color options number D is the correct current the previous knowledge of the pupils tabs are the learning of other subjects general knowledge and current affairs all of their book so a Harbert approach lesson plan on abortion approach of lesson lesson plan or mater the Heaney knowledge acquired Cora home a Heaney knowledge knowledge acquired kin akyurek associative it again knowledge of the previous knowledge of pupils peoples of college any previous knowledge us a tarp for Athenian above pariba machi subject bore Polly Polizzi metabolic own knowledge hi our logo they all contain each our general knowledge our London the Hamas cannot Quixote they really are o : particular quality knowledge get that gather correct a haka leukemia interviewed correct so all of the above Allah correct answer next in Harvard system of teaching pupils are more active than the teacher in the stage of Two Harbors harbor she approach to qi first my holy sovereign of the harbor she approached her approach was set up cognitive aspect of the learner developed color at our approach to the lesson plan wrote I wrote Harbor Chien our Herbert GF harbored a Karachi GF harbored a rocky Europe education is not a philosopher a Celia okay education study philosopher height at European hi I will tell cognitive aspect of the learner develop cory bergeron a Harbison approach to tell really our approach to five-step you to monitor he was do I have a bracket ever five steps approach will occur Hobart she approached of five steps approach will equal home okay arrow a step five steps approach hotel down Kiko Lisa tell past a method cosa hey Matt kata man a step follow Kalevala yo in preparing the lesson plan for the class at our karma tell pasta Methodist an air attack a proton to his opponent preparation can either on italki coca-cola because it was too tall roti manioc logic or even I prepare Corey book okay so that is the first process can tell ago to human today I mean agroecology cuneta bigger battle interest to telecom Cohiba pyro preparation Caribe koruba para ti hey devil okay because to do because any Borkar name basically any bug and a groovy hobo okay second point two choices it professional sector versus a presentation on McKenna neuron next presentation Coulomb class would emerge if you need to tap on Edie ball hello cannon or the presentation go ahead to Roberto move okay – girl okay c'mon Kimmy knowledge acquired coober pedy boom third there are at heart no matter to causes a comparison and Association so he could hop allows any previous knowledge a say hey previous knowledge can you attack a politican acknowledge this representation curry that associate Kali believer and I get in the car honey he Co color be a big or available sorry number two positive generalization so generalization to ki Corriveau he hoo-ha colony Jenny's at our local generalized call you up arrival Oliva they all look old he need knowledge and he caucus acknowledge the hey he need a valid conclusion at a table okay Annie Bob Papa you live our Judy told a valid conclusion not a bond why he Kagura ki ki Kui believe oh he tahvalli autocannon her Nutella Peppa generalized at a conclusion on a hippo param okay a logical method tutor Jose application application total Kazuki Lee knowledge laughs correlate yeah Jody at all okay like who live opera in real life okay tt italic or decock any key of a success of our jodi telegin why did you holla him he cut down okay Oh to develop a whole is about our application based on nicole kidman project the debug they are tools already tutorial look on in kalibo he mean our little cap i say he me kutaisi bono look at our local techies of amana okay so this is the hub ocean and proton to a pasta at pro-choice earlier set a lesson plan to which I was just a Collison so yet a question to the in harbored system of teaching pupils are more active than the teacher in the stage of to Kundu stage at the ego vocal BC activity chart we are here to causes a generalization G to process DTM theologically key hi Leslie activity at a local hobby Beluga Hawaii caucus zucchini puja at a low key key booty was a terrible picture look and generalized scorable now the heart of the theater okay ditch a latke we say actively next is in order to make a unit lesson plan at a unit lesson at aug gonna be unit a lesson plan mana bar Carinae amic ecology a success agree option the SI unit should be further divided into elements to unity to your lesson toshiba hate to keep summon Elemental mercury level a buttress of course is the interrelationship between different units must be mental and protein to unit or module attack eat again come parkour hagane's of what comes the first chapter Oprah last chapter last chapter okay my unit old okay LG do when I process attack a level link etiquette oh hey inter linkage to tell look key code available maintain Kali Pahadi me lengua our evaluation position for each English should be pre-specify protti to even eat organic specify Coralville a book can I can only tell evaluate con you mean like Melancon even our option number DSA all of this and they are correct answer is a number diesel would take him me boss Jeremy and I unit lesson plan Colorado got a gonna track you believer next is unit planning is superior to harbors plan kill your you planning to harbor so easy to lesson plan or process their choices pasta method order that case is superior will go secure because optional buddy is the correct because teaching is more comprehensive here yet you need less embassy comprehensively a McAuley bopparoo that's what child centered I mainly pupils are given chances of drill here do another practice so Cohiba para with lesson planning on georeo time okay next in unit planning pupils are more active than the teacher in the stage of the unit planning on pupil will act quickly a t-chart a bisect if i come to stage of an option number D is the correct one good take an organization s simulation recitation qualitative log given would be say active one next is our CEM approach of lesson planning has classified cognatic objectives into seven categories 17 categories 27 catalyst o RC EMG to approach a approach to be a lesson planning of kimantha cognitive objective except park charissa under answer is number B 17 category city RC EMF coach Atta who say system approach okay each other system approach to education will acquire high system approach approach to education are you a are CEM approach Stoli a sail upon our Regional College of Education my soul my soul Regional College of Education and towel okay will isolate to my solo rol took a are CEM approach block hi orator system approach to education Bullock wa-hi so our cm approach of lesson planning or attire to type home so I took yoga system approach over evaluation approach no hi so our theme is a system approach next is educational psychology is a branch of the educational psychology key or branch IP or psychology branch oi is a branch of applied psychology social psychology and correct unsolvable educational psychology is a branch of applied psychology okay and Applied Psychology latakia high branch are our educational psychology it to general psychology be a different toy our current general psychology the pure sinusoid your science or background alright pure science on high kata discuss coral okay manova ganic a merman or so it's it is stuff totally depend upon the psychological psychological aspects of the human being ro is the education psychology educational psychology applied psychology bleak aha Karen II II mainly key core M socialising man hamaji : man-whore her magic on human manobo hamaji hamaji quran our logo to number second to is a modifying his behavior to socialize kora a behavior modifier modified karate correct help correct educational psychology ro educational psychology at a behavior science will yoga economy behavior signs are positive signs Julio cajas not normative signs okay so option education cycles the study of the experience is the behavior of teacher Society learner and correct answer is learn a learner or psychology to people and study for him who says that educational psychology is that branch of psychology which deals with teaching and learning Hunico say option number is the correct Skinner quiz say the education of psychology is that branch of psychology a teaching and learning a loop or a key Korea will call it an educational psychology is a science of Education who said Kuniko is silly it took over who sell a peel peel peel a girl gives higher education is that their console is education psychology is a science of Education father of modern educational psychology geun-hye and the correct answer is number b pathology so pathology is the father of modern educational psychology manat rahiba pathology then study Educational Psychology essential for Educational Psychology car a study quality of care condescension teacher or Karen M would be C essential Hoyt the theater Luke Akiko you've ever but he who Colo he can you cut her neck caliber psychology to delete mu G PI in concur Khadija perfectly tell kekova biriba down look up project Capra done Kariba firebomb the book Amelie was written by option D asset in Atari are a baton be number two correct answer Russo Rose soil whistle ma lib number book on educational psychology is Kehoe talk based activity based feeling based on correct answer is number B activity based on clinical method is also all technical matter oh are you Qibla caja option number C is the correct answer case study method g-tube case study method took a clinical method will Yokohama which of the following is not a method of educational psychology so education psychology method Cancun tuna hi-yah a correct answer is upon our correct answer novo numbered be experimental psychological g2 okay let's see the option key key DSA of experimental observation survey method to apana is a psychological method to you know how educational psychology method now my current education cycle is a method katomina education psychology a doodle haka method or broad discuss career first to a several introspection okay introspection intro int arrow int arrow SP ECT introspection or I do self observation will yo gohan so self observation or introspection method is the first method of education psychology second is a observational methods so observe Cory polite he gonna hope he Co color before in tangora heart third then third method is experiment method experiment or Georgia Tech he Khujo color Hungary was a stock or a heart they're bestowed upon our next to his survey method to survey method doors or EOTech or aha there B so to e7 our test method test method use collie who follow the local Yan or poly Hema do haha next I seminar kissed his trees method okay kiss his trees method are ooh hot number two is a longitudinal method so longitudinal method key got a long-term or Connie who observe Korowai Aroha a hotel local car attack Ecola hide the conclusion truck or a high seat elegy maintain develop way stay back one night next question is the word personality has been derived from the laid in word number C persona personal number Latino to privacy our personal meaning we say mask mask used by the Roman actor in the theatre so that is called that is the meaning of the persona personal name mask – Roman actor block' acting Corey Bergen is the mask before reversal he took for our personality what do I say okay so friends all these 20 other important questions for today's class are I'm going to class blekota me Louisa good questions assay a pedagogy Atta in equal parts a completely up analogies idea Johnny Lobo teacher a pony a bar to the ability Caleb Hallett a star Vidya katyana power s so I mean coop and me could be a good job or cesta courses that a protein to approach put it to theory I'm alone okay and bougie pipe okay are you okay I'm EVs all Pratap an anaconda video bonus you already are Jewish wanna please check all your description box are do social science or Oso Assam Ted are all over the city at could take new tetracarbonyl corn do it ok hobo syllabus to j2se me huh so it will be applicable for you in both this exams so I hope you like it roj develop I so please like coal becoming coal Bashir coroebus subscribe Cordova are enjoy denoted camera channel education for you upon a visitor hi TJ Holly please subscribe crippling a parable energy to notification Bayless able to press call you today no – no – no notification bar above upon Alaka upon about that child heckuva means you know – no don't we do upload fro so thanks for watching the video have a nice


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