Around the Balkans in 20+ Days (Part 1/5)

best known as that big, goofy country from the ’70s that
turned into six little countries in the ’90s
amid an orgy of rape and nightmare war. The breakup of Yugoslavia led
to a period of such heinous interethnic violence, including
acts of outright genocide, it seemed amazing that
they had ever been able to live together
in first place. At the end of World War II,
Josip Marshal Tito Broz united the six Balkan republics into
a massive socialist federation, despite the fact
that, historically, they all wanted to kill each other. When Tito died, the old ethnic
tensions reawoke and the republic started
to break away– first Slovenia, then Macedonia,
then Croatia, then Bosnia, and eventually
Montenegro, leaving Serbia the last republic to carry the torch
for the old Yugoslavia. Oh yeah, Kosovo broke
away too, if you consider that a country. It’s been 10 years since the end
of the wars, and since the man widely considered their
architect, Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, was
bulldozed out of office. All the former Yugoslav
republics have now applied for membership in the
European Union. At the same time, the Balkans is
still a byword for barbaric acts of violence, and the entire
region occupies a sort of threshold state between
Europe and, well, not-Europe. So we went to the Balkans to
find out once and for all if Yugoslavians are just like
you-and-me-goslavians. [CAR HONKING] [MUSIC PLAYING] THOMAS MORTON: Hey,
it’s Thomas. We’re in Yugoslavia– or former
Yugoslavia, I’m sorry. We’re in Serbia right now. We rented an old Yugo
for this trip. I don’t think we realize quite
how old it would be. We’re going about 100 K right
now– so maybe 60– and the car’s rattling. It’s almost like being in
a moving massage chair. It’s holding up pretty well
except that the fuel gauge is literally doing this, so
we have to guess when we’re out of gas. And me and the passenger
seatbelts are tied together. I forgot about that. So we’re going to Yugoland, and
that’s a kind of a farm mixed with an amusement park. But it’s supposed to capture the
memory of Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia. Tell you one thing about
Yugoland, they don’t advertise very well. There were no signs on
the highway for it. And it is in the middle of a
very, very, very tiny village. Yugoland’s website advertises it
as a full service amusement park in northern Serbia, based
on the former Yugoslavia. It has different sections for
each of the old constituent republics, except for Kosovo, so
we couldn’t think of a more perfect place to get oriented
for a road trip through the scattered remnants of
old Yugoslavia. So this is Yugoland. It looks like it’s kind
of in the backyard of someone’s house. I think we might have missed
most of the action. This might be the [INAUDIBLE]
committee. Sounds like stuff’s still going
on in the background. Yugoland seemed pleasant
enough, if a bit old and rustic. Not a lot of teenagers so far,
nor a lot of ladies. Blasko Gabric is Yugoland’s
founder, a Serbian printmaker turned Canadian turned eventual
Yugoslavian superfan, and is generally what people
of the region refer to as quite a character. THOMAS MORTON: Nine years
and counting. THOMAS MORTON: Pretty
good, yeah. THOMAS MORTON: Yugoland turned
out to be less of an amusement park than a park park, and
really less of that than a yard with some picnic tables and
a lot of tipsy Serbians. Nevertheless, its amenities
include a bandstand, soccer fields, a reflecting pool in
the shape of the Croatian coastline, and a scale model of
Slovenia’s Mount Triglav. THOMAS MORTON: The most
important amenity, however, is a fervent and unconditional
love for Yugoslavia’s late partisan leader, Marshal Tito. THOMAS MORTON: Marshal Tito’s
extremely beloved for a dead Communist dictator. Even coming from an American
perspective, I always had a pretty vaunted impression
of him. He was like the dictator
who cares– minimal human rights violations,
genuine popular support, and he was one of the
only Communists with the balls to tell Stalin where to smoke
it– or where to stuff it, however that saying goes– and on top of that, he fucked
Elizabeth Taylor, probably. So all in all, not a terrible
guy to worship. The guest of honor at Yugoland
was here as Tito’s grandson, though we get the feeling the
family charm may have skipped a couple generations. THOMAS MORTON: It’s outside. THOMAS MORTON: Hey. THOMAS MORTON: The
crown prince. THOMAS MORTON: A
real who’s who. US president anywhere here? BLASKO GABRIC: No. THOMAS MORTON: Carter? Or was it Reagan
by that point? BLASKO GABRIC: No. THOMAS MORTON: Oh,
there’s Thatcher. THOMAS MORTON: She’s
somewhere. THOMAS MORTON: A few Elvis
had a pretty big funeral. THOMAS MORTON: Oh
yeah, a bunch. THOMAS MORTON: Yugoland’s
a pretty harmless exercise in nostalgia. What’s creepy, though, is the
part where it’s mostly Serbs getting together in Serbia to
celebrate their Yugoslav history, all while neatly
stepping over the decade their country spent committing war
crimes on Bosnia and Croatia and Kosovo. You also have to remember that
during the ’90s, when the wars were going on and Blasko was
just getting into his Yugoslavian heritage, Serbia
was still Yugoslavia– Milosevic’s Yugoslavia. Go, Yugoslavia. While the Yugolanders sort of
represent the feelgood version of the Balkans’ past,
basically retreading decades-old national propaganda
ad nauseum, another group of Serbs have been
barreling into the future with a trunk full of smuggled
drugs, the soundtrack pumping Turbofolk.

  1. Vice, you are utter bullshit, you are the most inaccurate, stupid, biased and disgusting pile of crap. Fuck you for showcasing our wonderful cultures in the worst ways possible and for ignoring all the good.

    It's no wonder people go more to independent journalism than you corporate asshats

  2. Serbia is a great country with very good people.
    They should have done something for us in north of Albania, to clean that area from those garbage people living there.

  3. so….dead people on floor and all this on youtube easily ? hmmmm,isn't it weird ? does youtube not delete these kinda of videos ? HMMMMMMMMM FUCKING MURICANS

  4. Vice you disgusting piece of shit! I know you are promoting the yugo communism, because you are the mental descendant of marxism, and the first footage was about partizans who killed thousands of innocent croats.
    You should know that all your allies one day will not stand any chance against truth!

    Za dom Spremni!

  5. Marshall Tito is NOT loving by the most, but as we know "VICE" is a cultural-marxist piece of shit and spread their shitty propaganda here.

  6. You smartasses think you are so smart saying that Kosovo is independent or that Serbs commited crimes over the people of Kosovo but in reality Kosovo is Serbia because it was a part of Serbia from the 1st day it was created and people of Kosovo are actually Serbs and no crimes were commited over the Serbs

  7. Dude that kid was not interested in what the man had to say, completely disrespectful could not look at the old man for more then a few seconds then he would just look away into the forest while grabbing his hair, like fuck man send me out there to interview these people I fucking love them all unconditionally.

  8. For people that are interested in going to ex yu
    As a Croatian,I dont believe Croatia has that yugoslavian or Balkan vibe to it. Its hard to understand it as a foreigner,but Croatia is much more western and much more "Europe" than Bosnia,Montenegro and Serbia (and others,but these are the most balkan countries)
    There is also the Italian heritage that the Croatian coast has that separates us from others
    Croatia is also in the EU
    Now,I love Croatia
    But if you want a FULL ON BALKAN experience,go to Bosnia and Serbia,you will meet real characters there,wild people,lots of drugs and alcohol
    And the ambient is awesome
    Everytime I go to Bosnia I feel nostalgic for no reason
    Everything is really 90s there
    Also,if you wanna have the best time
    Dont plan it
    Just go wherever and get really drunk
    P.S. Dont come if you dont know how to fight,and even if you do,dont start a fight
    People here are really friendly,but if you say one wrong thing you will get fucked,so get educated on taboo subjects

  9. Of course WE consider Kosovo a country! Kosovo decleared independence from Serbia in 2008 and now has 10 years of Independence,and is recognized from more than 100 countries of the World!

  10. “oh yeah kosovo broke away too…if you consider that a country”
    I know that a lot of countries haven’t accepted Kosovo independence,but you as a journalist,should be more careful with your words.
    This topic is very sensitive for Albanians,mainly the citizens that live in Kosovo.
    This documentary should be neutral and talk about each country of the Balkan peninsula in a equal way.

  11. Serbs are the biggest sore losers I have seen in my 75 years of living!They Lost 3 wars in less than a decade and still claim Kosovo.Dude Are you serious right now the Dream of Greater Serbia is lost and it will never come to life.Just accept the loss there is nothing you can do

  12. Read the book from 1601 (then America did not exist) "The Kingdom of the Slavens", which the Vatican banned! It was written by a Catholic priest! Slaves are one of the oldest nations in Europe. 🙂 Constantine (the Roman king born in Serbia) has put Christianity for European religion. The Slavs (or Illyrians) have always lived in Europe. Vinčanska culture is the oldest in the world (in the territory of Serbia and Croatia) older and os Sumerians. The first had a blacksmith, a letter, even a floor heating … How long has America been for so long? 300 years? 😉

  13. As if Serbs were the only committing war crimes ……. everyone committed war crimes back in the day. P.S. a big amount were staged

  14. You know that tito had a secret police force that would kill or kidnap you if you said anything against him in any way, shape, or form.

  15. Tito had urba as his Intel gathering arm, were people made in to operative agents , forced to kill or be killed . There was no assesment if the subject was fit for the job or if someone objected to become a killer . Tito gave the order to kill, so the target would be killed. Orders are orders

  16. What is interesting is that we Albanian started to revolt by protesting against the Serbian the put down the protesting by force the other republics in yougoslavia start to understood that the Serbian are fucking crazy idots and need to be fucking killed and the started to revolt to so thenks to us Albanian that shit country called yougoslavia is fucking dead and all those people that lived are free now

  17. I like how he said "tiny village" even tough subotica is one of the largest in the country and i know because i live 2 streets away from mini Yugoslavia

  18. Balkan is hated cause of Russia who created the Yugoslavia I'm Albanian BTW we want peace bdut a fuckin Greece want more territories and mani plus oil LOL Greece is so poor

  19. When Yeshua returns and we remake the earth and heaven, all of Uriel's kids and Gabriel's Sons will get to return back to the Balkans with all the decedents before those Nazi's came in and killed most our family in World War II. We are so looking forward to having the Balkans restored, my mom and I can't wait to be allowed to return without the devil coming in to kill us all.

  20. There were some countries which got messed up due to radical islam and then there were some which got messed up by communism and US +/ Russian intervention. But unfortunately, Yugoslavia had all of these problems. May it thrive again. May USSR rise again to power as a socialist and not communist nation post the death of evil islam….For human wisdom and that steadfast spirit of the countrymen.

  21. Thank you West (USA, UK, Vatican, Germany) for this war, because they planned it for us, and we did it. Thank you to your journalists who spread propaganda against us, and we approve of it without any revolt. Thank your people, Americans, English, Germans, French, who have no idea what's happening in their countries and they are still talking about some justice and humanity in the Balkans. But our suffering is part of us, and in spite of everything we survive, we disappear and again all again.

  22. When people talk about the balkan all that they talk about is the former yoguslavia and not places like Romania and Bulgaria can't leave those out big mistake

  23. The word Balkans is derogatory on so many levels. Its the Anglo West world taking the piss.
    Its like calling Inuit communities in Canada Eskimos. Its a word Ottoman Turks used in the 1800s to legitimise their claim to the Western portion of the Byzantine Commonwealth Zone. And then the British instead of asking the local people to self identify the region as they see fit, spread this word across the world dictating 'this' backward colonial image of a place filled with stupid people wearing red conical turbines… I mean that's essentially what the word implies :((((((

  24. Hello VICE, here is something a thousand times more informative and truthful than what you guys did. And in the future, try not to misrepresent any foreign country just for the sake of your petty egoism. P.S. you might consider switching perspectives and focusing a little on your past. Cheers.

  25. When I was 10, the Kosovo war was happening? Can someone please explain what was going on? What role did the Illuminati and Oligarchies have in that involvement? Thanks

  26. I'm less than 5 minutes in and already I think this guy's a whiney pussy punk. Where's Katarina? She's got twice the balls this guy does. She should have done this.

  27. I'm not even from the Balkans (I'm British) and I think this doc is just plain disrespectful. I knew you were a crappy and lefty biased co Vice but no theres need to just shit on the countries you go to work in!

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