1. Streamers deserve all the negatives that come with the positives. If they wanna enjoy the game like a normal player, then maybe they should play anonymous offstream.

  2. … he realizes a black list… exists on your faction right?… you're not even supposed to be able to communicate with the other faction, which since this is a shitty game and has factions, matters…. to your faction.

  3. He's ganking you soda, because you're a fucking bitch who's never had a real job. Entitled puss.

  4. GM: hey, sniper, I need to tell you something
    Sniper: sup dude
    GM: well you see, you are one of our best DPS, you're constantly on time for the raids, you always help everyone with professions, you're very social and everyone likes you BUUUTTT, you killed Sodapoppin.
    Sniper: so?
    GM: /gkick Sniper
    GM: oh and I'm gonna make sure no other guild accepts you, k bye.

    Is this the kind of fantasy these streamers live in?

  5. Imagine making shit tons of money just by casually playing a game a few hours per day and that your biggest worry is getting stream sniped from time to time by a few kiddos which will have no effect on you whatsoever except for a bit of temporary frustration and sometimes not being able to play the game like you want to. Spoiled fucker (Soda, that is).

  6. sodapoopin is a cryin special snowflake , alwayys mimiumimimi ,i think when ppl who dont like u always finde a way to fuk u up, so.. he deserv it to get fukd up becos of his cryin. so letz get it on , server name from this itch plz ,we need to unite against him , seriosly , first make a fb grp , srsly guys !!!

  7. If this happens then what's going to happen after is the black list people will make a guild and then it will be stream sniper's vs streamers . You think you'r being smart?? trying to stop people snipe you nope all you are doing is making like minded people all be stuck in the same boat and then when they get a guild going it could be the end of big streams the people you fucked over with the black list will have 1000s of people in there guild many will follow just to be on youtube….people will join then who are not black list fans of your stream will because they want to be close to you and its a good way to get close if you are in a guild that soul purpose is to fuck your stream up. This idea will make a underworld of salty people who will then rally together.

  8. Ill be the last person to say "Streamer privilege".

    But trying to implement stream-sniping prevention blacklist will muddy the waters so fast.

  9. How the fuck do you admit to being a piece of shit and ganking low level players and griefing them then saying "that's different" while you're complaining about people doing the same fucking thing to you? Christ what a fucking hypocrite. What a sad baby. Also, you can easily play a PVE server but refuse with and I quote "fuck that". Well then don't bitch about your own godamn self created problems. How the hell did this douchebag ever become big? Seriously I don't understand it. At least Asmon has a kinda autistic, quirky charm and if you don't agree with him you can at least see where his brain comes up with his conclusion and understand his subtle trolling. Soda is just a twat.

  10. so he want to play pvp server and not get ganked and black list people but he still can gank and killing them in stream and off stream !!!!!!!! seems logic lol

  11. This is so fucking retarded holy shit. If soda, a horde player, gets stream sniped by an alliance player. No one on the alliance will condemn that player for taking out a major figure on the opposite faction? Does Asmon and Soda really think that their streamer status will take control of both their own but also the entire opposite faction?

  12. "Hey dude, you could have picked any other server"
    Aight, go play on a PVE server then if you dont want to get ganked.

    Watch random people who have no clue who he is just gank him and get a ton of shit for it. "hurrdurr should have check that this is MY server"

    If you greif a streamer it wont take long untill he has back up from his viewers.
    Hell i bet if you get jumped by a streamer in a fair 1v1, a viewer will intervine if it looks like the streamer is gonna lose.

    You just gotta bite down and keep going – like anyone else getting ganked, jumped or greifed.

    That being said, greifing and stream sniping is shitty.
    But Vengeance camping is another thing. If i see someone that was in Xroads killing Quest givers etc, you bet your ass ill camp them.

  13. Soda is such a big cry baby. he wants to blacklist people who stream snipe, but also its okay for him to do the same… i dont know why people support him

  14. Blacklist? You’re gonna be like Ninja and report people that kill you for “stream sniping” fuck off.
    When I was a kid I played classic and sometimes I was hunted and killed by players until all my gear was red. I didn’t report anybody because I was not a fucking baby.

  15. Blacklisting was actually a thing in Vanilla so to all you fuckwits that stream snipe, good luck getting anywhere on your server..

  16. oh the hypocrisy!!!! INB4 a social status addon gets developed i bet soda's status will almost immediately hit rock bottom. It's okay for Soda to grief someone's game play exp in classic by camping corpses and ganking low levels. But when it happens to him he cries about it? and about the tournament, if it was in a pvp server, how come the alliance didn't just kill the trolls? I'd say if streamers complain about this… Just don't stream it and go by a name that is completely different from your stream name. problem solved.

  17. There is no difference between camping as an asshole or camping as a stream sniper. This guy should simply get demonetized for half a year so he has to work again. Maybe he will gain some grey cells… grow some fucking Brain because WHAT A FUCKING DEGENERATE CUNT… fucking LOOSERS like this guy are the reason communism will NEVER work… what a fucking dipshit.
    THIS is the cunt you dont want in your raids. Fkn moron. End yourself.

  18. Yes this is a perfect idea as every rogue on any pvp server will have no gear. Since as a rogue you dont gank once but as much as possible. This will put the rogue on this "blacklist" and will force him to gank low lvls due to their bad gear in killing higher geared players.

    Also ninja will stream and blacklist every opposing player there is.

  19. It’s fine for him to say “I’d love to give up streamer benefits if it means not having the consequences” until he realizes that being paid to play the game is a “streamer benefit” and he CAN give all that up by simply not streaming

  20. If you blacklist enough people, they will simply become a guild and get raid gear and end up being able to gank you anyway. This is a terrible idea that will never work in hindsight, because unlike other banlists like ninja looting and toxic behaviour, other people will do this just for the memes, and some of these players are going to be really good.

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