1. Who is trading eggs for sterilisation? I travel and interact very very widely, have never come across such a narrative.
    Next she will be climbing the rope to heaven by a snake charmer in India.

  2. Her only +point is that she won a Booker Prize.
    She don't have any political experience neither she is a political analyst!
    She has zero knowledge on economics and never have taken any classes.
    She is just an author. But all her life giving lectures on economics and politics. psycho women

  3. she is the finest example of freedom of speech in India. u can be anti national, u can support terrorists and extremists, u can shout slogan against India, u can accuse anyone of anything and still live a luxurious life with no restrictions whatsoever. tell me which countries give so much freedom?? no matter how many stories and lies arundati propagates, India is progressing towards a better future away from communism.

  4. Arundhati Roy: "I am not aware of the data you are mentioning about decreasing hunger index". Well, shouldn't that be the first thing to know when you are discussing on such topics? She only knows about problems but have no solutions. India tried socialism and did not work. If you want people like Mukesh Ambani taxed more, they may choose to leave the country.

  5. Whenever she brought up the caste system, he diverted the topic..LOL…..'Well..let's talk about the economy…..'….'Well…let's talk about women's roles…'…..LOL>…media controlled by corporations….and corporations belong to a certain upper 'caste'….:)

  6. It's not about poor getting poorer and rich getting richer. Equality can never come and even if it comes it is not ideal to have one. What we need is equilibrium between rich and poor.
    Flexibility of movement across the scale from being rich to becoming poor should be easy and simple. That's the only way you award each according to their capacities.
    These socialists devils don't understand the evil of breeding inefficiency. It is like a serpent that might bite you the moment you aren't looking at it.

  7. Oh for fuck sake, give it a rest. This fucking gadfly wrote some warped soft porn, and got lucky to wax on the telly. Communism never worked, and the fucking red warriors killed more than the nukes and Hitler combined.

  8. " Basically – Food Became " Exorbitantly Priced " with ' disregard ' to the ' very bottom rung of the Socio-Economic Classes ' ….. Yes ! Then they are " suppressed " ….. China is a " Gross Sweatshop " ….we all know this !!!!

  9. Arundathi Roy mentioned in this interview that all the top people control everything in India like media, channels, industries etc and all of them belong to a particular "cast".

    So according to this logic those who control terrorism world wide also belong to a particular "cast".

    So she is right there is a design for the atrocities carried on innocent people of specific "cast".

    What's your cast and are you defending any cast?

  10. You keep throwing the word “statistics”. I think you fail to see a bigger picture at times. Problems are so big, it’s easy to criticise. Help out instead of holding talks. Let’s see some real input. Things are getting better, but it takes time. Also there is always a price to pay. China does not have equal education. Go talk to some people instead of sitting in an easy chair and reading statistics. Statistics are not reality. They’re interpretations can also be skewed.

    You have discredited all the efforts people are actually pitting in, while reaping the benefits of sympathetic eyeballs the media channels provide you.

    Also it’s a bit weird that she smiles after mentioning some really grim moments in history. (You see how criticism doesn’t help in any way)

    PS. I like to contrast between Ayn Rand and Mrs.Roy. Stark, extreme in their own way. So much drama, leading to nothing at all.

  11. according to this aruna all of indias problems are due to hindus, hinduism is oppressive and islam and christianity are flawless champions of progress . . . she is clearly biased against hindus

  12. Arundhati is wearing an ultra left utopian spectacle (I mean eye glasses). There is no magic wand that can change things overnight. Everything is done step by step and especially in a true democratic situation it takes a very long time. A 1000 mile walk starts with the a simple first step.As long as human beings are selfish (an innate character of all animals including humans) no change will happen in a small period of time. Also, she has no clue of the realities, only the left liberal advertised fiction.

  13. A proper cynic. Not one did she propose and alternative path to alleviate poverty. Unfortunately, she happens to hail from my state of Kerala and my cast Nair…

  14. So, capitalism is wrong…but why visit capitalist country, haa?
    Only chienese way of capitalism is the way forward for India…
    Also the authoritarian govt . .and I will happily put her into her place when this happens…chienese style..

  15. ya this wanna be will sell her mother land in a heart beat and BBC will glorify her…. btw hey BBC you should be asking …when will your gov will repay all the loots it stole from India???

  16. Mam what's the solution ? You speak of capitalism as it is some kind of disease but factually India has grown under this capitalism only , if the market was not opened in 1991 , we wouldn't have seen the growth and expansion of the Telecom industry , the media industry and the corporate . I am from a middle-class family and because of this expansion and growth of this corporate world , new jobs have been created in various industries and we are able to sustain .

  17. Capitalism doesn't work for the intellectual class as much as they'd like to. Unable to understand their perceived lesser market worth, they lash out at the "capitalists". Capitalism is definitely not perfect. But it's hell lot better than the cancer of Socialism. Have to give props to the "intellectuals" though. They hide their envy (for those richer than them) behind the chirade of caring for the poor.

  18. India would have bankrupted if not for 1990 liberalization. You see, rich and talented Indians would have left their country due to lack of opportunity.

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