#AskCenk: Why Socialism Doesn’t Work & Turkish Protests

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capitalism works and explain how socialism does not jesus how much time to ask for okay to mean sexy silly labels now all of our forms of government are
mix so for example there are some government services like the cops of the military the firemen the post
office the center and we have private uh… sector as well so you’ve got uh…
of course ups and fedex that there was some with service was slightly different
you’ve got ninety who makes sneakers so now if you were saying communism is
where the government makes all of those things like totally and utterly disagree
but he has a bad form of government al can say that i’m totally in favor of
campbell’s of by that i mean annex economy like the one we currently have
we’re probably a little closer to europe which in some circles would be called
socialist so it’s just a matter of splitting hairs as to what you call
socialist and what you call ac capitalists but you don’t believe the extremes don’t
like the guys who are free-market libertarians that thinking
government should do nothing or insane the guy who is who think the government should do
everything on four sleek equally insane answers
somewhere in the middle go mark wiles request to have to death no pillow that were what do you think about the situation
from texting istanbul on now we made a lot of videos about
that and you check out our of course you tube
dot com slash q eighty let me just say here looked the most important thing is turkey is a secular country now the united states of america was the
first secular country where we said we are literally not a
christian nation our founding fathers put in the
constitution now it turkey was also as secular bear even more
secular its founding in the nineteen twenties so it is by definition them by formation as
secular country anyone who messes with that messes with the bull you’re seeing a bull run through the
streets of turkey now that’s my sense of three nineteen oh seven or your family
turkish soccer team to a lot of turkish questions today when by the way by the boy i don’t mean
me or my bennett the patent in tel aviv deirdre in general and yes uh… i found
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  1. "If they could find a better place, they would"
    If all your choices are bad, then you essentially have no choice. Productivity on average is up, and real wages are down, because workers are being fucked. Currently there is $20 trillion of corporate profits banked in tax havens. There are 50 million people in the US currently in poverty, so imagine if workers were paid their worth. It would be good if you could respond with a comment that takes me more than 30 seconds to find my rebuke

  2. 1st, its $2 Trillion, not 20 Trillion, liar. Corp profits are banked in "tax havens" abroad, because those profits were earned abroad. They are not taxable, unless they are returned. It takes a fucking idiot, to want to do that! Nearly all OECD nations do NOT tax if profit returns, so THEIR corps DO. Our govt is greedy, and stupid, so our corps DONT.

  3. Apparently you need some tutelage in the use of search engines
    Economist headline: "Tax havens: The missing $20 trillion" – Feb 16th 2013

  4. No you're just a fucking idiot. What rampant deregulation happened? Last time I checked Bush hired 90,000 additional financial regulators during his terms. And you do realize we are one of the only countries that separated commercial and investment banks (which is what glass steagall did)? Other countries in the G8 never had that regulation and their banks still went under so stop drinking the left wing kool aid.

  5. "A global super-rich elite has exploited gaps in cross-border tax rules to hide an extraordinary £13 trillion ($21tn) of wealth offshore – as much as the American and Japanese GDPs put together – according to research commissioned by the campaign group Tax Justice Network"
    The Guardian – Saturday 21 July 2012
    I see you've abandoned your BS over the price mechanism and lost here too. Well done

  6. You initially said, "Currently there is $20 trillion of corporate profits banked in tax havens." CORP. Your NEW reference says, "A global super-rich elite has exploited gaps in cross-border tax rules to hide an extraordinary £13 trillion ($21tn)" 1) Corp is corp, super elite implies everyone, on EARTH. There IS a difference. 3/23/13 "Bloomberg News estimated that the mountain of cash had grown to more than $1.9 trillion". So stupid, be specific, dont change claims. What about price mech?

  7. And who do you think has their hand on the wealth of corporations other than the rich elite? I don't care to split hairs with you anyway. Find a battle you can win

  8. Problem is, stupid, corp offshoring of profits is avery big issue, in US. It is because we do not have Territorial corp taxation, like most of the civilized world does. So, it makes no sense at all to repatriate corp profits earned abroad, because stupid Libs like you want to tax it when it does come back. So, it doesnt. My error was assuming you were talking about a current, important US issue. Not counting about how much Islamic Oil Shieks, and German Nazis have squirelled away somewhere.

  9. The story is from 2012 and hasn't gone away, it doesn't get any more current
    "It is because we do not have Territorial corp taxation, like most of the civilized world does"
    It's a worldwide problem, not specifically a US one. Tax codes are often ghost written by private interests anyway, so the only way the public can keep the proceeds of their labour is through democratisation and ownership of the means of production. Legislation is the rich man's tool, not ours.

  10. Wow, you are very stupid of you think that your 90,000 regulators statement holds any water at all. I'll ask you one question and if you answer it honestly then your entire argument falls apart. Where did the majority of those hires go to? Hmmm? Many of them actually went to transportation but even if they all went to regulate Wall Street, The Banks and other Financial institutions can you honestly assume that they were actually regulating those industries? That's a naive assumption… cont'd

  11. So you're suggesting they just didn't do their jobs? It seems you are the one making naive assumptions. Sorry but there isn't any deregulation that happened that could have contributed to the financial crisis.

  12. The year wasnt the point. The point was, you said corporations. And, corporate "tax avoidance" ( as opposed to evasion) is far greater a problem in the US, because 1) we dont have territorial tax laws 2) we have highest statutory rates. But, you come back with the entire worlds off shoring of taxes, not just US corp. BTW, it is perfectly LEGAL for corps, and people to deposit funds abroad. And, why shouldnt people be able to put their money, where they want? Its theirs.

  13. I don't make distinctions between democrats and republicans as you foolishly assume. Clinton is as much to blame as Bush is. Elements of Glass-Steagall were repealed under him. Bush is responsible for generally for the lack of oversight of the financial industry and the housing market even enacting an obscure 1863 law that gave him the power to prevent States regulating against predatory lending. From Reagan to Obama all Administrations have favored deregulation in on form or another.

  14. It's not theirs if they're having to perform tax avoidance, BY DEFINITION. It's being reported on because it's essentially theft, and you read the articles and conclude that it's legitimate ethically, morally, and legally. That's the conclusion you've come to because you're an idiot

  15. As for Europe, that's another topic entirely… Not having a Glass-Steagall counterpart in the EU or any other G8 doesn't mean they have some other form of effective regulation. It has more to do with the political climate. Citicorp merged with Travelers Group a year before The Gramm-Leach-Bliley act was law and they were given a waiver to allow the merger to move forward.

  16. I know avoidance is legal, but legal doesn't imply ethical, and that's why we have controversy; that's why this is being reported. I believe you're being deliberately obtuse

  17. Glass Steagall was repealed under Clinton, signed by Clinton. But, most every other nation, including European ones, have always allowed financial firms the ability to do different functions. Further, the economic crash didnt begin in these "merged" firms, but in the ones that were NOT. Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros were investment banks, not commericial, and the crisi began with them. There is no example of any merger of functions causing anything at all. Go try.

  18. Yes I am. How you see that as naive is mind numblingly foolish. Read my other parts to my response. Going all the way back to Reagan to the present day there has been a gradual deregulation of the Banking industry. GW Bush had the industry regulate itself and as I mentioned before used an old 1863 law that prevented states from regulating Predatory lending. The effects were cumulative over the past 20+ years.

  19. That's what I said. Clinton Repealed it by signing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act. Where have I stated that Glass Steagall was the glue that held the US economy together? Nowhere! It helped but as I said before the general culture of deregulation that was occurring in Washington was the main problem. Preventing States from regulating predatory lending with an 1863 law certainly played a factor.

  20. Predatory lending? Before govt got involved, banks didnt do predatory mortgage lending. They just said fuck off. That was far better, than being forced to loan to shit people.

  21. I see. So, it may be legal for you to claim your wife, and kids on your taxes, in order to diminish what you owe, but, it isnt moral? Then, am I to assume you do everything you possible can, to maximize what you owe? Claim zero dependents, even if legally there are 4? Not taking standard deduction? Because, you are saying, doing your taxes correctly, is immoral. That is fucking ridiculous, and you call me obtuse?

  22. Government forcing banks!?!?! You must be trolling dude. Banks have alway done predatory lending. Why Else would there be a Law from 1863 that stopped States from regulating Predatory lending. States rights be damned!!

  23. Your analogy is fucking stupid since hiring a bunch of people to find loopholes to exploit isn't like forgoing a deduction

  24. I sincerely hope you're NOT trying to reason with a proven right wing loser troll like luvcheney1. If he isn't getting compensated to regurgitate the same tired old right wing bullshit, he's putting a lot of effort into bullshitting for free and making himself look like a worthless idiot over and over and over!

    If you haven't blocked him already, you might want to.

  25. Of course it's expected. I don't even believe we should have a tax code. I really think govt should nationalise the entire domestic banking industry then inflate/deflate the money supply at will to pay for all services. Index all wages and prices to inflation/deflation and the people's purchasing power remains as stable as can be. We'd need a direct form of democracy to put that power in the public domain too, but we need that anyway

  26. A novel way to duck an issue! Indexing is price fixing. Price controls without consequence? Going to index everyone`s dollar demominated assets too? I guess, no. So, You will socialize all EXISTING wealth. Well, not all. We already have posited, all lot is gone, out the US, right? Plus, you have a lot of right- wing, Austrians out there, and their metals arent showing up on anyones computer screen. The next hurdle, continuing the creation a capital, when nobody will help such a stupid govt.

  27. Yes, they did, and Travelors was a solid firm, that didnt give any trouble at all for Citi. So? Your best example, has no point?

  28. Printing money doesnt create wealth. Money is NOT wealth. Money allocates wealth. Nobody like inflation, but indexing is stupid, because the relationship between everything is not fixed, nor stable. They fluctuate. Indexing will simply bring imbalances, becuase it wont let prices allocate. Nobody on earth would propose such nonsense. Well idiots would.

  29. The government was encouraging predatory banking! Not saying this is the cause but the various government agencies and laws promoted banks to lend to subprime borrowers and they basically told the banks they couldn't discriminate against them. Also, when they guarantee the loans the banks know they make money even if the borrowers default

  30. "of course its due to socialism"
    There is no socialism anywhere, least of all europe. State run enterprise is not socialism.
    "Greece, italy etc. Are all disaster right now from a direct result of government financial incompetance"
    No they're in debt because they borrow, and they borrow because the power to create money was moved from govt to banks, who now lend to govt at interest; now the people work to pay off a debt that cant be repaid, since all money is debt: /watch?v=UHXcz-X-1ic

  31. Heard this story before, Do you honestly think that the Community investment act was either the sole or even the actual cause? It's typical scapegoating and smoke screening tactics. Depending on how you want to interpret the law It essentially was designed to end the institutional discrimination in lending practices and not to force predatory lending. The Law was put in place by Carter in 1977 and there wasn't a crisis for 30+ years.

  32. The law didn't get executive teeth until the Clinton administration. And if you read my comment I specifically said this was not the main cause. The main cause was the actions of the federal reserve flooding banks with liquidity and driving interest rates to all time lows, causing mass malinvestment in real estate and artificially creating a speculative bubble.

  33. Part 2: Predatory Lending was one of the culprits. As I have stated again and again prior to crisis, the Bush Admin. used a clause in the 1863 National Banking act to nullify State laws and regulations on Predatory Lending. If you can provide anything clear cut on how the Community Investment act somehow "Forced" lenders to take huge risks aside from you assertions that defy what many economists and the FCIC stated then please do so.

  34. Why would anyone lend to subprime borrowers unless they knew they were going to be paid (by the government) regardless of whether or not the borrower defaulted? In 1994, Citibank was sued for not providing mortgages to subprime borrowers. "the plaintiffs claimed that although they had ostensibly been denied home loans “because of delinquent credit obligations and adverse credit,”.

  35. Why do people gamble with money they don't have? Risk taking. Much of the origins of the economic crisis has a lot to do with gambling, plain and simple. Maintaining Tax Cuts while waging war on the hope that oil revenues for the country you occupy would pay for reconstruction or the simple fact that the War on Terror was the first War I can think of where taxes weren't raised but lowered can be considered a gamble. You assume that people act logically and in good faith. I don't.

  36. So the actions of the Lenders in response to the liquidity have little to doth with it? There is a lot of blame to go around here and to imply that lenders were innocent or completely absolve them of any culpability is misleading. Blaming Government for everything is narrow minded when there is blame for all the problems we are facing has really been caused by both Government and Big Business.

  37. It's the fault of business in response to government actions. The federal reserve lowering interest rates to all time lows resulted in mass malinvestment in real estate. Since real estate prices were skyrocketing it seemed even better to invest in as a housing bubble was created.

  38. And thus Capitalism in the US doesn't work. At least not in the idyllic way that some propagate. It has taken a Corporatist form. Government is merging with big business to the mutual, Short term benefit of those on top and to the detriment of everyone else. Hell an argument can be made that America is moving or already is Fascist.

  39. OH MY GOD. I agree with you. What we have now is crony capitalism not free market capitalism. And yes American is moving towards facism, if we aren't already there. Just recognize that capitalism does work, crony capitalism does not (and it's what we currently have)

  40. Which is why I stated that: Capitalism as it is practiced in the US doesn't work. No form of government really works in the way that people want them to work. The Capitalism vs Socialism debate really get on my nerves because nobody wants to honestly discuss the strengths and shortcomings of both. It's a debate that is heavily full of demagoguery and overly simplistic arguments.

  41. I'm on the fence as it stands right now. I really don't have a strong conviction either way. Recently it is my opinion that when discussing Socialism as a whole is that the conventional wisdom or Demagoguery is that it is often talked about (in the US) as something that can't work when more often than not most socialistic systems around were never given any room breathe by the US and the UK but that is another topic entirely.

  42. Alright. Well I personally believe that economic freedom has been proven to lead to economic growth, which is the biggest factor in decreasing poverty. That's why I support capitalism

  43. cenk does not know what socialism and communism are. communism is a stateless,socialist,classless,moneyless,society. to understand socialism you need to understand what the means of production are. the means of production are workplaces,land,and tools, and machinery. socialism is wear those means of production are owned publicly instead of privately witch would be capitalism. neither socialism or communism are the government providing everything.

  44. well i am assuming since your a stateless capitalist you were using economic freedom to describe deregulation. now historically deregulation has not lead to economic growth. it has actually led to a lot of poverty. case and point in the old west in the .u.s. the market was largely free and this led to people living on starvation wages.

  45. why should you respect each others views? if you think they are stupid and don't make any sense then why would you respect them. obviously you should respect the rights of people to have those views,but it is stupid to think people should respect the views themselves regardless if they agree with them or not.

  46. Perhaps that's what you think what socialism and communism *should* be, but history has defined them differently. Cenk was adhering to the historical definition of communism as it was practiced in the USSR, and in that case, "the government providing everything" is pretty accurate.

  47. as cenk would say wrong again bob. the .u.s.r. was a marxist sate and put into practice the transitional period of socialism in marxist theory and did not communism and they did not say otherwise. also just because something is claimed to be something historically does not mean it actually was that thing. to be something another thing has to meet the criteria for what that something is.

  48. That's just what I was saying. I'm well aware that the brand of socialism/communism practiced in the USSR didn't conform to what Marx had envisioned, but that doesn't change the fact that it has come to represent how people view it. To most of the world, communism = extreme govt. control, so that's the view that Cenk was catering to.

    Also, you're wrong to say the USSR didn't say they were Communist; they certainly did. Their national anthem even included the word "kommunizma" (Communism).

  49. communism was not practiced in the .u.s.s.r.. what was practiced was the transitional period of socialism. i suggest you go look into marxist theory because you have a very poor understanding. the transitional socialism was practiced in the way marx described it. communism however witch is the altumate goal of marxists has never ever been reached on planet earth. also so? yea cenk had the wrong idea so i corrected him. what is the point of you even bringing this up?

  50. also so how exactly does that mean they claimed communism? it was a marxist state and every marxist state's goal is communism. so just because you find communism mentioned does not at all mean they claimed their country was communist.

  51. I agree with your points about Marx, transitional socialism, communism and the USSR. That's not the point. All I'm saying that it's silly to accuse Cenk of being ignorant simply because he used the historical definition instead of the "true" definition. I'm sure he's aware Marx's vision was different, but IN PRACTICE, Communism has come to be equated with extreme govt. control and a centrally planned economy. I was refuting your criticism of Cenk — that's the point of me bringing this up.

  52. you keep failing to understand that just because something ends up a certain way in practice does not at all mean it is that thing. in practice a spoon could end up helping me dig a whole,but by your logic that would mean the spoon is a device intended for digging. another thing that keeps flying over your head is the fact that communism has NEVER EVER been reached on planet earth so you can not talk of communism in practice.

  53. I'm not failing to understand those things. As I've said before several times, I KNOW that what the USSR practiced wasn't "true" communism as envisioned by Marx.

    The thing YOU keep failing to understand is that despite what "true" communism might be, the simple fact is, people are typically going to associate communism with the system practiced in the USSR. You might not like that fact, but it's true. Cenk realizes this, so he responded according to the public's understanding of the term.

  54. Universal health care and education and jobless benefits are NOT socialism. Conservatives in Europe do not consider themselves socialists or social democrats.

  55. You actually want a system closer to European socialism. Good luck in paying close to 50% of your tax. Europe has the lowest growth rate of any economic bloc in the World, heavy tax, high unemployment, and declining services,

  56. Libertarian such as me, never said that Government should do nothing. We believe in the social contract. We just said that government should only do the things that only it is best capable of doing. No one wants a private police force or military. Government should also invest in building public infrastructure because something like a national highway system would be too expensive for private corporation to build and there would be no way to make a profit of it, because of the freeloading effect. Thus, corporation would have no intensive to build it. However, a country needs great infrastructure to boost its economy. Certain public research program like space traveling or the inventing the internet should be undertaken by the government. Those projects create new technological innovations that improve society and create new industry. Other than that I'm oppose to government manipulating the market by creating laws. We also oppose to social program like welfare, minimum wages, or affirmative action. They're all well-meaning but they never help those intended and the unintended consequences are devastating for everyone.  

  57. Why would you want a system closer to Europe. It's a dying continent. Since the industrial revolution, Europe has given birth Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, WWI, WWII, USSR, and now a bullshit super-bureaucracy call the EU. There's no more great thinkers in Europe. The whole continent is just a massive social super-state characterized by high unemployment (specially among the youth), slow economic growth. Their social system is too costly and unsustainable. Already, many countries like France are showing signs of poor or failed services. And now Europeans are losing their freedoms too. Their asshole leaders seem to have one single obsession, which is to destroy the idea of the nation-state. Sorry, Europe is writing itself out of history. Other than good soccer, there's not much positive going for this continent. I would never advocate any form of imitation of Europe.

  58. European Socialism is not "Socialism." It is a system of Keynesian capitalist welfare states wherein most of the revenue to fund their huge social services come from European monopolization of Third world markets. It's obvious that the European system isn't working. Look at Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal. The liberal veneer over the exploitative system that is Capitalism will not last forever. By June, the European far left will have more power in European Parliament than the liberals will. People are waking up. Having a system of sprawling social services is nice but the revenue for such systems is based off of heavy taxation, exploitation of people in other countries, and most importantly Capitalism. Capitalism booms and busts all the time, and as it's effects are taking more and more of a toll on the world through environmental destruction, war, and poverty, the system is becoming more and more unstable. Btw Cenk, what you described is not Communism, what you described is the Socialist stage of Leninism.

  59. Cenk you don't understand what communism is, we don't think the government should do and control everything that's 100% paradoxical to the ideology, Stalinism is not real Marxism and I would explain Marxism but it would take me too long and you probably won't see this

  60. When you interchange "socialism" with "communism" at random, it proves you know absolutely nothing.
    Socialism is where private property doesn't exist (as Cenk did say, government controls literally everything).
    Communism/Marxism is in essence anarchy. A stateless utopia where people are somehow supposed to intuitively know what their role is, who needs what, how much of what to produce and WHEN/WHERE to produce it, and to know every key factor that impacts everyone else with absolutely no over-sight or order.

    The hard truth is that there needs to be oversight, order, control, and delegation of hard and easy tasks to the relevant people. Under a capitalist system that occurs organically. Entrepreneurs assume responsibility for their own companies/wealth and oversee their workers and delegate roles to them. Entrepreneurs also fill the spaces in the market because that is where profit lies. They keep the economic engine running.

    It is a utopia fantasy to think such a ridiculous model (or lack there of) would ever hold a candle to the productive capacity unleashed by the capitalist system.

    Whether or not SOCIALISM works is an entirely different conversation, but if you want the USA to look more like Europe then you're gonna have a bad time.
    How about just move to the EU if they have it so great?

  61. Wrong cenk, USA was never the 1st secular nation as its people never voted it to be. Some Politicians only said – not the people, or slaves, or native Indians – an the latter 2 never voted. ha-ha-ha.

  62. The Third Way is the fastest way to the Third World. If Cenk Uyghur wants "balance" when it comes to the economy, then why is he unwilling to strike a "balance" between civil liberty and safety?

  63. USA is not first secular country ever it was "Dubrovacka republika"
    "Republic of Ragusa" but not full secular
    Also they abolished slavery like 400 yrs before you did
    Also it was the first country that suported your independence,
    and only country in world at that time that was alowed to use your ports
    One more interesting fact, when Britain colonized india they were suprised that they find vilage with church that was in possesion of Republic of Ragusa also at the time that small country had larger navy than Britain and France combined

  64. I would like to suggest to anyone who's sincerely interested in a well-rounded and sophisticated understanding of Socialist thought to read the actual works of socialist theorists.

    Namely, I'd recommend: "What is Property?" and "The Philosophy of Misery" both by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; "Socialism, Utopian and Scientific" by Friedrich Engels; “The Working Man's Programme” by Ferdinand Lassalle; "Self-Government in Industry" and "Guild Socialism Restated" both by G.D.H. Cole; and "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George. All of these books can be downloaded for free onto your Kindles or as PDF docs from the Internet Archive.

  65. This Armenian Genocide denier is just your typical retarded neoliberal bourgeois. Nothing to see here.

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