As Democrats Race Towards Socialism Experts Caution: 'This has Been Tried and Failed in Every Way'

not too long ago advocating for socialist policies meant certain political suicide but today socialism is spreading through the halls of Congress as Democrats running for president race to embrace it for 170 years socialism in its various forms has been tried around the world often followed by oppression poverty and failure experts are closely monitoring this new embrace of socialism they do want to turn America as crazy as it may sound into a socialist country Democrats call it a bold progressive step I am gonna go forward with a Medicare for All single-payer program so for people out there who like their insurance what they don't get to keep it let's eliminate all of that Republicans argue it's completely out of touch America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion domination and control we are born free and we will stay and while promises of free stuff like college tuitions sound great for many voters the devil is in the details and socialist policy proposals are top issues for the six million members of Freedom Works Americans don't support it when they understand who's paying for all this middle America isn't socialist middle America you know they value freedom and individual liberty these are the things that Americans have always held dear they're our founding principles Webster defines socialism as a system or society in which there's no private property where the means of production are owned and controlled by the state a transition between capitalism and communism here in Washington there's a memorial to the victims of communism the goddess of democracy holds a flame over an inscription to the more than 100 million victims of communism and those who love Liberty still this political theory resonates with young people in its annual survey the victims of communism Memorial Foundation found 52 percent of American Millennials prefer to live in a socialist or communist country 40 percent prefer capitalism although a lot of them aren't sure what it is the survey also found a quarter of Americans say they never learned about communism in school here's what happened when campus reform asked college students about socialism and could really benefit our country in the future I think it's a good idea socialism has a concept as a philosophy is good I think that it's got a bad rap how would you view what socialism is them economically hmm so think about that since property is owned collectively under socialism Edwards says supporters should get ready to hand over their smartphones and kiss religious freedom goodbye the first thing they do is to close down the churches close them up and a go beyond that and as a matter of fact to eliminate if you will eradicate execute price priests pastors sisters nuns people of faith the absence of faith is why Joshua merabh chick thinks socialism has been so deadly there is no moral law there's no concept of sin there's no concept of righteousness the only righteousness is political form erotic loving and losing socialism has been a life journey he grew up longing for it serving five years as national chairman of the young people's socialist League the same organization counting a young Bernie Sanders as a member but today merabh chick warns against it he's the author of heaven on earth the rise and fall of socialism and using history as his guide merabh chick is disappointed to see socialism rising in popularity in the u.s. I understand why I once believed in it and I understand why other people once believed it but why people would go back to that idea to me 200 years this idea has been tried in every way people could dream up and it failed in every way ultimately muriatic doesn't think America will ever become a socialist nation but Edwards believes were seeing the culmination of what Democrats have been striving to achieve for decades are you talking about the nude with you're talking about the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson we're talking about Barack Obama Obamacare and what he called bringing about a transformation of America so they've been working at it for 90 years you know candidates often tell us theirs is the most important election of our time but in 2020 Americans may get to choose between capitalism and socialism Jennifer Wishon CBN News Capitol Hill the best definition of socialism is the state owns the means of production so start imagining a United States where the state owns every automobile company every telecommunications company everything is owned by the state the state owns that means the production the problem with that is of basic economics that if the state owns the means of production and those primary means now to continue things is to protect the worker and so instead of efficient allocation of capital into new industry and into worker efficiency you have an allocation of capital to perpetuate jobs now the common phrase in Russia 20 years ago was we have full employment when people would complain about efficiency or the quality of goods the response always came back well we have full employment the problem with that is that you need to be able to fire people you need to be able allocate your capital into new growing businesses as opposed to dying businesses and when you put all of that in the government you are guaranteed to have inefficiency that's the fundamental problem with it and it always collapses when you run out of other people's money when they're no more longer any new businesses to acquire more property to acquire and all you've done is fuel the inefficient allocation of capital that's the problem so to hear it come back in America and just still be popular on our college campuses they're just not teaching the history of what has happened to every a country that has tried these socialist experiments just look to Great Britain back in the 1950s when they were coming out of World War two all the rationing the tremendous poverty that the war amount inflicted on that nation they turned to socialism and they tried that throughout the 50s throughout the 60s throughout the 70s and then Margaret Thatcher came in and said we got to get rid of all this we have to return the means of production to private enterprise to free up capital to have efficient allocation to create new jobs create new productivity look to Britain if you think it works Britain is a prime example it doesn't

  1. Trump 2020. Let’s have a referendum on wether Trump should be president for life. And if the majority vote is yes then appoint him 17.4 million people voted for Brexit and the government these past 3 years has done everything to thwart the will of the people. Nigel Farage will fix this. M A G A. M uk G A !!!!!

  2. We need to be bold with other people’s money. Transfer from the producers to the generational spongers. What happens when there are no more producers. The people in charge of course will live like Kings. Look at the czars and oligarchs in Russia. Look at the mucky mucks in China. Ping has just appointed himself president for life. What referendum in China approved that decision???

  3. "I LOVE socialism!" Please define what socialism IS…cricket cricket cricket. They can't define it because to THEM it's all their FANTASIES come true but the CANDIDATES don't plan on giving them their FANTASY they plan on giving them their WORST NIGHTMARE!

  4. From the UK you have it a bit wrong the real reason it failed is because they taxed the rich very high for equality reasons so the rich would pay for most things the only problem with this is all the rich people left our country and because of this there was no one to pay all the tax and growth slowed down and the economy collapsed

  5. “What is socialism?”
    “Uh, I don’t really know, but I love it!”

    And 5:18 is an excellent breakdown of what socialism is.

  6. People that LOVE and worship the power of man always gravitate to leftist ideologies that by nature are the BEST vehicles to grant them their desires

  7. WORLD history has PROVEN that leftist ideologies destroy nations and are RESPONSIBLE for millions of people slaughtered.. but they are the best ideologies for the most vile totalitarians to maintain CONTROL and power.

  8. When are they going to try these snakes for treason? Oh right Republicans say McCarthyism is bad hurr durr. Enjoy your starvation, torture and mass murder America with psychopaths in control.. Right now China owns the means of production.

  9. That's what the Democrats want, a big mess so you depend on them that hate America! Lol And Democrats want them to vote, you can see why…

  10. Thank you so much for explaining socialism equals destruction and loss of freedom , Freedom isn't free $ God bless thank you

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