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  1. How are you guys doing today? 😊 In today's video, I'm just sharing with you my thoughts lately. Kinda like a life update. You are going to notice a pattern in the way I think/ things I worry about lol. I touch on topics such as things we do to escape from our pain/ reality, what is the purpose of life, what really matters in life that brings happiness, and personal responsibility.

    "Men are anxious to do some great thing; to perform some great sacrifice which lies beyond the necessities of their experience. Where lies your weakness? Where does temptation assail you most strongly? Sacrifice your cherished and coveted indulgence; fix your mind on something greater, nobler, and more enduring than ephemeral pleasure; live superior to the craving of sense excitement, and you will live neither vainly nor uncertainly." -James Allen

    "Being the person people can rely on at your father's funeral." -Jordan Peterson

    So if any of you guys are feeling lost or are struggling with personal issues, keep your head up! There's always a solution; you just have to figure it out. 👊 And yes, only speak of what you want as if it's already happening and I agree , but I also have lapses in memory and deal with repetitive thinking when stressed. It helps when I write down my thoughts and talk out loud. Then I can release it and move forward. With that being said, maybe the next update will be me adopting a senior citizen doggie! OMGGG!! 👴🏻🐶😍

    My latest solo video where I ramble about monthly favorites at 1AM and blah blah until you sleep. 😴

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  2. Okay wait what, did you just say you where in your 30s??!! I honestly thought that you were 17-25, probably in your early 20! Whatttr

  3. "Being the person people can rely on at your father's funeral." I was crying a little bit reading that. My father is the one who does everything in his children's life. He raised four children. He fed us, built our house, literally would do anything for his children. I'm 25 now, have my own job but as shameless as it is, I'm still relying on him. If I need him, I just call him, he's always come to me in an instant. When I lost, he could always find me. But he's getting old now, he's a strong man and never complaints but I heard once he said "my back is a little hurt," that was when it struck me. I know he will leave me someday, and to be honest, I'm not ready yet as of now.

  4. Another great one! Reena you are just fantastic! I know I can always count on your videos to serve as a fabulous stress reliever!!! You never disappoint!

  5. you should def move ! don't hold yourself back. live to the fullest ! and about the family thing, there is someone out there for everybody just be patient😊 the love of your life will find YOU and love you for You 💕 i wish you nothing but the best ✨

  6. Live in the moment, don’t think about the what ifs. Think about all the positive things in life, like having your family in your life and having food and water, because there are people that would die for a meal or a glass of water. It’s very hard for us to be grateful especially when the negative thoughts take over because sometimes I feel the exact same. I think it’s normal for a human to feel like that every now and then, but just try your best to positive and grateful! I wish you the best 💞

  7. I am at the same stage of thinking. Ive been single for 8 years. I always get "why so long"?. When you've been hurt it takes alot out of you. The time & effort & money that you've invested is detrimental to your health at times. I had alot of personal growth to consider. I'm a huge advocate for therapy. I've been going for over 2 years it's been a great journey. I learned various coping mechanisms to implement in my life. Happiness starts with yourself & not with what you see others doing. Healing is a great part of your life & your choices determine how you heal. If you think negative you get negative results & positive thinking allows for a better atmosphere. Keep with your healing & your relaxation videos it will give you guidance.

  8. Love these "story time"/ voice over videos 😀 thank you! it's like my own "little nugget of happiness" of the day
    ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

  9. First of all I want to thank you so much for your wonderful relaxing videos and sharing your life with everyone! To me that's a big step…letting it out. I keep a journal also, it helps me alot!
    As a woman in my mid 50's I can tell you life is challenging and positivity is a big part of how happy you are. No matter what your circumstances you have to see the good side of the bad… if that makes sense.
    You are an amazing bring joy to so many. I hope you realize that!
    I have 2 senior dogs. They are my babies and bring so much happiness to me every day! Please keep us posted if you adopt and share a pic please! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  10. Where in Asia would you like to move??

    Btw moving to another country where you know no one (and hopefully speak the language) is a lot harder to do than it sounds. Not to scare you or anything. I lived abroad in Spain for two years in my early twenties and suffered through one of the worst depressions I ever had and lost a lot of weight (would love to lose weight now haha but not through depression). Part of it had to do with my shitty English teaching job and how much I hated it. Issues you deal with will follow you wherever you move… I’m an anxious person and my anxiety did not disappear just because I was living in Spain lol. Things are just as difficult there as they are in the US. Not to be negative because you could have a wonderful life in another country! But you take whatever emotional baggage you have wherever you go. We all do! And I relate to everything you say about marriage and children!

  11. Reena I used to get so depressed as to why Im alone. I would start to feel worthless and hate myself but now Ive started to actively try to be positive about my life. Speaking things into existence. I will find someone who’ll love me. I will have a family. Im beautiful, smart. Saying this daily or when I do get sad. We may want these things but are we truly whole and ready. Im trying to work on myself and becoming whole and I honestly believe when we focus on ourselves and work on becoming our best selves we’ll attract who we’re looking for

  12. I really liked this video. To listen to how your mind works. I'm a deep thinker and analyze things a lot. I always analyze myself something like this. One think I'd like to encourage you to do which you seem to already be doing, is to NOT feel that you have to have things like everyone else or do the things everyone else does. Not everyone has to be married or dating at a certain age. Honestly I'm 42 years old and I just met the woman who I'm planning to marry. The funny thing too, is that I can't even say that I wish I had gotten married many years ago, or I would not have met the woman I'm deeply in love with. Just saying to take your time. When we are patient, the right things fall into place.

    I also want to say, keep this up with the ASMR videos. They are very nice and relaxing to watch as well as to just listen to, but I also feel you put good creativity into your videos. Maybe it's not called creativity but like this one is neat to learn about what is going on in your mind. I liked the video talking about the one that got away, as well as many others. They are fun and a joy to listen to. I wish you all the best too, in your future developments!

  13. I love your videos, i watch them every night , even more the 1 time , they just calm me so much. I love to see hair ones but i really enjoy to see massage its great , im learning more about me with your videos. Thank you!!, btw how do u keep her legs so moist and smooth?? I mean i always have like rash or red dots even more when i shave, i want them smooth not bumpy, thanks in advance.

  14. One day there will be someone to truly appreciate you for all of your flaws and will grow with you through the rough moments and blessings. You truly deserve it queen. I may only known you through your ASMR but you really feel like family to me which is a blessing in itself 🙂

  15. Same girl, same. I just entered my 30s, no children, no particular drive to marry. But I have my friends and family who I love very much, and who love me back. I have coworkers that I genuinely enjoy working with. I’m happy to be here, where I am in life.

    Side note: Ah, I can just smell the Tiger Balm working through my skin. Having a leg massage sounds nice, but my legs are super ticklish, so I’d be too worried about accidentally kicking someone in the head. Lol.

  16. Loved hearing this!! It’s so easy to get caught up on the next thing we want rather than enjoying the now! Needed this reminder!

  17. Reena….the similarities that we share are SO uncanny…almost scary! I also am in my early 30's and suffer from depression (feeling lonely…no partner or children) and I am seriously considering a big move as a means to "start fresh". Although, my move isn't as major as yours, it's just a different state lol. I also get really anxious thinking about my future and the unknown. I get upset because I know that I can only have the life that I want after I work on my own issues first…I guess I'm afraid that I'll never be whole enough to deserve it. I absolutely love that quote by James….so profound. Thank you so much for your vulnerability. I don't feel so alone now.

  18. Sometimes the only reason why we feel like we're not "on track" is because we forget to update our track. Let's say only 2 years ago you would have wanted to achieve something by today, but your needs and thoughts have changed in the meanwhile, so it's only normal that your goals will change too. There's no expiration date for anything, we all do things differently and at our own pace and that's ok. 😊

  19. Yo you just made me realize some profound stuff there my friend. I set one new year’s resolution and that was simply to “be happy” or “do what makes me happy” or something along those lines. And when you said “happiness isn’t something I can grasp” it triggered that thought in my mind.

    I realized that what you said is right, happiness is a state of mind, not a thing you acquire. It is a state of being, not a thing to be pursued. Either you are or you are not.

    That’s really interesting. There are deeper feelings that I have on this matter but none of which I can currently articulate, and indeed perhaps this level of inner understanding may have no words that can be attributed to it.

    That’s deep, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  20. Take it from someone who has moved across the country.. your problems (especially family) will follow you no matter what.
    I think you can have everything you dream of but it won’t look like how you imagine. That’s the joy of life 💛

  21. I feel like there’s a big pressure for women to have children at a certain age otherwise it’s too late but quite frankly it’s nobody’s business but your own when all that happens. Like you said if being pregnant is a worry and/or giving birth isn’t a thing you might be interested in there is also adoption and fostering as an option. 💖

  22. Honestly, I feel like nowadays most people are just avoiding each other for relationships. A lot of my male cousins say the same things about how they feel it's not worth it to get into relationships now. This probably has a lot to do with western society, but because of this, it seems that a lot of people are going to end up adopting or opting out of having families altogether. Idk if this was an inevitable occurrence or just how things are now, shaped by society. It's unfortunate for some, and very different for many.

  23. Don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts Reena cuz negative thoughts will lead you to depression try always to look forward things in your life , always think of goals that you want to reach. Maybe you’ll think like nah these goals are impossible to reach but believe me good things will always happen in people’s life it’s just that we need patience. I’m sure that you’ll find someone that will love you and make family with you and family will make you busy and keep you away from bad thoughts. I might not know you in person but I’m sure that you’re a good human being because every time I watch your vids or hear you talking I get positive vibes from you. Never loose hope and always remember that you have fans that cares about you and I’m one of these fans 😁❤️

  24. Your time will come buh it will come when u least expect it. Then you’ll find yourself surrounded with ur babies lol. Hang in there❤️

  25. I would sell my left lung if you put this audio on a hair brushing video 😩🙏🏽 but your life is 100% YOUR OWN! You don’t owe the world anything . This world puts so much pressure on women to settle and settle down but those people aren’t gonna be there in the end! You decide and act on what’s best for YOU! If you wanna move to Asia and live a simple life then do exactly that! Don’t get into your own head about it, don’t let some haters tell you it’s bad, don’t question yourself. I NEVER want to have children, I’m 21, and people think i will change my mind but that’s the thing.. i don’t WANT or HAVE to change my mind about how EYE want to live out my life. No pressure from society or my family will change that. Don’t chase happiness, happiness comes from within and then it presents itself outwards! Love the video and hope you start to feel positively better 💕💕💕

  26. Is it my turn yet? 🤭 by the way, you seriously help me sleep. I constantly watch the two "something in your eye" videos.

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